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Aitamei’s most complete product line appears at the Expo! Warm childcare service “know it all” online

On the stage of entering the Expo this year, the milk powder brand of Danone, a multinational food giant, showed many big moves.


It is understood that aitamei not only exhibited its “world’s most complete product line” this time, but also announced the launch of the innovative popular science IP “aitamei know it all” to open a new chapter of comprehensive care for the early 2000 days of Chinese babies’ life through the double upgrading of products and services.


Bruno chevot, member of Danone’s Global Executive Committee and President of China and Oceania, said that with the help of the platform of the Expo, aitamei provides Chinese consumers with new products, new scientific research and new services every year, helps healthy China and lays a solid “operating foundation” for common prosperity.


Member of Danone Global Executive Committee and President of China and Oceania

谢伟博(Bruno Chevot)

A variety of products have entered the Expo for the first time


At each Expo, love tamei is the highlight of Danone’s booth. In this exhibition, the brand exhibited its richest product line in the world, covering infant milk powder, infant formula liquid milk, probiotics, complementary foods, children’s milk powder and other categories.


“With the spillover effect of the Expo, the Chinese market now has the world’s richest altami product line – fully covering the nutrition needs of 2000 days in the early life. Adhering to 125 years of hard power, it helps Chinese mothers conceive healthily and guard the healthy growth of Chinese babies,” the company said.


It is worth noting that many of these products have made their debut at the Expo for the first time. They mainly focus on “easy to carry, open and drink” atameric 3 liquid formula, nutritional supplementary food milk rice powder suitable for the transition of baby supplementary food, atameric 3 preschool children’s milk powder, etc. in addition, the live probiotics of Ayumi for pregnant mothers listed last year have covered pregnancy Every stage of lactation and preschool.


These “new faces” also show that with the increasing volume of infant milk powder, aitami has been working hard to cultivate more growth “potential stocks”.

Taking children’s milk powder as an example, the latest data released by Kaidu and TMIC show that on tmall and other websites, the turnover of children’s milk powder market has increased significantly year-on-year. The increase of single customer purchase and single purchase shows that consumers’ purchase habits have been gradually formed. On November 1 this year, the category of tmall children’s milk powder increased by 748% year-on-year.


Kaidu pointed out that for more than 80% of Chinese families with children, children related expenditure accounts for 30% – 50% of the total household expenditure. With the increase of the new generation of parents, the post-90s parents will become the main buyers in the infant and child market in the next five years. Exquisite mothers and super dads’ attention to fine parenting and “scientific feeding” will also stimulate the potential of children’s milk powder consumption.


New digital childcare services


In addition to providing more rich and high-quality products, aitami also continues to expand its professional services.


At this Expo, aitamei announced the launch of a new and upgraded product consulting service “aitamei 30000 know it all”. Tiktok can search for “know it all 3 things” by consumers, understand their product consultants, and get their professional nutrition and scientific child care knowledge.


Tiktok know it all. Whenever and wherever possible, city users can get more professional knowledge and scientific education tips to mothers. The mothers in the first tier cities and remote cities can enjoy more humanistic nursing knowledge at any time and place. In just four months, the project has gained nearly twenty million exposure in the 3 months.

With the new generation of parents after 90 and 95 becoming the main force of childcare, meeting the resource needs of this group of “Internet aborigines” has become an important topic for the brand.


In this regard, Danone newdihia already has sufficient “ammunition”. In recent years, based on its deep insight into the nutritional needs of Chinese mothers and babies, Danone Nutricia has continuously strengthened scientific research and innovation, and has launched more than 10 advanced digital technology health tools, such as the “golden stool decoder” for breast feeding guidance based on AI technology, the “growth curve tool” for intelligent consultants tracking Baobao’s growth, etc.

  Chief marketing officer, Greater China, Danone New Zealand

毕晓薇(Severine Brichard-Rooney)

“As a pioneer in the field of global infant nutrition solutions, nutritia has 125 years of hard power and more than 40 years of research experience in breast milk for nearly 50 years. Its high-end milk powder brand aitamei 3 has been committed to providing advanced and accurate nursing solutions for Chinese mothers and babies for a long time.” Bi Xiaowei, chief marketing officer of Greater China of Danone nutritia (severine Richard Rooney) said: “in the future, we will provide more ‘customized’ products and innovative services to support the all-round growth of Chinese babies in the early 2000 days of life with more accurate nutrition and protect the healthy growth of Chinese babies.”


Xie Weibo said that in the future, Danone will give full play to its scientific research accumulation in the health and nutrition industry for more than a century, continue to provide high-quality advanced nutrition solutions for Chinese consumers, better meet the escalating nutritional needs of the Chinese market, and provide nutritional assistance for Chinese consumers to enter an all-round and happy well-off life. At the same time, Danone hopes to make the advanced business with the help of the spillover effect of Jinbo Raising children is more accessible, helping the three child fertility policy and promoting common prosperity.

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