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New members of Danone newconte family appeared to create a full link food allergy solution

The latest product lineup was announced at the 4th China International Import Expo by newkangte, a food allergy brand of Danone newdihia. Today, the newkangte brand official announced the release of two new products of deep hydrolysis formula in cross-border channels, newkangte taiyiqi and newkangte taiyijia, which further enriched the whole link food allergy solution of newkangte family in China.


Fang Fang, head of children’s Medical Nutrition Business Department of Danone newdihia, said that with the further enrichment and improvement of newkangte allergy family product line, the products sold by the brand in the Chinese market have fully covered the different nutritional needs of allergic babies aged 0-10 for amino acid formula, deep hydrolysis formula and low sensitivity supplementary food.


Expansion of special products in China


The snack generation saw that Danone exhibited a full range of products of the newconte family at the Expo site, including newconte amino acid formula for infant milk protein allergy, deep hydrolysis formula, and newconte rice extract, the first low sensitivity auxiliary food under the newconte brand.

“The two newly launched deep hydrolysis formula products further enrich the whole link food allergy solution of newkangte product family in China.” Fang Fang, head of children’s medical nutrition division of Danone newdihia, said that at present, newkangte series products sold in the Chinese market have fully covered the amino acid formula Different nutritional requirements of deep hydrolysis formula and low sensitivity supplementary food.


According to Danone newdihia, newcante taiyiqi and taiyijia are “closer to natural nutrients” deep hydrolysis formula products developed by newdihia for allergic children aged 0-12 months and 1-10 years respectively. It adopts 100% whey protein deep hydrolysis formula, and the protein is hydrolyzed into short peptides and amino acids to help allergic children alleviate their allergic state.


“The naturally nutritious lactose contained in these two new formulas can also meet the nutritional needs of minbao’s natural growth. The unique European patented probiotic and prebiotic combination syneo in the formula


It is reported that two brand-new newkangte deep hydrolysis formula powders will take the lead in launching in Leyou cross-border channel and tmall global. Dong Gang, CEO of Leyou group, said that Leyou has natural trust in newkangte brand and is full of confidence in the listing of newkangte Taiqi and newkangte Taijia. Zhu Minjuan, general manager of mother and Baby Business Department of tmall global, also said that she looks forward to working with newkangte brand Continue to launch more products for allergic children.


“Allergy nutrition management” track continues to heat up


It is not difficult to find that among a variety of special infant formula milk powder under Danone nutritia, food allergy nutrition management products account for more than half. In fact, with the increasing demand for infant special formula products for food allergy nutrition management in the Chinese market, this category of special products has become a hot field for enterprises.


According to incomplete statistics, the incidence of infant food allergy in China is about 2.5% ~ 7%. Affected by environmental factors, it shows an upward trend in different proportions.


Professor Xu Chundi of the Department of Pediatrics of Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to the Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University believes that for allergic children, the non sensitive and nutritious amino acid formula is the first choice. After 6 months of adhering to the amino acid formula, an appropriate deep hydrolysis formula should be selected for step-down treatment to help allergic children gradually and smoothly transition to normal diet.


Alyson Godley, director of strategic planning and business development of Danone nutrihia, said: “China is a market that nutrihia attaches great importance to all over the world. As a pioneer in the promotion and dissemination of the concept of enteral nutrition in China, nutrihia has completed the construction of a complete industrial ecological chain integrating R & D, production, marketing and service.”


She also said that in the future, the company will continue to introduce professional medical nutrition products through innovative products and business models and with the help of the Expo platform, so as to help promote the healthy development of China’s medical nutrition industry.

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