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Wahaha pushed the sugar free version of very cola, and tea Yan Yuese released the Hunan specialty brand “new Fran”… | hot news in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Wahaha pushed the sugar free version of very cola, creating “Chinese people’s own Cola” with the taste of the four major countries
2. Wangwang pushes vitality bubble ingot tablet candy to easily unlock diversified punk health needs
3. New sugar free walnut milk on six walnuts, light formula, healthier
4. Pastoral launched yogurt series full wheat bread, full of three flavors
5. Layout breakfast scene, new plant meat bag on Sunday X light house
6. Deep cultivation of women’s health track, functional food brand minayo launched red ginseng honey tablets
7. Xi Xiaocha x Pepe promotes new weeping milk green, and mustard taste brings new challenges
8. Shicui x Modern Sky releases a berry flavor coffee gift box to create a trinity of fun, drink and play
9. DTC nutrition brand lemonbox has completed a round of financing of nearly US $10 million and is making ecological efforts in the whole region
10. Dairy brand Ö armilk Wudao milk has completed Angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan, and new enjoy series products will be sold at the end of October
11. The manufacturing of alcohol and beverage brand carbon, hydrogen and oxygen has won an angel round of financing of RMB 10 million. Now, the first dairy wine tasting sub brand Muke MiOk has been incubated
12. The new Guochao pre mixed wine brand wat cocktail completed round a financing, which was jointly invested by Bai capital, Xi tea and tomato capital
13. Sense hunt, a cutting-edge fruit wine brand, has successively completed tens of millions of yuan of angel round and pre-A round of financing
14. The brand of low-temperature meat products has completed the pre-A round of financing of RMB 10 million, and the leading investor is xiaohongshu
15. The cutting-edge meat brand dares to complete the ten million yuan Angel round financing, aiming at the consumption upgrading in the field of traditional meat products
16. Xijie Fried String, a brand of Fried String snacks, won a round a financing of RMB 295 million to provide delicious and healthy leisure snacks for young consumers
17. Chayan Yuese launched the new Fran specialty plan, focusing on a new generation of local snacks in Hunan
18. ADM has established a joint venture with azure biology, with each party holding 50% to meet China’s growing demand for probiotics
19. Yuanqi forest added cosmetics and pet food sales business and expanded its brand business territory

On October 29, Wahaha released the sugar free series of very cola, creating four great country flavors: sugar free ginseng flavor nourishes vitality, Sugar Free Glycerin refreshes and degreases oil, helping the body reduce the burden; sugar free plum flavor is appetizing and refreshing; the original flavor remains the same color, and a variety of moments of joy are shared. In terms of packaging, the national style illustration is matched with bright red font, the national fashion is full, and the new tmall flagship store is preferential Price: 500ml * 4 bottles / 8.8 yuan.
Source: Wahaha


On October 28, at the flagship store of Wangwang tmall, xinyuanqi bubble ingot was made into tablet candy with four flavors of low sugar to meet different health needs: wild cherry flavor light color bubble ingot was added with red pomegranate juice and red grape concentrated powder, and the Proanthocyanidins in it could remove free radicals, resist oxidation and maintain the skin clear and transparent; lemon black tea flavor xianti bubble ingot contained 12000mg white kidney bean extract and 3000mg l per 100g- Arabinose can inhibit the absorption of starch; passion fruit flavor vitality flash bubble ingot mainly protects the eyes and contains vitamin C, lutein ester and other components; lemon flavor vitality dry cup is not afraid of bubble ingot. The main components are turmeric and pueraria powder, which have the same medicine and food, protect the liver and nourish the liver. The price range of the new product is 26.9-36.9 yuan.
Source: Wangwang


Recently, six walnuts have launched a sugar free boutique. Compared with the original formula, the new product has 0 sugar added, uses sugar substitute maltitol as the sweet source, and 0 cholesterol and 0 trans fatty acid to reduce the burden on the body. In order to maintain the fresh taste, the new product uses UHT aseptic filling process, high-temperature instantaneous sterilization to lock the natural taste of walnut milk, 250ml small package is convenient to carry out, tmall flagship store Limited time activity price 250ml * 6 packs / 9.9 yuan.
Picture source: Six walnuts


Recently, the new yoghurt series of whole wheat bread has been developed in an idyllic way. With the blessing of yoghurt and fruit, the overall flavor and taste of the bread are richer and more delicious. The new product insists on using 100% whole wheat grinding to retain crude fiber and nutrients such as bran, endosperm and germ to a greater extent; it innovatively adopts plant protein substrate and 18 hour medium seed fermentation to improve the rough, sour and bitter taste of whole wheat bread. Product 0 sucrose Formula: the protein content of each 70g European bread is 9.8g, and the dietary fiber content is 6.4g. In order to maintain the fresh flavor, the whole process is delivered smoothly. It can be stored at room temperature below 25 ° C for 10 days. At present, there are three flavors of yogurt white peach, yogurt taro paste and yogurt Ximei. The price of tmall flagship store is 70g * 6 pieces / 39.9 yuan.
Source: Pastoral

5、布局早餐场景,星期零 X 轻居上新植物肉包

Recently, the hotel brand Qingju launched a new vegetable meat bag on Sunday to provide a variety of choices for breakfast. The new product includes four flavors: rattan pepper and horseshoe, shepherd’s purse, horseshoe jump and rattan pepper, which is full of creativity; the sweetness and softness of cheese pumpkin complement the vegetable meat; honey barbecued pork restores the classic Cantonese taste; dongyingong can enjoy the style of Southeast Asia without leaving home. It is hot Teng’s steamed stuffed bun is full of motivation for migrant workers who rush every morning. The new products can be experienced in four stores in Shanghai from October 27 to November 27.
Image source: starfield on Sunday zero


On October 26, the functional food brand minayo launched a new type of red ginseng honey tablet, focusing on pure ingredients. The new product selected Changbai Mountain five-year-old ginseng, 3-4 kg of fresh ginseng. After 15 ancient processes such as cleaning, steaming, drying and boiling, one kg of red ginseng was obtained. At the same time, Changbai Mountain black bee snow honey and Qinghai medlar honey were added in the processing process, which can calm the red ginseng and nourish the liver and eyesight It can moisten the lungs and relieve cough. It is suitable for soup making, soaking in water, instant eating and other use scenarios. The activity price of tmall flagship store is 40g / can / 129 yuan.
Source: minayo tmall flagship store

7、喜小茶 X pepe推新哭泣小奶绿,芥末口味带来全新挑战

On October 26, xixiaocha x Pepe sad frog, a subsidiary of Xicha, limited the new crying milk green and set the taste to a challenging mustard flavor. The new product takes jasmine fragrance jade as the tea base and milk to make milk green. The green source is fresh spinach juice and mustard cream as the top. The strong mustard aroma and milk green freshness fill the mouth and save human emo. The official applet is priced at 18 yuan / cup.
Photo source: Xixiao tea

8、时萃 X 摩登天空发布莓味道咖啡礼盒,打造趣、饮、玩三位一体

Foodaily found that Shicui and Modern Sky recently launched a berry flavor co branded coffee gift box, claiming that “life is boring and we seek ‘Berry’ fun”. The gift box contains the essence of strawberry coffee liquid, berry cup and berry paste, integrating fun and drinking scenes. The essence strawberry coffee is made of 100% Arabica coffee beans and real strawberry juice. The combination of the two fragrances makes it more fresh and fragrant; The berry cup is made by holoholoholo. It is made of mother and baby tritan material and does not contain bisphenol A. It can be used both hot and cold. You can choose to match with berry stickers to create your own characteristic tide cup. The new product is priced at 399 yuan / box in tmall flagship store.
Source: Shi Cui


Foodaily learned that DTC nutrition brand lemonbox recently completed a round of financing of nearly US $10 million. This round of financing was led by a domestic front-line fund, followed by panda capital, scrum, Partech, scmcadvisors and a number of Silicon Valley institutions. Financing will be mainly used for product R & D, supply chain expansion and market channel planning.
Lemonbox is YC’s first batch of investment projects in China. It also laid out the brand of functional food as early as 2018 before the rise of domestic consumption wave, and provided users with personalized and customized nutrition solutions with the brand concept of digital nutrition science.
Source: Lemon box


Recently, dairy brand Ö armilk has completed Angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan, and the investor is 13 capital. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for supply chain construction, product R & D, team construction and channel expansion.
Ö armilk products were launched in November 2020. They are mainly fresh dairy products with low temperature and short shelf life. The product audience is mainly healthy and exquisite women aged 25-35. At present, there are three series of products sold by Ö armilk, namely basic, health and share series. Basic series focuses on natural, using simple ingredients and high-quality technology, which is a classic basic model in yogurt; Healthy series focuses on nature and health, and carries out the domestic first dual material package setting. Collagen peptide, sodium hyaluronate and probiotic prebiotic lyophilized powder package are added to basic sucrose free Greek fermented milk to add more functional scenes for yogurt; Share series focuses on nature and sharing, increasing the yogurt capacity of basic series to 720g, which is packaged in family packaging. It is reported that at the end of October, there will be enjoy series of new products on sale in Ö armilk, which is characterized by high concentration of real fresh fruits, adding a large amount of fresh jam on the basis of basic original Greek flavor fermented milk to create a dessert feeling.  
Source: Wudao milk


Recently, foodaily learned that the alcohol and beverage brand carbon hydrogen oxygen manufacturing has completed an angel round of financing of ten million yuan, which is exclusively invested by Castle Peak capital. It is reported that this round of funds will be mainly used for team building, product R & D and channel construction.
Founded in Hangzhou in 2020, carbon hydrogen oxygen technology is a liquor and beverage brand management company, focusing on alcoholic liquor and beverage products. The first milk flavoring liquor beverage brand “Miao Ke MIOK” has been hatched. It tries to combine quality lactic acid bacteria, fresh milk and alcohol, and does not add pigment, essence and preservative. It also introduces milk, beer and yogurt products.
Source: Miao Ke


Recently, the new Guochao pre blending brand wat completed a round of financing, which was jointly invested by Bai capital, Xi tea and tomato capital. Earlier, wat cocktail has completed the ten million yuan pre-A round of financing exclusively invested by Bai capital. It is reported that this round of financing will be used for product R & D, brand construction and channel layout.
Founded in 2019, wat takes “cocktails. Anywhere, anytime.” as the brand core, and builds the brand through unique product creativity, high standard product quality, breakthrough trend brand building and online and offline integrated consumption experience. At present, it has formed two product lines of high-end and mass models: in terms of high-end line, wat cooperates with professional bartenders and Michelin restaurants to launch glass bottled cocktails extracted with fruit juice and raw tea; On the Volkswagen line, wat launched a series of canned sparkling wines.
Image source: wat

13、新锐果酒品牌寻感Sense Hunt连续完成数千万元天使轮及Pre-A轮融资

Recently, sense hunt, a cutting-edge fruit wine brand, announced that it had obtained tens of millions of yuan of angel round and pre-A round of financing from YeGe capital and a foreign fund, which will be mainly used for all-channel intensive cultivation, supply chain upgrading, product innovation, etc.
Xungan was founded in 2020 and its brand positioning is “to make young people free and happy in the world of fine wine with ingenuity, quality and global vision”. At present, xungan has two series of Sangria fruit wine with 8 degrees of alcohol and bubble fruit wine with 5 degrees of alcohol, as well as six flavors of cherry, mango, strawberry, white peach, lime and mangrove berry. Its supply chain is Jiatong wine industry.
Image source: sensation seeking


Recently, the low-temperature meat products brand benweixianwu completed a round of pre-A financing of RMB 10 million, and the leading investor is xiaohongshu. It is reported that this round of funds is expected to be mainly used for product R & D and supply chain construction, and plans to invest in processing plants.
Founded in 2019, this delicious food is mainly aimed at China’s new generation of medium and high-end meat product consumers. Its products are mainly low-temperature meat products without additives. At present, 11 SKUs have been launched, including frozen sausage, raw cut bacon, ham slices, etc. At present, the delicious food online has settled in tmall and, and the monthly sales volume of tmall flagship store has exceeded 10 million yuan, ranking second in the category of tmall roast sausage. Offline stores mainly enter the channels of boutique supermarkets such as BHG and OLE and the head convenience store system of various provinces. The PSD of offline stores exceeds 50 yuan per day.
Picture source: this delicious food


Foodaily learned that the cutting-edge meat brand meat dare has recently completed a ten million yuan Angel round of financing, which is exclusively invested by xvc. It is understood that this round of funds will be mainly used for brand building, product R & D and team building.
Founded in 2020, meat dare aims at the consumption upgrading in the field of traditional meat products, starting from low-temperature sausage, hoping to improve the Chinese people’s diet dominated by high-carbon water food and let them enjoy the happiness of “eating meat”. The product was officially launched in June 2021 and has now launched four flavors: original flavor, fish seed, grape and durian.
Source: Meat dare



Recently, Xijie Fried String, a brand of Fried String snacks, completed a round of financing of RMB 295 million, which was jointly led by source capital and xingnahe capital, and Mingyue capital served as the exclusive financial adviser. It is reported that the funds will be used for supply chain upgrading, team expansion and digital construction.
Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Nanjing, Xijie Fried String aims to provide young consumers with delicious and healthy leisure snacks. There are about 35 product SKUs, covering fried meat products, sauce stinky tofu and long fresh-keeping vegetables. The consumer population is concentrated in women aged 18-35. At present, the brand has signed contracts with more than 1400 stores nationwide, and the number of newly signed stores is about 100 every month, covering Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other provinces.
Photo source: Xijie Fried String



Foodaily learned that chayan Yuese launched the snack brand new Fran across the border, and wanted to create a batch of Hunan local specialties belonging to this era, which was named the new Fran (homophonic) specialty plan.
The brand mainly promotes snacks with local characteristics in Hunan. In terms of product packaging, it focuses on the vision of newspapers in the past century, and adjusts the details according to different products to restore the people and things in the memory of Hunan people. At present, tmall’s flagship store has launched products such as Fran tea, almond kernel cinnamon oil flavored sugar, Fran fried rice cake, chocolate lump and so on.
Source: Tea Yan Yue se


On October 18, blue biology, a leading producer of enzymes and probiotics, announced that it planned to introduce international investors Archer Daniels, Midland Singapore, PTE. Ltd. through capital increase to develop the human probiotic industry to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers for probiotics. Qingdao blue biological Group Co., Ltd. will increase its capital simultaneously. After the capital increase is completed, the shareholding ratio of both parties will be 50% respectively.
ADM Singapore is subordinate to adm group. As a global leading enterprise in agricultural production and food raw materials, ADM, one of the world’s top 500 enterprises, has more than 800 processing bases around the world and serves customers from nearly 200 countries. In China, ADM is actively contributing to human nutrition products, and has rich experience in the development and production of ingredients, additives and flavors in food, beverages and supplements. This time, the two sides will carry out close cooperation in the field of human probiotics and promote the continuous development of relevant industries by relying on the technology and R & D advantages of both sides.
Source: blue creature official website



On October 26, foodaily found that Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd. had changed its business scope by selling cosmetics, pet food, pet products, etc.
Founded in 2016, Yuanqi forest focuses on sugar free and low calorie products, becoming a dark horse in the domestic beverage industry. At present, it has 37 foreign-invested enterprises. Before the new cosmetics and pet food sales business, Yuanqi forest has invested in aii KaFei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., which owns the never coffee brand, and Hangzhou light food Health Technology Co., Ltd., which owns the light food brand pastoral, which has continuously spread from a single beverage category to product diversification and Industry diversification.
Source: Yuanqi forest
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