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How to define the keep that Yang Shuyu likes to eat?


Let healthy diet become the “new fashion” of girls pursuing beauty.

This summer, young athletes were on fire. Yang Shuyu was also a special one. With the salt and sweet skills and skilled basketball skills, the 19 year old basketball player successfully broke into everyone’s vision.
Why is the Lamb on fire?
Yang Shuyu, born in 2002, was less than 20 years old when she set out for the country this year. This summer, she created the history of Chinese basketball with Wan Jiyuan, Zhang zhiting and Wang Lili. After winning the bronze medal, she hugged her teammates tightly with tears.
Basketball player Yang Shuyu
Why is Xiaoyang so angry? Creating a new history for the Chinese women’s basketball team and even Chinese basketball is just one of the important reasons. On the other hand, her handsome and cool image is also one of the very important reasons. From a higher level, Yang Shuyu has passed a belief to people, especially more girls – a belief in the pursuit of freedom across obstacles. This belief tells girls, No sport is not suitable for girls; this belief tells girls that no beauty is preset. This belief represents the freedom that girls should have!
In distorted health  
Girls cannot have beautiful freedom
The pursuit of beauty is a topic of great concern to many girls. However, in recent years, “Aesthetics” at the expense of health has deeply affected and bound more and more girls who pursue “beauty”.
Recently, in an advertising film circulated on the Internet, Yang Shuyu also talked about his relationship between health and beauty. TVC expressed that “eating less” should not become a “fashion”. At the same time, it asked, when distorted health is praised, can girls have freedom of beauty?
Nowadays, with the wealth of information, it is well known that “keep your mouth shut and open your legs” is a way to lose weight. However, it is easier said than done. This makes more and more people think of “shortcuts” ——Eat less or even do not eat, do some irreparable medical and aesthetic surgery, etc. This is entirely at the expense of health. Often, the final result is likely to be the loss of health and the pursuit of the so-called “beauty”.
In TVC, Yang Shuyu also expressed his attitude toward “beauty”, “the luminous quality in the dark, the vigorous body. Against the wind’s confidence, the freedom of salt and sweet can be derived from the health of one drink and one meal. Health can control freedom, and low fat and low calorie can make high face and sweet!”
Sweet salt cool girl to share in person  
Black Qiao dream bar sugar leads to hot discussion
The TVC that conveys Yang Shuyu’s views on health and beauty comes from keep. It is the official TVC that keep official announced Yang Shuyu as the keep food vitality ambassador. Not long ago, Yang Shuyu also publicly issued an unpacking video, in which a “snack gift bag” was exposed, which is full of keep brand health snack products.
Keep black qiaomeng bar sugar
Among them, lamb especially recommended a star product launched by keep food – Heiqiao Mengba candy. This is an innovative 0 sucrose added chocolate candy that has recently aroused heated discussion on major social platforms. In short, it is the organic combination of Heiqiao and Tiao candy, which provides consumers with a wonderful taste experience, and many users think it is suitable for consumers “Dancing chocolate”.
Of course, while delicious, keep’s black qiaomeng bar sugar puts health first.
Heiqiao Mengba sugar uses Heiqiao, which contains 63% Belgian high-quality pure cocoa butter, which ensures the health of eating to a certain extent. It is wrapped with 0 sucrose. Even sports and fitness people with strict sugar control requirements can eat it safely without causing more burden on the body.
In addition to this “black Qiao dream bar candy”, keep food has also launched a variety of health foods with different types and functions, such as a “daily protein bar” before and after exercise, a “K bucket of golden soup fat beef konjac noodles” with hunger and satiety during work, and a “low-fat chicken breast” with low fat and high protein And so on, rich products obviously give consumers more choices.
Athletes incarnate as keep food energy Ambassador  
Spread the new trend of healthy diet
With the launch of more and more products, more and more consumers pay attention to keep food. This also makes keep food more and more come into the public’s view. Then the question comes, what kind of business is keep food?
When it comes to keep, I’m afraid many people’s first reaction will still think of it as an app that can follow sports online. However, if you are an in-depth user of keep, you must know that it has already opened up a new consumer goods business, including intelligent hardware, sports gadgets, health food, clothing and so on.
As an important part of it, keep food is positioned to “make delicious food healthier and healthy food more delicious”. At present, it focuses on three product series, including light truck staple food, healthy snacks and nutritional conditioning.
It is understood that the healthy snack series is a product series focusing on solving the “greedy” moment of users. People who have experienced weight loss have deeply realized that long-term diet control is a very “hard” thing, especially for users who have formed the habit of eating snacks, the withdrawal behavior in a short time is not only difficult, but also unhealthy. It is a good transition way to replace the ordinary snacks you used to eat by healthy snacks, which can provide users with great “happiness” and “satisfaction” in the process of fat reduction and fitness. At the same time, it can provide sufficient necessary nutrients such as high protein.
Compared with the original concept of healthy diet, the positioning of keep food is obviously more in line with the needs of users. There are not too many restrictions on “controlling your mouth”, but a way to help users develop a healthy eating habit through healthy and delicious products. Let healthy diet become the “new fashion” of girls pursuing beauty.
The 100 billion functional snack market is developing rapidly  
What are the opportunities for keep food?
In recent years, with the increasing attention of users to healthy functional food, healthy food has grown into a market with a scale of 100 billion. The analysis report on market demand prospect and sales channels of China’s functional food industry from 2020 to 2026 released by Zhiyan consulting shows that the scale of China’s functional food market in 2019 is 358.58 billion yuan; According to the data of China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the market scale of functional food is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan in 2022. In the face of such a huge market, where are the opportunities for keep food?

First of all, with years of accumulation, keep now has 300 million users and a monthly life of 30 million +. Based on such a user scale, in addition to transforming it into the direct audience of keep food, it is also possible to obtain the direct feedback of real users on the product experience through these sports and fitness users at different levels, so as to more directly target the user’s pain points and optimize the experience in the process of product R & D.
Secondly, keep food has been distributed in various channels, including its own app online mall in addition to the traditional e-commerce platform; At the same time, keep food has also arranged a variety of channels on several major live delivery platforms; Not long ago, it was also on the shelves in convenience stores in some parts of the country. In addition, it also cooperated with daily Youxian to open the o2o layout. So far, keep food has completed the distribution layout of all channels, so that users can really feel that healthy food is “within reach”.
Finally, with the endorsement of the healthy and self-discipline athletes represented by Yang Shuyu, the labels of keep food such as “health”, “light truck”, “delicious” and “fashion” are further strengthened, and the user’s cognition and recognition of keep food are further strengthened.
The strategy of “eating, wearing, using and practicing” has begun to take shape  
Keep new consumption genes emerge
Now, look back at keep. It’s no longer just a sports app. At present, it can provide a complete ecological closed-loop systematic service of “eating, wearing, using and practicing” for user groups with sports and fitness intentions and habits.
When a user wants to exercise and comes to keep, he can first select a more suitable exercise and fitness project through high-quality content. After determining the training project, you can buy sports clothes and fitness equipment more suitable for the project, so as to better assist users in exercise. In addition, with exercise, users can also customize diet plans on the app side to control daily energy intake; Collect feedback data through smart bracelet and record daily calorie consumption; Then through the comparison of intake and consumption, we can more scientifically adjust the plan of exercise, fitness and diet. At the same time, healthy food can also be used to assist in the control of energy intake and nutrition, so as to achieve effective sports and fitness behavior.
Such a set of user behavior logic is the direction of keep. The essence of providing a variety of services centered on users is the gene of new consumption. This is in line with the current gene of new consumption development, making the current business model of keep take shape. Previously, the media reported publicly that at present, relying on the four sectors of “eating, wearing, using and practicing”, it has successfully achieved a revenue of 1 billion yuan, which has also driven the overall profitability of keep.
In such a development direction, the future competitors of keep benchmarking are no longer limited to the market field of “online sports and fitness”, but will be the whole “big sports” market.
At the same time, it can not be ignored that keep’s high-quality content and user base are still a great wealth – which is what many intelligent hardware manufacturers lack when entering the sports and fitness market. In the future, the value of keep in these aspects may find a new cooperation mode, which is unknown. It is still difficult to define what kind of company keep is, but what can be clearly foreseen is its huge development potential.
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