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Keep, little muscle Prince and Yamei’s new products with low sugar and low card are listed in the consumption trend report of generation Z healthy food of Jingdong supermarket

Jingdong’s 11.11 climax occurred one after another, and more than 190 million goods were sold in just four hours. Many new products such as sheep milk powder, organic milk and high-quality black coffee in Jingdong supermarket increased 4 to 20 times, and the performance of cutting-edge brands was also very bright.

In the “Z generation healthy food consumption trend report” jointly released by Jingdong supermarket and keep, keep, muscle little prince, Yami and other new low sugar, low calorie and low-fat products stand out and become the favorite of Z generation consumers.

Besides the excellent product quality of the brand itself, the reason why the cutting-edge brand can become popular on the market is also closely related to the all-round empowerment of JD Supermarket:

In terms of users, JD supermarket helps new products and cutting-edge brands better understand user needs and market. According to the report data, 77.5% of young people have the awareness of “sugar control”, which is increasing year by year, indicating that the young user group has a huge demand for low sugar, low calorie and low-fat healthy food, which is a new blue ocean market for food.

By predicting the market trend of users’ consumption behavior, JD supermarket guides cutting-edge brands to layout low sugar and low fat products in advance and leads the brand layout in advance.

In terms of channels, JD supermarket helps new products and cutting-edge brands achieve full channel coverage and help new products reach multiple points. The purchasing habits of generation Z consumers are very different from those of other groups. JD supermarket realizes global marketing through online, offline, innovative channels and o2o marketing, helps new products reach more consumers, helps cutting-edge brands reach more accurate users, quickly expand customers and detonate sales.

Generation Z consumers have higher requirements for distribution timeliness and are more willing to pay for high-quality services. In terms of warehouse distribution logistics and artificial intelligence, Jingdong supermarket has realized minute delivery in 200 cities based on the intelligent performance platform. Meet the diversified needs of consumers through intelligent logistics and improve the user experience through intelligent customer service.

In general, JD supermarket has helped new products and cutting-edge brands realize insight into users and the market through all-round empowerment, with full coverage of online and offline channels, and recommended the most appropriate products to the people most in need. In terms of warehouse distribution and service, JD supermarket has also brought excellent user experience. This is also why more and more new products and new brands choose to launch new products in JD, An important reason to open a new market.

During the 11.11 consumption season of Jingdong, low sugar, low fat and low calorie foods showed a growth trend in Jingdong supermarkets. Different from the channels of dumping inventory, selling seasonal goods and even defective goods, JD supermarket 11.11 promotes new products, trend goods and classic models. 500 million consumers set off the trend of “playing a new style of hoarding” by shopping in JD supermarket.

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