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WanDian tea, how to compete?

In this category of gunsmoke competing for the user’s mind, I was surprised by the performance of new tea drinks.

There is no so-called “super” pattern, no weak innovation and scene, and no sign of being eroded by the periodic attribute.
The whole industry is divided, integrated, meticulous and focused. The concepts of burning fairy grass, grain tea, health care style and national style tea change one after another, until a hand-made lemon tea will also become a kind of fresh knowledge and be alone in a “corner”
The variable is dividend, and the competition is more than “internal volume”.
Suddenly, I found that the market growth of tea has attracted the attention of the whole industry, and the collective brands have entered the “WanDian” pattern with great strides. With the thinking of always looking for increment, a new business field is coming.
Tuodian Honghuang
When the agitation of consumer goods becomes potential energy, the speed and volume scale of store expansion are obvious indicators.
Airy consulting provided a set of data:
Pictures from the Internet
Some data are inconsistent with the actual situation. For example, chabaidao has more than 5000 stores, and the number of aunt stores in Shanghai has exceeded 3500.
In terms of the number of stores, honey snow ice city is the only brand to break through the ten thousand stores. However, the book may also burn fairy grass, coco can, ancient tea and a hundred courses of tea, which may break the ten thousand stores quickly.
There are several “profiles”:
Chabaidao expanded 5000 stores within 3 years and established 8 branches within 3 months, which is equivalent to nearly 1700 stores per year;
Aunt Hushang has opened 1000 new stores since the beginning of the year;
In Zhengzhou, the base of snow ice city, hundreds of people gather to interview and join in every day. It is estimated that there are 400 people per day;
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Even, the tea Yan Yuese, who is rooted in Changsha and does not want to “go out”, has added nearly 100 stores in less than seven months. Its “imaginary enemy” – overlord chaji, claims to open more than 2000 next year to win the national style track with “quantity”.
“To see the growth pattern of the brand, we should take the quarter as the unit.” an insider described, “at the beginning of the year, when we look at the lemon category, it is still the strong pattern of tarting and uncle Qiu. In a few months, the lemon season has killed Changsha from the north, opened 150 stores and seized the southern market.”
The horse racing enclosure of the brand gave birth to a huge incremental market for tea.
The first is the acceleration of the admission of new brands.
According to the enterprise survey data, there were 306300 milk tea related enterprises in China in 2020, and the registration volume has increased significantly in recent four years. The registration volume of milk tea related enterprises was 50000 in 2017, increased to 87700 in 2019, and increased to 94300 in 2020.
There is no lack of strength representatives in new brands. As a “new star” in the sinking market last year, tianlala opened more than 700 stores during the year.
From the perspective of brand chain, drinks are also unique.
According to the data from China chain operation association, by the end of 2020, the chain rate of tea reached 36%, exceeding the average chain rate of the catering industry by 15%.
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In addition, in 2020, the scale of China’s new tea market will be about 83.1 billion yuan. It is expected that the high compound growth rate of the industry will reach 20% from 2021 to 2023, and the new tea market revenue is expected to reach 142.8 billion yuan in 2023.
Behind the slightly “Crazy” speed, in addition to the brand’s own output capacity, capital is the biggest chip, which solves the capital demand of store expansion.
Meituan data view according to public information statistics, from January to August 2021 alone, the investment in tea drinking track has reached 87, with an investment amount of 17.92 billion. In addition to well-known brands such as Xicha and aunt Hushang, there are also rookies such as Chunfeng.
According to the judgment of the industry, China’s tea market is still in the middle of development, and it is far from touching the ceiling in the rising channel.
area is king
In this rising channel, new patterns, scenes and characteristic consumption are quietly incubated. In fact, the middle personality is “determined” by two expansion genes from 0 to 1 and from region to country.
From 0 to 1, it is the original gene, or the rooted gene. I think it is the “region” through. Moreover, this “region” basically avoids the front line.
Tea Yan Yuese is based in Changsha and radiates to the surrounding areas; the book also burns fairy grass from Chengdu, first to Sichuan and Chongqing, and then to the southwest; a yoghurt cow takes Chongqing as its root and opens more than 1000 chains, claiming to sell 3000 cups a day; yihetang hits Wuhan first and 7 points sweet in Suzhou
Even Xi tea has been deeply cultivated in a small place in Jiangmen for several years.
Aunt Hushang is very interesting. It comes from Shanghai. It is a southern brand, but it is deeply cultivated in Tianjin, which also builds a “bridgehead” for its northern market development.
After the regional penetration, how to go out? Some brands decide to operate directly, and some will use the franchise layout.
But whether it is directly operated or joined, it is the level of “technology”. The real expansion gene is rooted in the strategic aesthetics of layout.
For example, low-cost brands such as honey snow ice city advocate sinking and penetration.
It will have 20 + stores in a small county, with an average of 3 km to see one. The layout logic of honey snow ice city is:
First, when stores are dense, they are very competitive in the region, and competitive products are not easy to come in.
Second, the personnel management cost, goods transportation cost and the management cost of the headquarters to the stores will be reduced very low.
For waist brands like aunt Hushang, the expansion philosophy advocates “avoiding strong enemies and fighting weak enemies”. That is, avoid the regional markets with high concentration of tea brands such as Shanghai, and aim at the development of second, third and fourth tier cities that lack local strong brands.
In the next step, we will continue to expand the scale in advantageous areas, and at the same time, we will infiltrate into the provinces with more developed economy and large population base in the south, so as to develop the cities with 100 stores to 50-100.
According to the industry share, the waist brand has a set of methodology against head brands such as Xi tea and Naixue.
There are two dimensions:
The first dimension
is that although you can’t win A-class shops in the competition, you will quickly win B-class shops and open small shops around the business district or Zhongdao stores in the shopping center, forming a trend of encirclement and suppression;
second dimension
second, build a landmark flagship store in a landmark City, open multiple standard stores around it, establish brand effect, and expand the model to other cities, that is, one flagship store in one city + n standard stores, so as to quickly seize an area with the trend of encirclement and support. Even if your family is dominant, it will not be able to compete with our prairie fire.
After the rapid development in recent years, the pattern of new tea is becoming more and more obvious:
In the high-end market, Xi tea and Naixue “two heroes” stand side by side, surrounded by Lele tea;
Pictures from the Internet
Waist brands also gain a large number of fans with their own characteristics;
In the low price market, honey Snow Ice City firmly grasped the hearts of young people in the town.
I am optimistic about the strong occupation pattern of the waist brand. They have an advantage of positioning. It can be summarized as “making high-end version of honey snow and low-cost version of happy tea”, that is, on the basis of quality upgrading and easily acceptable prices, the brand can not only sink to the third and fourth tier cities for rapid expansion, but also meet the needs of consumers in the first and second tier cities.
Digital “wings”
Of course, for a tea brand, it is not the most difficult to run blindfolded. The difficult thing is to open a store at a stable speed on the premise of consistent quality.
Especially for the franchise system.
The founder of a well-known tea brand described the concept of “full life management cycle”. When personnel recruitment, management, salary, logistics support, activity planning, new product R & D, takeout operation and marketing activities are within the scope of the headquarters, franchised stores only need to do three things: do a good job in products, sanitation and services.
Key words: operation capability, supply chain, R & D capability.
The only way to realize the unification of the above three is digitization.
Overweight digitization is a major trend in the beverage industry this year. Based on two phenomena: online channel has gradually become an important position for ordering and marketing; Improving digitization can help further automate and intelligentize business and reduce labor costs.
A vivid change is that the automatic tea making equipment in beverage stores is slowly replacing employees’ automatic milk tea making. In addition, many beverage stores try automatic ordering and automatic scheduling systems to replace manual replenishment with artificial intelligence.
Digitization is also one of the prerequisites for high-speed store expansion.
Pictures from the Internet
Some media have introduced that in Naixue’s new tea store plan, the “Naixue Pro” with fewer clerks has become the main force. The brand disclosed that Naixue Pro tea store can reduce the number of clerks because it has “advanced technology, simplified store layout and simplified operation process”.
According to statistics, the average number of clerks in Naixue Pro tea shop is about 13, which is lower than the average number of clerks in Naixue standard tea shop in the same period.
In the white paper on the digital transformation trend of new consumer chain brands given by iResearch consulting, we can see its model and solution.
Pictures from the Internet
  The operation basis of traditional tea stores is concentrated on QSC, while marketing promotion tends to be in the form of store posters or outdoor advertising, which are relatively parallel.
In the concept of digital marketing, the data collected and analyzed by digital management will be used as a reference for product iteration, new product R & D, building a global consumer operation system and marketing value.
We can deduce a scenario demonstration:
After the deployment of multiple platforms such as small programs, takeout and e-commerce, consumption opinions can be derived from their region, product purchase records and product message information, so as to provide a theoretical basis for the R & D team’s improvement and innovation of products.
Before the formal launch, the purchasing, warehousing and logistics departments will calculate the purchase volume of raw materials based on the number of stores in each region and historical sales performance.
In the actual sales process, the supply cycle of raw materials is determined in time through the change of data. The operation Department informs the store of SOP in advance and conducts online assessment through digital management tools.
The marketing department can accurately send cards and vouchers to target members through user portraits and target sales volume of the digital platform to activate their consumption.
Therefore, the expansion of the tea market must not be extensive growth, but rooted in large-scale and professional competition. The use of digital tools can open up a green channel for “connected and locked” tea enterprises to help them overtake in corners.
Write at the end:
“If the industry that can get rich keeps getting shorter links and higher barriers, the middle class will shrink and more people will fall. We urgently need a long link, which requires high core technology, but we still need large-scale employment on the link, and the threshold is not so high. This is the strongest voice of the times. This is the real root of the country Ben. “
The tea industry is deducing such a link.
The value of practitioners in the beverage industry has been affirmed, and tea mixers have become professional recognition;
The R & D investment of high-quality fruit seed sources has begun to take the lead in the industry, which also drives the upstream agricultural development of tea raw materials;
The combination of new agriculture, new consumption and new technology is enough to provide a super industry with an output value of trillions.
The era of beverage stores has represented the best catering industry.
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