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The whole network sales volume of quick-frozen vegetables is 100000 +. How can the healthy light food brand “Sufang” open the C-end market?

solve the problem of eating vegetables.
In the era of great health consumption, more people begin to pay attention to their own health in an all-round way from the life scenes of eating, wearing and practicing.
On the one hand, “how to eat healthily” has become the focus of fitness people, urban white-collar workers and exquisite mothers; on the other hand, eating quality food is not easy for busy and high-pressure urban people. Therefore, it also catalyzes the rapid growth of light food, substitute food, prepackaged food and other tracks related to “convenient and healthy” diet.
Some data show that in recent five years, the number of domestic light food substitute entrepreneurship projects has increased year by year; in recent one year, the total transaction amount of domestic light food substitute has reached a five-year high, and all light food substitute brands such as fit8, super zero, dongeat, Wang satin, ruofen and shark fit have received capital attention; in addition, tmall data show that in 2020, the overall growth of quick-frozen food on tmall platform is explosive, with the number of days Cat sales exploded four times year-on-year, of which the post-80s and post-90s young people have become the main force of online convenient fast food consumption.
“Modern young people pay more and more attention to their own health. More and more young people will pay attention to their dietary health at every meal. They will pay attention to its ingredient list and nutritional composition when choosing food. Low fat and healthy quick-frozen and fast-food products such as chicken breast, steak, seafood and pasta are loved by people with health, fat reduction and fitness aspirations.”
“We found that there are meat and staple foods in these fast food products, but there is a lack of vegetables. However, vegetables are also something that these customers must eat every day. It is cumbersome for them to spend time washing, cutting and cooking vegetables. What we want to solve is how to eat vegetables conveniently for these people.” Zhang Liang, founder of healthy light food brand Sufang, introduced it in an interview with red bowl.
With insight into the pain point of “how to conveniently eat vegetables for three meals a day” of healthy light food people, Zhang Liang and his team cut into the healthy light food market from the sub category of quick-frozen vegetables, and established a C-end brand vegetarian shop. They are committed to providing consumers with vegetable “light” fast food products that are “free from cleaning, cutting, longer storage time and no loss of nutritional value”.
At present, the Sufang team has launched more than ten kinds of raw material quick-frozen vegetables such as xilanhua, okra and spinach, as well as light food substitute fast-food products such as cauliflower rice, daily seasonal vegetables and spicy hot dishes. “Not only the re purchase rate is up to 30%, but also the sales are growing rapidly”.
Raw material quick frozen vegetables enter the market
Quick frozen vegetables are a kind of quick-frozen food. They are fresh vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus and Tricholoma after cleaning, blanching, cutting and cooling, and then quickly frozen by advanced low-temperature equipment. According to public data, “Compared with fresh vegetables, the advantage of quick-frozen vegetables is that they can be stored for a long time, maintain the original color, taste and vitamins of vegetables to a great extent, and effectively mediate the supply of vegetables in light and peak seasons.”
“Quick frozen vegetables can be standardized, and quality control and pesticide residue control from the source can not be achieved by fresh vegetables. In fact, a large number of quick-frozen vegetables in China are exported to foreign countries, such as Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries. Local people have higher awareness and greater demand for quick-frozen vegetables.” Zhang Liang introduced.
According to the report on market investigation and analysis and future prospect analysis of China’s frozen vegetable industry from 2021 to 2027, China is a large vegetable exporter, of which the export volume of China’s vegetables in 2020 is 10.17 million tons and the export amount is US $11.95 billion.
“At home, consumers still lack relevant knowledge, (frozen vegetables) are more oriented to b-end catering, such as Haidilao, pizza hut, Xibei and other chain catering brands. Some of the vegetables used are frozen vegetables.” President Zhang told hongwanshe that before the establishment of the C-end brand Sufang, the brand start-up team engaged in the import and export business of frozen vegetables for more than 20 years. At the same time, it also supplied broccoli and other products to domestic b-end catering enterprises. “The annual output of its own frozen vegetable factory is about 20000 tons”.
In the process of deep cultivation of quick-frozen vegetables, the team discovered that “quick-frozen vegetables can solve the problems of convenience, standardization, long-term preservation, prevention of nutrient loss and no agricultural residues. In China, it is also the demand of Chinese people. We hope that through the C-end brand, more domestic consumers can build their consumption awareness and habits of quick-frozen vegetables.” Zhang Liang introduced.
People in relevant industries also pointed out that at present, the processing technology of quick-frozen vegetables in China has been very mature. In order to ensure that there is no difference between eating and fresh vegetables, the color, taste and taste can be adjusted during processing. “In order to ensure product quality, every batch of quick-frozen vegetables processed in the factory, from raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products, will be tested for agricultural residues and microorganisms. The State Commodity Inspection Bureau will sample, test and supervise each batch of vegetables to absolutely ensure the safety of quick-frozen vegetables.”
Zhang Liang introduced that in order to solve the problem of low consumer awareness of quick-frozen vegetables, Sufang first chose to launch the “primary raw material vegetables” product to open consumer awareness with its healthy and convenient advantages such as no cleaning, no cutting, fresh and no agricultural residues.
“The recognition that ‘frozen vegetables have many advantages that fresh vegetables don’t have’ requires a long time of consumer education in China. However, we initially sold the first batch of raw material products on multiple platforms with platform endorsement. After we got some data, we found that some customers recognized our products and had high stickiness.”
To this end, the team chooses to accurately locate the customer group and establish product awareness from the customer group who just needs vegetables.
“Our customers focus on the younger, first and second tier cities, and the light eaters who pay more attention to health, including white-collar workers, fitness people, fat reduction people, etc. first of all, vegetables are a necessity for them to eat three meals a day; and many of them are office workers, who do not have much time or are unwilling to spend more time on buying, washing and cutting Choose vegetable products that are more convenient, can quickly solve a meal and do not lose nutritional value. “
In the flagship store of Sufang brand tmall, red bowl society is concerned that it has launched nearly 20 vegetable categories common in domestic dishes, including corn shoots, rape hearts, spinach segments, Dutch beans, broccoli, etc. the monthly sales of this raw material product line in the flagship store of tmall has reached 2000 +, and the total sales of products in the whole network is 100000 +, ranking first in the category of tmall frozen vegetables. “
“Through a generation of raw materials and vegetable products, we have targeted the target customer group periodically. In addition to fat reduction and fitness, many young people pay more and more attention to their healthy diet of three meals a day, and the whole customer group is expanding,” Zhang Liang said.
Prefabricated vegetables meet the needs of convenient “eating” vegetables
According to the data of the seventh national census released by the National Bureau of statistics this year, the average household size in China was 2.62, 0.48 fewer than that in 2010; Previously, the National Bureau of statistics released a preliminary forecast that by 2030, the number of people living alone may reach 150-200 million, and the rate of living alone may exceed 30%, of which the number of young people aged 20-39 living alone may increase to 40-70 million, an increase of about 1-2 times.
The miniaturization of family size and the population living alone have become a common social phenomenon. Behind this is the change of consumption concept and consumption habits brought about by the change of population structure. In the fresh food industry, “small quantity” and “standardization” have become the trend.
In the view of Sufang team, this is also the biggest advantage of quick-frozen fruits and vegetables in the field of fruits and vegetables. “The whole process of quick freezing process is roughly as follows:
We control the planting varieties of fruits and vegetables and agricultural residues before picking from our own base (and cooperative base), collect them after testing according to certain standards, and then enter the nearest factory for processing.
The processing process includes cleaning, pretreatment and rapid freezing. Our rapid freezing machine is a quick freezer at about minus 40 degrees. The difference between it and slow freezing in the refrigerator is that it can quickly reach ultra-low temperature without damaging the cell wall of vegetables. After thawing, the color and nutritional value of vegetables can be restored to the state of processing before picking. “
Zhang Liang further introduced that the perfection of the whole supply chain system, that is, the stability of the front and back-end supply chain and cost control, is a key threshold for those entering the fruit and vegetable quick-frozen industry. The industry accumulation of Sufang team for more than 20 years and the “consumer mind” to be gradually occupied after entering the C-end segment track will become a moat for the future development of its brand.
“In terms of back-end logistics, frozen products cannot be distributed across the country in one warehouse. The balance and control between standardization, quality and cost control in all aspects of distribution is also a problem that quick-frozen food enterprises must solve if they want to develop for a long time,” said Zhang Liang. At present, the logistics and distribution of Sufang products are “ice cream distribution standards”, The team radiated the whole country through self operated warehouse and cooperation with rookies, and established the cold chain delivery standard of its own products.
With the support of the supply chain, the team further launched the “vegetable” light and fast food product line on the basis of a generation of primary raw material fruit and vegetable products. “We often do research on in-depth users, and many users respond that raw materials and products are limited by use methods and scenarios and can only be eaten at home. For light eaters, there is a need to eat vegetables in office scenes, including breakfast, dinner and other non family scenes. Moreover, ‘seasoning and cooking’ is still a waste of time for busy people.”
Zhang Liang told hongwanshe that the series of cauliflower rice products mainly promoted by the team this year, with the original cut cauliflower and brown rice (1:1) as the main raw material, create a low-fat and low calorie microwave ready to eat fresh vegetable rice product, and launch two flavor types of curry chicken and black pepper beef that are highly recognized and loved by consumers.
“To make our vegetable products more convenient to eat, such as good seasoning and matching, microwave ready to eat, no need to eat at home, and more nutritious vegetable combination is our next product matrix development idea. In the future, we may switch to a more subdivided direction, such as children’s meals. We hope that many baomoms can not only choose for themselves, but also for their children Choose many convenient and healthy vegetable fast food products “.
At present, there is no well-known brand of quick-frozen vegetables on the C-end of the domestic market. Sufang team frankly said that “consumer cognition” is still a major problem affecting brand development. Tiktok will also target more consumer groups, paying for knowledge online and other social media platforms.
In terms of channels, Sufang chooses to focus on online channels and hopes to build brand influence through “online channel awareness publicity and offline channel undertaking (traffic)”. Zhang Liang revealed that at present, the offline channel layout of the brand is mainly the boutique supermarket channel. Next, it will also cooperate with specific channels such as the gym, so that more customers with demand can see and understand Sufang.
Original title: the whole network sales volume of frozen vegetables is 100000 +, how does the healthy light food brand “Sufang” open the C-end “light” fast food frozen food market? Author: Li Yang; Source: hongwanshe (ID: hongwanshe 2020), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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