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The strongest lineup is fully exposed! 2021’s most important national tide Festival is coming!

look forward to the golden decade of Guochao new consumption!
The 2021 national tide new consumption conference of “the rise of national tide · the birth of all things” has entered the countdown!
In the torrent of new consumption, we put the “national tide” in the most prominent position.
National tide is not a fleeting business, but a career with strong vitality.
Behind the whirlwind of marketing, design and endless concepts, it can be called National tide only if it really integrates the trend of national tide industry. The Evergreen Foundation is a tide, and the breakthrough of innovation is also a tide. The key is who can stimulate the true trend through solid basic skills.
100 + National tide leaders
800 + trendsetters are ready to go
23 keynote speeches
9 round table dialogues
We look forward to it together
The golden decade of Guochao new consumption!

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join the community: Cherry (wechat: 15240428449). Fbic2022 foodaily daily food cooperates with the world’s top commercial and industrial partners to build foodaily   Fbic222 global food and beverage Innovation Conference & the first Food Expo “new food era – brand ecology” was held in Shanghai from May 30 to June 2, 2022. We invite you to witness it. (click the picture to see the detailed introduction).

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