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Vitasoy’s Dongguan smart factory is unveiled, with a total planned annual production capacity of nearly 100 million TEUs!

On the opening day of the 130th Canton Fair recently, Vitasoy Dongguan factory with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan officially unveiled for the first time. Former Gao Qiang, vice president of China Association of foreign invested enterprises, Chen Jiang, Deputy Secretary General of Guangdong Association of foreign invested enterprises, and leaders of government departments at all levels in Dongguan and Changping Town visited the factory.

Lu Botao, chief executive of Vitasoy International Group, said that the factory is a highly automated, intelligent and intensive world-class manufacturing factory from raw materials to finished products, which is of great significance to promote the overall development of Vitasoy’s business in mainland China.

In addition, the completion and operation of Vitasoy Dongguan factory also indicates that “intelligent manufacturing” will add new momentum to the development of food and beverage industry and accelerate the development of high-end, standardized and intelligent industry.

“Our goal is to pursue zero accident, zero defect and zero loss and become a world-class manufacturing enterprise. These intelligent manufacturing equipment can significantly improve labor productivity, improve data analysis ability and ensure product quality.” Lu Botao also pointed out that Dongguan factory is not only the operation center with the largest production scale and the highest investment of Vitasoy, but also Vitasoy is rooted in the motherland, One of the important strategic layout of continuous investment is another milestone in the development history of Vitasoy.

According to the company’s introduction, Vitasoy Dongguan factory is designed and constructed according to the gold standard of green building (LEED), and the comprehensive application of automation technology can realize the functions of automatic bean unloading and automatic sugar unloading, as well as automatic cruise car AGV, automatic three-dimensional raw material warehouse, automatic vertical finished product warehouse, raw material suspension and transportation system and central control system, “The production, storage and throughput capacity per unit area of the factory have reached the leading level in the same industry”.

It is understood that the original Gao Qiang’s COVID-19 factory has experienced COVID-19’s test, and is deeply impressed by the progress of the project completed and commissioned in 20 months. At the same time, the total annual production capacity of the plant is nearly one hundred million TEUs, and it is expected to meet the demand for capacity growth in at least three years.

Statistics show that with the development in the past few years, mainland China has long become the most important market for Vitasoy group. After the completion and operation of Vitasoy Dongguan factory, it has actively linked with Vitasoy production bases in Shenzhen, Foshan, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places to accelerate the pace of comprehensive strategic layout in Mainland China and provide a solid basis for the sustainable development of Vitasoy in mainland China Real capacity guarantee.

Lu Botao said that in the future, Vitasoy will continue to bear social responsibilities and contribute to the sustainable economic development of mainland China and the prosperity and stability of the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

At the recent theme forum of 2021 Guangdong 21st century Maritime Silk Road International Expo, Luo Youli, chairman of Vitasoy group, also said that Vitasoy is a brand founded under deep national feelings and has always been optimistic about the mainland market in China. In the past few decades, Vitasoy has promoted a number of long-term investment projects and worked intensively. No matter how the external environment changes, Vitasoy is rooted in the motherland and continues to grow The investment plan and confidence have never changed.

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