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Nestle Elsevier’s new products lock in the “Changgao” market segment and want to accelerate breakthrough through localized innovation

Following the previous brand upgrade in the Chinese market, Nestle’s student milk powder brand began to focus on the market segment. Recently, Nestle ® Elspeth ® Announced the launch of Nestle, which is specially “tailored” for students’ growth and development ® Elspeth ® Liyue milk powder hopes to cut into the “Changgao” segment nutrition market with a market scale of 100 million yuan.

According to the report on height development and growth of students aged 6-15 (hereinafter referred to as the report) recently released by Nestle and clove doctor, how to help young students of this age reach their ideal height has become a matter of great concern to parents. Bai Keli, general manager of Nestle R & D China, pointed out that nestle ® Elspeth ® Liyue hopes to provide professional nutritional solutions for promoting children’s growth and development through customized formulas.

Ji Anlong, senior vice president of Nestle Greater China, said that student milk powder is also Nestle’s strategic business in China. In the future, it will continue to strengthen localization and innovation and expand more professional nutrition solutions for young students.

Ji Anlong, senior vice president of Nestle Greater China

“Long high” demand brings 100 million yuan market

According to the information disclosed by the Ministry of education in early September, the Eighth National Survey on students’ physique and health shows that since 2014, the excellent and good rate of students’ physique and health has generally shown an upward trend. Taking the age groups of 10-12 and 13-15 as examples, compared with 2014, the height of boys in 2019 increased by 1.26cm and 1.69cm respectively; The height of girls increased by 1.24cm and 0.97cm respectively.

However, according to the above report, 59% of the surveyed parents still believe that their children’s current height does not meet their expectations. The report also reflects that most of the surveyed parents have misunderstandings in their cognition and behavior about the height development of teenagers.

Specifically, 54% of the parents surveyed did not know how to scientifically judge their children’s height and development; 77% of parents did not know the exact time of “long golden period”; 79% of parents did not fully understand the nutritional components affecting height growth; More 95% of parents have incomplete cognition of the specific factors affecting height growth.

In this regard, doctor clove pointed out that parents should grasp the golden period of teenagers’ growth and development and help their children grow taller scientifically by supplementing key nutrients to promote height development. “For example, vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium, which is the main component of bones and teeth, and maintain bone mineral density [2]. Whey protein is absorbed faster than casein [4].” said Jinxing, the contracted author of doctor clove and a member of China Nutrition Society.

Dr. clove, signed author, member of China Nutrition Society, Jinxing

The above report also brings new market insight to Nestle as a manufacturer.

“We see that children’s height is a hot topic of concern to Chinese parents, and how to scientifically help children grow tall is also a matter of great concern to Chinese parents. We jointly launched the report on height development of students aged 6-15 years with Dr. clove, hoping to help parents correctly understand the various factors affecting children’s height development and grasp the golden period of growth and development.” At the same time, ji’anlong predicts that the “Changgao” subdivided nutrition market will reach a market scale of 100 million yuan.

Overweight student milk powder layout

Although the volume of student milk powder for school-age children and adolescents is still unmatched compared with the 100 billion infant formula market, the latter is a new category and growth point that many milk powder enterprises are constantly making efforts to layout at this stage, and Nestle is one of the brands that first laid out and continued to cultivate the student milk powder market.

Bai Keli also pointed out that children in different regions and countries have different growth and development conditions and different nutritional needs due to different climate, eating habits and lifestyles. He said Nestle ® Elspeth ® According to the nutritional needs of students aged 6-15, Liyue milk powder adds whey protein powder and oligofructose to the formula, and is rich in calcium, vitamin D, iron and other elements. It is an innovative and customized nutritional formula product of Nestle for the “growth and development” needs of young people.

Bai Keli, general manager of Nestle R & D China

“We have an insight that Chinese parents pay special attention to and attach importance to their children’s height development. At the same time, we have published the outline of the” healthy China 2030 “plan and the national nutrition plan (2017-2030) And other documents clearly put forward that “focus on strengthening the construction of health schools and carrying out actions to improve students’ nutrition”. These factors will help promote height development milk powder to become one of the most potential sub categories of student milk powder. “Ji’anlong believes that in recent years, China’s student milk powder Market has continued to grow rapidly and the brand concentration has become higher and higher, The subdivided categories will become a new driving force to promote the rapid growth of the student milk powder market.

It is understood that in the next step, Nestle Elsevier also plans to launch more knowledge popularization activities to help parents improve their awareness of their children’s height development.

Localized innovation helps break through

In fact, the “three child policy” has improved the current situation of stock competition to a certain extent. In the long run, it means the expansion of infant and child consumption market and brings some new possibilities to the milk powder industry. Many milk powder enterprises at home and abroad are studying how to get out of the acceleration.

In this regard, ji’anlong said to xiaoshidai: “In the face of the constantly developing and changing local mother and infant market, Nestle’s sharp weapon to break through is still to adhere to localized innovation and R & D. Nestle notes that China’s new generation of young parents have higher requirements for the quality of children’s nutritional products, and the demand for nutritional segmentation and functionality of milk powder has increased. Student milk powder and infant milk powder are Nestle’s strategic business, market and policy Good is a great opportunity for us. How to accurately grasp consumer demand and seize market growth is also a challenge that Nestle and the whole industry will face. “

Nestle ® Elspeth ® Taking Liyue milk powder as an example, this new product not only combines Nestle’s insight into the unique needs of China’s student milk powder market, but also takes into account the drinking convenience of students in the packaging. It adopts portable long strip independent packaging, one bag and one cup, which is very convenient for daily consumption.

Xiaoshidai learned that in order to support Nestle’s global innovation and R & D capability, the company started the global R & D accelerator network project in 2019 and has built 12 sites in 8 countries. Among them, Nestle’s R & D accelerator in China has been officially launched in 2020. The project will continue to support Nestle’s more localized innovation achievements in the Chinese market.

Gianlong also revealed that in the future, Nestle will continue to develop more targeted professional nutrition solutions around student milk powder, student nutrition and other categories, combined with the needs of the localized market.


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