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According to the latest fund-raising plan of Haidilao, chayan Yuese responded to the closing of the store. Tims China’s affiliated company was fined 200000. Yuanqi forest may shop 100000 smart cabinets next year. The double ten one good news real-time transaction volume is gone

Hot company information and announcement


Haidilao’s latest fundraising

Today, Haidilao announced that it plans to place 115 million shares at HK $20.33-21 per share, raising up to US $310 million. Today, Haidilao closed at HK $22, or up 5.21%. (company announcement)

Yuanqi forest is accused of laying 100000 smart containers next year

It is reported that Yuanqi forest is alleged to have set up several teams to try the intelligent container project. The internal goal is to lay 100000 intelligent containers nationwide by the end of 2022. Each team needs to be responsible for its own profits and losses. (latepost later)


Chayan Yuese responded and temporarily closed the store

In view of the temporary closure of some stores in Changsha, chayan Yuese’s official microblog issued a document on the afternoon of November 10, saying that the recent centralized temporary closure is the third centralized temporary closure of chayan Yuese this year, and said that it will try its best to make more correct decisions and make fewer mistakes. Tea Yan Yuese had previously announced that about 80 stores had been temporarily closed in Changsha. (Beijing business daily)



Announcement of Yum China’s acquisition of control of Hangzhou KFC

From today on, yum (China) Investment Co., Ltd. obtained the control right of Hangzhou KFC Co., Ltd. through the contract. On September 16, yum China signed an agreement with the shareholders of Hangzhou beverage service, agreeing that Yum China would acquire a total of 28% of the minority non controlling interests of Hangzhou beverage service. Hangzhou KFC is a 45% subsidiary of Hangzhou beverage service. As part of the proposed transaction arrangement, yum China and Hangzhou Yinfu agreed to amend the articles of association and joint venture contract of Hangzhou KFC, so as to enable Yum China to obtain independent control over Hangzhou KFC by increasing the board seats assigned by Yum China to Hangzhou KFC. (antitrust bureau)

Tims China’s affiliated company falsely advertised that coffee was sugar free and fined 200000 yuan

According to the website of Shanghai market supervision bureau, recently, TIMS China affiliated company Tianhao (China) Investment Co., Ltd. was fined 200000 yuan for false publicity. It is understood that on June 12, 2021 and July 1, 2021, Shanghai Huangpu District Market Supervision Bureau received complaints and reports from the national 12315 Internet platform, reflecting that “Tim Hortons flagship store” sold a coffee and claimed that it was sugar free. After purchase, it found that the carbohydrate content of the product was as high as 60.1g, which was considered not in line with the claim of sugar free in the national standard gb28050, It is required to investigate and deal with the party Tianhao (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and claim compensation. It was found that the carbohydrate (sugar) content of the above doughnut freeze-dried coffee powder sold by the party in “Tim Hortons flagship store” did not meet the requirement of claiming “no sugar”. (China Finance)

Some milk powder enterprises said they had no price adjustment plan

Despite the increase in milk powder raw materials, milk powder enterprises generally deny the price increase. Feihe, Mead Johnson, A2 and Aoyou milk powder enterprises said they had not adjusted their prices. Wyeth also said that its Qibin and platinum Zhen series products currently have no price adjustment plan. Only Nestle said that the price of individual special medical formulas was slightly adjusted (about 5%). (blue whale Finance)


Hengshun vinegar industry plans to raise no more than 2 billion yuan

Yesterday, Hengshun vinegar industry announced that it plans to raise no more than 2 billion yuan to be used for the continuation project of Hengshun vinegar production expansion (phase II), the expansion project of 30000 tons of brewing vinegar, the construction project of 100000 tons of yellow rice wine and cooking wine (expansion), the intelligent production line project of 45000 tons of original brewing soy sauce and vinegar of Xuzhou Hengshun Wantong food Brewing Co., Ltd An annual output of 100000 tons of condiment intelligent production project, an annual output of 100000 tons of compound condiment construction project, etc. (36Kr)

Halo food, a dairy company, signed a $40 million MOU with New Zealand, China

Yesterday, halo foodco. Ltd disclosed to the market that its New Zealand subsidiary keynote enterprises and New Zealand cloud (Shanghai) e-commerce Co., Ltd., which is invested and held by Alibaba group, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on strategic cooperation with a total value of US $40 million. The two sides intend to jointly develop and produce milk powder products in China. (Aohua Finance Online)

Two new products will be launched on Sunday

On November 9, the plant meat brand took a number of new products to FHC (Shanghai Global Food Exhibition) on Sunday. During the period, the company launched two new products, one is the plant based pastrami product launched for the medium and high-end b-end market, and the other is the “smile shake Cup” of high protein happy snack for the C-end market. (issued by the company)

Yuanqi forest launches new flavor fiber tea

Today, Yuanqi forest released a new flavor of fiber tea – sugar free mulberry leaf tea. It is said that “each bottle of fiber tea contains 7.5 grams of mulberry leaf extract, 0 sugar, 0 calorie, 0 fat and no caffeine”. (issued by the company)

Beyond meat’s third quarter net loss was $54.82 million

It is reported that the plant meat producer beyond meat (Chinese Name: other meat customers) had a net revenue of US $106 million in the third quarter of this year, compared with us $94.44 million in the same period last year; The net loss was US $54.82 million, compared with us $19.29 million in the same period last year. In addition, the company expects the revenue in the fourth quarter to be lower than expected, and the net income guidance for the quarter is 85 million ~ 110 million US dollars. (Zhitong finance and economics, Reuters)


Production expansion of Danone plant-based brand alpro


Yesterday, Danone’s plant-based brand alpro announced its latest investment in Kaitlin plant in the UK, including a new high-speed production facility costing £ 17 million, advanced cogeneration device and water treatment plant. The new facility will increase the production capacity to 300 million litres of plant drinks per year and is expected to increase to 400 million litres in 2022. The new investment is part of its £ 41m investment plan to increase capacity and enhance its sustainability certification. (Built Environment Networking)

Quick reading of food industry information



Today, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration issued a circular on the unqualified sampling inspection of 37 batches of food. A total of 1508 batches of samples were inspected and determined according to the national food safety standards, including 1471 batches of qualified samples and 37 batches of unqualified samples. (Guangdong market supervision and Administration Bureau)


The good news real-time turnover is gone

Informed sources said that neither tmall nor JD will release real-time data this year. JD will release the overall data on the day of double 11, while tmall is not sure whether it will disclose the final transaction volume. (surging)

The turnover of 382 brands in the double 11 exceeded 100 million yuan

From 0:00 on November 1 to 0:45 on November 11, the turnover of 382 brands in tmall double 11 exceeded 100 million yuan. (daily economic news microblog)

It takes only 7 minutes for JD to complete the first order of hourly purchase and delivery on the peak day of 11.11

Seven minutes after Jingdong opened on the peak day of 11.11, Jingdong hourly purchase completed its first delivery order. Jingdong hourly purchase is a unified real-time retail brand officially launched by Jingdong and dada group before 11.11. Corresponding to the mode of “online order, store delivery, hourly or even minute delivery”, it integrates all the real-time retail capabilities that can provide commodity hourly services in Jingdong ecological domain, and is fully undertaken by dada group. (issued by the company)


According to the latest data of lazada, an e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, the sales in the first hour of November 11 in Singapore increased by 10 times compared with the average day, and the sales in Vietnam doubled year-on-year. This year, about 800000 brands and businesses participated in lazada’s 11.11 promotion, which doubled year-on-year. In addition, shopee, a cross-border e-commerce provider in Southeast Asia, released the data for the first two hours of double 11: 11 million goods were sold in the first five minutes, and the platform traffic rose to 5.5 times in the first two hours. (36kr, interface)

Russian dairy said it would continue to cooperate with China

Gubina, the representative of Russia’s dmitrov Dairy Co., Ltd. in China, said that the epidemic has increased the difficulty of commercial logistics and planning business development, but even so, the company still intends to make its products cover China as much as possible and continue to let Chinese consumers know about high-quality Russian food. Dmitrov Dairy Co., Ltd. also appeared in this Expo (Russian satellite news agency)


Xiaohongshu’s application for registration of “laohongshu” trademark was rejected

Recently, the trademark process of “old red book” for scientific instruments applied for registration by xiaohongshu Technology Co., Ltd. has been changed to “reject review”. The trademark application was made on June 8, 2021, and the application progress of “old red book” for communication services has been updated to “preliminary review announcement”. In this regard, xiaohongshu responded that this was due to a third party trying to rush to register multiple “old Hongshu” trademarks and is currently initiating a review. (36Kr)

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