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Nielsen 2021 North American breakthrough innovation award announced, how do other children innovate?

the current situation creates heroes and takes innovation as a weapon. Who will be the darling of the next era.

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On November 3, 2021, the highly anticipated Nielsen North American bases best breakthrough innovation list was released.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the base breakthrough innovation project. For a long time, the base best breakthrough innovation list has inspired more brands by recognizing successful innovative brands or products and deeply analyzing their innovation models and methods.
The list shows the development trend of consumer goods in North America in the past year, and reflects the breakthrough innovation performance of brands and products from multiple dimensions such as consumption potential, brand strategic change, product innovation degree, product life and market development.
From the list of breakthrough innovative products in North America released this year, it can be seen that health trends such as low sugar and high protein have increasingly become the focus of brands in the field of catering and snacks. At the same time, beverage brands have begun to try to break the circle further in the scene and crowd. In addition to using technology to create new categories or product innovation at the product level such as product form and function and consumption scene, brand competition Slight changes and image building have also had a far-reaching impact on the development of the brand itself. Among the 23 listed products, it can be seen that the innovation of the brand mainly focuses on factors such as health and function, flavor and taste.
Next, go into this innovation feast with foodaily to see how other people’s children innovate.
Crown Royal Peach
Canned cocktails, the young wind vane of traditional wine?
Source: Crown Royal official website
As the world’s largest selling Canadian whisky brand, Crown Royal whisky is regarded by many as the epitome and symbol of Canadian whisky. The original Crown Royal was specially prepared to commemorate King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Canada in 1939. Its smooth, elegant flavor and gift worthy display reflect its charm. The traditional crown Royal L the product is bottled in glass and equipped with brand iconic packaging boxes and bags, which is a model of quality.
However, it is obvious that young consumers prefer low alcohol wines with better taste and taste experience. In order to meet the needs of young consumers for ready to drink products and tastes, Crown Royal launched three ready to drink canned whisky cocktails with classic flavors such as Washington apple, peach tea and whisky Cola before the summer of 2021, setting up a good relationship between loyal whisky fans and cocktail lovers A bridge.
Crown Royal peach’s level 14 cocktail features whisky, peach flavor and brewed tea. It combines the iconic smooth taste of traditional Crown Royal whisky with the sweetness of fresh peaches. It is very suitable for relaxation or celebration. At the same time, it will not compromise the taste of high-quality whisky.
Heineken ® zero
Low calorie, alcohol free, the future of beer is healthy, green and sustainable!
Source: Heineken official website
Heineken, a world-famous Dutch beer brand, has made a deep impression on the public with its green bottle body and red five pointed star. The company was founded in 1864. Its founder is committed to brewing light beer with excellent quality. It uses a unique strain “a-year” to make the brewed beer have light fruit aroma, which is still Heineken’s main Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Heineken 0 is a non-alcoholic beer launched by Heineken, which is only 21 cal/100mL of calories. After double brewing and removing alcohol and natural flavors, the drink displays a perfect balance of fresh fruit and soft malt, retaining the distinctive flavor of Heineken and delivering a healthier image. This beverage enables beer lovers to take any day. Enjoy Heineken’s delicious food at any time, and eliminate the fear of alcohol during pregnancy and before driving.
Since Charlene Lucille de Carvalho Heineken took charge of the company, she has set a green, innovative and sustainable development goal for the company. While Heineken 0.0 retains the characteristics of the original Heineken beer, it just reflects the new development direction. The innovative non-alcoholic wheat sprout beverage has a wider drinking range and its low calorie characteristics are more beneficial to human health, The audience is also wider.
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey
Bet on flavor. The wonderful combination of peanut butter and whisky attracts eyes and gold
Source: skrewball official website
Steve, founder of skrewball whiskey, loves peanut butter and has been trying to add peanut butter to various dishes. By chance, Steve added peanut butter to whisky for cocktail preparation, which gave birth to skrewball.
Peanut butter is a popular food in the United States. The wonderful combination of peanut butter and whisky quickly promoted the popularity of skrewball whiskey. Although the two founders experienced many failures in the process from peanut butter whisky cocktail to skrewball, they always insisted on trying, and finally improved the flavor of peanut butter in whisky after more than 70 verifications.
Each bottle of skrewball whiskey has a total of 750ml, and the alcohol degree is 35 degrees. With aromas of peanuts and buttered popcorn, the wine is medium and rich, bringing a smooth and sweet ending to the drinker. This peanut butter whisky has won many awards, including the best flavor whisky award in the New York World wine and spirits competition, with high scores on major e-commerce sales platforms (between 4.5-5.0, full score of 5.0).
Spindrift Sparkling Water
Fresh juice, open the new world of “natural flavor bubble water”
Source: spindrift official website
Spindrift is the first bubble water brand in the United States made only from fresh juice. Spindrift’s innovation stems from the founder’s confusion about the “natural flavor” and “natural pigment” on the label of bubble water – if people like natural flavor and color, why not use real fruit juice? With the Enlightenment of health and nature, the founder found new business opportunities. Made the first soda made from fresh juice in the United States. This drink was well received as soon as it was on the market, and then quickly spread to the United States.
Fresh fruit juice is a combination of Spindrift and its fresh ingredients. It is free from flavors, pigments, preservatives and extra sugar, except for fresh fruit juice itself.
Spindrift has recently launched a new product – spindrift spiked, which is made of sucrose fermentation by adding low alcohol beverage to the original fruit juice bubble water. Due to the strong suggestions of consumers, spindrift has developed this “hard seltzer” (hard gas soaked in water) – spiked with only 4 degrees of alcohol to meet the needs of more people to gather with friends and family.
Starbucks ® Frappuccino with a Splash of Cold Brew
Enjoy the experience of family Star Ice music with flavor and taste
Source: Starbucks
Starbucks’ bottled Frappuccino (xingbingle) is Starbucks’ cold extract coffee series. Each bottle of 405ml can supply 290 calories. Different from ordinary cold extracted coffee, the cold extraction method adopted by xingbingle series is to use cold filtered water to extract slowly in the special equipment for Starbucks cold extraction, so as to better bring out the soft taste and original flavor of coffee. Before drinking, first hide the ice to 0 ℃, then unscrew the cover and tap the bottom of the bottle. In this way, the whole bottle will freeze and form a real star ice music.
Xingbingle is widely praised, but it is difficult for people to enjoy the delicious xingbingle anytime and anywhere like drinking bottled Starbucks coffee. Bottled xingbingle innovatively puts xingbingle into bottles and sells it like ordinary coffee, so that people can eat xingbingle at home.
Starbucks ® Tripleshot Energy
Is instant coffee the next generation of energy drinks?
Source: Starbucks
Tripleshot is the second generation of Starbucks energy drinks. Tripleshot energy coffee drink contains 225mg caffeine and 210 calories per can. The taste of cream, sugar and coffee masks the bitterness of high concentration caffeine, and introduces three flavors of latte, caramel and vanilla respectively. Compared with doubleshot, tripleshot has higher caffeine content and stronger coffee flavor. In addition, this series has also launched 0 sugar version.
As a coffee brand, Starbucks tripleshot has made energy drinks more like coffee. Compared with the common energy drinks on the market (usually 140-180mg caffeine per can), it has improved the caffeine content and flavor.
Dairy & Plant Based
My/Mochi Ice Cream
Cassava texture, shaping a new category of frozen desserts
Source: my Mochi
My Mochi created hemp ice cream in Los Angeles in the 1990s, subverting the dessert and snack categories. Since my Mochi came into people’s view in 2017, it has opened up new categories in the field of frozen snacks with its magical combination of soft hemp dough and creamy fantasy ice cream, and provided various coveted flavors to mass consumers.
In addition to their dairy frozen snack series, my Mochi is the first hemp ice cream brand to offer a choice of pure and non dairy products. Before the popularity of covid-19, people could grab hemp ice cream balls directly from the refrigerator with pliers. After the outbreak of the new crown, my Mochi launched a single package so that customers can safely choose their dessert. The updated packaging also helps to reduce the possible food waste and deterioration of loose and unpackaged hemp ice cream.
In the first half of this year, my Mochi also announced the launch of a new Oatmeal Milk frozen dessert, which provides a taste and texture similar to traditional dairy ice cream, including strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and salty Caramel flavors. These pure products are replaced by Oatmeal Milk from cashew nut cream, hoping to completely change the category of frozen dessert through Oatmeal Milk with high egg white and fiber content and no allergy, In order to cater to the consumer demands of those worried about nut allergens.
Oatly Oatmilk
Scenario thinking, shaping top Rookies of Oat Milk
Source: oatly
Oatly, the world’s largest oat milk company, has been focusing on developing products around oats, including alternatives to milk, ice cream, yogurt, cooking cream, spread and carry on drinks. Founded in 1994, oatly was initially an unknown brand with a history of decades. Until 2014, oatly focused on the growing U.S. market of vegetable milk market, emphasizing the better sustainable significance of oatly to the environment than dairy products. At the same time, oatly cut into the layout of oat milk products from coffee shops and tea shops. Today, oatly has developed into a $10 billion IPO.
Oatly oat milk is made by enzymatic hydrolysis of oat base material. Except chocolate oat milk, other flavors do not contain how to add sweeteners. Sweetness is produced in the enzymatic production of oat milk. Oatly also leads the trend of oat milk in China.
Rebel Ice Cream
Starting from ice cream, shaping ketogenic lifestyle brand
Source: Rebel
Rebel Creamery, an American ice cream brand characterized by high-quality animal fat, low sugar, low calories and high fiber content, is the gospel of ketogenic dieters who love sweets in recent years. With a high-quality formula containing 17 grams of fat, 0 grams of added sugar and 2 grams of dietary fiber in each 90 grams and more than 20 ice cream flavors, rebel creamy has ranked fifth among the new product leaders of IRI ice cream products within three years of its establishment, and its sales reached 97 million US dollars in 2020, with a distribution rate of 50%.
The brand was initially promoted in the form of ketone friendly and no added sugar, and raised $80000 through crowdfunding within 3 hours. The product line of the company, which started with ice cream, includes barreled ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. At the end of March this year, the brand began to try new categories, launching lactose free chocolate milk and coffee milk, focusing on lactose free and low sugar (only 1g added sugar per 240ml). For the new category, rebel creamery inherits the brand’s consistent ketogenic friendly product gene, providing consumers with richer dietary choices for ketogenic diet.
Starbucks ® Creamer
Refrigerated creamer + cold extract coffee liquid to create a family mini Cafe
Source: Starbucks
After Starbucks and Nestle jointly launched Starbucks creamer in 2019, Starbucks brand entered the category of refrigerated creamer for the first time, and successively launched six most popular flavors in Starbucks coffee stores, such as caramel macchiato, white chocolate mocha, pumpkin spice latte and so on. Starbucks milk essence ranked fourth in the benchmark list of new beverage products in 2020, with sales of US $105 million and distribution rate of 76%.
Due to the popularity of the new crown, consumers began to turn to delicious food and drinks that can be enjoyed and made at home, and have a further pursuit of health. With the continuous growth of customers’ demand for vegetable milk essence, Starbucks and Nestle continued to cooperate to launch non dairy vegetable milk essence and expand their milk essence product portfolio at that time. The plant creamer series is made of a unique mixture of almond milk and oat milk. It is rich, smooth and delicious. It aims to bring customers an exciting new way to enjoy coffee at home.
In August this year, after a successful water test in the UK, the series added a popular flavor with autumn characteristics – Pumpkin flavor latte without dairy products on the basis of the original plant-based caramel macchiato creamer and Hazelnut Latte creamer. In order to provide consumers with the best experience of drinking Starbucks at home, Starbucks has also launched a coffee cold extract concentrate used with creamer. Just add water and use it with creamer to make Starbucks drinks comparable to offline stores. According to statistics, as of September this year, 9% of American families had tried Starbucks creamer, up from 5.2% at the end of 2020.
Talenti ® Gelato Layers
Italian ice cream + layered dessert, enjoy the new paradigm
Source: talenti
Launched by Unilever in 2003, talenti is currently the best-selling Italian ice cream brand in North America. It is famous for high-quality and delicious Italian ice cream, Sherpa and layered dessert. At present, the brand of Italian ice cream contains about 50 kinds of Italian ice cream and Sherpa flavors and 21 kinds of layered dessert flavors, providing consumers with rich taste choices.
At the beginning of 2021, in order to welcome the arrival of the new year, talenti added six new flavors for its layered dessert product line, including colored sugar cookie Italian ice cream, Strawberry Shortcake Italian ice cream, which were widely praised by consumers. In April this year, talenti expanded its publicity and participated in sponsoring the food variety “Bravo Top Chef”. Chefs in the program need to make layered desserts according to talenti products. The winning chef can not only get the next round of immunity and $10000 cash reward provided by the talenti team, but also turn his award-winning recipe into the next talenti layered dessert taste, which will be launched on August 1, 2021. At present, the winning peanut butter crispy is available on the official website.
Fresh food
Banza Pasta
The staple food is transformed and the pasta is made again with chickpeas
Source: banza official website
Banza is the fastest growing pasta brand in the United States, specializing in the production of food and beverage products made of chickpeas and other beans, including pasta, pizza, rice, macaroni and cheese.
Banza uses chickpeas instead of wheat to make low glycemic index spaghetti, so that people can eat spaghetti safely in low-carbon water, and obtain high protein content in the process. Each spaghetti contains 25 grams of protein. Banza reshapes the image of spaghetti staple with chickpeas to provide consumers with the most delicious enjoyment.
In September this year, banza also launched chickpea pizza with plant as raw material, adding plant sausage and plant cheese on the basis of the original sugar free low-carbon water chickpea pizza skin product series.
Contrary to traditional belief, this plant-based artificial egg is as fluffy and delicious as an egg
Source: just egg official website
The team of just egg, a plant-based artificial egg brand, is composed of a group of highly educated and high-level experts, including computational biologists from Stanford, engineers from food giant companies and chefs from Michelin star restaurants. In thousands of samples, the R & D team found that the long-standing mung bean can be made as fluffy as an egg and can be stirred, and its taste is comparable to that of an egg, so the product was made from mung bean. The brand’s main product is bottled liquid egg liquid. Since then, just egg has continuously improved the formula of its pure egg substitutes to better imitate traditional eggs and reduce the price to better compete with them.
Just egg products have 67% lower saturated fat content and higher protein content than eggs. At the same time, it does not contain cholesterol and is rich in polyunsaturated fat, which is beneficial to the human body.
As of March 2021, just egg has reached a huge milestone, with sales equivalent to 100 million eggs in three years. Last April, the company released just egg egg egg roll, a convenient vegetarian egg product, which is specially used for easy to prepare ingredients such as sandwiches and rice. It can also be used for breakfast. The convenience and taste comparable to real eggs make it one of the top products of just egg. In just one year, the sales of this egg roll increased by 591%.
Vegetables + chicken nuggets, use elastic vegetarian to improve children’s picky eating problems
Source: Perdue official website
As a leading brand of fresh chicken products in the United States, Perdue ® For elastic vegetarian families who want to fill the gap of vegetables without sacrificing flavor or nutrition, they have launched the first products such as chicken nuggets, tender meat and meat cakes mixed with vegetables.
PERDUE ® CHICKEN PLUS ® It is a chicken nugget rich in vegetables. It is made of chickpea, cauliflower and chicken. It is made of pure natural ingredients and does not contain antibiotics. It looks like a dinosaur loved by children. Each product uses 100% natural ingredients, contains 10g protein and does not contain antibiotics. These chicken nuggets can be eaten with your favorite dipping sauce and even used as pasta ingredients.
Many new plant-based products are designed for adults with strict meat substitution requirements, not for picky children. PERDUE ® Products that combine high-quality plant protein with meat provide these consumers with more choices, promote children’s nutrition and enhance sustainable development.
Tyson ® Air Fried Chicken
Air fried chicken, maybe the next kitchen weapon?
Source: Tyson official website
Tyson food is one of the largest food companies in the United States. It produces 25% of chicken, beef and pork in the United States. Nowadays, consumers are looking for and choosing a healthier diet. In order to meet this trend, Tyson food has established a number of experimental institutions to provide consumers with higher quality protein.
In 2021, air fried chicken made of broilers raised without antibiotics was introduced. This series of products are made of natural white chicken, seasoned and wrapped with crumbs for cooking, and need to be frozen. Each serving contains only 20 grams of fat, which is 75% lower than the previous product, and 20 grams of high-quality protein. This series of products inherit the brand concept, remain true, do not contain artificial additives, and provide consumers with a green and high-quality protein diet choice.
DELISSIO Stuffed Crust Pizza
Cheese cake edge, texture remodeling of healthy pizza
Source: delissio official website
Delissio, a subsidiary of Nestle, is a popular pizza brand in Canada. Delissio pizza is famous for its unique taste and quality. According to the needs of consumers, the company further adjusted the sauce, skin and ingredients of pizza in order to balance the taste of pizza. At the same time, efforts should be made to reduce the sodium content in pizza and provide consumers with healthier dietary choices.
The delissio stuffed crush series launched by delissio in 2019 expands the lineup of the original frozen pizza. Delissio stuffed crush series features cheese stuffed into a crispy shell, coupled with classic Italian sausage, olive, pepper and mozzarella cheese to provide consumers with rich tastes. There are five flavors in this series: traditional Canadian flavor, luxury pizza, three kinds of meat mixed pizza, four kinds of cheese mixed pizza and Italian sausage sandwich pizza. This series of products do not contain eggs, fish, sesame, shellfish and nitrite.
Tim Hortons Canned Soup & Chili
Canned soup has become a new staple of coffee
Source: Tim Hortons official website
With the fierce competition in the catering service industry, expanding to retail products is a great opportunity to achieve additional sales growth. When the Canadian national coffee brand Tim Horton faced the situation that the market was almost saturated, Tim Horton also raised the retail flag and penetrated into the family consumption scene. Tim Hortons follows the route of “coffee + dessert + light food”, taking coffee as the core category to expand the dessert and staple food matrix.
Canned soup series will be launched in 2019. To ensure good soup quality, these cans include four classic Tim Hortons flavors: chicken noodle soup, cream Broccoli Soup, chicken rice soup and home spicy soup. Tim Horton’s expansion to canned soup marks the transformation of this troubled food category in North America in recent years. Canned food may return to the past and become the next new wind direction?
Bobalu Fresh Strawberries
Vertically integrate strawberry supply chain and provide one-stop service from planting to processing
Source: bobalu official website
In this list, bobalu is the only supplier brand selected. Founded in 1962, the core of bobalu is “family planting, owned by farmers”. Within a decade, the company expanded into the precooling and distribution of strawberries. By 1984, bobalu expanded again and entered the frozen strawberry processing business. At present, the strawberry industry has achieved vertical integration and is an integrated grower, packer, shipper and processor. It has operations in many states of the United States and Mexico to provide their customers with year-round high-quality strawberries.
100% of bobalu strawberries are hand picked and packaged at bobalu ranch. Only about 80% of strawberries meet bobalu’s high quality standards, and the rest are processed through the elimination program: unqualified berries are put into alternative packaging during harvest, and the eliminated berries are used in the brand’s processing facilities to reduce food waste, and they are reused in concentrated fruit juice, beverage puree and ingredients of baked food and pastries.
Snacks, candy and baking
Wonderful ® Pistachios No Shells
Peel pistachios to please “healthy and lazy” consumers
Source: wonderful official website
Wonderful pistachios is the best-selling nut snack in the United States. The company’s products use non GM pistachios rich in fiber and minerals as the main ingredients. Each delicious food contains 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. It is a perfect vegetable energy supplement and effectively reduces the risk of heart disease. In the 2021 parents’ food award, this series of products was rated as the “best nut”, which is very suitable for family consumption.
After the launch of the wonderful pistachios noshells series this year, the product sales continued to reach a new high, which further proves consumers’ love for this series of products. Compared with the previous products, this product helps consumers peel the shell, and has satisfactory crispness and rich flavor. The series of products have a total of 6 flavors: sea salt and vinegar, barbecue, honey, pepper light salt and salted flavor. Among them, sea salt and vinegar are the most popular. Vector sea salt and vinegar are the perfect balance of acidity and fiber. In order to meet daily carrying, the series also launched 2.25, 5.5 and 22 ounce packages.
Love Good Fats
High quality fat return, balanced nutrition, new choice
Source: love good fats official website
Love good fats is a pioneering pioneer in high-quality fat and low sugar ketogenic snacks. It is committed to providing an alternative to high sugar and high carbohydrate snacks to help consumers understand how some fat is good for you and why it is in the best interest to limit sugar intake.
Every “delicious” product of love good fats features high-quality fat, low net carbohydrates and low sugar. The current product line includes original dark chocolate coating and plant truffle bars, white chocolate truffle bars, chewy nut bars and thick cream milkshakes. Their ketone products contain 4-5 grams of net carbohydrates. It claims that there is only a mixture of 1-2 grams of sugar and beneficial fats from nut butter and coconut oil. These products do not contain gluten, soy, non GM, artificial preservatives or sugar alcohols.
After the epidemic, love good fats launched a family healthy snack activity. As a leading force to reduce sugar and increase high-quality fat, as well as a smarter and balanced nutrition method, love good fats has inspired millions of people to update their way of eating snacks at home, work or in the gym.
Kinder Bueno
Become smaller and mini, social sharing new ideas
Source: kinder official website
Kinder company launched kinder Bueno in the U.S. market in November 2019, and quickly occupied the U.S. market after listing, with its sales ranking among the top ten. Kinder Bueno is wrapped in milk chocolate, crispy Weihua, and delicious hazelnut milk filling is added to Weihua. Provide energy supplement for consumers when they are hungry. The product has two kinds of packaging, individual packaging and family packaging to meet various travel needs.
Kinder Bueno ranks among the top 10 in the recent IRI’s 2020 benchmark report on new food and beverage products, and is turning its expected taste experience into a perfect shareable form through the new kinder Bueno Mini. Mini kinder Bueno ® Mini has the same amazing taste and texture as kinder Bueno. Each package contains bite sized pieces of a separate package for easy sharing with friends and family.
Reese’s THiNS
Prefer “frivolity” and reduce the guilt of sweets
Source: Reese’s official website
As one of Hershey’s brands, Reese’s retail sales in the United States increased by more than 6% in the latest quarter.
In order to attract more dessert consumers, Reese’s launched Reese’s thins, which is thinner than the original product. Compared with traditional products, this product balances the proportion of peanut butter and chocolate butter, making the taste more mellow. However, it is about 40% thinner than traditional products, and the product is packaged independently, which is suitable for carrying with you and sharing with friends. The product contains peanut, soybean, milk and other allergens, and only contains 2% or less cocoa butter, salt, starch and other ingredients, so that consumers can enjoy sweets healthily.
OREO Lady Gaga
Co branding with attitude, trendy and interesting model students
Source: Oreo official website
This is Oreo’s biscuit jointly launched with pop star lady gaga. The packaging is inspired by her “Chromatica” album. Inspired by the design of 16 song albums, vanilla biscuits are bright pink mixed with green cream, and various symbols inspired by the album are printed on the biscuits.
After launching the product, Oreo celebrated with a treasure hunt on Twitter and posted clues in the official account every hour. At the same time, through the activity of “singing with Orio”, we can “spread positive energy throughout the country through music and Orio”, and encourage fans to buy the product from their relatives, so as to have the opportunity to win various Lady Gaga concert tickets and meetings.
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