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How can you be absent from this “global innovation bureau”? The fourth Isee innovation award is open!

“highlight the spirit of food innovation and let good products be seen by more people”. The registration of the fourth Isee award Global Food Innovation Award (ISEE Innovation Award for short) has been opened.
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Condensing global innovative ideas and practices and accommodating new brands and products from all over the world, the 4th Isee award Global Food Innovation Award (hereinafter referred to as Isee Innovation Award) The registration was officially opened. After three years of precipitation and sorting, Isee Innovation Award continues to uphold the original intention of professionalism and authority, create a voice window for industry, commerce and consumers for the food industry, and provide a free and exciting platform for food innovation.


To this end, the fourth Isee Innovation Award continues to be heavily upgraded:


Global Isee, let discovery upgrade: the fourth Isee innovation award will fully open the ability to discover global innovation. Representatives of China’s local and innovative forces can gather here to show the global cutting-edge innovation direction and innovation practice on the same stage, so as to promote the collision and integration of China’s local and overseas innovation forces.


More professional and in-depth interpretation to upgrade the content: observe product & Innovation from the perspective of business ecology. The fourth Isee innovation award will not only accommodate the innovation model of global innovative products / brands / technologies / enterprises / figures, but also work with foodaily Industry & business think tank to show the story behind innovation and business practice, create an industry benchmark, lead and empower the new food era.


More creative media & innovation activities to upgrade communication and experience: Isee innovation award has always been more than discovery and recognition. We hope to make food innovation seen by the industry and consumers. Therefore, the fourth Isee innovation award will create a series of creative activities for Industry and consumers to spread content and innovation.

Isee innovation Yearbook 2020-2021 Edition


In particular, in the 20000 square meters of food fbic2022 global food and beverage Innovation Conference & Food Expo 2022 daily food innovation Expo (2022.05.31-2022.06.02), the global award exhibition area, “Isee night” award ceremony and a wide range of innovation activities will be presented here. Isee innovation award will join hands with innovative brands at home and abroad to go to the annual feast of new food consumption in China.


Bearing the spirit and feelings of innovation, Isee Innovation Award looks forward to the participation of every industry partner, grow together with the industry from an open perspective, and take another step towards the end of the new food era.


  1. Award setting
  2. Award rights
  3. Judges and review
  4. Participants
  5. Award timeline
  6. Reporting process
  7. Award contact
  8. About the organizer foodaily daily food


Award setting


Isee innovation award includes two categories: Industry (including product, brand and Technology) and business (enterprise and character). In addition, Isee innovation award is a special grand prize,   It aims to commend enterprises with outstanding performance or strong comprehensive strength in innovation, sustainable development, excellent management and experience (i.e. the meaning represented by the four letters I, s, e and E). In particular, with the promotion of carbon peak and carbon neutralization and the progress of the concept of sustainable development of society and enterprises, we will focus on the business practice of practicing ESG standards in the selection of the awards.



与此同时,本着专业权威的初心,同时随着食品饮料行业创新的日渐繁荣和入场者的增多, iSEE创新奖在复审阶段设置了“iSEE创新TOP榜单”它既表彰在激烈竞争中表现亮眼的创新代表,也代表着角逐行业类、商业类以及全场大奖等终极奖项的提名资格。


Judges and reviewers


Isee Innovation Award Evaluation Committee consists of five parts: evaluation presidium, business jury, Innovation Committee, product Committee and super consumer, and scores, discusses and makes decisions according to their corresponding focus dimensions in the award evaluation process.



Award rights


Enterprises / brands entering different stages of award evaluation will receive different corresponding rights and interests. For specific rights and interests description, please refer to the participation Manual of the fourth Isee Innovation Award (please scan the QR code at the end of the text or Isee. Foodaily. Com).


1) B-end media matrix communication & activity promotion


  • The report runs through the whole communication process of Isee Innovation Award and accurately reaches professional users;
  • Have the opportunity to participate in foodaily’s monthly high-frequency media welfare activities for free (a certain number of products need to be provided);
  • Free access to resource demand docking or media exposure opportunities;
  • Free access to targeted interviews, interview and recommendation opportunities, in-depth interpretation of award-winning cases, etc.


B) Foodaily daily food go! In the annual series of innovation activities, I have the opportunity to be invited to participate in a series of activities such as “go! Innovation” monthly theme open class, innovation search, entering business school and so on.


2) C-end media matrix communication & activity promotion


  • Have the opportunity to reach consumers through the “suprechao trendy” new media matrix (microblog, wechat, xiaohongshu, community) and cooperative celebrities / C-end media;
  • Have the opportunity to participate in the annual Koi activity of Chaowei. Chaowei’s strongest eating Koi this year, brand Fanglan V linkage overweight, and 100 microblog experts forwarding help (a certain number of products need to be provided).


3) Foodaily fbic2022 & foodaily expo2022 participating interests

  • Have the opportunity to get the opportunity of Exhibition & Appreciation in the exhibition area of the Global Innovation Award;
  • Have the opportunity to attend the Isee night award ceremony;
  • Have the opportunity to get 2 free tickets to the exhibition;
  • Have the opportunity to purchase food expo 2022 booth first (only 100 seats);
  • Have the opportunity to participate in invited speeches or round table discussions.

4) Other

  • After the award, the corresponding award authentication and the authorized use of associated visual documents;
  • After winning the award, you can enter the Isee innovation Yearbook;
  • Online exhibition. After winning the prize, it will be displayed on the official website of Isee Innovation Award;
  • Continuous media cooperation and service.



Award timeline



Reporting process

iSEE创新奖采用线上提报, 报名请点击iSEE创新奖官网(网址按照如下流程进行提报,详细报名流程请参考《第四届iSEE创新奖参奖手册》。另外, 报名通道于11月9日正式开启。

Award contact
About sponsor
Foodaily daily food
Foodaily daily food, founded in 2009, as a new business media perpendicular to the food and beverage field, we are committed to observing the food industry chain and its new business value through innovative products. We have a global perspective and a local foothold. We hope to make food innovation within reach through our links.
Foodaily provides a global perspective for food industry, starting with innovative products, including WeChat official account, community, website and other media matrix. It brings together high-quality resources in the whole industry chain through online and offline industry activities: annual Foodaily FBIC global food and beverage Innovation Conference, Foodaily EXPO daily food innovation Expo, iSEE Innovation Award, Go! Innovation, tidal wave plan and tidal Carnival to promote the business link of the whole scene of innovation, especially the process from 0 to 1.
In view of the new characteristics of China’s consumer market and commercial digitization, we have launched an innovation model of “open innovation under design thinking” based on consumer centered empathy and empathy, integrating cross functions within the organization and linking resources outside the organization, and taking core value feasible products as the basis, And take this as the core idea to build capinno, the first open innovation platform of China’s food industry. We are committed to becoming an industrial router in China’s food and beverage field linked by innovative products and in the new food era.
Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
Join the community: Cherry (micro signal: 15240428449).
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The 8th foodaily   0, and take it as the theme, through the three-day new consumption innovation test ground ✕ the stage of global innovative products ✕ the food Developer Conference ✕ the top product social circle, run through the upstream and downstream of the food industry chain, link the whole scene of new consumption business, take another step towards the end of the new food era, explain the future of new consumption of food in China once and present the brand ecology 360 °.,
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