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Nestle coffee innovates freeze-dried fruit coffee, terensu releases small bottles of yogurt, and boxed horse layout self owned coffee… | hot smell in a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.


1. Nestle coffee promotes the first freeze-dried fruit coffee series, enjoying fruit flavor and mellow aroma in one bite

2. Leading the high-end yogurt brand, terenzu small bottle flavor yogurt is newly listed

3. Yili plant selects new coconut milk fermented plant yogurt, 0 sucrose added, and the taste is sweet and natural

4. Weiquan launched Weiquan freeze-dried yogurt bricks, one by one, to protect the healthy growth of children

5. New blueberry flavor fresh cheese on Beihai ranch, natural blueberry jam 0 sucrose added

6. Wang Laoji’s sugar free herbal tea, a new flavor of Shuangxi, is fresh on the market, with fresh bubbles in one mouthful

7. Jianlibao promotes a new energy drink, super energy. Each bottle contains 5g composite protein peptide, which can quickly restore vitality

8. Drunken goose Niang offers the new yogurt strawberry wine to create a “0-distance blend” of sweet fruit, milk aroma and wine flavor

9. Xizhilang promotes the low sugar version of Youle coffee, which contains Hazelnut Latte and charcoal

10. Tashan tea brand launched a new Qingming tea map series, with eight good teas to interpret Chinese tea culture

11. Fit8 x Xiaoguo culture promoted the new brand talkrou talk meat, and launched the first animal and plant double protein instant chicken breast meat product in China

12. The new concentrated alcohol oatmeal latte on Tim Hortons x plant label is made with vegetable milk instead of traditional milk


13. HEMA has entered the self operated coffee track and has opened a “HEMA coffee” store in Kunming, Yunnan Province

14. Xiangpiao develops the business of nutritional supplements and signs two joint ventures with jindawei and Ningbo xuanyingyunhao

15. Xiaolu Lanlan opened its first offline flagship store and landed in the form of baby snack experience interactive store

16. Bachelor grain launched the sub brand 24K of refined beer and launched three low-grade refined beer

17. Sprinting for the first share of Chinese fast food, rural chicken is planned to be listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

18. ADM will acquire deerland probiotics and enzymes, a global supplier of probiotics and prebiotics in the United States, to expand its portfolio of health products and solutions


19. Seasoning brand added flavor, completed nearly 100 million yuan of a-round financing, and won three rounds of financing in a year after its establishment

20. The prefabricated food brand maizima won the angel round financing, and the investor is Yuanqi forest

21. Chinese health snack brand tipsyou has completed tens of millions of angel round financing and is committed to making Chinese herbal prescriptions into standardized snacks with science and technology

22. Xianghe pastry shop, a Chinese dim sum brand, completed the first round of financing of more than 100 million yuan, and CMC capital led the investment

23. The cooked food chain brand jiuduorou completed a round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan, and Everbright Holdings consumer fund invested exclusively


On November 4, the official of Nestle coffee China announced the launch of the first freeze-dried fruit coffee, which innovates the way of coffee drinking. The new product is packaged in double bags, half of which are fruit freeze-dried granules made of fresh fruit, and the other half is instant fruit extract coffee powder, which can be torn and drunk immediately. It can be mixed cold and hot. There are two flavors: Strawberry snow cheese freeze-dried strawberry diced, Qinfeng peach freeze-dried yellow peach diced. Tmall flagship store sells 2 boxes / 99 Yuan.
Source: Nestle coffee China


It is reported that Mengniu’s terensu launched a new flavor yogurt, selected terensu’s exclusive pasture milk source, and added the patented strain Streptococcus thermophilus cncm i-2980 separated from the cream to bring a creamy taste, and the dynamic smoothing process adds a silky feeling to the yogurt; the new product contains 3.5G high-quality milk protein and 100mg native high calcium per 100ml, with a unique bottle body design and a golden bottle The lid is more advanced, with two flavors of original flavor and durian flavor, which need to be stored in cold storage. The price of the new product is 115g * 12 bottles / 169 yuan in the small program of Mengniu niubay official boutique.
Photo source: Yimi food tmall flagship store


Recently, Yili’s plant selected a new coconut milk fermented plant yogurt. The new product is made of pure coconut milk obtained from fresh coconut after coconut meat separation, extraction and filtration. It is canned after pasteurization. At the same time, bl-99 patented strain is added without sucrose to keep pure and sweet and reduce the burden on the body.
Source: Yili


Foodaily found that Weiquan recently launched a new brand of Weiquan, and launched a children’s yogurt brick. The new product adopts FD vacuum freeze-drying and fresh locking technology, focuses on high calcium and high protein, selects flavor fermented milk and New Zealand milk powder, and adds natural concentrated fruit juice and Bifidobacterium lactis, containing 100 million CFU active lactic acid bacteria per 100g. The product is independent and small package, easy to carry, fragrant, crisp, delicious and can be used It is matched with fruit milkshake, breakfast, salad, etc. there are three flavors: fragrant yogurt, blueberry, strawberry and pitaya. The pre-sale price of tmall flagship store is 30g * 6 boxes / 138 yuan.
Image source: Weiquan


In November 4th, the official account of WeChat dairy in Beihai ranch announced the launch of a new blueberry flavor small cheese. The product was pasted directly to produce raw milk and milk, and its texture was silky and full of milk. The Canadian blue berries were used to make the fruit paste and preserve the whole blueberry shape. The fruit was eaten in a single bite, and the juice instantly penetrated into the lips and teeth. Sour sugar was added to the 0 Sugar formula to lighten the body’s negative. The new product has been launched in Jingdong flagship store of Beihai ranch at the price of 100g * 3 cups / 23.8 yuan.
Source: Beihai pasture dairy


On November 1, Wang Laoji announced a new sugar free herbal tea series, sugar free bubble herbal tea and jasmine flavor sugar free herbal tea. The new product has 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie. It is boiled from six kinds of herbs, namely, eggplant, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, licorice, Prunella vulgaris and Xiancao. The former has a mouthful of bubbles, which makes people want to stop and experience a variety of herbal tea. The new product is now on tmall Flagship store for sale, sugar free herbal tea 310ML * 12 cans / 69.9 yuan, sugar free bubble herbal tea 320ml * 12 cans / 72 yuan.
Source: Wang Laoji’s official microblog


On October 28, Jianlibao joined hands with China Food Fermentation Industry Research Institute to launch a new energy drink “super energy” to help the body return to good condition. The main active ingredients of the new product are compound peptides containing soybean peptides, wheat oligopeptides and collagen peptides. Each 200ml bottle contains 5g of compound protein peptides. There are two kinds of Zero sugar and low sugar blueberry flavors to meet the needs of different people and enjoy every high-energy moment in life.
Photo source: Jianlibao activity


On November 1, lion song, a brand of drunken goose Niang, launched a new yoghurt with yogurt and strawberries, laying out a slightly tipsy scene at night. The precision of new wine is 6% Vol. Huashan pasture fresh milk and low-temperature fermented yogurt are selected. After blending, 18% fermented milk is selected with 12.5% strawberry juice, and the rice wine fermented by northeast Wuchang original glutinous rice in the current season is used as the base wine. The unilateral fermentation technology allows the full integration of yogurt and rice wine to bring fragrant rice aroma and warm entrance. In terms of packaging, the overall shape of the product is similar to a milk bottle. The transparent glass bottle highlights the pink of strawberry milk wine, which is more lovely. The price of tmall flagship store is 290ml / bottle, 49 yuan.
Source: Drunken goose mother’s red wine living room


On November 2, Xizhilang official announced the launch of low sugar version of Youle coffee. Arabica coffee beans were selected for new products. After baking, it brought a clever balance between flavor and alcohol. At the same time, it was not limited to water temperature. It had two flavors of charcoal burning and hazelnut. It could be combined with coconut juice and other DIY into different flavors of coffee. The price of tmall flagship store was 20 bags / box / 44.9 yuan.
Source: Xizhilang


Recently, he Shanji, a subsidiary of rangcha, launched a new tea bag Qingming shangcha series, including white peony, Dahongpao, Chen Xiang Pu’er, Honey Scented black tea, Jin Junmei, pre Ming green tea, Qingxin oolong, Longjing and eight items, showing the Chinese tea ceremony culture. In terms of packaging design, the antique paintings of modern artists are used, and then the traditional tea harvesting technology is kneaded, showing a very lasting national fashion style. The price range of 4 boxes of new tmall flagship store is 228-308 yuan.
Photo source: Tashan collection

11、ffit8 X 笑果文化推新品牌TalkRou脱口肉,并上线国内首款动植物双蛋白即食鸡胸肉产品

On November 1, fit8 joined hands with Xiaoguo culture to launch talkrou, a new brand of healthy meat snacks, and launched the first animal and plant double protein instant chicken breast meat product in China, creating the era of chicken breast 2.0. The new products adopt breakthrough technology, take imported peas as raw materials, add the full price plant protein into chicken breast, compound it into “black technology” animal and plant double protein, and create the “fresh water locking technology”, which changes the “firewood hard” taste of traditional chicken breast products and retains the tenderness of food materials. The protein content of each 100g of the new product is not less than 26G, and a bag of 150g has only 42kcal of heat. It is low-fat and low-carbon water. At present, it has three flavors: original flavor, black pepper flavor and rattan pepper flavor. It has been sold in tmall flagship store, and the price range is 29.9-84.9 yuan.
Click on the picture to view the details
Source: talkrou meat


12、Tim Hortons X 植物标签上新浓醇燕麦拿铁,以植物奶替代传统牛奶制作

Recently, Canadian National Coffee Tim Hortons joined hands with cutting-edge plant nutrition brand plant label to launch plant-based coffee series. The first combined special drink concentrated alcohol oatmeal latte is made with plant labeled oatmeal vegetable milk instead of traditional milk, realizing the perfect blend of rich wheat flavor and coffee flavor. The taste is mellow and smooth, and people who are lactose intolerant can drink it at ease. The new products have been launched in more than 300 stores across Tim Hortons.
Source: Tim Hortons


Recently, foodaily found that HEMA fresh food entered the self operated coffee track and opened a “HEMA coffee” store in Kunming Shuncheng shopping center. It is reported that HEMA coffee is currently in the local test stage.
In terms of category, in addition to the classic series such as American coffee and latte, HEMA coffee also launched Yunnan characteristic flavor series, such as Yunnan Italian blend and Pu’er Menglian SOE bean series. The price is between 15-27 yuan, which belongs to medium-grade consumption. It is understood that the trial HEMA coffee shop is located in the HEMA fresh baking area, close to the outlet of the store, so as to meet the basic coffee drinking habits of consumers and facilitate customers’ purchase.


On October 28, the milk tea brand Xiangpiao announced that it had signed a contract with jindawei and Ningbo xuanyingyunhao, the leading enterprises in the whole industry chain of domestic A-share nutrition and health, and jointly invested in the establishment of two joint ventures to carry out the R & D, production and sales of lean body products in the Chinese market, and jointly explore the Chinese market of health and nutritional supplements and related functional food and functional beverage.
It is reported that lean body is a brand of labrada, an enterprise focusing on nutritional product R & D and nutritional education. Headquartered in the United States, labrada was founded in 1996 by Lee labrada, a member of the professional bodybuilding Hall of fame of ifbb (International bodybuilding and fitness Federation) and a world-famous bodybuilding gentleman. Lean body ready to drink high protein milkshake is a high-end nutritional supplement product. It has won the people’s Choice Award of the National Food Association and the gold grade award of the American Culinary Association for many times. This brand product can provide simple, convenient and delicious nutritional protein, vitamins, minerals and energy supplements for busy office workers, teenagers, sports and weight managers and the elderly.
Picture source: fragrance floating


On October 30, the first offline flagship store of Xiaolu blue, a baby snack brand, opened. The flagship store is located in the form of baby experience interactive store – Xiaolu Blue Baby House, and the store is designed and arranged from the perspective of children.
Xiaolu Lanlan is an Internet baby food brand owned by three squirrels. On June 19, 2020, Xiaolu lanlanlan cat flagship store was officially launched, focusing on the research and development of 0-added snacks for babies aged 1-6. It won the first sales volume in the baby snack industry for 22 days, ranked the first in the whole network of baby snacks for 12 consecutive months, and created 7 super items breaking 10 million Gmv. Up to now, Xiaolu Lantian cat has served more than 3.32 million owners and provided more than 800000 childcare consultations for owners free of charge.
Photo source: fawn blue


Recently, the first lifestyle brand for single people in China, single food, launched a new refined beer sub brand 24K. The first products are three low-grade refined beer: Haiyan tusistao beer, Indian light al beer and Bruges fan orange wheat beer. Among them, Indian light Al is slowly fermented by Munich and Pearson malt mixed with fremadis us-05 yeast. It tastes plump and silky. It is an impressive entry-level fine wine, which is deeply loved by fine wine lovers.
Founded in 2017, singles food is the first social snack brand for singles in China. The existing product matrix includes potato chips, fast food and drinks. It is reported that 24K comes from the gold color mark with the highest purity and bright luster. It is the ultimate pursuit of product quality and brand taste, and represents you and me in every new era.
Source: 24K


On November 4, the website of Anhui Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission showed that the Chinese fast-food brand hometown chicken was undergoing listing guidance and planned to be listed on the main board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. According to its first counseling filing report, Laoxiang chicken has signed a listing counseling agreement with Guoyuan securities in September 2021.
In October 2003, Laoxiang chicken was established in Anhui, adopting the integrated industrial chain model. In 2018, Laoxiang chicken completed the first round of financing of RMB 200 million of Jiahua capital; In 2020, the local chicken announced to accelerate the national layout through the press conference. At present, there are more than 1000 Direct stores in China, distributed in Anhui, Nanjing, Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xuzhou and other places.

Source: interface news

18、ADM将收购美国益生菌、益生元等全球供应商Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes,以扩大其健康产品和解决方案的组合

On November 2, ADM announced that it would acquire deerland probiotics & enzymes, an American company, to expand its portfolio of health products and solutions and support the growth of the entire nutrition business unit. It is understood that the transaction is pending regulatory approval and is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.  
Deerland is a global supplier of probiotics, prebiotics and enzyme technology supplements. It mainly serves customers in the fields of digestion, immunity and women’s health, sports nutrition, cell repair and cardiovascular health. Its products are widely used in the fields of food and beverage, pet nutrition and so on. The company operates five production bases, one fermentation facility base and eight R & D and quality control laboratories around the world.
Source: ADM

Foodaily learned that the seasoning brand has added some flavor, and recently completed nearly 100 million yuan of round a financing. This round is led by QY capital, followed by 3W venture investment and Hangzhou Fulin venture capital, and the old shareholders continue to add. The current round of financing funds will mainly continue to be used for brand building, product innovation system and improvement of supply chain operation system. This is the third round of financing completed by Jiadian taste in one year since its establishment. Jiadian taste completed Angel round and angel + round financing respectively in October 2020 and February 2021, and introduced frontline investment institutions such as Hillhouse, IDG and Castle Peak capital.
Jiadian flavor was established in September 2020, focusing on the scene of young people’s dining table and family kitchen, and cutting into the market with original composite condiments. At present, the product line has been extended to many product series, such as bibimbap sauce, flavor soup bottom, bowl chicken seasoning, scallion sauce and so on.
Picture source: add some flavor


Recently, Hangzhou Fengyi Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the prefabricated food brand maizima, obtained Angel round financing from Yuanqi forest (Beijing) Food Technology Group Co., Ltd., and the financing amount was not disclosed.
Maizima, founded in 2019, is a C-end prefabricated dish brand of Hangzhou Fengyi Food Co., Ltd. and is committed to providing families with “restaurant level” fast cooking cuisine. In 2020, maizima ascended to the top 1 of tmall’s “fresh – Semi-finished dishes” category. Since 2019, the brand has launched more than 30 prefabricated dishes such as boiled beef, sweet and sour pork tenderloin and pickled fish, with a total monthly sales of about 20 million yuan. Offline, maizima has settled in more than 140 stores of Century Lianhua and more than 200 stores of Bailian supermarket. In addition, cooperative channels with China Resources, Wal Mart, HEMA fresh and so on are also about to start sales.
Photo source: Wheat mother


Recently, the Chinese health snack brand tipsyou completed an angel round of financing of RMB 10 million, which was not disclosed by the investor. This round of financing will be used for technology R & D, industrial chain integration, market development and team building.
Founded in 2020, tipsyou is a Chinese health snack brand built around herbal prescriptions. At present, tipsyou’s online products include hi eating sugar, good night sugar, Shuiling sugar, bright eyes sugar, etc., which meet the needs of anti sugar, calming nerves, moisturizing, eye protection, etc. In May this year, tmall’s monthly sales exceeded 1 million +, and soft candy ranked first.
Source: tipsyou


On October 29, Xianghe pastry shop, a Chinese pastry brand, completed the first round of financing of more than 100 million yuan, which was invested exclusively by CMC capital and followed by Tongchuang Weiye. No. 2 capital jointly invested as a strategic investor, and Guangji capital acted as the financial adviser of this round. It is reported that in terms of store business planning, Xianghe Bobo store will continue to increase investment in online channels. In addition, it is also docking with offline supermarkets and convenience stores.
Founded in 2015, Xianghe pastry shop is a century old Chinese pastry brand. Its products mainly include cakes, pastries and cakes, which inherit the palace pastries to this day. At present, the brand has more than ten stores in Tianjin. In addition, it has settled in online channels such as tmall,, wechat and wechat mall, iterating over 50-60 new varieties every year.  
Photo source: Xianghe pastry shop



Recently, the cooked food chain brand jiuduorou completed a round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan, which was exclusively invested by Everbright holding consumer fund. It is reported that this round of financing will be used for enterprise digital construction, supply chain system upgrading and sales channel expansion.
Jiuduorouduo was founded in 2016, focusing on stewed food. At present, it has more than 1000 stores with an annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan. Its sales modes include direct stores, franchise stores, supermarket joint ventures, rest food circulation, Internet e-commerce, etc. offline stores have already spread all over 18 provincial cities and towns in Henan Province. In 2020, the company began to focus on developing markets outside the province. At present, it has radiated to Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Anhui, Hubei and other provinces.
Image source: Internet
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