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Krispy Kreme, a donut empire on credit

the sad history of doughnut giant Kaka circle shop.
the United States has one of the world’s famous doughnut chain brands: Dunkin’donuts. Dunkin’donuts has a position even comparable to Starbucks in the United States. However, in addition to dunkin’donuts, there is another doughnut giant in the United States – Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The commercial competition between the two has never stopped. But tell you that Krispy Kreme, the current doughnut giant, the road to rise in the past looks a little “second-hand” and “borrowed”. Will you believe it?
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flour was born on credit
most popular doughnuts
Krispy Kreme founder Vernon Rudolph bought a doughnut shop, a yeast recipe and the “Krispy Kreme” brand from French chef Joe Lebeau in 1933. After that, he spent several years with his family and friends looking for suitable relocation sites. Occasionally, they looked at the place of origin on the cigarette box, which said Winston Salem, North Carolina. Suddenly, they had an inspiration: the local area is gradually prosperous due to the cigarette industry and has mature automatic production technology, which can just support their doughnut machine, They drove all the way to Winston on the only remaining gasoline.
when he arrived at Winston, Rudolph had only $25 left in his pocket and rented an idle factory in the old block. After paying the rent, he had no money to buy doughnut raw materials. But they didn’t give up. They visited local grocery stores one by one and finally found a boss who was willing to let them credit a batch of flour, eggs, yeast and sugar. Rudolph and his partners spent a weekend erecting equipment, driving out the first batch of doughnuts, removing the back seat of the car, and sending fresh doughnuts to local grocery stores and enterprises every day.
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in 1937, the first Krispy Kreme was born. Since the 1940s, Krispy Kreme began the mechanized mass production of doughnuts, making the products more perfect. In the 1960s, Krispy Kreme developed rapidly in the southeastern United States. Later, the Krispy Kreme brand was acquired by Beatrice food company and repurchased by early operators in 1982. In the 1990s, it expanded to New York City and California and became a national brand.
there is a Buddha jumping over the wall in the East
there is a circle through the wall in the West
there is a famous Chinese dish called “Buddha jumping over the wall”, which comes from the old saying “the altar opens the meat and the fragrance floats around the neighbors, and the Buddha hears that abandoning Zen comes to jump over the wall”. At that time, in order to improve sales, Krispy Kreme made a wonderful act of breaking through the wall.
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, Rudolph focused on the wholesale business of doughnuts. They mass produced doughnuts at night and got up early in the morning to shop. The advantage of this is that the streets near the factory are always filled with the smell of their doughnuts every morning.
as a result, many pedestrians who get up early and pass by are aroused by the appetite, smell the fragrance, see the hot and attractive doughnuts, and buy several to pack away. Seeing that the business is booming, Rudolph, who is shy and has no money to open another store, decisively opened a hole in the wall to facilitate the sales of doughnuts and opened the retail business of doughnuts.
in addition to making it convenient for customers to buy doughnuts, it also allows customers to have an intuitive and clear understanding of the whole production process of doughnuts, and show themselves unreservedly in front of customers. Now it is the embodiment of “open kitchen”. In addition, the automatic production technology was still an advanced concept at that time. After buying doughnuts, many customers would stay to watch how doughnuts were stirred and kneaded into dough from the machine, and then the clerk dug holes manually and threw them into the fryer, fished them out and sprinkled with sugar coating, and finally sent them directly to consumers. This novel experience of mixed vision and taste, It has become one of the signature features of Krispy Kreme.
photo source: after the accumulation of customers, customers began to say that they would rather eat freshly baked doughnuts than put them in the grocery store in advance. So Rudolph moved the production of doughnuts to the daytime, so that customers at different times can eat fresh doughnuts by batch. Gradually, the retail income of doughnuts exceeded the wholesale income, and Rudolph gradually focused on retail, making it the main source of income for Krispy Kreme.
free doughnuts
the best marketing is to make sales redundant
after starting a business, most enterprises will start to focus on advertising marketing, while Krispy Kreme rarely spends money on advertising. Instead, he will send out some doughnuts free of charge, so that the people who receive doughnuts can advertise them unconsciously, That’s what they do best.
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in 1996, Krispy Kreme sent several boxes of free doughnuts to NBC’s popular morning news program today show before making a commercial layout in New York. Al rock, the host, and the guests chatted while eating, which immediately made a lot of exposure.
in addition, since 1955, Krispy Kreme has been helping charities or individuals raising funds for legitimate purposes. They can get a discount on the original price when they buy doughnuts in Krispy Kreme, and then sell them to make a profit. In addition, many boy scouts often buy a batch of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and sell them door-to-door in the community to complete their schoolwork. Compared with direct donation, such activities can deepen customers’ sense of brand identity.
in March this year, in order to encourage people to vaccinate the new crown vaccine, Krispy Kreme announced that as long as the vaccination certificate approved by the government is presented, they can exchange a free doughnut at the designated branch every day. At present, more than 1.5 million doughnuts have been sent out.
scientific and technological power can be injected into
since 1947, the doughnut market has gradually expanded in the United States, more and more people begin to enjoy doughnuts, and there are more and more competitors in the doughnut market. In order to maintain and improve the competitiveness of Krispy Kreme, Rudolph added an innovative business department, hired equipment engineers and mechanical engineers, and began to prepare for the development of more efficient doughnut equipment.
two years later, Krispy Kreme successfully developed a doughnut automatic device named “ring King Jr”. This new equipment changes the original dough production from hollowing out a piece of the whole dough to integrated molding. This operation not only saves the waste cost of digging out the dough in the middle, but also improves the doughnut production to the high-speed production level of 900 doughnuts per hour (an average of 4 seconds).
around 1985, in order to improve the appreciation of doughnut production, the new operator mcclelle had a whim to build a “doughnut theater”, which made the whole production line more smooth and beautiful through careful design: the dough was accurately fried in hot oil for 115 seconds, passed through a “syrup waterfall” after boiling, and then arrived at the counter along the production line, Then the clerk can wrap doughnuts directly from the production line and submit them to customers.
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in 2011, smart phones began to enter the life of ordinary people. In order to comply with the trend of the times, Krispy Kreme intelligently transformed their signature “hot now” neon light and launched the “hot light” app. Whenever there are doughnuts coming out nearby, customers who downloaded the software will receive a reminder and be navigated to the nearest store.
today, Krispy Kreme doughnut, a doughnut shop that started with a bag of flour on credit, has traveled all over North America, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and Asia. It has more than 500 branches around the world and produces more than 750000 doughnuts every day. Whenever Krispy Kreme’s unique “hot now” neon light is lit, customers get doughnuts made of frosted sugar and hot out of the oven, which leave fragrance in one mouthful, bringing people infinite happiness and satisfaction.
if you have the opportunity, Xiaobian would like to see Krispy Kreme’s fully open doughnut production line and try doughnuts by the way. what about you?
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