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Occupy the leading position in the medium and high-end market, how can yellow Swan pry the 300 billion market with a raw edible egg?

conquered consumers in just two years and ranked first in category sales. Yellow Swan carefully made every egg with new.

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As the demands of the new generation of consumer groups gradually diversify and the consumption scene continues to expand, the packaged food market pays close attention to product iteration, subdivide the track and create concepts, so as to play innovation in full swing. A series of cutting-edge brands have sprung up, injecting vitality into the industry. In contrast, the traditional agricultural and sideline products market is particularly heavy due to the lack of innovation awareness and conservative marketing strategy Lonely.
In recent years, a new force in the seemingly traditional and ordinary egg industry has sprung up rapidly, breaking the calm, injecting fresh vitality into the industry and bringing “new ideas” to consumers The Yellow swan, born just three years ago, has quickly become the leader in the domestic edible raw egg industry. With high-quality products, keen market insight and unique business model, it has quickly emerged from the circle. According to the Kaidu consumer index, the penetration rate of the Yellow Swan among the users of the edible egg category is as high as 77.6%; seven out of every 10 Chinese families who buy Edible eggs choose the Yellow swan. It is reported that In August, the latest sales data showed that yellow Swan has become the first brand in the whole egg category of tmall, and JD yellow Swan self operated store has also achieved the first store sales in the egg category.
Build the common daily ingredients into a new consumer brand. How does the Yellow Swan play with an egg? Can the innovative marketing method of consumption work on eggs? What transformation opportunities will the egg industry usher in under the tide of consumption upgrading?
Little egg Revolution:
Break the inherent consumption scenario and redefine the egg
As the largest producer and consumer of eggs in the world, China’s market scale is as high as 300 billion. However, under the huge demand, there is a current situation of “fuzzy category boundaries, lack of standards and specifications, low brand awareness and serious product homogenization”. The vast majority of eggs are sold in bulk, and the branding rate is less than 5%. The industry is deeply involved in price disputes and lacks innovative advantages as a whole.
On the other hand, with the improvement of residents’ living standards and food safety awareness, consumers’ demand for egg quality is gradually rising. The new generation of main consumers have more fresh preferences for egg consumption scenes. Compared with traditional fried eggs and scrambled eggs, they are more keen on new semi cooked egg dishes such as loose eggs, water wave eggs and Benedict eggs, so they are more interested in egg quality It also puts forward more stringent requirements.
In this social context, consumers began to pay attention to high-quality eggs. According to the white paper on edible eggs, nearly 80% of egg consumers bought medium and high-end eggs of 1.5 yuan / piece or more in the last year, and egg consumption showed an upward trend.
Feng bin, founder of the Yellow Swan with nearly 20 years of working experience in the egg industry, keenly captured the huge gap between the current situation of the egg market and the high-quality demand of consumers, led the team to benchmark the world’s top egg quality standards, focused on the segments of the track with the edible egg category, and broke the 300 billion egg market.
Yellow Swan focuses on precise people such as exquisite Baoma and gourmet experts, deeply excavates brand characteristics, breaks the stereotype that raw eggs are only used for raw eating, redefines raw eggs, that is, the whole process quality control system representing high standards and high technology content; proposes that raw eggs are safer (excluding Salmonella) and better to eat (no egg smell, and white water tastes delicious as soon as it is boiled) Three differentiated customer values of better nutrition (strengthening the content of vitamin D, vitamin E and zinc, containing natural carotenoids).
Differentiated customer value of yellow swan eggs. Photo source: Yellow Swan
The product differentiation method of yellow Swan seems to be at the edge of the sword. Behind it is its underlying logic of insight into market dynamics and deep understanding of consumers’ pain points. It ignites the purchase desire of quality people by equating edible eggs with high-quality eggs. Jingdong fresh data show that edible eggs have accounted for nearly 50% of the medium and high-end egg market of more than 1.5 yuan / piece on Jingdong platform, and the category sales According to the 2021 white paper on raw eggs in China, the share of raw eggs in tmall has increased year by year in recent years, accounting for nearly half of medium and high-end eggs in 2020, gradually becoming the mainstream choice for high-quality egg consumption.
Ingenuity oriented:
Impress consumers with a good egg
Although the birth of yellow swan is short, its team is a group of experienced veterans who have worked deeply in the egg industry for many years. Feng bin, founder of yellow swan, has been rolling and climbing in the egg industry for 20 years, and his belief in “making a high-quality egg” has never wavered.
However, in the past few years, Feng bin has been unable to find the definition standard of high-quality eggs. Until a chance encounter with “Japanese raw edible eggs” in Japan, the ideal egg finally became concrete. “The raw edible standard is the standard that defines a high-quality egg”. In order to enable Chinese consumers to taste real high-quality eggs, Feng bin went to Japan many times to explore the technology and process of raw edible eggs, and invited Dr. Kato Hongguang, the “father of Japanese raw edible eggs”, as the chief scientist of the brand, to lead the establishment of China’s first “raw edible egg Research Institute” to “Japan’s 38 year raw edible egg standard technology” Introduce domestic.
Behind Japan’s raw edible eggs is a whole process quality management system with high technical content. Taking this as the blueprint, Huang swan, together with Dr. Kato Hongguang, took one year to preliminarily complete the whole link of the production chain quality control system, strictly control from eight links such as seed source safety, biosafety, pest control, environmental health, intestinal health, quality monitoring and GP center management, and successfully implement China’s first raw edible fresh egg enterprise standard.
The standard is much higher than the national general food safety standard for eggs and egg products (gb2749), in which 6 indexes such as Salmonella, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus not required in the national standard are added, and 3 veterinary drug residue indexes are also twice higher than the national standard.
The standard of raw eggs for yellow swan is much higher than the national standard. Source: Yellow Swan
In order to meet or even surpass the quality standard of raw edible eggs in Japan, yellow Swan took three years and spent 800 million yuan to build its own breeding chicken base according to the European ancestral risk control standard for the first time, establish four self owned breeding bases with a scale of more than 5.5 million feathers in China, and build three egg grading processing centers in East China, South China and North China The whole industry chain system of raw edible eggs from breeding to sales.
Yellow Swan production line. Source: Yellow Swan
While continuously improving its core technology, upgrading the industrial chain and standardizing the quality of eggs, yellow swan is also trying to continuously promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. It is reported that on October 12 this year, yellow swan, together with China Association for the promotion of international agricultural cooperation, Sichuan University, Jingdong, HEMA, etc., jointly formulated and released the group standard for edible eggs. This standard is the first group standard for edible eggs jointly formulated by industry, universities, researchers and businessmen in China. The release of the standard fills the gap in relevant fields in China, Boost the sound development of industry ecology.
Group standard press conference of edible eggs raw. Source: Yellow Swan
Eggs can also hi:
Multi channel + global marketing detonates 100 billion market
Whether an excellent product can become a popular product also depends on what kind of marketing means it is accurately delivered to target users, so that more people can understand, accept and try. In the process of building yellow Swan brand, its non-traditional marketing strategy is the strongest buff to help products out of the circle.
According to the channel layout, yellow Swan settled in offline boutique supermarkets such as OLE, large supermarkets such as Wal Mart and Carrefour and community fresh food channels to distribute sales on a large scale, increase consumers’ familiarity with the brand and improve purchase convenience. At the same time, Huangtian comprehensively carried out consumer tasting, interactive experience and other activities offline to establish brand awareness and convey category value.
Display image of yellow Swan offline stores. Source: Yellow Swan
Concerned about the changing domestic consumption channel environment and consumers’ choice of shopping channels, Huang Swan settled in Jingdong, tmall, HEMA, dingdong and other online platforms at the beginning of its establishment. It not only carried out daily marketing activities with channels to obtain platform traffic, but also conducted in-depth integrated marketing through more innovative joint channels. Both sides were empowered to carry out education on edible eggs, Make efforts to use the Internet to complete the strong combination of brand building and channel sales. In and, yellow Swan quickly became the first in the sales of double 11 and 618 categories.
In terms of brand marketing strategy, yellow Swan pays great attention to the content marketing bonus. On the xiaohongshu platform, yellow Swan focuses on the food scene, carries out the education of edible eggs, plants flowers, and circles a large wave of delicious Koc and KOL, which won the recommendation of 10000 + food experts’ notes and the award of “blogger’s choice” of xiaohongshu’s future brand in 2021, Become the most favored brand by xiaohongshu food bloggers.
Yellow Swan won the annual award of “blogger’s choice”. Source: Yellow Swan
The delicacy egg challenge competition was launched in 2020 consecutive years from 2021 to 2021. Through tiktok, KOL and other consumers, all kinds of interactive activities were carried out on the platform of Xiaohong, jolt, micro-blog and the kitchen. In 2021, the Yellow Swan took advantage of the momentum of becoming the choice of Michelin star chef to start the “Michelin loose egg challenge”, quickly set off the upsurge of loose egg on the whole network, created a remarkable record of microblog Topic Reading exceeding 150 million, and helped the Yellow Swan occupy the first choice of the loose egg scene.
Michelin egg challenge    Source: Yellow Swan
The success of a brand is never achieved overnight, which requires multi-dimensional coordination. The popularity of yellow swan, high quality is only the most basic element of success. Insight into the needs of consumers in the new era, find out the scene of product differentiation, and then cooperate with powerful marketing methods to achieve today’s yellow swan.
At present, edible raw eggs are still a relatively new concept in the domestic market. With the successful exit of the Yellow Swan brand, consumers’ cognition of it has been accelerated, making edible raw eggs more and more popular. With the continuous improvement of the economic level of the new generation of consumers and the increasing concern for health, the share of high-quality eggs in China will be further expanded in the future, and the stage of raw eggs will be more extensive.
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