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The average annual growth of online sales exceeds 6 times, and the category penetration exceeds 70%. How can yellow Swan bring fire to eat raw eggs?

When coffee, milk tea, snacks and other categories are popular, a common and traditional category is gradually changing. It is developing rapidly with the compound annual growth of online sales of more than 6 times, the year-on-year growth of sales scale of more than 2 times, and the growth rate of search of more than 5 times. Many consumers unconsciously change their consumption habits, so that it can keep doubling growth year after year and gradually grow. It is edible eggs.

The popularity of raw edible eggs is inseparable from a brand – yellow swan. As a new brand founded only three years ago, yellow Swan continues to promote the development of China’s raw edible egg category, and is committed to driving the category to grow and become a new mainstream choice for high-quality eggs.

According to the Kaidu consumer index, the penetration rate of yellow swan in the category of raw edible eggs is as high as 77.6%. For every 10 Chinese families, 7 choose yellow swan* In 2020, the brand won the first place in the national sales of edible eggs, and in 2021, it became the first in the turnover of tmall Taobao eggs.


In just three years, how did the Yellow Swan create and expand the new category of raw edible eggs from 0 to 1?




Looking back on the development of the domestic egg market, it is not difficult to find that under normal circumstances, most consumers buy eggs based on price comparison and experience habits, and have not formed the habit of buying eggs by brand.


Benedict eggs popular for brunch, North African eggs for afternoon tea, cloud eggs loved by babies, and soft hearted eggs for the soul of Japanese Ramen… But these fancy eating methods put forward new requirements for the quality of eggs. Raw eggs are usually contaminated with feces, which may be contaminated by Salmonella, and semi cooked eating methods are at risk of infection. The emergence of eggs that do not contain Salmonella and meet the edible standard is to meet the demand of a new generation of consumers for higher quality eggs.

Combined with the current situation of eggs in the domestic market and having insight into the changing trend of domestic consumers’ diet scene and consumer demand, Feng bin, who has 20 years of experience in the egg industry, found the market opportunity and decided to lead the team to break the industry deadlock, and the “yellow swan” broke its shell.



Feng bin is always looking for an answer – how to define a high-quality egg. It was not until 2015 when he tried “edible eggs raw” during his tour in Japan that he was suddenly inspired. As an egg industry practitioner, Feng bin understood that it was very challenging for producers to meet the edible standards raw, which not only represented a very high quality and technical control standard.

More importantly, meeting the raw food standard means that, first of all, the safety requirements are very high; Second, it can be eaten raw without processing, which has better flavor; Third, raw eggs should retain more nutrition. This is the direction of a high-quality egg.


To this end, Feng binsan went to Japan and invited Hongguang Kato, known as “the father of Japan’s raw edible eggs”, to be the chief scientist of yellow swan. He took the lead in bringing Japan’s 38 year raw edible egg standard to China. Since then, he has opened a long way to “stick to” raw edible egg standard.


After a year of localization, yellow Swan has established the first enterprise standard for raw edible eggs in China. Compared with the national standard for eggs, yellow Swan has increased six indicators such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, and three veterinary drug residue indicators are twice higher than the national standard.


In order to promote the healthy development of raw egg categories and prevent the generalization of categories, yellow Swan upgraded the standards of raw eggs again.

Recently, yellow swan, together with China Association for the promotion of international agricultural cooperation, Sichuan University, JD and HEMA, jointly formulated and released the group standard of edible eggs. Industry egg experts said that the group standard has reached the international advanced level and filled the gap of domestic group standards in the field of edible eggs.



In order to pursue the high quality of “raw edible eggs”, yellow Swan spent three years and invested 800 million to establish the first domestic whole industry chain of raw edible eggs from chicken seedlings, feed, R & D, production to sales.

In order to ensure the high standard of chicken seedlings, European ancestral risk control standards were introduced to build chicken breeding bases, and four self owned breeding bases with a scale of more than 5.5 million feathers were established throughout the country. In order to realize the fresh and timely distribution of products, yellow Swan set up egg grading centers in the three economic circles of Hebei, Guangdong and Zhejiang, and promoted the establishment of a full cold chain system in the mainstream channels.

The Yellow Swan with the quality of “dead knock” products provides consumers with a higher quality egg experience, achieves the same quality of raw eggs in Japan, and establishes advantages in safety and other key aspects: 1. Safety: it does not contain Salmonella, pregnant women and children are more comfortable to eat, and can safely make loose eggs and one-sided frying for children; 2. Delicious: no egg smell, the egg yolk is soft and waxy, and it tastes delicious when boiled in white water; 3. Nutrition: egg yolk is naturally more yellow and contains natural carotenoids.



The highlight of “edible eggs” is not only “raw”, but also represents a higher quality standard. When most consumers don’t know about “raw edible eggs”, as a pioneer, yellow Swan has been building brand strength, educating consumers and the market, and disseminating the customer value of raw edible eggs.


On the little red book platform, yellow Swan spreads edible eggs to multiple scenes, categories and cuisines of catering consumption, from breakfast, lunch to afternoon tea, and connects with global mainstream cuisines such as Chinese food, Western food, Korean food, Japanese food and French dessert.

At the same time, through these food scenes, we popularized category knowledge, planted flowers and plants, and surrounded a large wave of food Koc and KOL, which won the recommendation of 10000 + food experts’ notes, became a brand favored by xiaohongshu food bloggers, and won the 2021 xiaohongshu future brand award “blogger’s choice” award.

Delicacy tiktok delicacy delicacy, through the quality of KOL, KOC to develop short video of grass, through the fancy food, grass, category science, seize the new generation of food crowd, continue to spread the value of raw egg.

In order to popularize the value and consumption scenarios of raw edible eggs, from 2020 to 2021, yellow Swan launched the loose egg challenge for two consecutive years to continuously build brand IP assets.

Through the delicacy of KOL, Huang Swan has launched an interaction with consumers in many platforms such as Xiao Hong, jitter, micro-blog, and tiktok. It is reported that this year, the “Michelin loose egg challenge” cooperated by yellow Swan and Michelin star kitchen has set off an upsurge of loose eggs on the whole network. The reading volume of microblog topics has exceeded 150 million, helping yellow Swan seize the mind in the scene of loose eggs.




In terms of channels, yellow Swan has gradually moved towards an omni channel layout, not only covering comprehensive e-commerce platforms such as and tmall online, but also grasping the development dividends of new retail platforms such as HEMA, dingdong shopping and daily excellent fresh food. At the same time, it has settled in offline Ole, AEON, ITO and other boutique systems, as well as large supermarkets such as Wal Mart and Carrefour and community fresh food channels to meet the convenience of customers’ purchase through the coverage of mainstream sales outlets.


On the online channel, Huang Swan seizes the channel dividend of online fresh development, focuses on the new generation of family consumers, makes great efforts to play the Internet, and quickly becomes the first brand in the double 11 and 618 categories in JD and tmall through online channel exposure and new resource investment.


Under the offline channel, yellow Swan deeply cultivates the terminal, creates brand display in supermarkets, comprehensively carries out consumer trial and consumer interactive experience activities, conducts education on edible eggs and establishes brand awareness.


Not only that, yellow Swan has repeatedly tried to cooperate with channels in marketing, creating topics and achieving double breakthroughs in brand sales. In January this year, yellow Swan joined hands with HEMA and star Liu Xuan to carry out a special live broadcast of “the choice of champion mothers” in HEMA. In October last year, yellow Swan linked dingdong to buy vegetables, and joined hands with state banquet chef chef Lin and Michelin star chef to carry out a special live broadcast of the loose egg challenge in dingdong.

On the other hand, yellow Swan continued to explore in-depth cooperation with channels, jointly released the first domestic white paper on edible eggs with tmall, and launched tmall meow fresh jointly customized L-class large egg products.

As the head brand of raw edible eggs, yellow Swan has constantly honed its own brand methodology by establishing standards, building product barriers, brand driven growth and building all channels, which has provided greater help for the rise of this category.


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