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Launch | fit8 join hands with Xiaoguo culture to release the new brand talkrou talk meat and tap the happy attribute of chicken breast meat

talkrou’s cross-border linkage with Xiaoguo culture will work together to “fry” the chicken breast market?

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If there are 1000 Hamlets in 1000 people’s eyes, there are at least 800 scenes of chicken breast meat consumption in 1000 people’s eyes, such as weight loss, meal replacement, hunger relief, fitness and snacks… However, as a representative of healthy food, traditional chicken breast meat products focus too much on health attributes and ignore taste and taste, and the packaging style often gives people a kind of “agricultural product” These factors make it difficult to associate the eating scene of chicken breast with happiness. Now, fit8 is ready to explore the happiness attribute of chicken breast.
On November 1, fit8 joined hands with Xiaoguo culture to release talkrou, a new brand of healthy meat snacks. The first new product is double protein chicken breast, which is also the first animal and plant double protein instant chicken breast in China. At present, it has three flavors: original flavor, black pepper flavor and rattan pepper flavor.
It seems to be a cross-border cooperation between content companies and new consumer brands, but in fact, fit8 can get rid of many new consumer goods. One of the very important factors is high-quality content output, and Xiaoguo culture has been “consumed” by young people to provide them with happy emotional value.
This new product not only creates products that better meet the needs of new generation consumers for “convenient, delicious and healthy” meat snacks through scientific and technological innovation, but also joins hands with Xiaoguo culture to inject fashion tone into the brand and create healthy meat snacks for young people with a comic and humorous young attitude.
What is the story behind fit8’s joint launch of the new brand of Xiaoguo culture and what drives the two sides to reach cooperation? As a healthy meat snack brand, why does talkrou talk meat prefer chicken breast meat? What role will talkrou talk meat play in the territory of “happy energy” (fit8’s parent company)? How to tell consumers about “protein” In this regard, fit8 Founder & CEO Zhang Guangming and he Xiaoxi, co-founder and CEO of Xiaoguo culture, made an in-depth interpretation at the signing ceremony.
Animal and plant double protein black technology blessing
Talkrou talk meat redefines ready to eat chicken breast
Fit8 came into the sight of consumers with “protein bar” and established industry awareness. So why did talkrou talk meat launch this time and start the business of “chicken breast meat”?
In fact, for ordinary consumers, chicken breast, milk and eggs are the representatives of natural protein sources in consumers’ perception. Therefore, when choosing product forms, talkrou talk meat takes into account the acceptance and taste preferences of mass consumers. In other words, talkrou talk meat still focuses on “protein” For product development, this is no different from fit8, but it is aimed at a wider range of mass consumers, which is also a break for fit8 audience.
Zhang Guangming gives a clear personal view on this – protein bar is the future of chicken breast. “Frankly speaking, when I made the protein bar, I thought the protein bar was the future version of chicken breast, and I wanted to make a science and technology version of the protein bar. But later, I found that it was too advanced, and I wanted to explain to you why I ate the protein bar; but the user awareness of chicken breast is actually enough, but there may be no better solution in the market, such as consumers It’s not delicious or fresh. “
Even so, last year fit8 alone, it sold more than 10 million protein bars, becoming the first protein bar for young people. Now, it is also a “dimension reduction attack” in the category of lower education cost, and it is preparing to “fry” the chicken breast market in combination with Xiaoguo culture.
Therefore, talkrou will provide consumers with a better chicken breast meat product with the help of fit8’s accumulated technical capacity, R & D capacity and supply capacity. “We may not be the best at making chicken breast meat all over the world, but we have the ability to make the taste and scene of this category more meet the needs of Chinese users. This is also our experience accumulated in the process of making protein bars, because there is a high intersection between people and scenes who eat chicken breast meat and protein bars.”
So what are the characteristics and excellence of this “redefined ready to eat chicken breast”?
1. Breakthrough black Technology: animal and plant double protein, technology combination
“Promoting long-term brand development with scientific and technological innovation” is the brand gene of fit8, which naturally continues to talkrou.
Talkrou export meat adopts breakthrough technology, takes imported peas as raw materials, and adds the full price plant protein into chicken breast meat to compound it into “black technology” Animal and plant double protein. The effect brought by this form, regardless of the protein content and absorption rate, is more in line with the needs of the human body. Moreover, compared with more soybean protein on the market, pea protein has the advantages of non transgenic and non allergen.
2. Michelin taste: fresh chicken, original water locking technology
According to Sullivan data, China’s downstream deep-processing chicken market has a scale of 28.6 billion yuan. It is estimated that the compound average annual growth rate will reach 19.7% from 2020 to 2025. The growth power comes from the consumption of health awareness, the trend of convenient consumption and the improvement of brand premium. As an emerging category of deep-processing chicken food, the current market scale is nearly 2 billion, but the product attribute is more in line with the healthy consumption trend, which increases the market The growth rate is expected to exceed the overall growth rate.
In the past two years, there has been a “chicken breast meat fever” in the market. However, during consumer research, talkrou’s talk meat found that “chicken breast meat is not delicious” has become a common pain point for consumers. Many people only eat it due to fitness and other needs. Therefore, the core problem that talkrou hopes to solve is: how can we make chicken breast meat delicious?
Therefore, in terms of processing technology, talkrou has created the “fresh water locking technology”, which only uses the traceable preferred live chicken, and processes it quickly in 24 hours to ensure the freshness and tenderness of the chicken from the source, and then locks the moisture of the chicken breast with the original water locking technology, which changes the “firewood hard” taste of the traditional chicken breast products and retains the tenderness of the ingredients.
3. “Chicken breast, pea protein, water, compound seasoning, nothing else!”
In addition, talkrou meat adheres to fit8 the consistent principle of “clean ingredients” and does not add additional preservatives, water retaining agents and other additives; In terms of nutrition, it focuses on low-fat and low-carbon water. A bag of protein content is equivalent to 1.5L milk, and the heat is only about 42kcal. In addition to being a protein supplement snack with sports and fitness needs, it can also be a delicious choice for daily greedy snacks.
It can be seen that the nutrition and taste of talkrou talk meat stand out from the chicken breast meat category with the blessing of black technology. As Zhang Guangming said: “chicken breast has become the logic of flow realization in the strategies of many brands. The cheaper it is, and the quality of the product does not meet the expectations of consumers. We hope to rebuild this situation, and fit8’s experience makes us confident that we can do it well.”
As a product that wants to impress young people, in addition to the innovation of the product itself, how should the brand strongly link the product with young people? How can it also become a social currency that consumers are willing to share and a medium for them to express their attitude and lifestyle? This is what Xiaoguo culture is good at.
Break the circle with the precious “connectivity” of comedy
Let the “happy” gene spread to “eat”
Spiritual dependence: linking talk show and talk meat with positive and relaxed emotional value
First of all, from the perspective of brand strategy, fit8 firmly believes in the “consumption of content”, which coincides with the “consumption of content” practiced by Xiaoguo all the time, and has become the underlying logical basis of bilateral cooperation. The strong connectivity of “comedy” has become the link in this cooperation, which makes it logical to break the circle.
Secondly, from the consumer side, whether it is healthy food such as chicken breast or the continuous popular form of talk show, they all coincide with the lifestyle of contemporary young people, and are connected with young people who love life and pursue higher quality of life. As president he said: “Our research on the target consumer group will not be accurate to the age and occupation. We hope to screen from the underlying lifestyle, and for the choices on some cultures and consumption labels. Just like you grab the talk show tickets, you will share them. You can also take out a packet of talkrou talk meat in the office, which can also become the focus of sharing happiness. These social attributes and pursue better The combination of lifestyle attributes is the target object we want to find together. “
Indeed, looking at the consumption of young people, the era of commodity scarcity is gone forever, and personal time, experience and attention are the scarce resources. Therefore, in the past, buying materials and commodities has gradually become buying satisfaction and happiness, and leisure snacks have gradually become “spiritual food” As a cultural consumption company, Xiaoguo culture is best at finding audiences with content and cultural products and providing them with positive and relaxed emotional value.
Flow potential energy: detonate on the line, the annual explosive stem of chicken breast
The cooperation between fit8 and Xiaoguo runs through the design concept of talkrou talk meat brand. From the perspective of brand name, “talk” emanates from English talk show to convey and encourage young people’s personality expression, “Rou” is the pinyin form of “meat”, hoping to create a healthy meat snack defined by Chinese people, and the use of homophonic stem also makes the brand name catchy.
Secondly, on the outer packaging, talkrou talk meat presents the images of three popular talk show actors, Wang Jianguo, Xu Zhisheng and he Guangzhi, in the form of comics, and enlarges the characteristics of the characters. While enhancing consumers’ memory, talkrou also deeply binds chicken breast and talk show to strengthen cross-border cooperation and connectivity. Therefore, Xiaoguo specially photographed TVC for the three, integrating the product characteristics into the situation At the same time, it also clearly shows the style of each talk show actor, with a full smile and a good impression.
In addition, the release of the new brand choice on November 1 is also at the end of the final of the fourth quarter talk show conference. With the help of and give full play to the traffic potential energy of popular variety shows, we can establish more contacts with consumers with various high-quality contents and popular stems, so as to skillfully change the cold start period of the new brand into a window period and have more natural extension publicity.
President he said: “we hope to help talkrou strengthen content-based communication, convey positive young culture and life attitude, establish a complete product experience link, and gradually integrate into the lifestyle of young people and become their trend piece based on the combination of the values of both sides.”
Product & Channel & Brand
Fit8 how to tell the story of “protein”?
Among the twelve business hotspots of foodaily2021, “protein is king, and health is unstoppable under the new normal” has been raised to a crucial position for consumers and the industry, because although sports people are still the core audience of the protein market, in the post epidemic era, health and immunity have become consumers’ long-term concerns, Proteins directly linked to the enhancement of overall health began to usher in a wider range of broken circles, and more brands like fit8 are needed to help them break the circles.
So, how does fit8 tell the story of protein to consumers?
Product: don’t simply cater to what consumers want. What the brand should do is to lead
In Zhang Guangming’s opinion, “don’t ask users what they want to eat? Users can’t tell. Some people want sugar free, some people want salty, and after they make it according to their requirements, they will feel it’s not delicious, not what they want.” therefore, what the brand needs to do is to know what users want, but don’t simply cater, but let TA have a sense of gain.
This puts forward high requirements for the brand. Whether in product innovation and development or aesthetics, we should have strong foresight and faith, be a leading product, believe that our judgment and taste are right, and then wait for everyone to understand, accept and like this product – we should do a good job in the products we are best at, Let more and more people like this form.
Brand: driven by scientific and technological innovation, multi brand strategy
In fact, fit8, as we all know, is one of the brands of Beijing happy energy Health Technology Co., Ltd; The happy energy company is actually a multi brand strategy, and talkrou talk meat is its second brand. Under the seemingly same strategy, it hides deep insight into the market and consumers. Consumers’ attention is distracted and media presentation is fragmented, so “happiness energy” also opens the “precision strike” mode.
In every brand and every product, the role of technology is extremely important. For example, fit8 protein bar specially customized WPI to separate whey protein for Chinese users, stripping lactose from whey protein to achieve 99% high digestibility; Talkrou export meat adopts animal and plant double protein black technology and original fresh water locking technology to make chicken breast nutritious, healthy and delicious
There are many players in the food and beverage track, but fit8 they have long seen the key factor supporting consumption behavior: delicious is the last word, and continue to cultivate.
Channel: channel differentiation intensifies, and the breakthrough of new brand should be in the new scene
“Where young people are, we should be there.” nowadays, new scenes, new people and new lifestyles brought by new consumption have brought changes to users’ shopping and eating habits. When the crowd begins to become tribal and the shopping media begins to dust, the brand must find more focused and concentrated channels for the target consumer group.
Big brands often have insurmountable competitiveness and even monopoly power in traditional channels, so new brands need to differentiate in channels and look for new breakthroughs. Fit8’s strategy is to transmit content in space and make consumption content.
Zhang Guangming has the final say: “between content and media, channels, who is strong and who has the right to speak. When you are a weak brand and weak content, it is always the channel has the final say; but when you become a brand and have strong content brand, you have the final say.”
By the time of press release, the double protein chicken breast of talkrou talk meat had just been sold. How will this younger and “happier” chicken breast “stir up the situation? We’ll see.
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