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When new consumption enters the brand era, how do players break the game? Take a look at the “happy tea” sample

the Chinese market looks forward to the emergence of truly viable brands.

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Stride forward singing militant songs are becoming more and more important. This year, the new consumer industry has two extreme phenomena. On the one hand, financing in every major subdivision is constantly increasing. Consumer brands are active on grass planting platforms and short video platforms, and a lively scene of singing and dancing is highly active. On the other hand, frequent losses have made people wonder about the bubbles.
No matter what the situation is, one thing is undeniable: driven by new people and new infrastructure, new domestic brands are accelerating their rise. The market welcomes new consumer brands with real skills and hard work, but excludes brands driven by capital and flow in the short term.
This implies the arrival of a new era – the new consumer industry is entering the era of brand building. Traffic marketing is only the icing on the cake. If a brand wants to obtain long-term vitality, it also needs solid basic skills and brand potential energy tempered by time.
When we begin to think about how to build a good brand, Xi tea may provide a reference. As the founder and promoter of new tea drinks, Xi tea has carefully polished its products, scenes and space design, and has explored a road suitable for the growth of new consumer brands. Its recent opening of the world’s first handmade store, Xi tea Nantou ancient city store, is an excellent presentation of this exploration 。
The craftsman spirit is not out of date,
Product is the sharp weapon for new brand penetration time
When it comes to building a brand, we must not bypass the product. As the most direct perception carrier connecting consumers, the product is the foundation for the brand to settle down. A good product is not only a sharp weapon for the brand to continuously obtain users, but also a source to help the brand through the baptism of time and win long-term vitality.
In the post epidemic economic era, the change of consumption concept has enlarged users’ attention to good products. The 2020 China Internet consumption ecology big data report shows that the epidemic has given birth to a more planned concept of consumption and financial management, and more than 70% of consumers say they will reduce unnecessary expenses.
This means that consumers will tend to be more durable, quality and experience better products and services, which will accelerate the reshuffle of the consumer market.
At the same time, the preferences of the new generation of consumers have changed. Sullivan’s 2020 white paper on the development of the new tea industry shows that 71% of consumers will consider product quality when buying new tea products. This trend naturally promotes the upgrading and iteration of products in the tea industry.
In 2012, Xi tea was founded. While the whole industry is still using various powder raw materials such as tea powder and milk powder to make tea products, Xi tea made a breakthrough in using raw leaf tea and fresh milk cheese to make “cheese tea”, and carried out leapfrog upgrading and innovation on tea raw materials and formulas, thus creating a new tea industry and promoting the whole industry to regard using real materials to make products as a consensus.
The recently opened Xitou Gucheng tea store in Nantou also conforms to consumers’ pursuit of high-quality products and services. The feature of this store is to create a “hand-made” concept to show users the whole process of hand-made drinks, and there are three series (hand fried ice, hand-made tea and hand-made tea) More than 50 products are only sold in the store, which reflects Xi tea’s innovation of products and the ultimate pursuit of quality.
In fact, the “handmade” tea making has always been a distinctive feature of tea products, so far as it is concerned, such as the popular products of the popular tea, the vitis vines, each grape used needs to be manually sterilized and peeled and then smashed, and the rich black sugar wave must be boiled for 1 hours by hand. The lemon scent used for the brewing of lemon tea needs to be beaten by more than 35 by using a customized tamping stick.
For a long time, while advocating the spirit of manual craftsman, we use machines to realize rapid replication, as if manual means slow, backward and high cost. It is understandable to pursue large-scale, which is also the only way for enterprise development, but real high quality requires time and patience. Time is the touchstone for brand polishing and precipitation.
Of course, to ensure the supply of high-quality raw materials, the core is to improve the supply chain capacity. The same is true for Xi tea. In 2020, it began to build its own strawberry base and develop new strawberry varieties. In addition, it also built its own organic tea garden in Fanjing Mountain, Guizhou, from tea garden soil cultivation to tea tree cultivation, so as to ensure that tea is natural and pollution-free. As the successor and innovator of Chinese traditional tea culture, Xi tea is strong Holding polished products also virtually injected vitality into the brand potential energy.
Exceed expectations, break the Convention and use unique space
Build a communication bridge between brands and users
If the product is the “foundation”, then the store is the “face” and the spatial carrier of the brand’s external image. The impact of this external visual design and the experience of the internal scene constitute an important tentacle for the brand to connect users.
Especially today’s young people are mostly from the only child generation. They have stronger social needs, certain aesthetic ability and desire to express themselves. They hope that the things they buy and the space they live in can release their hearts. At this time, the brand space with a sense of scene and unique design can stand out.
This is essentially a kind of cultural edification and emotional connection. The space carrier is equivalent to building a bridge between brands and consumers. This has broken through the relationship of pure consumption in the traditional sense, and let consumers have a sense of familiarity and trust in the brand. In other words, it is a kind of construction of users’ mind.
For example, the geometric deconstruction method is adopted for the shape of the store in the ancient city of Xicha Nantou, which refines simple lines on the basis of the original building and changes the single modeling structure of the original building facade. One side of the wall on both sides of the balcony is vacant and one side is decorated with water grain glass bricks, which is suitable for both dynamic and static. The internal color is integrated with Lingnan Retro Red and modern minimalist white, which is rich in history and modernity.
There is also a different world inside the store, with an open preparation area and bar area, and even a roof garden equipped with sofas and green plants. People feel that this is not only a beverage store, but also a comfortable resting place, showing a relaxed and comfortable life aesthetics.
At the same time, the handmade shop is also equipped with many characteristic corners, such as bright Retro Red stairs, distinctive seats, red ring windows, green plant walls around the roof, etc., to attract users to spontaneously punch in and upload to the social platform, so that the space has the magic of re dissemination, and also make the shop become the punch in point of Nantou ancient city.
In addition, the store is located in the ancient city of Nantou with a history of more than 1700 years, which also adds some cultural details to the brand image of Xi tea.
Of course, to continue to influence consumers’ minds, brands need to give users more than expected experience and create a sense of freshness and surprise. This logic often produces new products in products and breaks the Convention in space design. In addition to Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store, Xi’an yongningli store and Chengdu IFS black gold store are also constantly surpassing users’ cognition and giving users a new experience.
For example, yongningli store in Xi’an draws nutrients from urban cultural elements such as terracotta warriors and horses and ancient stone tablets and applies them to the design of walls, tables and chairs to create a spatial experience of ancient and modern dialogue.
Ifs Heijin store in Chengdu draws nutrients from the food culture and provides inspiration for the research and development of hi tea products. It has launched the characteristic drinks Sichuan spicy Xianlu and Sichuan spicy face changing bag. The former combines Sichuan Mengding yellow bud, oil orange juice, Sichuan pepper and other characteristic raw materials, while the latter takes Sichuan opera face changing as the spiritual feeling and adds sweet potato peel, beef and other common ingredients of Sichuan hot pot, All bring unique taste enjoyment to Chengdu consumers.
On the whole, Xi tea has formed a unique store system. At present, more than 800 stores have been opened in more than 60 cities. The creation of both super inspiration stores and inspiration characteristic stores reflects the brand spirit of pursuing inspiration and design.
300 new brands are financed a year,
China’s new consumer industry has entered the brand era
Xi tea is the representative of the new consumer brand era.
From domestic cosmetics to instant noodles, from fine coffee to baked snacks, capital has recently invested in various segments of consumer goods. Relevant statistics show that in 2020, more than 300 new consumer brands in the primary market obtained financing, resulting in the birth of more than 2000 new brands.
Source: Trend and direction of new consumer brands in 2021
But behind the bright numbers, if there is no real ability to match and only burn money to harvest short-term traffic, the best performance will be a flash in the pan. Consumer brands driven by short-term traffic are difficult to survive. There is even a ridicule saying “online red brand curse” in the industry. Even for consumer brands that survive by burning money and even go public, the share prices of many companies have plunged or even halved, because investors will vote with real gold and silver.
For consumer brands, brands need time to be refined. Short-term cognition can be established through traffic bombing, but users’ mind can not be a real brand. Relying on marketing and traffic alone is likely to be abandoned by consumers in an instant.
In essence, these short-term “brands” did not create excellent brand influence. One small detail is that some domestic products will enjoy saying that they will become China’s Zara, China’s Ikea, China’s Starbucks and China’s MUJI products, and even make slogans beyond them, but they have not defined themselves, let alone created their own brand influence.
This contradiction, which is hot on the surface and empty inside, just reflects the call of the market – the Chinese market welcomes and expects the emergence of consumer goods with real brand vitality.
When the new consumer industry enters the brand era and everyone is looking for a breakthrough, Xi tea may provide us with a sample that can be used for reference. This sample does not start from short-term traffic, but from the shaping of brand value to find resonance with young consumers, polish in products and space, and finally pour lasting vitality into the brand.
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