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Jiage appeared at the 15th IOE world oil Expo and won three gold awards!

On September 24, 2021, the 15th Guangzhou international edible oil and olive oil industry expo was grandly held. Jiage, which has participated for six consecutive sessions, once again appeared with its Duoli edible oil products to exchange Innovation and development in the field of grain and oil with the industry.

Through the selection of industry authoritative experts, Duoli sunflower seed oil won the “Gold Award for refined technology innovation”, Duoli fragrant sesame oil and Duoli mellow sesame oil won the “Gold Award for innovative flavor quality”, and Duoli Sichuan Chongqing Yuanxiang small mustard seed oil won the “Gold Award for healthy flavor”, highlighting the excellent product quality of Duoli, It also reflects the recognition and affirmation of consumers and industry experts.


This IOE world oil Expo is jointly guided and hosted by China Grain and oil society, oil branch of China Grain and oil society and other authoritative institutions. It is committed to building a high-quality international event with all-round services of brand, trade, investment, technology and exchange, promoting the healthy, safe and innovative development of food, grain and oil industry. It has become one of the most important commercial procurement platforms in the industrial chain of edible oil industry.

As a professional and authoritative large-scale edible oil industry exhibition recognized by the industry, IOE world oil Expo has attracted many industry leaders, well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad.

严守企业初心  汇聚三金分量

As a demonstration processing enterprise of the national assured grain and oil demonstration project, Jiage group has always adhered to the original intention of strictly controlling food safety and “oil” to protect the health and nutrition of Chinese families.

In order to help reduce the harm of cooking oil fume to human body, Jiage specially established a horizontal scientific research project on moderate refining process technology research and product development of sunflower seed oil with less oil fume, continuously innovated and launched edible oil products with more nutrition and less oil fume.

As the star product of Duoli, Duoli sunflower seed oil adopts the unique 7-refining technology, which not only retains the nutrients of the oil itself to a large extent, but also better controls the generation of some risk substances.

The development and breakthrough of low oil fume refining technology has reduced the amount of oil fume; Remove impurities, make the oil more transparent, improve the smoke point, reduce the energy consumption and waste emission in the production of sunflower seed oil, and win the “Gold Award for refined technology innovation”.


The two sesame oils that won the “Gold Award for innovative flavor quality” are products specially refined and distinguished by Duoli according to different needs of daily cooking. Pure sesame varieties with full particles, high oil content, less impurities and good quality are selected. The first crude oil is filled after multi-layer filtration, which not only keeps the fragrance more lasting, but also retains more nutrition, color, flavor and taste.

Duoli fragrant sesame oil is refreshing and delicious. It is suitable for cold dishes. It has a long aftertaste; Mellow sesame oil is thick and soft. When cooking in soup, even if the temperature is high or mixed with other condiments, it still smells delicious.

The two dolly sesame oils have their own advantages and are good helpers in consumers’ kitchens.


In order to meet the flavor of different regions, Duoli gave full play to its innovation and R & D advantages and launched Sichuan Chongqing original fragrant mustard seed oil with regional characteristics. After the 13th IOE world oil Expo, this oil won the “Gold Award for healthy flavor” again.

Duoli Sichuan Chongqing original fragrant mustard seed oil selects domestic non transgenic “low erucic acid” rapeseed, retains more than 51% of oleic acid content through small pressing process, and contains natural precious vitamin E, phospholipids and other nutritional elements, which is highly praised by consumers.



At the Symposium on the quality and nutrition of high oleic oil held at the same time, Liu Jianguo, director of Jiage investment (China) R & D center, delivered a speech on the quality and nutrition of high oleic sunflower seed oil, which showed the value of high oleic sunflower seed oil in all aspects around the comparison of nutritional quality, processing technology and storage stability between high oleic sunflower seed oil and ordinary sunflower seed oil.


Duoli’s golden 3-benefit high oleic sunflower seed oil is the preferential high oleic sunflower oil, which is rich in gold 3 elements – phospholipids, vitamin A and vitamin E, and adopts the “nitrogen filling and fresh-keeping” technology to fully retain the nutrients in the raw materials and care for the “heart, brain and eye” health of consumers.

Over the years, Duoli has continuously carried out innovative R & D, improved product quality, and is committed to protecting the health of national dining tables. In the future, Duoli will also continue to practice its corporate vision of “vitality every day, health all over China”, deeply insight into consumer needs, and strive to provide richer products and better quality.

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