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The “industrial thinking” of snail powder is the future of Chinese snacks

all good luck is just “accumulation”. Behind the overnight explosion of snail powder is its far-reaching “industrial thinking” in local snacks.

Long selling products have always been the world of heavy taste. The drinks are very sweet, the hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot is very spicy, and the strings are very fragrant… The ring of snail powder depends on the extremely smelly.
At the end of 2019, the epidemic suddenly broke out, and masks became the most rare commodity, but Liuzhou snail powder followed suit. The waiting period for some brands after payment was more than 40 days, “snail powder freedom” even became an Internet buzzword at that time.
In 2019, the annual sales volume of snail powder on Taobao platform reached 28.4 million pieces, with a sales volume of about 7 billion.
In 2020, the sales revenue of Liuzhou snail powder reached 10.5 billion yuan, and the network sales volume of bagged products reached an amazing 1.1 billion bags, 21 times higher than that five years ago.
During the “annual goods Festival” in 2021, the turnover of snail powder increased by 1500% year-on-year compared with that in 2020. In the field of flour, the search popularity of snail powder in 2020 was as high as 58.5%, much higher than that of other sub categories.
Three squirrels, baicaowei, liangpin shop, Wangwang and Haidilao all crowded into the snail powder track. Li Ziqi also launched a joint snail powder with the people’s daily. Even KFC, Zhou Heiya and Sinopec joined the snail powder production army one after another.
The snail powder market is not lively.
glory of snail powder “in front of the stage”
In the Internet age, no features are more fatal than no advantages.
In recent years, the news that eating snail powder stinks until neighbors call the police has been common. People who are not used to eating snail powder must wonder why someone can’t stop the taste of “boiling excrement”.
First, the smell itself is addictive. In fact, it’s not just snail powder. Stinky tofu, canned herring and durian contract many people’s taste buds. Why do people like to eat stinky? In fact, it’s very similar to the logic that people like to eat spicy. Some experts say that when people eat these stinky things but don’t die, the brain will secrete dopamine to compensate, so as to bring people a sense of pleasure, Even addictive.
In 2020, there were more than 20000 “smelly” and addictive snail powder manufacturers. At present, the track has gathered two powerful groups – the old brand of Liuzhou snail powder represented by haohuan snail, snail overlord and hee snail club, and other cross-border snail powder brands led by Li Ziqi and three squirrels. Guangxi is the most of these enterprises, and Liuzhou in Guangxi is the hometown of snail powder.
The second is the taste improvement in recent 50 years. “It’s useless to be Liuzhou people without snail powder”. It’s not difficult to conquer a person, and it’s not easy to conquer a city.
Snail powder originated in Liuzhou, Guangxi in the 1970s and 1980s. It was accidentally made by roadside vendors after mixing snail soup and rice flour, which was loved by people.
Snail powder was born in the right era. At that time, with the rapid economic development of Liuzhou, people with bulging wallets began to eat snail powder. Coupled with the rise of night markets, snail powder stores began to blossom everywhere. In the competition of different stores, the taste of snail powder was continuously optimized.
After learning from each other and learning from each other, the ingredients of snail powder became more and more rich, and stabilized the taste of “sour, spicy, fresh, cool and hot” in the mid-1980s, which won the hearts of local diners in Liuzhou. After 10 years of development, snail powder won the title of “the first original snack in Liuzhou”.
In the 1990s, although the taste of snail powder has precipitated into the unique taste memory of Liuzhou people, it has not developed by leaps and bounds.
After the financial crisis in 1997, a large number of laid-off workers began to open shops to sell snail powder. The number of snail powder shops increased sharply, but the taste became mixed. At that time, Guilin rice flour, Nanning old friend flour and all kinds of Guangdong pasta entered Liuzhou market, and snail powder did not have the momentum of that year. After more than ten years of adjustment, snail powder gradually recovered its stable taste.
In 2012, China on the tip of the tongue, the most watched documentary in Chinese history, was broadcast. In the first episode of the first season, the snail powder and sour bamboo shoots in Liuzhou aroused the homesickness of Liuzhou people and opened its popularity in the country.
Finally, there is a good time. The controversial snail powder is suitable for “single dogs” to eat alone, and is more suitable for eating, broadcasting and making topics. It is a well deserved net red physique. It is healthier and more novel than instant noodles. It eclipses instant noodles as soon as it appears.
In 2016, with the outbreak of the Internet economy, snail powder began to penetrate all parts of the country along the logistics system extending in all directions. The nationalization of snail powder has been completed since then.
behind the rise of snail powder: accidental or inevitable?
There are thousands of famous local snacks. Why can Liuzhou snail powder successfully get out of the circle?
In 1997, the snail powder market began to be mixed with good and bad people, and the taste was restored 10 years later; in 2012, Liuzhou snail powder was selected in China on the tip of the tongue; in 2016, snail powder became popular on the Internet. Why can snail powder hold these key nodes steadily and become gorgeous?
Catfish effect. In 1997, the financial crisis, floods and the wave of layoffs of 100000 people dealt a heavy blow to Liuzhou’s commerce. Old snail powder stores or rapids retreated or went bankrupt, and the secret recipe and formula of snail powder disappeared. Although the entrepreneurial army of laid-off workers revived the snail powder business, the quality level was uneven.
Foreign food began to run rampant in Liuzhou, and the owners of snail powder stores couldn’t sit still. They began to learn modern catering management, stabilize the taste of snail powder, control the cost of raw materials, increase the diversity of side dishes and improve the store environment. Under the catfish effect, snail powder has regained its vitality.
The truth behind China on the tip of the tongue. The fame of snail lion powder is by no means a pie from the sky. In 2008, the craft of Liuzhou snail powder was selected into the intangible cultural heritage list of the autonomous region. In 2009, Liuzhou government launched the activity of Liuzhou snail powder in Beijing, which was exposed by news network.
In addition, the Liuzhou municipal government also encouraged businesses to open stores in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Although the operating costs remained high due to the air transportation of food materials, these pioneers played a prelude to the broken circle of snail powder. These are the preliminaries for snail powder to enter the obscurity of the tip of the tongue.
All good luck in the world is “accumulation and thin hair”. The prelude for snail powder to embark on the road of “net red” is the transformation of packaging. After being selected into the intangible cultural heritage list of the autonomous region in 2008, the government, industry and media began to jointly promote the industrialization and standardization of snail powder.
As a city with automobile, steel and machinery manufacturing as its advantageous industries for a long time, “industrial thinking” has given Liuzhou snail powder wings. In 2014, the first prepackaged snail powder enterprise in Liuzhou was registered. With the introduction of rice flour production technology, physical sterilization, vacuum packaging and other food production technologies, snail powder in the streets was put into bags, making it possible to sell it on the Internet.
Compared with other local snacks, snail powder is rich in raw materials, including more than a dozen kinds of sour bamboo shoots, agaric, bean beans, bean curd, vinegar, red oil, rice flour, etc., and the merchant reserve, supply chain foundation and industrialization degree are higher. Under the fresh-keeping technology, the shelf life of high soup is prolonged, which is conducive to the storage and transportation of goods, making it stand out.
Industrial cluster is the king way of the rise of net red. Behind the snail powder is a huge industrial chain: there are breeding and processing industries such as bamboo shoots, beans, snails and bean curd in the upstream, prepackaged snail powder manufacturing in the midstream, and sales channels such as supermarkets, convenience stores and e-commerce platforms in the downstream.
To ensure the smooth production and circulation of online red products, efforts need to be made from the most upstream of the industrial chain. Liuzhou has established 12 demonstration bases for breeding important raw materials of snail powder, such as rice, bamboo shoots, beans, fungus and snails, with a scale of more than 500000 mu. The planting of raw materials has helped a large number of farmers get rid of poverty and become rich. There are also many opportunities in the processing of sour bamboo shoots, sour beans and bean curd. The annual salary of “smeller” in the production process of sour bamboo shoots even exceeds one million.
From the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2016, Liuzhou snail powder industrial park was completed, which facilitated the integration of the industrial chain and achieved the first “China Taobao village” in Guangxi. Snail powder product inspection, R & D, exhibition, e-commerce, express logistics and other public service platforms are gathered. The government provides enterprises with a series of subsidies and support from delivery room, patent, talent to sales, training and planting.
Since 2017, the outbound volume of Liuzhou snail powder Express has exceeded 20 million pieces every year, accounting for more than 80% of the total express volume, and the outbound volume of express has increased by 8 times. China has published 378 patents related to snail powder.
At present, the super brand of snail powder has not been born. Under the situation of serious industrial homogenization competition, government subsidies and policy dividends have become the “life-saving straw” of many enterprises to help enterprises through the transition period from rough development to high-quality development.
Avoid the fate of Wenzhou shoes. The entry threshold of snail powder production is very low, and vicious competition is almost inevitable, but it will inevitably have a negative impact on the category of snail powder. Once Wenzhou shoes became notorious. In 1987, the mayor of Wenzhou set these inferior “one-day shoes” on fire. Since then, a large number of shoe enterprises have closed down, resulting in painful social costs.
Many local business cards have fallen due to vicious competition. This is the sword of Damocles hanging over the head of snail powder. In order to prevent accidents, the local food safety standards of Liuzhou snail powder have been continuously refined. 172 sub categories, 173 products and 2303 detection parameters of the whole industrial chain have been tested through the officially established quality inspection center, with a coverage rate of 90%, so as to protect the “smelly authenticity” of Liuzhou snail powder, the city’s business card.
a bowl of powder props up a city? A city holds up a bowl of powder?
A small bowl of snail powder has 11000 enterprises in Guangxi and created more than 300000 jobs in Liuzhou alone, driving 28000 people out of poverty.
In April 2021, President Xi visited Liuzhou snail powder production cluster. The high praise of “small rice flour and big industry” became the highlight moment of snail powder.
In May 2020, the first “snail powder industry college” in China was inaugurated in Liuzhou, which is specially used to cultivate compound applied talents in snail powder industry technology. In June, snail powder entered the national intangible cultural heritage list, and snail powder is proud.
“We always say that pigs can fly when standing at the air outlet. I don’t know whether pigs fly or not, but our Liuzhou snail powder industry has taken off all the way under the economic spring breeze of the Internet in recent years.” Hou Gang, vice mayor of Liuzhou City, said.
Snail powder takes off. Prepackaged snail powder is indispensable. In 2020, among the main sub category stores of the national flour sample, snail powder accounted for only 2.3%, which is far from the offline influence of Shaxian snacks and Lanzhou ramen. The prepackaged snail powder has opened another world, dominating the Internet and flying into thousands of households.
In order to make up for the shortcomings offline, Liuzhou snail powder Association began to explore the development path similar to China’s Shaxian snacks and Lanzhou ramen, and plans to “achieve the goal of 50000 by 2022”. However, the “flavored” snail powder can be like a fish in water online, and the prospect offline remains to be seen.
Whatever the result, it has explored a new way for China’s snack industry.
It is not difficult to see from the fact that snail powder is superior to others in the snack industry. In fact, the essence of business has not changed, ranging from the supply of all kinds of high, fine and sharp products to the counter attack of a bag of rice noodles, and the structural reform on the supply side in all walks of life and all fields.
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