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“Keeping fresh secret” in the new consumption era: can you read your mind?

move quickly and keep your mental skill steady. You can keep young and fresh only if you always accompany generation Z with love.

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In the new consumption era, the food and beverage industry has entered an innovation stage where “fast” and “slow” coexist. It is still about to seize new categories and new tracks, but the brand precipitation needs to be polished “slowly” without being subject to the “fast” market.
A good brand that can really carry the years will not rush marketing in order to seek a temporary dividend. Most of them are modest, maintain curiosity and Research on the target consumer group, build an equal dialogue with innovative means, achieve value resonance with consumers through keen insight, and finally win the hearts of the people, so that the brand always resonates with the times and maintains a fresh attitude.
PepsiCo, the FMCG model student, has provided an innovative model – “PepsiCo Gainian store”. Next, we hope to explore the “preservation secret” of this century old brand by penetrating the marketing creative play of PepsiCo fast with slow and steady progress.
Between change and invariance, step on the beat of “Youth”
Observing the consumer market in recent years, information dissemination and communication have shown a high degree of digitization. With the steady increase of per capita disposable income, the demand for consumer value has shifted from “cost performance” to “heart price ratio”. Pay attention to quality life, publicize individual self, and “new consumption era” guided by interest value According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the total population of generation Z has reached 260 million. They have gradually become the main consumer group after the millennials and the core target audience of various industries.
In the face of the perceptual changes in the market and the intergenerational transfer of consumption, PepsiCo adheres to the genes of “Youth” and “love” of the brand, pays close attention to the pulse of the times, continues to upgrade and interpret the contemporary youth spirit through the “Pepsi Gainian store”, and strengthens the emotional connection with the audience circle. Foodaily believes that “calm and keep heart” is very important to precipitate brand assets.
  1. Fashionable and cool fancy interpretation, iron love gene
Since 2017, PepsiCo has opened and continued to build a “PepsiCo Gainian store” Over the past five years, this young cultural experience space has also gathered a number of vigorous and progressive love alliances. Along the way, it has cooperated with top Chinese original designers, CO branded with old domestic products such as Huili, Hongshuangxi and Phoenix, and then cross-border intangible cultural heritage. Pepsi has unlocked the new charm of the classic quintessence of Chinese culture, enabled Rural Revitalization with warm public welfare, broken the circle and led the new year Light trend.
In 2021, PepsiCo will continue to expand and extend the boundaries of young people’s love, tap the “youth power” of the times, start with the diverse hobbies of young people such as music, sports and science and technology, create trendy cultural items, and show the love spirit of contemporary youth.
Source: Pepsi
This season, PepsiCo teamed up with counterflow by Li Ning, a brand of Guochao pioneer sports brand, to create Guochao co branded tee, CO branded doll and other items; through PepsiCo ukri, can microphone, folding electronic organ and other items, PepsiCo loves strong sound and resonates with dream chasing youth; in addition, PepsiCo also cooperated with Dajiang education upgrade, a pioneer technology platform, to launch co branded mecha masters and UAVs Trendy cool pieces enable scientific innovation with popularity. Foodaily sees that PepsiCo is deeply rooted in generation Z, performing young trendy cool pieces in a fancy way, providing space for young people to release their love. More importantly, PepsiCo explores the intersection of brand gene and youth spirit core, and continues to promote the renewal of brand value.
slide left and right to see more pictures source: Pepsi
two   “Love pioneers” join the battle to project the positive energy of youth
With a stage for releasing love, it is better to have a group of “pioneers” who speak for love to gather the crowd and voice. PepsiCo also has a unique strategy in this regard. Unlike relying solely on the heat and popularity of the topic, PepsiCo has locked in this group of “love pioneers” with attitude and personal style.
They have the love of the youth of this era, become the “love projection” of young people, and grow up with young people. “Pepsi Gainian store” Every year, different representatives who love pioneers will be invited to accurately touch the spiritual love core of generation Z and realize the value resonance with the younger generation. This year, led by Wang Jiaer, the spokesman of PepsiCo, PepsiCo gathered a number of young idols with pioneer attitude, including Luo Yizhou, Xu Weizhou, Ding Yuxi and other popular Rookies of generation Z, who joined hands with ellemen new youth and Zhizu GQ to perform the trend list The product shows the multifaceted character of generation Z in a situational way.
slide left and right to see more pictures source: Pepsi
The fancy play method of “PepsiCo Gainian store” is constantly evolving with the consumption context of the times, but PepsiCo adheres to love consistently, understands “change” and “invariance”, and always accompanies generation Z with love, so as to keep young and fresh.
Between fast and slow, revitalize the “Anti Age” way
Move fast and keep your mind steady. As a century old brand in the FMCG industry, PepsiCo shows a fast and mature decision in playing, and quickly makes feedback and adjustments to the changes of the times and young consumer groups. In mind, PepsiCo keeps pace with the times with a calm attitude, deeply understands the changes of the market and industry, and carefully excavates young people who resonate with young people Standardized communication system.
  1. Only when the “FMCG” slows down can we grasp the youth’s heart
The accumulation of viscous users in FMCG industry is supported by accumulated assets, deep research and keen perception of users. Not a flash in the pan of online popularity and flash marketing.
On the one hand, PepsiCo can size up the situation, pay close attention to the changes of contemporary trend culture and young ideology, and quickly capture the opportunity of the times. On the other hand, foodaily observed that PepsiCo has its own “slow” persistence on this track. Since the five seasons, behind the cool fashionable items, “PepsiCo Gainian store” has constantly explored and interpreted the diversified “love” of the new generation. The new items in each season are not only the items, but also PepsiCo’s deep deconstruction of the current youth culture and the spirit of the times.
Source: PepsiCo
From “live for now” to “love all open”, PepsiCo has observed the value change of young people in self pursuit, so the brand communication has changed from emphasizing “opportunity” to encouraging “fun”. After that, with the rise of the national tide, PepsiCo’s cross-border domestic brands further widened the space-time dimension of loving interpretation, set off a trend of retro and arouse youth memories.
Last year, PepsiCo took “love and reconstruction” as the theme, and “PepsiCo Gainian store” refreshed the traditional cultural heritage through the list of intangible cultural heritage, further enhanced the sustainability of brand value, and further affirmed and released the cultural self-confidence of Chinese youth. This year, “PepsiCo Gainian store” ushered in the fifth season, with the theme of “rejuvenate the youth power of the new era and love more than one side”, continue to extend the content boundary with a more inclusive attitude and a higher pattern, deeply cultivate the multicultural circle of the young generation, tap the “youth power” of the times, and applaud the unique personality background of each youth of the times.
Source: PepsiCo
Single output and awkward collision are the most important. “PepsiCo Gainian store” breaks through the singleness and rudeness of the traditional flash, makes FMCG cross-border with art, music, fashion, design, science and technology and sports, builds a love settlement with multi-cultural integration, makes the love spirit break away from the limitations of time and space and region, and continues to interact with the younger generation. The dialogue between the two is sincere, equal and respectful. It is more like a friend than a confidant, which is not easy for a seemingly superior big brand.
2. Grow up with the youth of the times and project the appearance of youth to each other
With the accumulated brand value, PepsiCo not only establishes long-term emotional value communication with the younger generation, but also builds a series of platforms for the younger generation to show themselves and love their dreams. In addition to “PepsiCo Gainian store”, PepsiCo also continues the brand music gene in the three-dimensional form of “music + variety”. Through music shows such as “PepsiCo campus’s strongest voice” and “tomorrow’s son”, PepsiCo helps young people to voice their love and write a hot chapter.
Source: Pepsi
In 2020, Ma Zhe, who stood out from the “strongest voice on PepsiCo campus”, made a successful debut as a member of the strongest brand Orchestra “Qiyun alliance” on the stage of tomorrow’s son fourth season, becoming a powerful footnote for PepsiCo to protect the music dream of the younger generation. This year, PepsiCo won the “tomorrow creation plan” to boost China’s original music culture, explore and find young musicians and stories with local originality, expression and creativity, respect and encourage them to interpret their love with music with the personality attitude of “wild and wild”. At the same time, PepsiCo embeds the brand scene into the program content, maximizes the brand exposure by means of popular student interpretation and mentor interaction, and imperceptibly improves the user’s favor.
With multi-point flowering and multi-dimensional touch, PepsiCo leads the trend of the young generation through diversified platforms and protects the young generation’s surging youth dream. The diversified love and youth spirit of each generation of youth also drive the brand to open innovative dialogue with new forms and contents in a new context, constantly deepen and interpret the value image of the brand, and continuously enrich PepsiCo’s juvenile gene.
No matter how old you are, remember to look up to the stars like a teenager
The essence of brand marketing is the connection and accurate touch of the heart, so as to realize the mutual understanding, assistance and companionship between the brand and users. Youth is a state, which has nothing to do with age.
Open Pepsi Cola and take a sip. Don’t rush to take a sip until the rising bubbles flow into your throat. Besides being cool and exciting, you can taste it carefully. It must also be memorable. Don’t stick to the form, don’t frame the boundary, keep curious, embrace change and difference with love, and grow up freely. This is the light of generation Z and the strength of Pepsi’s youth.
With the young gene of “love” as the link, PepsiCo stands out in the FMCG industry track in the new consumption era through diversified marketing methods. Through the combination of the “fast” sword method and “slow” heart method of the century old brand, PepsiCo establishes a multi-dimensional young communication language family, effectively transmits the brand value concept and effectively seizes the mind of young consumers. At the same time, PepsiCo continues to revitalize the brand energy field with “love”, makes good use of the immortal power accumulated by the century old brand, gathers young individuals with love and moves forward together on the road of taking dreams as horses.
When FMCG “slows down”, it turns out to be so interesting. “Fast” and “slow”, “new” and “old” are always relative. They dig keenly, accumulate diligently, and stick to changes. This is probably PepsiCo’s secret of keeping young forever. PepsiCo still knows the heart of youth best despite the changes of times.
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