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Danone newdihia’s child care wisdom service is another child! Help Chinese families “feed freely”

Focusing on the general trend of fine and professional mother and baby consumption, Danone Nutricia, as a well-known brand of nutrition in early life, has offered a heavyweight “one-stop wisdom platform” service for scientific research and parenting.


At this year’s Expo, Danone Nutricia held a press conference with the theme of “helping Chinese families feed freely”, announcing the first launch of “one-stop intelligent feeding platform – aptaclub feed freely” (hereinafter referred to as aptaclub feed freely). “In order to better serve the new generation of Chinese mothers, combined with the professional background of newdihia, we hope to help them realize their feeding freedom by providing professional and authoritative knowledge, intimate services and intelligent tools,” the company said.

According to reports, aptaclub feeding free wisdom feeding platform is a digital platform that supports the whole stage feeding of 1000 days in the early life. It gathers the strength of global scientific research teams and local experts, and integrates Danone newdihia’s exclusive series of resources to provide professional “one-stop” wisdom feeding services for Chinese families.


“We hope that the ‘one-stop intelligent feeding platform – aptaclub feeding freedom’ can quickly reach thousands of families with the spillover effect of the Expo, so that Chinese families at different feeding stages and in different cities can enjoy the ‘one-stop’ scientific feeding service, and better protect the healthy growth of Chinese babies,” said Zhou Zhigang, vice president of China of Danone newsia.


Meanwhile, at the scene, Gregg ward, head of Danone development and scientific research center, counted Danone’s innovation and breakthrough in scientific research all the time. For example, Danone Nutricia has established Danone life transformation nutrition open scientific research center in Shanghai, and has carried out breakthrough research in breast milk research, gastrointestinal health and immunity in cooperation with China’s top experts; He also cooperated with experts from Shanghai Jiaotong University and six leading pediatric research hospitals in China to complete a pioneering research called Dragon study.


Gregg Ward said: “the focus of Danone’s development in China in recent years is to apply the 100 year advanced global R & D accumulation to better serve the health needs of Chinese consumers. We hope to provide a professional one-stop intelligent feeding platform to customize more balanced and nutritious health feeding solutions for Chinese mothers and support the scientific childcare needs of ‘pioneer’ mothers.”


Snack generation learned that aptaclub feed freedom will launch an independent wechat applet with five built-in modules: knowledge, tools, consultation, product knowledge and public welfare, so as to provide users with a more convenient and friendly experience through a clear interface.


In order to help every Chinese family realize “feeding freedom”, aptaclub feeding freedom will provide a variety of personalized functions. For example, the digital feeding tool provided by the platform can help novice parents easily arrange feeding plans; Through personalized feeding product suggestions, meet the personalized nutritional needs of pregnant mothers and babies.


In addition to collecting the scientific research achievements of Danone newdihia over a century, aptaclub feeding freedom also introduces the resources of top authoritative experts in China, provides parents with systematic and scientific feeding encyclopedia and professional knowledge reserve, and cooperates with micro doctors and nutritionists to provide 24-hour online services to solve feeding difficulties and questions in time.


“Letting the public know about health protection knowledge as soon as possible can not only reduce the anxiety of adverse health, but also save the medical economic cost. We hope that all sectors of society will actively participate, constantly innovate the content and form of popular science, better transmit popular science knowledge to patients, and contribute to the ‘Healthy China’ strategy.” Chen Tongxin, director of the Department of allergy and immunology of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, said: “The one-stop science and technology feeding popular science platform ‘aptaclub feeding freedom’ of Danone new dihia gathers the strength of scientific research teams and experts to help promote popular science knowledge with an innovative model, which is a good innovative exploration. We hope to bring more professional knowledge to more people accurately and scientifically through this platform.”


With the increasingly fierce competition of infant food, the competition between brands has further extended from products to services. How to attract more consumers and improve the professional image of the brand through value-added services has become a necessary question to drive growth.

In recent years, based on its deep insight into the nutritional needs of Chinese mothers and babies, Danone nutrihia has continuously strengthened scientific research and innovation. In addition to the above-mentioned studies based on global scientific research and local insight, it has also launched more than a dozen advanced digital technology health tools, such as the “golden stool decoder” for breastfeeding guidance based on AI technology and the Intelligent Consultant for tracking the growth of babies “Growth curve tool”, etc.  

It is worth noting that this year, Danone has also launched a new “Five-Year Plan” for development in the Chinese market. In the next five years, Danone will further implement the “create in China, make in China” strategy, continue to build advanced local scientific research and production strength in China, and continue to accelerate the transformation of cutting-edge scientific research achievements into advanced nutritional solutions through localized production.

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