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The 30th Guangzhou International Health Exhibition ended perfectly

On September 24, the 30th Guangzhou International Health Industry Expo hosted by Guangzhou Yifan exhibition was grandly opened in zone a of Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall. The three-day Expo, with the theme of “healthy China and blessing the world”, has set up seven theme exhibition areas, including healthy and nutritious food, traditional Chinese medicine and health physiotherapy, tonics, maternal and child health, family medical devices and health management, high-end water and imported food. The layout of the exhibition area has been further optimized, and the major brand enterprises of each sub category basically enjoy the exhibition, It meets the more personalized needs of global exhibitors.
Exhibitors are in full bloom
As a professional platform for more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the big health industry, Ihe China Guangzhou International Health Exhibition gathers many health brand enterprises, channels and brands, focuses on the market needs of brands and users, and provides new opportunities and development strategies for exhibitors and brands. This exhibition shows the persistence and persistence of major health industries at home and abroad under the epidemic situation. Tianqin, an Jiaren, Xi Bao, Akita Hong, foci, new century, Huaai, Dongjiang, Jinghe, Aike international and other industry brands participated in the exhibition to maximize the benefits of trade, improve high-quality products, achieve all channels and coverage in one step, and provide a full range of choices for excellent dealers and agents.
The opening of this Expo will provide a broader platform opportunity for many large health enterprises to “explore the market, brand promotion, new product release and Industry Exchange”, and win-win opportunities for the future large health industry.
Procurement highland to broaden the circulation channels of the big health industry chain
IHE China carries out personalized and accurate matching transmission in combination with the needs of exhibitors and professional visitors, and builds a platform for dealers / manufacturers / international trade in the industry to participate in the trade docking of selecting products and suppliers, the negotiation and cooperation of flow resources, and the discussion of cutting-edge market trends. At the same time, select high-quality dealers for the nationwide health industry to deliver fresh blood for the industry and jointly promote the development of the industry!

Professional buyers from hospitals, pharmacies, maternity centers, health management centers and other industries were invited to the exhibition; At the same time, VIP investigation and exchange group of presidents of catering associations in various cities of Guangdong, exchange group of Guangzhou Food Enterprise Association, exchange group of Huangpu District Food Safety Association, exchange group of Guangdong Logistics Industry Association, exchange group of Guangdong Health Culture Association, exchange group of Guangdong Marketing Association, exchange group of Guangdong Yuezi Center Alliance, Guangdong MCN (live broadcast) Institutional alliance exchange group, buyers and other groups visited, and professional audiences gathered to enhance the overall commercial value.
Focus on future development trends   Boost the innovation and development of the industry
IHE China held a number of summit forums focusing on channel development and looking ahead, enabling, promoting and extending cross-border with the upstream and downstream of the big health industry chain. Leaders of the global health industry of real estate were invited to jointly interpret the development trend of the health industry chain, which brought new thinking of the whole industry chain to the health industry. In order to promote the better development of channels and stores, Ihe China held the procurement docking meeting of catering associations in various cities of Guangdong Province at the event site, with the main purpose of building a trade platform for communication between buyers and sellers, combined with industry resources, constantly bring innovation and vitality to the industry and realize the sustainable development of the industry.

In the development process of more than 20 years, Ihe China has never stopped and constantly broke through itself. Under the opportunity of China’s accelerating the construction of a new development pattern with domestic big cycle as the main body and domestic and international double cycles promoting each other, the 31st Guangzhou international big health industry expo will be held in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou Canton Fair from June 16 to 18, 2022. Further tap the potential value of the big health industry in South China with Guangzhou as the core, fully release the economic vitality of South China and radiate to the Asia Pacific region and the world.

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