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The 100 billion milk tea market is tumbling. Can Nongfu mountain spring “play milk tea” play a new blue ocean?

the summer is far away and the autumn wind is cool. The mellow and fragrant milk tea will replace the sweet and cool water drink and become the first choice for people to relieve their fatigue, entertain their body and mind.

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In recent years, driven by the new tea brands, the popularity of milk tea category has continued to rise. According to the Research Report of Zhuo knowledge consulting, the domestic ready to drink tea market will reach 120 billion in 2020. Although it is faced with various sub categories of tea (such as original leaf tea, fruit tea and bubble tea) And coffee, thanks to emotional satisfaction and strong social attributes, the penetration rate of milk tea to the new generation group is still increasing, and the market prospect is generally optimistic.
In the face of rapidly evolving consumer demands, milk tea brands keep their brands and products fresh and competitive through taste changes, functional superposition, innovative eating methods, cross-border joint branding, creative marketing and other means.
On October 12, Nongfu mountain spring launched “beating milk tea” Series of milk tea drinks, high-profile into the bottled milk tea market. The products take advanced production technology, high-quality raw materials and low sugar formula as the core selling points, blowing an alternative breeze in the milk tea market like the Red Sea. Nongnongshan spring, which has launched a variety of tea trendy products and led the industry trend, why choose milk tea as a new territory to expand the beverage business line? Influenced by the traditional “ordering tea” Can the modern production technology inspired by the manufacturing method bring qualitative improvement to the taste? Can playing milk tea create a new blue ocean in the market where innovation is becoming more and more homogeneous?
Fashion, self pleasing and new life paradigm:
Where is the wind blowing in the milk tea market?
Behind the surging upsurge of milk tea is the upgrading of consumption, the revival of traditional culture, and the expression of the will of the new generation of personalized and social life. A cup of milk tea can integrate fashion flavor, highlight traditional aesthetics, improve mood and create hot topics. It is like a “hard currency” in the social life of young people The milk tea market also shows amazing creativity and vitality driven by the rapid iteration of consumer preferences.
In the highly competitive milk tea market, how to create the concept of differentiation and improve the product quality is the foundation for the milk tea brand. The performance of classic and trendy tastes, high appearance, main self pleasing and social attributes have become the wind vane of current product development.
(1) Classic and net red are suitable, and ancient early taste and novelty shine on the same stage
In the milk tea industry with fierce competition and serious inner volume, taste can be called the lifeline of products. The classic taste focuses on adhering to and extending, polishing the tradition with craftsmanship spirit, and bringing people different feelings and memories. With more and more milk tea brands introducing similar classic tastes, the pressure of competition makes these brands attract changeable consumers by constantly exploring and innovating tastes.
All kinds of novel and strange minority flavors can always take the lead in the circle and win the popularity and popularity on the Internet. For example, the ingredients with strong regional characteristics have become the wonder of milk tea flavor innovation, which once aroused the public’s strong curiosity and desire to taste new fruits. These flavors have indeed won a lot of popularity in a short time, but the heat of many flavors can’t last long.
Naixue’s tea, Xi tea, Lele tea, oil orange and yellow milk tea. Photo source: brand official microblog
No matter the ancient classic taste or the minority net red taste, what can stand the test of time in the milk tea industry and survive are good tastes that satisfy consumers.
(2) Win the hearts of young people with high beauty and humanized packaging
The aesthetics of young milk tea controllers are as changeable and diverse as popular tastes. This also makes the current milk tea packaging present a situation of refinement, small freshness, funny and cute multi-dimensional coexistence. The classic masterpieces of art masters, elaborate hand-painted illustrations, two-dimensional cute girls, animation characters, and even nonsense have become magnets to attract young people.
In addition to the popularity of various packaging colors, humanized design is also a means for milk tea to get close to consumers. For example, slimming bottles designed for female consumers or cups suitable for hand size. Low carbon concept has become popular in the new generation, and environmentally friendly materials have been more and more presented in milk tea packaging.
On the contrary, those classic product designs that have flourished for a long time do not survive by temporary innovation, but more intuitive communication and exchange of product characteristics with consumers through packaging, and convey the brand story and product selling points to consumers through packaging design. On this basis, it is icing on the cake to add other novel design concepts.
(3) Drink is life: highlight emotional satisfaction and strong social attributes
Since last year, “the first cup of milk tea in autumn” has become one of the powerful carriers for expressing feelings and connecting feelings. Because of its wide spread and full of human warmth and positive energy, it has been selected into the “top ten buzzwords in 2020” released by the national language resources monitoring and research center.
A milk tea that appears frequently on the Internet can instantly become a social topic for young people. Whether sharing unspeakable tastes and packaging on social media, or various jokes and anecdotes triggered by products, or even brainwashing short videos similar to honey Snow Ice City, it has brought infinite sparks and imagination to people’s social life.
Around June 1 this year, mini cup of milk tea suddenly became popular all over the network, repeatedly shaking in microblog, xiaohongshu, station B, wechat circle of friends and public comments, and became a phenomenal popular hot spot. Online Red bloggers have aired some single Raiders on the platform to teach you how to make a cup of mini milk tea. The Mini Cup not only meets the young people’s psychology of “tasting fresh food”, but also becomes a carrier for people’s mutual assistance and sharing in cyberspace.
Source: Little Red Book
The core consumer group of milk tea is a group of people associated with the Internet. The warmth, randomness and lightness contained in milk tea are consistent with the new generation’s outlook on life of equality, personalization and self pleasing. It has quickly become the spiritual comfort of “curtilage” young people, the sharp weapon of online social networking and office ice breaking, and the proof of “small happiness”.
Although the phenomenon of involution in the milk tea industry is increasing, the competitive strategy of shaping the differentiated milk tea product power from the three points of taste, packaging and social attributes is still effective. In other words, a milk tea that can stand the test of the market should have at least three characteristics:
1、   Taste and taste to the satisfaction of consumers
2、   Products tell brand stories and product selling points from inside to outside
3、   Adapt to the current trend of new media and bring strong social attributes
The “beating milk tea” launched by nongnongshan spring is such a product to make up for the popular vacancy of bottled milk tea.
Playing milk tea not only makes a wonderful taste,
And the longing for life
For the Chinese who have been drinking tea for thousands of years, the production technology of tea is as colorful as cooking skills.
Song Dynasty was the heyday of tea ordering technology. Before drinking tea, people put the tea powder in the tea bowl, inject boiling water, and then brush it with bamboo tea, so as to fully combine the powder with water, and finally become a bowl of delicious tea.
Source: Zhihu
Stirring tea soup is the key to making a good bowl of tea. Just like beating eggs with egg whisk, when the grip angle, power and frequency are perfectly matched, it will soon form a rich and lasting foam on the surface of egg. Similarly, the timing, strength and technique of brushing tea soup will also affect the shape, density and even taste of tea soup. Based on this action, later generations call it “ordering tea”.
Such fine tea drinking reflects the prosperity and peace of Song people. In fact, ordering tea is the four arts of life in the Song Dynasty, which go hand in hand with flower art, fragrance tasting and ancient appreciation. They are collectively called “four kinds of leisure affairs”.
Photo source: a
Nongfu mountain spring named the new product “beating milk tea” this time, which was inspired by the skill of beating tea soup with tea when ordering tea in the Song Dynasty. Drawing on the principle that the ancients fully integrated tea powder and water through the action of “beating” when ordering tea, nongnongshanquan adopted an advanced homogenizer in the production of milk tea. This equipment can refine and integrate different raw materials through high pressure, so that the milk tea has clear layers, delicate taste and strong aroma.
In terms of material selection, playing milk tea is also striving for perfection. The product R & D team went deep into the tea producing areas and selected the original leaves of Gongfu black tea, oolong and jasmine green tea in high altitude areas of Yunnan for extraction. As a company that owns two kinds of classic tea drinks, tea leaf and Oriental leaf, farmer Hill spring has been ploughing for many years in the field of tea making, and has developed a set of ripe tea extraction technology system, which provides technical support for the process of making milk tea, and ensures that tea can lock strong natural tea aroma without adding tea powder and essence.
If tea is the soul of milk tea, then milk is the foundation of milk tea. The milk source of milk tea is all from high-quality concentrated milk, which is concentrated by pasteurized fresh milk through film. It is transported in the whole cold chain, with strong milk aroma and mellow milk taste. It is reported that in order to ensure the first batch of mass production of milk tea, nongnongshanquan has purchased 1200 tons of concentrated milk to ensure that the products appear with high quality.
In addition, Badan wood is specially added, and nut aroma is added on the basis of milk and tea, which enriches the taste level of milk tea and makes the taste of milk tea more mellow. On the formula, milk tea caters to the mainstream consumption trend. Low Sugar formula, 0 trans fatty acids, 0 flavors, preservatives and greases are used to alleviate the “hidden burdens” in the past milk tea.
Finally, the small fresh style packaging design of milk tea has a seamless dialogue with the new generation.
From a distance, the milk tea bottle is round and stocky with soft color. The huge vortex pattern on the front of the package and a word “dozen” occupy most of the space, which is different in a fancy package.
In traditional tea processing technology, tea and beaten foam will form a uniform swirling whirlpool on the surface of the tea soup. This is the inspiration of the vortex pattern on the package. The “fight” in logo dismantled the Chinese characters “two” as the top and bottom, and with the help of Chinese characters, the collision between the two liquids was reflected. This is the essence of the tea craft, the collision and fusion of raw materials, and the emergence of a mellow taste.
From the pattern to the graphic characters, the packaging design of milk tea tells the process story of the integration of milk tea, tea and milk everywhere, visually presents the inspiration source and principle of the production process, and truly achieves the unity of product content and packaging.
The milk tea is designed as a 380ml small bottle, which is easier to carry with you. Superimposed with young and modern colors, milk tea tells young consumers about the inheritance of ancient technology and the integration of modern technology through the packaging of a series of products.
According to foodaily, since the offline trial sale of milk tea at the beginning of this month, xiaohongshu has become the main platform for consumers to experience and share, mainly focusing on the good taste of milk tea, highly recognizable high-value packaging, and the traditional tea making process extended from the word “playing”. I believe that making milk tea will soon become another hot food topic in the golden autumn.
Source: Little Red Book
From charcoal coffee to milk tea,
Explore the category innovation password
of Nongfu mountain spring
In the past 25 years since its establishment, Nongfu mountain spring has been widely known for its marketing talent. From the classic heart-to-heart advertising language that affects a generation, to the beautiful packaging design full of Oriental beauty, to the brand strategy of promoting public welfare and catering to youth, nongnongshanquan’s marketing strategy in the industry is also recognized.
In fact, nongnongshan spring has been standing in China’s beverage industry for many years, which not only depends on people’s market insight and marketing skills, but also benefits from the creativity of new categories.
Photo source: Nongfu mountain spring
In November last year, the charcoal coffee series launched the first self heating coffee suit, which heats the coffee can body with a self heating bag to meet the new demands of hot drinking and create a new form of hot drinking coffee in winter. Although the self heating technology has long been mature and has played a great role in the field of convenience food, in the rising warm drink market, most products achieve the warm-up effect by adding warm ingredients. Charcoal coffee, which directly “bundles” the mature self heating technology on the packaging, is undoubtedly a pathfinder and leader.
If the line of sight is further extended, in the past 10 years, epoch-making products that pioneered the category at that time have become a vivid portrayal of the innovation ability of farmers’ mountain spring——
Launch plant yogurt in 2019; In 2016, 17.5 ° NFC fruit juice and tea π were launched; In 2011, Oriental leaves were launched to lead the development of domestic plant-based fermentation products, high-end fruit juice, fruit tea and sugar free tea. Category innovation requires not only accurate insight into the market, but also strong technical capabilities.
Taking Oriental leaves as an example, it is a beneficial attempt of Nongfu mountain spring to turn tea into sugar free and healthy. The product adopts high-temperature instantaneous sterilization and aseptic cold filling process, which can better retain the flavor and stability of tea compared with the mainstream process at that time.

One of the core competitiveness of the milk tea launched by nongnongshan spring this time is also derived from the high-pressure homogeneous mixing process inspired by “ordering tea”, creating a uniform and stable production system, allowing the ingenious integration of various high-quality raw materials, delicate and full taste, and realizing the simulation and upgrading of the current milk tea at the level of industrialization.

Summarizing the category innovation of nongnongshan spring in the past ten years, we can draw at least two “secrets”:
1、   For the fine carving and repeated polishing of the product itself. Whether adopting innovative technology or highlighting the packaging design of Chinese aesthetics, every innovation of nongnongshan spring embodies the valuable “craftsman” spirit.
2、   Accurate grasp of market opportunities. From sugar free tea to carbonated coffee and hot coffee, to milk tea developed by integrating traditional tea culture and using modern technology, it is to solve the consumption pain points in the hot coffee and tea track. Driven by the brand effect, the consumption pain point is likely to evolve into tomorrow’s consumption trend.
With both delicate and mellow taste and youthful packaging, and its own social attributes, will playing milk tea create the next outlet for bottled milk tea?
Zhong pengpeng, chairman of nongnongshanquan, once said: “a traditional enterprise focuses on its own professional field in ten, twenty or more years. All kinds of knowledge, processes, standards, traditions and methods precipitated are their precious wealth.”
Nongfu mountain spring has been deeply engaged in the tea industry for 18 years. Their familiarity with tea culture and tea making skills and their understanding of the consumption preferences of the new generation of tea are enough to turn an innovative concept into a new category with full potential.
These new concepts may be hidden in the dusty but still fresh tea history for thousands of years, and in the obsession of hundreds of millions of Chinese people with tea.
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