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Nestle has introduced a variety of maternal and infant nutritional supplements in China, and special medical foods for rare diseases have also appeared for the first time!

Nestle has found more “new ammunition” for itself in the highly competitive Chinese infant nutrition market. During the Expo this year, Nestle exhibited a variety of new products from cross-border channels, including enkel series of infant nutritional supplements and Nestle mother g stable powder product to help regulate blood glucose during pregnancy.


In addition, Nestle Health Sciences also exhibited its vitaflo brand focusing on clinical nutrition of rare diseases and congenital metabolic diseases for the first time. This series of products will also enter the Chinese market through cross-border channels.


Nestle China Nestle Nutrition Nutrition and medical operations and scientific affairs director Yang Yantao to the small food generation said Nestle is promoting and China’s local research institutions to carry out “bright research 2” and other new projects, hoping to integrate global research resources to provide Chinese mainland program.


Expand product line


In recent years, Nestle has introduced a variety of infant formula to the Chinese market through cross-border channels, including nenneng full care series containing five kinds of breast milk oligosaccharides, Chaoqi Neng, and grain, fruit and yogurt supplement for infants with milk protein allergy and lactose intolerance. It is worth noting that there are a variety of nutritional supplement products.


  Nestle Chinese mainland infant nutrition medical operation and scientific affairs director Yang Yantao

“Enkel series products and Nestle mother g Wenshi powder are very cutting-edge formulations of Nestle abroad, so we quickly introduce them into the Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce channels.” Yang Yantao said that nestle invests about 1.7 billion Swiss francs in global R & D every year.

For example, Nestle’s newly introduced Nestle mother g Wenshi powder is also based on its insight into the Chinese market, he said.


“The incidence of diabetes in China is about 12.8%, that is, about 130 million of adults have diabetes, and the incidence of gestational diabetes is almost 17%. According to the proportion of 10 million newborn babies every year, nearly one million pregnant women will have gestational diabetes mellitus,” Yang Yantao said. In the past, non drug control methods for gestational diabetes mellitus were usually controlled by adjusting diet or lifestyle. Nestle’s product was adjusted by inositol to regulate energy metabolism, and through probiotics to help balance the intestinal flora, maintain normal metabolism, and help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.

It is understood that Nestle has also introduced breast milk nutritional supplements and other special medical foods for premature / low birth weight infants through cross-border channels. In the scientific research link, the company is also starting to study how to deal with and slow down the special needs of pregnancy and childbirth through nutritional supplement, such as postpartum depression, breast milk secretion and so on.


“In the future, we will integrate global scientific research resources and provide nutritional solutions in combination with the actual needs of Chinese mothers and infants,” Yang Yantao said.


More local research


In order to better study and understand the Chinese market, Nestle has also carried out a series of research projects in China over the past years. “Nestle’s research mainly focuses on three aspects: basic scientific concepts, nutritional solutions and product efficacy,” Yang Yantao said.


According to the data, Nestle China has started the research since 2011. The project is jointly participated by Peking University, Nestle R & D center and Nestle Academy of nutritional sciences. It is an earlier survey covering the dietary patterns and nutritional status of relevant people in the first 1000 days of life in China. It is also the first analysis and Research on large samples of breast milk components in China.


Yang Yantao revealed that Nestle is planning to carry out “Ming research 2.0” to further pay attention to the composition of breast milk of infants in special health conditions, such as cesarean section mothers, on the basis of the original research results. At the same time, Nestle has also cooperated with relevant research institutions in China to carry out a study on the mother infant cohort of the development of intestinal flora in early life, hoping to observe the impact of intestinal flora on children’s health in early life and provide more scientific basis for the research and development of relevant product formulas in the future.


He introduced to the snack generation that nestle launched the latest clinical study rash in November last year. This study combined with Nestle’s moderately hydrolyzed whey protein formula listed in China to determine and evaluate the impact of moderately hydrolyzed formula on the skin barrier function of healthy infants, so as to further verify the preventive effect and mechanism of moderately hydrolyzed formula on atopic dermatitis.


Accelerate registration


In addition to introducing the latest formula products to China through cross-border channels, Nestle also accelerated the registration of infant nutrition and special formula products in China.


“Our regulations and product R & D team are working hard to promote the work related to registration.” he also revealed that several Nestle products are in the process of registration approval or submission for registration, including upgraded products for the release of the new national standard for infant matching.


The person in charge of Nestle health science also disclosed to the snack generation that the vitaflo related products introduced during the Expo are temporarily sold only in Nestle Health Science Jingdong overseas flagship store through cross-border e-commerce channels.


“In the future, we will actively communicate with relevant registration departments and use registration channels such as Dawan district to speed up the formal registration of products. At the same time, we will also cooperate with relevant government departments, foundations in relevant fields, patient organizations and medical professionals, hoping to help more patients with rare diseases and congenital metabolic diseases in China,” the person said.

Focus on special areas

Snack generation learned that this year, Nestle’s health science business exhibited a total of 86 products of seven sub brands at the Expo, including 10 special medical formulas of vitaflo brand, covering multiple disease fields such as congenital metabolic diseases, children’s epilepsy, children’s kidney disease and nutritional support.

Gu Xinxin, President of Nestle Health Sciences Greater China, said that although the market audience of special medical formulas for rare diseases and congenital metabolic diseases is very small, the company still hopes to provide safe and effective treatment solutions for patients. “In the field of related treatment, vitaflo has professional doctor and patient education resources, which provides strong support for doctors and patients around the world. In the future, we will introduce more innovative vitaflo products into China,” Gu Xinxin said.

She also mentioned that in recent years, Nestle health science has continuously expanded and improved its structure and territory in the field of dietary supplements, and successively launched a series of products such as whole food organic brand life garden, high-end low sensitivity brand pure supplements, American collagen brand vital proteins and so on. This year, it also completed the acquisition of the core brands of the bountiful company, a world-renowned manufacturer of nutritional supplements, and has reached an acquisition agreement with nuun, a leading functional sports beverage brand.

Gu Xinxin also said that in the future, in the Chinese market, in addition to consolidating the current product advantages in the intestinal field, the company will also pay attention to the introduction of joint, brain, eye, hair and skin products.

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