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Adopting a cow became the object of listing and cultivation. The prospectus of green tea became invalid. The operating company of “teyishan” was fined 14.5257 million yuan. McDonald’s opened a low-carbon life experience store, and the leading shareholders of snacks planned to reduce their holdings

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Snow Beer

Recently, leading beer companies gathered at the “2021 T5 summit of China’s beer industry”. Hou Xiaohai, CEO of China Resources Snow Beer, attended and pointed out that snow should “We will unswervingly continue the high-end trend. Snowflake’s high-end trend has just begun and is still on the way. Our foundation is relatively weak and our experience and ability are not sufficient. At present, snowflake beer has a market share of more than 30% and a high-end share of 15% – 20%. We expect that the high-end share will be basically equal to the market share.” (company news)

Resignation of financial director of Dongpeng beverage

Dongpeng beverage announced today that the board of directors of the company recently received a written application from Liu Lihua, vice president, Secretary of the board of directors and chief financial officer of the company, to stop serving as chief financial officer. Liu Lihua applied to the board of directors for personal reasons to stop serving as chief financial officer and still serve as vice president and Secretary of the board of directors of the company. (company announcement)

Adopt a cow and the dairy industry has become the object of listing and Cultivation in Hangzhou

The financial work office of Hangzhou Yuhang District People’s government announced yesterday that according to the detailed rules for the implementation of financial policies for the development of financial industry and capital market in Yuhang District (Yu financial office [2019] No. 21) and the measures for the administration of listed and cultivated enterprises and enterprises registered on the new third board in Yuhang District (Yu financial office [2019] No. 28) Spirit, after examination, it is agreed to adopt a cow. The dairy industry is listed as the cultivation object of Yuhang District enterprises, and the validity period is three years. (Financial Work Office of Yuhang District People’s Government of Hangzhou)

Yikangyuan, the operating company of “teyishan” series products, was fined and confiscated 14.5257 million yuan for a number of violations

Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision announced the fifth batch of typical cases of “iron fist” action in the field of people’s livelihood in 2021. Among them, Yikangyuan (Shenzhen) Health Technology Co., Ltd. was warned and fined 14.5257 million yuan for operating food (solid beverage) with unqualified labels, failing to establish a food sales record system and failing to keep relevant sales vouchers. (China Finance)

The baby care room received the decision not to carry out further examination in the antitrust examination of business concentration

Yesterday, the baby friendly room announced that the baby friendly room had received the decision on no further review of antitrust review of business concentration (antitrust review decision [2021] No. 555) issued by the State Administration of market supervision , no further examination will be conducted on the case of Shanghai Baby Room Business Service Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of beibeibeixiong pregnancy and baby chain business Co., Ltd. the baby room can be centralized from now on. (announcement of the company)

Three squirrels: the shareholder intends to reduce no more than 6% of the shares of the company

The three squirrels announced today that nice growth limited, a shareholder with a total shareholding of 18.37%, and Gao Zheng Capital Limited, a person acting in concert, plan to reduce the company’s shares by a total of no more than 24.06 million shares, that is, no more than 6% of the company’s total share capital, through centralized bidding transactions and block transactions. (company announcement)

Liangpin store: Zhuhai Hillhouse and others plan to reduce their shares by no more than 6%

Today, liangpin store announced that the shareholders Zhuhai hilling Tianda equity investment management center (limited partnership), hhlppz (HK) Holdings Limited and Ningbo hilling Zhiyuan investment partnership (limited partnership) plan to reduce their shares by no more than 6% (company announcement)


Thomson Beijian’s net profit in the first three quarters increased by 0% – 20% year-on-year

Thomson Beijian expects to make a profit of 202-303 million yuan in the third quarter, a year-on-year decrease of 40% – 60%; in the third quarter, the company officially launched the changes related to offline sales and online and offline integrated operation, which brought certain pressure and challenges to the company and relevant parties in the short term. At the same time, due to the repeated impact of domestic epidemic in the third quarter, the company’s domestic offline business is under pressure. The company expects the first three quarters The annual profit was 1.467-1.76 billion yuan, an increase of 0% – 20% year-on-year. (announcement of the company)

The prospectus of green tea group is invalid

According to today’s news, Green Tea Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “green tea group”) submitted its prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 29 this year. It has not been updated for six months, that is, it expired on September 29. Citigroup and China Merchants Bank International served as co sponsors. (IPO Zaozhi)

Angel yeast responded to the price rise of some varieties

Today, Angel yeast opened the trading limit, and then the increase narrowed. It is understood that a notice of Angel yeast price increase was circulated in the market that morning. Due to the sharp rise in the price of main raw materials in the upstream, Angel yeast decided to increase the ex factory price of some varieties from today. For the specific price adjustment varieties and prices, see the notice of the local sales department. The relevant person in charge of Angel yeast responded that the price increase was true , the dealer has been notified. (Securities Times)

The “10 yuan store” hatched by Haidilao closed down

Recently, Haidilao’s “Qiao Qiao’s powder” Zhengzhou zhenghongcheng store was officially withdrawn. Qiao Qiao’s powder adopted a low price competition strategy, with potato powder as the core product, and the price was about 10 yuan. According to sources in Zhengzhou shopping mall industry, Qiao Qiao’s powder not only closed zhenghongcheng store in Zhengzhou, but also began to transfer outside before the decoration of one store was completed. Other sub brands of Haidilao in Zhengzhou are also related to the store phenomenon. (36 krypton)

Shuanghui development: at present, it mainly focuses on the domestic market

Recently, some investors asked Shuanghui development. With the rush of buying caused by European and American countries, international chain restaurants such as KFC and major supermarkets have a shortage of meat products. As an international meat food company, has Shuanghui taken this opportunity to expand the international market? In response, Shuanghui development’s reply shows that at present, the sales of Shuanghui development products are mainly in the domestic market, and some meat products are exported , but the sales volume accounts for a relatively small proportion. (tonghuashun Financial Research Center)

Are you hungry? Elder mode is officially launched

A few days ago, hungry app officially launched the elder mode. In addition to simplifying the interface and increasing the font, the elder mode selects four functional channels that best meet the daily life needs of the elderly: ordering takeout, shopping in the supermarket, shopping for vegetables and medicine (to be launched in October), aiming to comprehensively improve the happiness of the elderly at home. ( Technology)


McDonald’s China’s first low-carbon life experience store settled in Jieyang, Guangdong

Today, McDonald’s China’s first low-carbon life experience store opened in Jieyang, Guangdong. McDonald’s Jieyang Wanda Plaza restaurant is a new green restaurant advocated by McDonald’s China and China Wanda Group. The store is innovatively equipped with the national first environmental protection charging bicycle, so that more consumers can understand and participate in the green and low-carbon action in a practical way. (company news)

Jiangmen’s major projects, including Dingjin, Master Kang, Heidelberg and other projects, have been started intensively

Recently, Jiangmen City held the centralized construction (production) activity of major projects in the third quarter. Among them, Dingjin food proposed to Pengjiang district government in July to build Dingjin phase II and zone III construction projects, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, build 2 workshops, build 11 high-speed intelligent production lines and 10 bottle embryo lines, mainly producing carbonated drinks and tea drinks. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the production capacity will be 140 million boxes / year and the annual output value will be 1 billion yuan. Heidelberg brewing beer production project is also actively put into operation in Jiangmen. It is invested and constructed by Karen Berger (Germany) beverage Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 1.18 billion yuan. It is expected to be completed and put into operation in June 2023, with an annual output of 300000 tons of Heidelberg brewing beer and an annual output value of about 3 billion yuan. Master Kang also increased capital and production in Jiangmen. He Jiandong, general manager of Master Kang in South China, said he was very optimistic about the economic and industrial development of Jiangmen. (Jiangmen Municipal People’s Government)


Nestle R & D and mansyuan launched a new jingcui drink series for the middle-aged and elderly

WeChat Nestle China Nestle WeChat public is today supported by Nestle R & D team, which is China’s official account for functional food solutions. It aims at introducing three new health drinks to the elderly, including Hawthorn flavor, ginseng walnut flavor and elastic pineapple flavored three functional fermented milk drinks. (company news)

Gong Lijiao, sun yingsha and other Hebei athletes visited JUNLEBAO

Today, 12 Hebei athletes such as Gong Lijiao and sun yingsha, who made great achievements in Tokyo, and Hebei athletes such as Ju Wenxin, champion of Shaanxi national games, entered JUNLEBAO dairy group to explore the quality of the enterprise on the spot. In addition, 10 million yuan donated by JUNLEBAO through Hebei sports development foundation was also distributed to Gong Lijiao, sun yingsha and other athletes on the spot. Today, JUNLEBAO was also awarded the title of “demonstration enterprise for the promotion and popularization of ice and snow sports in Hebei Province”. Together with the Sports Bureau of Hebei Province, JUNLEBAO officially launched the “ice and snow Caravan” project, which will go deep into towns and villages and deliver all kinds of ice and snow sports equipment and activities to the people.

Functional food brand minayo announced the completion of round a financing

Recently, functional food brand minayo announced the completion of round a financing. Investors in this round include Lenovo star and harmay Huamei. Minayo’s products include “functional snack line” and “professional tonic line”. Among them, weight management products, thermal control tablets and vitamin products, multidimensional soft candy, often appear at the top of the list of similar products of tmall. (interface News)

Coconut water brand Vita coco valuation or more than $2 billion

According to the news of today’s IPO, coconut water brand Vita coco officially submitted an S-1 prospectus to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on September 27 Eastern time, and plans to be listed on NASDAQ with “coco” as the securities code. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and UBS served as co lead underwriters. It is reported that according to the prediction of Bloomberg, Seeking Alpha and other platforms, the IPO valuation of Vita coco may exceed US $2 billion. (I knew it)


Coca Cola releases new brand concept

Today, Coca Cola released a new brand concept – “real magic, enjoy the moment”, which is the brand’s first brand concept since 2016. At the same time, it also launched a new presentation form of Coca Cola’s classic logo – “hug” logo. With the release of the new brand concept, Coca Cola will also launch a marketing campaign called “one coke away from each other, share Coca Cola regardless of you and me”. The brand film with the same name will be released online on October 8. (company news)

Starbucks announces quarterly cash dividend increase

Starbucks announced yesterday that its board of directors has approved the increase of the company’s quarterly cash dividend from US $0.45 to US $0.49 per share, and will take effect when the dividend is paid to shareholders registered on November 12, 2021 on November 26, 2021. This decision will increase the company’s annual dividend to us $1.96 per share. Starbucks began paying dividends in 2010 and has increased dividends year by year over the past 11 years. (Business Wire)

Non animal protein dairy company perfect day prepares for IPO

Perfect day Inc., with Leonardo DiCaprio as a consultant, raised $350 million in the late stage of entrepreneurship, with a valuation of about $1.5 billion. According to people familiar with the matter, the company is preparing for IPO and plans to go public in the next 12 months. However, there is no guarantee of successful listing, because the hot IPO market will inevitably cool down at some time, and investors’ enthusiasm for environmental protection enterprises may also fade. (Wall Street Journal)

Burger King and tims parent company formulate environmental protection blueprint

Recently, restaurant Brands International (RBI), the parent company of Burger King, Tim Hortons and PoPeyes, released the blueprint of “business growth without increasing emissions” to help combat climate change. RBI will cooperate with franchisees and suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. In addition, the group has set a goal of achieving zero net emissions by 2050 or earlier. (Food Service Equipment)


Danone launched vegetable milk that tastes more like dairy products

Recently, Danone launched a new type of vegetable milk in the U.S. market for vegetable milk lovers who like to taste more like traditional dairy products: silk nextmilk and so delicious wondermilk, which will be introduced to the market in January next year. (Perishable)

Wal Mart cooperates with healthcare software companies

Recently, Wal Mart announced a partnership with private healthcare software company epic systems to provide customers with more convenient healthcare services. The website shows that so far, there are more than 2000 hospitals and more than 45000 clinics in the United States. (company news)



Quick reading of food industry information


Circular of the State Administration of market supervision on the unqualified sampling inspection of 6 batches of food

Recently, the State Administration of market supervision organized food safety supervision and sampling, sampled 405 batches of 27 categories of food, and detected that 6 batches of 4 categories of food such as edible agricultural products, pastries, vegetable products and meat products were unqualified. (General Administration of market supervision)

Rookie subscribed 1.6 billion shares in China Cargo Airlines

Tianyancha app shows that recently, China International Cargo Airlines Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, and the legal representative has been changed from Song Zhiyong to Zheng Baoan. The registered capital increased from about 7.376 billion yuan to about 10.690 billion yuan, an increase of about 44.93%. Meanwhile, the company’s new shareholders Zhejiang rookie Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Yuchi enterprise management partnership (limited partnership), of which Zhejiang rookie Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. subscribed about RMB 1.6 billion. (36 krypton)


Amazon suffered a class action lawsuit from Chinese sellers in the United States

According to the latest court materials, on September 13, several Chinese sellers filed a class action lawsuit accusing Amazon of account closure and capital detention on the grounds of cracking down on cash back of high praise. Last year, Amazon cracked down on companies suspected of returning high praise on the platform and permanently banned about 3000 seller accounts. Companies suing include sopownic, slaouwo, deyixun, cstech, recoo direct, angelbliss and Tudi. The plaintiff seeks to “recover the funds improperly withheld by Amazon in an illegal manner” and “prevent any further misappropriation and abuse of the legal and legitimate funds belonging to thousands of Amazon sellers and merchants” through class action. (Sina Finance)


Guangdong electricity price adjustment policy

Guangdong Province will widen the electricity price difference between peak and valley from tomorrow. According to the notice on issues related to further improving the time of use price policy of peak valley in Guangdong Province issued by the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, from October 1, Guangdong Province will widen the peak valley price difference, and the peak to average valley price ratio will be adjusted from the current 1.65:1:0.5 to 1.7:1:0.38. Tao Feida, deputy general manager of the customer service center of China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Power Grid Corporation, said that the peak price rose by 25% on the basis of the peak section price of peak valley TOU price. The implementation scope of peak valley TOU price policy and peak price does not include residential users; Residential users can choose whether to implement the peak valley TOU price policy. (Securities Times)


Statement on deepening payment cooperation and interconnection between Tencent wechat payment and UnionPay cloud flash payment

According to the official wechat news today, in order to promote the development of the payment service market and based on the cooperation between user transaction security and mutual trust and reliability, Tencent wechat payment is promoting deeper interconnection with UnionPay cloud flash payment at the two levels of payment and service. At present, wechat payment has officially realized mutual recognition and mutual scanning of offline bar codes with UnionPay cloud flash payment app, and the cloud flash payment app fully supports Q coins QQ music and Tencent video recharge services, and wechat applets gradually support cloud flash payment. (company news)

Global IPO raised $94.6 billion in the third quarter

According to Luft data, the global initial public offering (IPO) in the third quarter of 2021 slowed down compared with the previous popularity. The IPO raised about $94.6 billion in the third quarter, down 26.3% from the second quarter. So far this year, there have been more than 2000 IPOs around the world, raising a total of US $421 billion, a record high and more than twice that of the same period last year, because private enterprises are eager to obtain the soaring valuation of listed peers. (Reuters)

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