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Jianhe continued to bet on healthy snacks, and Swisse and suligo released a number of new products

At the fourth five-day Expo, Jianhe group, which owns heshengyuan, Swisse sweisch and solid gold Suli, exhibited about 70 products.

Among them, the new products include Swisse me’s substitute milkshake and a series of nutritional soft candy products, as well as children’s probiotics + lutein ester pressed candy under synbiotic brand. Su LIGO, who made his debut at the Expo, also unveiled a plasma immune double fight food called “black technology”.

It is reported that the group also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with xianle health, a global leader in the R & D and manufacturing of nutritious and healthy foods, to further strengthen cooperation.

Overweight healthy snacks

Earlier this year, Swisse launched a new lifestyle nutrition brand Swisse me Series in the Chinese market this year. This sub brand took the lead in listing in Europe in 2019.

In terms of Jianhe, Swisse me is a healthy and nutritious food product line for younger and new generations of consumers. It hopes to create convenient, simple and targeted healthy life solutions for Chinese consumers. It is also an important attempt for Swisse to explore the Chinese market.

Xiaoshidai noticed that Swisse me exhibited collagen peptide sodium hyaluronate soft candy γ- Aminobutyric acid soft candy and other new products are respectively oriented to health demands such as beauty and skin care and promoting sleep.

Statistics show that sodium hyaluronate was approved as a new food raw material in January this year. This ingredient and collagen are also Oral Beauty raw materials, γ- Aminobutyric acid was included in the list of new resource foods earlier.

According to the insight into the consumption attitude of Chinese young people’s online health products in 2020 released by cbndata last year, the consumption scale of oral beauty, sports nutrition and gastrointestinal nutrition is the largest, which is generally welcomed by young people, while categories such as improving sleep show rapid growth.

In addition, Swisse me has also cut into the popular substitute food nutrition market and launched a variety of substitute food milkshake products. It is understood that in the future, the brand will launch more nutritious and healthy snacks.

Accelerate the layout of pet grain market

After the wholly-owned acquisition of American pet nutrition company suligo in November last year, the brand officially landed on multiple domestic e-commerce platforms during 618 this year. At present, suligo is comprehensively accelerating the distribution speed of online and offline channels.

At the exhibition site, in addition to displaying a variety of products such as full-term dry food of high protein series, suligo also brought a plasma immune double food, which is expected to officially enter the Chinese market next year. Statistics show that this product contains more than 10 kinds of highly bioactive immune factors, which belongs to the second generation of granule + functional protein staple food, “comprehensively strengthen pet intestinal function and systemic immune health”.

Pet nutrition and care business is the third pillar sector that Jianhe is trying to build. Shortly after the acquisition of suligo, the group spent US $610 million this year to acquire zesty paws, an American pet nutrition brand.

“We see that there is huge growth space under the trend of pet consumption upgrading, and more and more pet owners regard pets as a part of their family members. Therefore, Jianhe exhibited solid gold, a pet nutrition brand, for the first time. We hope to have synergy with other businesses, accelerate the development of the Chinese market, and grasp all channel opportunities online and offline through continuous product innovation, Build a family wide nutrition and health product matrix of Jianhe in an all-round way, “Jianhe said.

The group also said that in the future, on the one hand, it will continue to strengthen its R & D and innovation ability tailored for the Chinese market, focus on research fields such as nutrition and nursing, and transform scientific research achievements into nutritional and health products. On the other hand, it also introduces more global innovation achievements through platforms such as China International Expo.

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