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The shareholders of Mead Johnson R & D center company changed. Wen’s shares lost more than 9 billion yuan in the first three quarters. Analysts commented on Nestle’s adjustment structure, Softbank led the investment in vegetarian restaurants, and doctor clove talked about sugar free carbonated drinks

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Change of shareholders of Mead Johnson R & D Center

According to industrial and commercial data, on October 14, the legal shareholder of Mead Johnson nutrition Holdings (Singapore) Pte.Ltd was changed from Mead Johnson nutrition Holdings (Singapore) Pte.Ltd to azotic investments holding limited. The company’s business scope includes food science and technology research services; Technology import and export; Nutrition and health advisory services; Scientific and technological information consulting services, etc. (snack generation)

Manner Coffee母公司投资科技企业

According to industrial and commercial data, on October 8, Shanghai Yinhe Industrial Co., Ltd., the parent company of manner coffee, newly invested in Suzhou youlie Technology Co., Ltd., whose business scope includes mechanical equipment research and development; Sales of mechanical equipment; Sales of electric heating food processing equipment, etc. (snack generation)

Naixue’s tea opens first bookstore in Beijing

On October 15, Naixue’s tea Tsinghua South Gate Pro store opened in Beijing, which is the first bookstore (not a “flash store”) opened by Naixue’s tea in Beijing. According to the person in charge of Naixue’s tea, the sense of space has always been an important symbol of the company. Naixue’s tea bookstore is also an innovative interpretation of “reading space” by the new tea industry. “Naixue’s tea wants to provide consumers with a leisurely space of” tea + reading “. (China Youth Daily)

Haidilao’s half order rate exceeds 70%

The 41st World Food Day is coming, and food enterprises have successively announced the results of food conservation initiatives. On October 15, the Beijing News reporter learned that the half order rate of Haidilao stores exceeded 70%, and that of individual stores reached 90%. Industry insiders believe that the setting of small dishes and half dishes can reduce the loss and waste of food materials to a certain extent. (shell Finance)

Starbucks and Yunnan coffee beans

On October 13, Starbucks’ two latest works in cooperation with Yunnan coffee farmers – Starbucks Zhenxuan “Tianzuo Zhihe” comprehensive coffee beans and sun dried coffee beans of Yunnan Hongfeng farm in China have been listed in Starbucks Zhenxuan Shanghai baking workshop and Starbucks national Zhenxuan stores, which is also the fifth consecutive year that Starbucks China has launched Zhenxuan Yunnan coffee beans. (Phoenix)

Wen’s shares lost 9.25 billion to 9.75 billion yuan in advance in the first three quarters

After trading on October 15, another listed pig enterprise expected a “blood loss” of nearly 10 billion in the first three quarters. According to the performance forecast for the first three quarters of 2021, Wen’s shares are expected to have a loss of 9.25 billion ~ 9.75 billion yuan in the first three quarters, including a loss of 6.75 billion ~ 7.25 billion yuan in the third quarter and a profit of 4.088 billion yuan in the same period of last year.   As of October 15, at least 8 listed pig enterprises had disclosed the performance forecast for the third quarter. Among them, many pig enterprises expect a net profit loss of more than 5 billion in the first three quarters. (First Finance)

Nestle officially launched vertuo Fuxuan Series in China

On October 13, the launching ceremony of Nespresso centrifugal coffee station was held. The new vertuo Fuxuan series contains 30 mixed flavors and single origin coffee, with 4 cup sizes. Lin Shangming, general manager of Nespresso espresso Greater China, said that vertuo Fuxuan series enables everyone to enjoy a larger cup of coffee without leaving home. (China News Network)

Analysts focus on Nestle’s structural adjustment

Recently, Nestle CEO Schneider announced an organizational restructuring, involving some senior veterans, including Chris Johnson, who has worked in Nestle for 38 years. In addition, Laurent freixe will also change from leading important North American business to leading South American business. Jean Philippe bertschy, a well-known analyst who pays attention to Nestle, believes that the intention of the scheme is not to give up the old manager, but to reward the successor with excellent performance. But bertschy also pointed out that one deficiency of this adjustment is the number of female leaders. At present, there are only 2 women among the 14 members of Nestle’s executive board. (luzernerzeitung)

Nestle adjusts the business direction of drinking water in Switzerland

Recently, Nestle announced that its Swiss drinking water business will focus on henniez brand in the future, and cristalp, another local drinking water brand, is expected to stop production in February 2022. (nau)

Coca Cola seeks to value African bottling companies at 7 billion euros

Yesterday, Bloomberg quoted “people familiar with the matter” as saying that the company was seeking a valuation of 7 billion euros for Coca Cola beverage Africa, a bottling company with an IPO next year. Coca Cola is about to hire an investment bank to promote its listing. At present, Coca Cola’s shareholding in this bottling company is 66.5%. (Reuters)

Neat burger, a leading vegetarian restaurant company of Softbank

Recently, neat burger, a vegetarian restaurant company supported by racing driver Lewis Hamilton, has completed a new round of financing led by Rajeev Misra of Softbank, which valued the company at US $70 million. The financing will help it promote its plan to double its scale. This vegetarian based fast food chain started in 2019 and plans to grow from 5 restaurants in London to 19 hall restaurants and 16 takeout kitchens by the end of 2022, and launch pea protein hamburgers in several major supermarkets in the UK. (Financial Times)

Stonefield organic announced to take over some organic milk sources in the United States

American dairy brand stonefield organic has agreed to buy raw milk from some organic dairy producers in Vermont. Previously, Danone’s horizon organic carried out business adjustment, and these manufacturers were abandoned.

Mars promises new climate action

According to Marx’s WeChat China official account, Marshall announced in October 5th that it promised to achieve zero net emissions of greenhouse gases in the value chain in 2050. Its biggest brand, Royal pet food, is committed to achieve carbon neutral certification by 2025. (issued by the company)

Wal Mart is trying to build a financial technology start-up. Wal Mart is building a new weapon in its confrontation with Amazon: a financial technology start-up. Wal Mart is helping to start a new company, which is headed by two former Goldman Sachs executives to provide financial services to many Wal Mart customers and employees. The new company is its joint venture with ribbon capital. According to people familiar with the matter, the options under consideration include the establishment of a user base around mobile payment and the possible acquisition of a start-up company that provides consumer bank accounts through mobile applications, the so-called digital bank. (Wall Street Journal)

Quick reading of food industry information


The supply chain crisis intensified, and several food giants raised prices to deal with inflationary pressure

Recently, executives of global food giant Kraft Heinz said that they are raising commodity prices in necessary regions around the world and reminding consumers to get used to higher food prices. Before Kraft Heinz, several well-known multinational food enterprises had announced price increases. Nestle, Unilever, Coca Cola and Pepsi have announced plans to increase commodity prices. At present, the cost pressure faced by food enterprises is not only from the rise of food prices, but also from the supply chain crisis. (Economic Daily)

Frequent claims infringe on the rights and interests of users. 96 apps such as Xicha go and donkey mother tourism were taken off the shelves
by the Ministry of industry and information technology

On October 15, the Ministry of industry and information technology reported that on the eve of national day, the Ministry of industry and information technology focused on detecting holiday travel and livelihood service apps, and publicly notified those who failed to complete the rectification as required. Up to now, 96 apps have not been rectified according to the time limit. Donkey mother travel, happy tea go, 58 month sister-in-law client, VANCL, green and other apps are on the list because of forced, frequent, excessive access and illegal mobile phone personal information. According to the network security law and other legal requirements, the Ministry of industry and information technology organized the removal of the above 96 apps from the shelves, and required the relevant app stores to immediately organize the removal of the application software in the list after the release of this circular. (CNR network)

Dr. clove apologized

On the evening of October 15, doctor clove, a health science popularization platform of dingxiangyuan, apologized for the controversy over the content of the health calendar that “drinking sugar free carbonated drinks will not damage teeth”: the greatest harm of drinks to teeth comes from sugar, but it does not mean that there is no problem without sugar. Sugar free carbonated drinks will also cause the decrease of oral pH value, which may lead to tooth demineralization. They should also be drunk in an appropriate amount scientifically. Using a straw is a good way. (Daily Economic News)

Kwai electric business to reduce this year’s GMV target to 650 billion yuan

Recently, Kwai Chung electric supplier set the GMV target of 650 billion yuan this year. The target amount includes transactions in Kwai Po stores and jump to external platforms. It includes orders actually completed, as well as orders that have not been paid, shipped and refunded. It is reported that according to the fast earnings report, the first half of the year Kwai Kwai GMV electricity supplier is 264 billion yuan, has completed 41% of the total target. (latepost later)

Guangdong cross border e-commerce comprehensive test zone will cover the whole province

On October 14, the opening ceremony of the Pearl River International Trade Forum revealed that a number of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones will be added by the end of this year to achieve provincial coverage in Guangdong and other places. Guangdong is the leader of cross-border e-commerce. From 2016 to 2020, the import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce in Guangdong increased from 22.796 billion yuan to 172.646 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 65.9%, ranking first in China for seven consecutive years. Xu Xianchun, vice president of China National Accounts Research Association, suggested that we should speed up the construction and development of overseas warehouses, introduce cross-border e-commerce industry security standards, and actively exchange cross-border data security supervision schemes with major trading countries. (South +)

The United States plans to legislate against self preferential treatment of technology companies

The US Congress is legislating to prohibit Internet companies from giving priority to their own products on their own platforms. The Act prohibits a series of behaviors that are unfavorable to enterprises and consumers, such as unfairly preventing interoperability between enterprises or between enterprises and platforms, abusing enterprise data competition, manipulating search results to favor themselves, etc. The bill will be submitted next week and will be matched with a measure passed by the Judiciary Committee of the house of Representatives. It will not become law until it is finally passed by both houses of Congress. (21 finance and Economics)


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