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Blue River enters the first show of the fair, leading the new direction of dairy industry with new categories of sheep milk

Today, the 4th China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai. In the post epidemic era, the fair was held as scheduled, which released a positive signal of economic and trade recovery to the world; The wonderful 6 days will also share the opportunities of the Chinese market to the world.


“New” is the eternal theme of the Expo. This year, from Monet’s paintings to Kusama’s sculptures, new plates are set up at the right time, presenting rich cultural experience; From innovative skis for infants and young children to a new generation of mobile phone sugar measurement technology, there are a wide range of new products and technologies.


It is worth mentioning that exhibitors also have “new faces”, with nearly 3000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions. As a “regular guest” of the Expo, dairy products also released strong development toughness and vitality. Driven by the improvement of health awareness and the refinement of nutritional needs, more and more new products and brands are taking the express train to the Expo.



Blue river, which participated in the Expo for the first time, is particularly eye-catching. For Lanhe, this appearance not only promotes the further implementation of sheep dairy products, but more importantly, Lanhe looks to the future, which is to refresh consumers’ purchase standards, help the arrival of a new generation of high-end milk powder, and finally point to the prosperity of the new era of dairy industry.




Globally, dairy products have always been one of the most competitive fields. The further strengthening of industry concentration, high market saturation and homogenization, and more scientific and refined “picky” standards for consumers have promoted the evolution of brands to high-end and fine differentiation. New categories are emerging, and sheep milk is one of them.



In recent years, the demand for sheep dairy products in the international market is increasing. Compared with milk, sheep milk contains 8 times of natural lactoferrin and 1.5 times of natural milk calcium. It has more natural nutrition and better digestion and absorption. The rare value, which accounts for only 1% of the global milk production, makes it more preferred. High quality dairy products such as sheep cheese have sold well in developed regions and countries such as Europe and the United States for a long time.


China’s dairy market is not only a huge consumer market, but also an industrial market with great potential. However, industries and consumers need not only “old friends”, but also new products that can bring new cognition and higher nutritional support.


Blue river sees the potential of sheep’s milk and seizes the opportunity to open the “next stop of dairy products” — wholly acquiring Blue River in New Zealand, acquiring ALIMENTA in Sardinia, Italy, earning 70% of the world’s sheep’s whey resources, developing higher quality sheep’s whey D90 raw materials, and taking the lead in becoming a brand using 100% sheep’s milk source full fat milk and demineralized whey powder in the industry.


In the selection of 2021 World Dairy Innovation Award, Lanhe was successfully shortlisted for the best infant nutritional dairy product award. Marcelo Pereira de Carvalho, the judge of the award, said, “sheep milk powder is the ‘new blue ocean’ of infant milk powder market, and blue river is the pioneer in creating sheep milk powder category in the global milk powder market.”



Entering the product exhibition area of Lanhe entry Expo, there are not only more and more baby matching sheep milk powder loved by mothers, but also new children’s growth formula, mother’s formula, women’s formula and middle-aged and elderly formula sheep milk powder, which are accurately customized according to different groups. These new products and new packaging will meet with you one after another.

At the same time, spring sheep, MUAP, cross-border purchase series products such as Jingxi and Youliu sheep all appeared. At the same time, experience interaction such as trial drinking and live cloud exhibition was carried out to awaken the four senses of “viewing, tasting, feeling and listening”, and comprehensively show the charm of “gold in milk” of sheep milk.


This also shows the vision and ambition of blue river’s strategic layout – to continuously expand the consumer population and cover the nutrition needs of the whole life cycle. In the future, Lanhe will also innovate and develop organic sheep infant formula, sheep lactoferrin formula, deeply hydrolyzed sheep milk products, sheep grandma cheese, etc., and continue to tap the in-depth value of the category.


“Where consumers are, the brand is where”. Blue river, which came into being, is constantly creating new choices in the new era with new products and new nutrition.




The development of dairy industry is not limited to taking root downward, making the brand real and growing together with consumers.


At the opening ceremony, China once again solemnly expressed to the world that China’s determination to expand high-level opening-up will not change, its determination to share development opportunities with the world, and its determination to promote economic globalization in a more open, inclusive, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction will not change. China is willing to work with other countries to build an open world economy and let the spring breeze of opening warm the world.


After entering the Expo this year, the weight of “health” has increased significantly compared with the past. Many established Chinese and foreign dairy enterprises compete on the same stage, not only displaying many new products and top-notch goods, but also nutritional solutions, investment plans, etc. It can be seen that the globalization of dairy industry is not simply to expand import and export, but to “learn from others’ strengths to make up for their weaknesses” in terms of resources, market, technology and brand. All dairy enterprises are in-depth participants and beneficiaries.

In the 4th China International Dairy fair, more and more overseas dairy enterprises “came in” and more and more Chinese dairy enterprises “went out”. How to make a cup of good milk with global resources and finally realize the symbiosis, CO governance, sharing and win-win of dairy industry is the next step for everyone.


At the Expo, the blue river also ushered in the accelerated running.


On October 28, 2021, blue river was selected by Deloitte as the fastest growing enterprise in New Zealand in recent five years with a growth rate of 1502%. Previously, Euromonitor, an international authoritative market research organization, certified that “Lanhe sheep milk powder is the world leader in sales”, tmall 618, and Lanhe is the first brand in the category of infant sheep milk powder sales. Behind the leapfrog development is Lanhe’s forward-looking understanding and application of global market resources.



Lanhe has successively built modern finished product factories and raw material factories in New Zealand, Italy and other places by means of M & A and self construction, built a new production base in China, built an international production area layout, and realized a more stable and high-quality milk raw material supply and production guarantee.

At the same time, Lanhe has also established an international sheep milk nutrition research center, jointly with the Royal Academy of Agricultural Sciences of New Zealand and the University of Cagliari, Italy, to form a China New Zealand Italy scientific research layout, focus on the development and research of new nutrition and new formula, and constantly achieve product iteration and upgrading. This complete international industrial chain from milk source mobilization, quality control to R & D and innovation has become a strong support for Lanhe.


Participating in the Expo is the beginning of an update. Through continuous excavation and rational allocation of global resources, Lanhe will further improve its international layout, consolidate its scientific research strength, and provide better nutrition through innovative categories. As the pioneer of the world’s infant and sheep milk powder, Lanhe brings good products to millions of consumers, and also allows the world dairy industry to see the broad future of sheep milk.

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