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The world’s first innovation experience center of fisland landed in Shanghai, and the digital speed-up impacted the goal of 10 billion

Following the establishment of a special R & D team for China, Royal Philips land of the Netherlands, the parent company of massugar, has taken a new step in China’s localization innovation and digital transformation. This morning, feishilan’s world’s first innovation experience center was unveiled at Madang Road, Hengji Xuhui world, a popular punch in point in Shanghai. As a benchmark demonstration business scenario for digital applications, the center was awarded the “Huangpu District digital transformation application scenario Experience Center”.

Chen Ge, President of Royal Netherlands fisland China, said today that fisland innovation experience center is the first in China and the only experience center of the group in the world. “Feishilan is full of confidence in the future of the Chinese market, takes root in Huangpu, increases investment, continues to become bigger and stronger, and achieves the goal of 10 billion yuan as soon as possible,” she said.

Build a benchmark for digital transformation

It is understood that the above innovation experience center is the first experience store launched by fislan in the Chinese market, which is divided into two regions. Among them, the hall on the first floor is open to the public and shows the products and corporate culture of fislan through on-site explanation and interaction.

The smart office area on the third floor is open to customers in catering and other industries, and is divided into different functional areas, including the “new national tide bar area” that provides diversified beverage solutions, the live broadcasting room for on-site display and operation, the sensory area that captures customers’ taste, and the R & D area that insight into consumers’ needs and provides solutions.

“We hope to build a digital ecological closed loop from experience, live broadcast, production and feedback to scheme customization.” according to Fisher land, through the above innovation experience center, the company is committed to creating an innovative application scenario with high integration of digital content and the real world, providing customized services and a full set of digital consumption schemes for customers and consumers.

In this regard, Zhu Yi, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, believes that the world’s first innovation experience center of fisland is located in Huangpu District, which resonates with the concept of Shanghai’s new round of innovation driven digital transformation. At the same time, we hope that fisland will continue to use digital enabling business to create more benchmark demonstration business scenarios.

In fact, digitization has become an accelerator for the transformation and development of fisland in China in the past two years.

In 2020, fislan launched the “Meisu Jiaer Omni channel artificial intelligence customer service project”, which also made it the first FMCG enterprise to apply artificial intelligence technology in the field of customer service, and also “the only company in the maternal and infant industry to provide expert video connection services”.

Recently, the company has also enabled the artificial intelligence all media customer service system, which has reduced the traditional average 10 second artificial response to 0 second today, reduced the average call duration by 14%, and increased the service period in the working day to 24 hours x 7 days, greatly improving the user experience and efficiency. The project has also been promoted by Huangpu District of Shanghai as an artificial intelligence pilot application scenario.

Earlier, feishilan also relied on blockchain technology to realize the whole process traceability of dairy safety, so that every drop of milk can be assured and reliable. At the terminal sales level, with the help of QR code (matrix QR code) technology, fisland explored the future of unattended retail, captured user purchase and use data, and realized accurate re purchase management.

Impact 10 billion target

Chen Ge also said today that the business of fislan has continued to grow steadily since it entered China 12 years ago, and the group will hit the goal of 10 billion in the Chinese market in the future.

Xiaoshidai once introduced that the sales volume of Royal Meisu Jiaer series of infant milk powder under fislan has doubled in the past two years, and the sales volume has exceeded 2 billion yuan in 2020. During June this year, the share of Meisu Jiaer brand under fislan ranked first in Jingdong’s self operated milk powder category, with a record share. In tmall (excluding cross-border purchases), the flagship store of Meisu Jiaer ranks first in the transaction amount of the group, and firmly ranks first in the brand of imported ultra-high-end milk powder.

In Chen GE’s view, the growth power of fislan in China in the future will not only come from online cross-border channels and offline expansion of third and fourth tier market space, but also seek opportunities for growth of other new products in China other than baby accessories.

Data show that in the first half of the year, the cross-border e-commerce business of feishilan bucked the trend and increased by 34%, becoming a new engine to bring business increment. In addition, compared with the same period last year, the sales of feishilan’s child mother adult milk powder and children’s cheese increased nearly five times.

On this basis, feishilan China has also increased its localization innovation and digital transformation strategy this year to explore a broader growth space.

The China for China R & D team established by the company this year aims to develop and expand more new products and categories in combination with the needs of the Chinese market. With the help of the innovation experience center in Shanghai, fislan will also be able to further enable business innovation through digital technology and help accelerate the implementation of localized innovative products.

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