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Mingyi international joined hands with baobaoshu to achieve strategic cooperation, and the “Academy of scientific growth” was launched!

On September 30, the “scientific growth research institute” jointly created by Mingyi international and baobaoshu was officially launched! This also means that the strategic cooperation between Mingyi international and mother infant head media baby tree has begun.

The two sides have combined their respective advantages, intensively cultivated the content of child care, and popularized the professional knowledge related to mother and child pregnancy and baby scientific growth for hundreds of millions of mother and child family users.

Multiple three-dimensional services to create strong IP for mothers and infants

Nowadays, with the explosive growth of Internet content, consumers are increasingly showing diversified and subdivided consumption demands. How can we ensure the accurate access of brands, products and cutting-edge information?

Mingyi international seems to have found the answer – no matter how the consumer demands change, “learning knowledge, exchanging experience, recording growth and buying good things” are still the core needs of all mother and child users and the underlying logic of the development of mother and child industry.

Mingyi international joined hands with the mother and baby head media baby tree trusted by hundreds of millions of mother and baby families, and invited a number of KOL and child care experts in the mother and baby industry to jointly provide professional mother and baby knowledge and child care content covering the whole life cycle, so as to create a strong IP with professional content – Mingyi “scientific growth research institute”.

Deep strategic cooperation to achieve brand empowerment

Mingyi international is an international enterprise with a sense of social responsibility. It always adheres to the concept of “everything for children”, focuses on the cause of global maternal and infant nutrition and health, has international advanced core scientific and technological strength, and is deeply trusted by mothers.

Through the strong combination with baobaoshu, Mingyi international will not only expand new channels and enhance brand strength, so as to effectively improve the market share of mothers and infants, but also output the advanced concept of “scientific growth” to the mother and infant groups, provide more high-quality, more yuan and more three-dimensional services for the majority of mother and infant user groups, and promote the two-way improvement of its own brand and market.

Mingyi “scientific growth research institute” not only meets the professional needs of mother and child users, but also empowers the brand itself. The brand leveraging Research Institute can achieve the precise circle of target users, and the initiative from users can better help the brand establish a good trust relationship. In addition, the brand can also mine the value of the professional content produced again.

Release cross-border effects, business innovation and upgrading

According to the Research Report on China’s Internet mother and baby market in the first half of 2020 released by the third-party data research institute bigdata, the main channel for young mother and baby people to acquire knowledge is the mother and baby app dominated by baby tree, followed by social software – the impact of mobile Internet on the mother and baby market has evolved from providing products and trading services to providing knowledge Tools and emotional communication, leisure and entertainment.

Mingyi “scientific growth research institute” starts from the strong user base of baobab tree and locks users and connects users more widely in online scenes through a professional and three-dimensional content system.

The cross-border cooperation between Mingyi international and baobaobaoshu is bound to provide a new model and path reference for the mother and baby industry and help the innovation and upgrading of the whole business format.

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