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It’s late. Inventory of innovation trends of natural food exhibition in the eastern United States!

, as a benchmark exhibition activity in the food and beverage industry in the United States, what innovative achievements are worth our attention? In this issue, foodaily will bring you hot trends and an inventory of innovative products!

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From September 24 to September 27, the annual American Eastern natural food exhibition was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Natural product brands and manufacturers from all over the country gathered here to bring innovative strategies for brands to deal with complex and changeable market challenges under such a severe epidemic.
In the beverage sector, trends such as plant-based, functional ingredients and sugar free continue to stand out. Coffee brands are also adopting innovative forms to provide consumers with additional health benefits. In addition to the bright performance of dairy products, dairy substitutes have also made breakthroughs in composition, function and form. In the catering and baking sector, clean labels, innovative ingredients and global flavor will bring innovation Into the classic categories of baking raw materials, staple foods, breakfast foods, etc. in the tide of snack health, the simplified ingredient list is more popular
Without sugar, add some useful “plant ingredients”
In drinks, the concept of adding sugar substitutes is no longer fresh, and drinks without sugar will become a new trend. At the same time, in order to make up for the lack of flavor and sense of value brought by no sugar, the use of natural fruits and plant ingredients has become the highlight of this kind of products.
Hopark hop water is a soda water beverage infused with hops, which is a very unique alternative to alcohol refreshing beverage. Hopark water is made of fragrant and delicious hops, which provides consumers with a sense of familiarity with refined beer in refreshing soda water. Hopark uses hops to flavor, bringing pleasant floral, fruity and citrus tropical flavor, which is very suitable for spring and winter summer.
Source: hopark
Hopark water’s creation idea is to use a unique plant hops to turn the simplest water into a complex, dynamic and refreshing product, bringing new taste experience to people who like complex hops but do not want to compromise healthy choices. In addition, only the formula of water and hops is simple and clean, with more health benefits: no bran Quality, non GM, pure vegetarian, Zero sugar, zero calories, no artificial ingredients, and even obtained whole30 certification.
Unlike other drinks, hopark water does not contain caffeine in tea-based drinks, nor does it contain traditional refined alcohol. This unique refreshing soda series injected with hops breaks through the boundary of refined taste and enjoys the fun of refined beer in the way of soda.
Uncle Matt has also adopted the strategy of adding functional plant ingredients to fruit juice and launched a series of shot fruit juice drinks. The products are made of probiotics and other ingredients to target specific functions, such as immune support, digestion and energy.
As a source of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, the new “ultimate defense shot” contains a “concentrated” mixture of organic orange juice, pineapple, turmeric root, ginger and black pepper and active probiotics. The “ultimate immune shot” is a mixture of organic orange juice and black elderberry berries, plus live probiotics, and provides vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. Brand new “Ultimate energy shot” is made of organic orange juice and mango and contains 200 mg of caffeine from coffee berry extract and active probiotics. It is a source of vitamin C and B12.
Functional buff, not just refreshing
Coffee has gradually become a daily lifestyle drink. Therefore, it provides imagination space for more functional ingredients other than refreshing.
Laird superfood is an award-winning company that manufactures plant-based superfood. The brand advocates products that follow ancient nutrition. All its products contain plant ingredients to improve daily eating habits and remain energetic all day.
At the beginning of this year, Laird superfood launched a new functional coffee product line to provide support and fuel for consumers and bring more functional choices through the power of plant ingredients, such as functional mushroom extract, superfood and plant adaption. The product includes three SKUs, namely boost (with organic mushroom extract, rich in antioxidant ingredients) and focus (contains mushroom extract, adaptive herbs and cherries, which help replenish energy and cheer up), and sweet (contains marshmallow root and cardamom, which are beneficial to the intestines and stomach, as well as blueberries with prebiotic potential).
Image source: Laird superfood
Oaza launched a series of cold extracted coffee drinks that strengthen electrolytes. Sodium bicarbonate, magnesium citrate and calcium citrate are added to coffee as electrolytes to help regulate body fluid level, combine the effects of hydration and refreshing, and keep the body in the best state all day. Each bottle provides 200mg caffeine, 0g sugar and
Source: Oaza
Milk and dairy products:
Taste and nutrition can be both
In July this year, A2 milk company launched a2milk half and half, a high-quality product made of all natural A2 milk and cream. Compared with similar products, it has better taste, better protein and higher digestibility.
The new A2 milk half and half is made from natural cows that only produce A2 protein, rather than the combined A1 and A2 protein in most dairy products. A2 protein can alleviate intestinal discomfort caused by lactose intolerance. At the same time, the product only contains real milk and cream without added sugar or additives.
Source: foodnavigator USA
Blake waltrip, CEO of A2 milk company, said: “half and half is a category worth $1 billion. There are few choices for dairy lovers who are looking for high-quality protein and good taste at the same time, especially if they have difficulty digesting ordinary milk. A2 milk half and half allows both.”
Vegetable milk:
Focus on component innovation
After oat milk takes the lead, what direction should vegetable milk go next? The answer is plant ingredients with nutritional value and innovation in texture and taste.
Good karma, the leading flax milk brand in North America, launched a group of plant-based milk made of flax, whole wheat, oats and peas. The beverage features that each cup of 240 ml contains 2% milk and 5 times the protein (5g) of almond milk, 800 mg of plant omega-3 fatty acids, as well as the content of calcium and vitamin D comparable to dairy products. It has smooth taste and oat flavor. In addition, this plant milk has been verified by non transgenic projects, has no glyphosate residue and is suitable for vegetarians.
Source: vegout magazine
It is also the innovation of vegetable milk ingredients. The take two team “turns waste into treasure”, expands the raw materials of vegetable milk to the traditional waste beer by-products, and makes the first kind of vegetable milk made of waste grain recycling ingredients. Take two Barclay milk, a completely delicious and protein rich non dairy milk.
Barley is rich in fiber and protein, which is usually regarded as waste after beer brewing. Take two has saved hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste grain, millions of gallons of water and a lot of greenhouse gas emissions by upgrading and recycling nutritious grains and converting them into delicious plant barley milk.
Source: business insider
Beyond staple food:
New raw materials subvert the old category
From rice to coarse grains, to pasta and sauces, new raw materials are transforming traditional categories in a healthier way.
From award-winning organic biscuits to foods that subvert traditional categories such as flat bread, oat milk and ready to eat grain bags, Suzie’s brand always aims at the gap in the field of natural and specialty foods and provides delicious and healthy alternative staple food products made of natural ingredients.
In the United States alone, there are 40 million people sensitive to gluten. To grasp this trend, Suzie’s brand took the lead in launching chickpea coarse wheat flour to subvert the staple food market dominated by traditional pasta and rice with high protein and gluten free.
Suzie’s chickpea couscous chickpea couscous is made from chickpea flour and water only. Each 400g product contains 10g protein, rich in fiber and gluten free. Just add water and heat for 5 minutes. This product has been nominated for the “Academy Award” nexty award in the U.S. food industry.
Source: good groceries
Also using innovative natural ingredients, ocean’s balance focuses on innovative seaweed products. Seaweed is a sustainable alternative to traditional vegetables and a zero input crop. Seaweed contains beneficial antioxidants, omega-3, dietary fiber and minerals. It is low in calories and contains no vegetarian and gluten. With its unique flavor, nutritional value and strong sustainability, seaweed consumption in the North American market continues to rise.
Ocean’s balance mariner’s Arrabbiata, which has been shortlisted for the nexty award, is a gluten free, sugar free, plant-based pasta sauce made of kelp continuously cultivated and harvested in the Gulf of Maine, with traditional malila and spicy arabiata flavor.
In 2020, the overall sales of pasta sauce increased by 22.6%, while Marinara ranked third, with an increase of 31.3% *, which had a great impact on the traditional pasta sauce category (* Nielsen data: 52 weeks as of November 28, 2020).
Source: Ocean’s balance
Breakfast cereals:
Ancient grains and super seeds
Purely Elizabeth has always been an innovator in the field of natural food, mainly providing clean labeled health foods such as granola Cereals, oats, muffins and bread. In 2021, breakfast oatmeal made of ancient cereals and seeds was launched, focusing on the concept of plant protein.   Like all purely Elizabeth products, these new products are gluten free, non GM Project proven, and vegan.  
This is a 5 grain + seed Oatmeal Cereal Food, which mixes freeze-dried bananas, almonds and super food grains and seeds with the brand’s iconic oats, quinoa, amaranth, Chia seeds and flax. Each package contains 7g vegetable protein and only 7g coconut sugar, which can provide a balanced diet. Oatmeal bags are pre allocated in a single small bag, which is convenient to use at home or on the road, and the weight can be easily controlled. Oatmeal buns come in two flavors, classic cinnamon and banana nuts.
Source: purely Elizabeth
  Home baking:
A new opportunity for chocolate?
The epidemic has led to an outbreak of family baking demand, which has opened up new categories and new growth space for chocolate. According to the industry research of spins, baked chocolate showed an upward trend last year, and the category of baked chocolate increased by 140% during the epidemic. Skinnydipped caught the opportunity and launched low sugar baking chocolate, which set off a wave in the baking field.
Skinnydipped’s baked chocolate has three flavors: semi sweet chocolate, dark chocolate and sea salt. It contains 70% cocoa. It uses the combination of alodonose and sucrose to provide sweetness. It does not contain Stevia or sugar alcohol, and the sugar content is 67% less than that of the leading brand. Due to its amazing taste, low sugar content and convenient solubility, this product is very suitable for baking scenes.
Source: skinnydipped
Future snacks:
Just want to be simple
With the increasing penetration of snack consumption in daily life, people no longer only regard snacks as a “hobby” to kill time and relieve emotions, but give it more personalized and functional demands.
In the trend of healthy snacks, simplified ingredients, low sugar and clean labels can move consumers’ hearts to try.
Solely, a brand of organic dried fruit and dried fruit, launched solely organic whole fruit Gummies at the beginning of this year. It is a fruit fudge made of organic whole fruit. Its formula only includes real fruit and vitamin C. each bag contains 0.7 ounces of fruit and has only 60-70 calories. In addition to not adding any sugar, preservatives, gelatin, pigment or gum, this healthy new plant snack has also passed the USDA organic, Jewish clean food and non GM certification.
Source: Amazon
Like solely, that’s.It nutrition is a healthy snack supplier focusing on fruits and vegetables. We are committed to making delicious, plant-based super snacks with the cleanest and simplest raw materials. That’s.It’s latest dark chocolate truffles is a kind of dark chocolate truffle with real fruit as the sandwich. It is made of only three to four ingredients, with only 23-33 calories per piece. It contains only 1 / 4 of the sugar and 1 / 7 of the fat of traditional truffle chocolate.
Source: candy industry
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