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What are the important signals released by global food enterprises after entering the Expo for innovation and foresight?!

the world-renowned Expo has become another bright business card of China. What will the innovative efforts of the food industry be presented to the public?

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Source: foodaily daily food (ID: foodaily)

Double eleven welfare
At the 4th China Food Expo, foodaily was lucky to come to the scene to see its style and reveal this innovative feast gathering global food enterprises for the first time.
Different from the previous industrial exhibitions such as food ingredients exhibition, Baking Exhibition and Chinese food exhibition, the high starting point and grand perspective of entering the Expo make every exhibition area and booth show “benefiting all living beings and looking into the future” The agriculture and food industries shoulder the important task of basic people’s livelihood. Each session is placed in exhibition halls 1 and 2, which is also one of the most popular exhibition areas.
Throughout the day, I walked around the three food pavilions like a lantern. Like a star scout, I tried to find innovative products and core technologies that can represent the high level of the industry. It is obvious that the high standard of entering the Expo, through the careful design of each booth, the neat and warm atmosphere in the exhibition hall, especially the star products and potential products that represent the highest strength of the enterprise, can make everyone appreciate Everyone is full of harvest.
Source: Vision China
Next, report the time. The author selected 7 enterprises and more than 10 new products from hundreds of visited enterprises as the fruits of this exhibition. These products either aim at the urgent demands of a certain group of people, or design more subdivided food scenes, or make breakthroughs in product form, convenience and functional components. Behind them, there are always core technologies and new raw and auxiliary materials Support. These are the bottom driving force to promote industrial innovation, and they are also the places that domestic brands, which are becoming more sophisticated in packaging design and brand marketing, diligently pursue and strive to temper in the current new consumption wave.
Next, the author will share these new findings with you one by one according to several large crowd modules.

infant formula

At present, the innovation hot spot of formula milk powder has moved from the macro nutrition distribution ratio to breast milk, such as the balanced allocation of whey protein and casein, minerals and vitamins, DHA / EPA and other unsaturated fatty acids, towards the “supplement” of micro components, including many trace active components, such as lactoferrin, OPO structural fat, milk fat globule membrane, etc.
Breast milk oligosaccharides are undoubtedly the new favorites of functional ingredients. At Danone and Nestle booths, aptamil and illuma The high-end formula containing HMO is shown respectively. On the basis of strengthening the conventional prebiotics GOS and Fos, altami adds two HMOs, 2 ‘- fucosyllactose and 3’ – galactosyllactose, which well supports the development of children’s immune system. While illuma 6hmo adds six HMOs, which helps to build the intestinal flora and immune ability closer to breastfed infants.
Source: (above) & hot goods warehouse (below)
In fact, represented by Danone and Nestle, HMO is becoming an important driving force for global formula innovation. With the extensive research on the composition of native breast milk in various countries, it is believed that more HMO milk powder suitable for local babies will be available in the future. The research on HMO extraction and microbial synthesis technology will also promote more HMO ingredients to enrich the functional performance of formula milk powder.
In addition, at the Danone booth, the author also saw the very rare whole bean based formula (nuoyneng) in China , aiming at the babies who are totally intolerant of milk and in the family with the concept of vegetarianism. Due to the limitations of processing technology and consumption concept, domestic brands have not set foot in this field yet, and nuoyneng is the only player of soybean based formula in China. It remains to be seen whether soybean based formula can grow into a considerable category in the future.

children’s food

Children’s diet has become a popular track in China. Represented by fruits and vegetables, cereal snacks and cheese sticks, it has attracted a large number of start-up brands. At the exhibition site, seafood, milk, milk powder and cheese sticks for children have their own characteristics, which makes the author think about the future of this track again.

1. Children’s fish fillet

Source: blue snow
Seafood is an important part of children’s diet. At present, most of the seafood for children are grilled fish fillets, fish bones, fish intestines or fried semi-finished products with starch, while fresh fish meat is still rare. Lanxue company from Ningbo, Zhejiang, is a supplier of children’s seafood for Carrefour. This time, it brings a wide variety of children’s seafood, including Norwegian Arctic cod There are more than ten kinds of willow, Chilean salmon willow, halibut willow, Atlantic red fish willow, silver cod willow, etc. through artificial bone removal and thorn removal, the Japanese thin cutting process is adopted, which does not contain common condiments and additives in children’s food on the market. It is easy to cook and cook, and can retain the taste and nutrition of fish to the greatest extent.

2. Children’s nutrition fortified milk powder

Image source: immunohalo
Lmmunohalo launched by ANGA, a brand of Fonterra ™ Fortified milk powder was developed by New Zealand scientists and designed for children aged 4-9. It contains 10 essential vitamins and minerals, including zinc, iron, phosphorus and calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and vitamin D, as well as probiotic DR10 ™、 Prebiotics and lactoferrin. With a hint of vanilla and milk flavor, it tastes delicious. It can be mixed with water, milk, smoothie, etc.

3. DHA algal oil children’s milk

The DHA algal oil children’s milk jointly launched by Anja and popular children’s IP aofei Q pet is rich in algal oil DHA and prebiotics, which can be perfectly connected with 4-stage milk powder, and help children maintain intestinal health while promoting children’s nervous system development and protecting retina. The product is seasoned with pineapple juice without additional sucrose, which not only meets the taste needs of babies, but also effectively prevents children’s dental caries, obesity and other problems.
Photo source: Anja milk Jingdong self operated flagship store

4. Children’s organic cheese stick

Source: ole supermarket
The organic cheese stick launched by Aishi Chenxi in July this year, the organic cream cheese produced from Arla’s exclusive organic ranch in Denmark, has obtained the organic certification of Denmark, the European Union and China. In addition to water, more than 95% of the ingredients in the list use organic raw materials. Organic cheese, which ranks first in the list of ingredients, has an addition of up to 51%, 3.4 times higher than the national standard. Each 100g organic cheese stick contains 240 mg milk calcium, and the package is marked with the organic traceability code belonging to the organic cheese stick.

student diet

Big data, artificial intelligence and personalized nutrition technology jointly support the reform of diet and formula design. In addition to designing nutritional meals for adults, integrating these technologies into the development and management of student meals is a new field, which is of more practical significance in China, which pays more attention to dietary science and safety.
Weilai, a new benchmark brand of Chinese student nutritious meal established by Guangming group, launched an intelligent management platform for student canteens at this Expo. On the conveyor belt at the scene, boxes of carefully designed nutritional meals for students are “running”, ranging from beef fillet with colored pepper, braised meat, COD, pasta to fried pork chops. All kinds of ingredients are matched reasonably, with good color and shape, which is coveted.
Source: foodaily
It is reported that all the food materials come from local farms in Shanghai. Using the Internet of things and big data technology, the whole process of each food material from the farm to the table is monitored and managed. The appearance detection report, departure time, central kitchen processing time and school arrival time are clear at a glance. The whole chain tracing makes the whole process highly transparent.
The smart management platform created by “Weilai” covers food design, nutrition analysis, food material procurement, supply chain monitoring and management, provides efficient and accurate management tools for upstream and downstream parties of student meals, and truly realizes the standardization of “from field to table”.
Source: foodaily
It is learned from the staff that the platform has been put into trial operation in several middle schools in Shanghai, and the response is good. In the later stage, it will be widely promoted in Shanghai.
Smart canteens are not uncommon in China. In June this year, Hangzhou No. 11 middle school built the first smart canteen in China, allowing smart meal selection, intelligent distribution, accurate service and intelligent nutrition report to be completed on one platform. Obviously, Weilai’s intelligent management platform has more complete functions. Because it involves cumbersome traceability management of agricultural products, it has high requirements for farm control. At present, relying on the five entity guarantee of “big granary, big platform, big base, big farm and ranch”, Guangming group is able to smoothly promote the platform.
Foodaily also expects that such a meal management system, led by leading enterprises such as Guangming, will enter a wider group and promote the early realization of the grand goal of “healthy China and nutritious China”.


adult food

Compared with infants and children, adults’ dietary demands are more scattered and diverse. Compared with the bustling children’s track, only women (skin care and beauty, detoxification and shaping) in adult food have attracted more attention, while the general healthy diet appeal has become the “background plate” behind the noisy track.
Half of the nearly 20 products included in the innovation list are for adults, reflecting the strong interest and huge business potential of multinational giants in this field.

1. Health and functional products

(1) Phytosterol solid beverage

Photo source: guangshenglin food store
Phytosterol is an active component in plants, which widely exists in the cell membrane of vegetables, fruits and other plants. It has many benefits to human health and was selected as a new food raw material by the Ministry of health in 2010. It is found that phytosterol can reduce blood cholesterol, prevent prostate hypertrophy, inhibit tumor, inhibit breast hyperplasia and regulate immunity. It is suitable for obese people, patients with cardiovascular diseases and hyperlipidemia caused by improper diet.
YIHAI KERRY is one of the major phytosterol producers in the world. The phytosterol solid beverage displayed by Kerry in this exhibition is made of its own phytosterol raw materials and physical crystallization technology, and the purity of the product is ≥ 98%. The product can be added to porridge, milk, yogurt, cereal and other foods, and can be eaten after stirring evenly.

(2)DR10 ™ Probiotic series products

Source: Facebook, Taobao
As we all know, in addition to high-quality milk sources and extremely rich dairy products, probiotic strains are also Fonterra’s fist products. At Fonterra’s booth, we saw its independently developed DR10 ™ Strains appear in various products.
There are 15 billion CFU live bacteria in each of the solid beverage of “good wine”. The product does not add any starch, essence, sugar and preservative. It helps maintain the vitality of probiotics and improves the cleanliness of the products. Independent aluminum foil light and small package is adopted, which is easy to carry out; The nitrogen filled fresh-keeping technology is used to stably maintain the activity of probiotics and meet the consumption demand of accompanying.
Anjia 4 fruit 3 vegetable probiotic milk powder with low fat and high calcium contains 100 million CFU of active probiotics per 100g of product, which is very suitable for sub-health people such as pressure people and abdomen reducing people. Anjia also brings two probiotic adult milk powder sold overseas – digestion + support and immune + support, both of which focus on pure milk source and high content of strains.

(3) Triple protein nutritional milk powder

Source: hot goods warehouse
The so-called “triple protein” refers to milk protein, whey protein and lactoferrin. The protein content in the product increases by more than 25%, rich in vitamin B2 and zinc, low fat and low calorie. It is a good choice for adults to supplement basic nutrition and enhance immunity.

(4) Brain tonic drinks and women’s skin care drinks

According to the prediction of China development foundation, there will be nearly 500 million elderly people in China by 2050. There will be a huge demand for intestinal health, muscle enhancement, disease rehabilitation, improving sleep quality and delaying cognitive decline.
Facing the challenge of aging, Danone has launched a series of nutritional products to support healthy aging in the Chinese market. Through multi-directional nutritional support, the elderly can enjoy a happy old age from the aspects of intestinal health, muscle enhancement and empowerment, disease rehabilitation, improving sleep quality and delaying cognitive decline.
For middle-aged and elderly mental problems, souvenaid smart and agile nutritional supplement activates brain power by supplementing key nutrients required by brain cells. It has the effects of alleviating memory decline, slowing brain decline, maintaining brain health and alleviating mood and sleep problems. Each bottle (125 ml) contains 1200 mg DHA, 300 mg EPA, 625 mg uridine monophosphate, 60 micrograms selenium, etc., and contains key brain nutrients that are difficult to ingest from daily diet.
Image source: youzan
Another Nengquan Shusheng muscle drink for women’s skin care needs cuts into the oral beauty and skin care track from the perspective of supplementing skin nutrition. It adopts the skin tissue regeneration formula. Each bottle contains 17.6 g of high-quality protein, 3 g of arginine, 7.2 mg of zinc, and high content of VC and VE to help repair, synthesize and grow damaged skin.

(5) Functional drink
by time of day

“Ganmai” series drinks containing probiotics are Danone’s new products to be listed in China, including guanyuli at 7 a.m., jiexingli at 2 p.m. and jianjili at 9 p.m. to provide accurate nutrition for middle-aged people in accurate time.
Source: foodaily

2. High quality and convenient product

(1) Grass fed fresh milk

Anjia imported fresh milk is one of the four products launched by Fonterra at the Expo, and it is also the first time that this product has been introduced into Asia. The product uses New Zealand grass fed grazing cows as milk source, adopts 72 ℃ sterilization process, retains a variety of active nutrients such as immunoglobulin, and contains rich calcium, protein and vitamins. The packaging called “shading bottle” has an exclusive shading technology patent and a three-layer anti blue light design, which can block 100% of the energy in the light and is more protective than the traditional milk bottle.
Source: Fonterra
Meanwhile, Fonterra has signed strategic cooperation agreements with the three parties of cross-border logistics of HEMA and China Southern Airlines to reach an agreement on the stability and freight of international freight flights. Make this 18 day short shelf life product reach the consumer’s table on Thursday at the speed of producing every Tuesday and flying directly to China on Wednesday. What is more worth mentioning is that during the period of entering the Expo, through the whole process cold chain cross-border logistics cooperation, the zero time difference “exhibits into commodities” of entering the Expo was realized, and it was put on sale in 49 HEMA fresh stores in Shanghai and Hangzhou on November 7.

(2) Golden Arowana small fresh rice

Photo source: official flagship store of golden dragon fish tmall
The small canned fresh rice launched by Golden Arowana in 2018 selects Heilongjiang Wuchang and five excellent rice, and adopts five fresh standards such as fresh grain, fresh storage, fresh milling, fresh packaging and fresh eating, which can lock fresh for 90 days. Retain the taste of freshly milled rice and alleviate the problems of lipid oxidation and microbial damage to the freshness of rice quality.

(3) Golden Arowana bean flower cup

Source: Taobao
Golden Arowana has always been in a leading position in the upgrading of the industrialization mode and technological innovation of traditional bean products. The new instant bean cup has a delicate and smooth taste, and the content of plant protein in each cup is 5.4G. Including Agaricus blazei mushroom juice, mango wine, laotan pickled cabbage and spicy crayfish flavor, which can meet the salty and sweet taste.

A6024 special medical diet

With the implementation of China’s new fertility policy and the increasing trend of population aging, the special medical food market has developed rapidly. According to the data, the scale of China’s special medical food market increased from 2.59 billion yuan in 2016 to 7.72 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound growth rate of 24.41%. In recent years, a large number of policies related to special medical food have been released, which also indicates that China’s special medical food market will be more standardized and improved, and the market penetration will increase significantly in the short term. This emerging industry is facing rare development opportunities.
As the leading enterprises of special medical food, Nestle and Danone also brought several new products focusing on the brain, intestines and people with dysphagia.
1. Nestle Jiashan brainxpert adult brain tonic
Source: brainxpert
Brainxpert uses an innovative medical brain activating formula containing encapsulated medium chain triglycerides (encapsulated MCT). MCT can be converted into ketones to provide energy for the brain, improve memory and cognitive ability. In addition, vitamin B is added to the product to help maintain the transmission function of the nervous system.
2. Nestle fdgard ® With ibgard ®, For people with special intestinal health needs
Source: Amazon
FDgard ® With ibgard ®。 FDgard ® It is specially designed for the dietary management of diet induced dyspepsia or functional dyspepsia (FD). Its proven natural ingredients help to normalize the natural rhythm of the digestive system.
FDgard ® The capsule contains solid three-layer coated microspheres of caraway seed oil and l-menthol, as well as fibers and amino acids (from gelatin protein).
IBgard ® It is specially formulated for the diet management of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to normalize the digestion and absorption of food nutrients destroyed by IBS, and help to control the symptoms of IBS, including abdominal pain, abdominal distention, diarrhea, constipation and urgent defecation. IBgard ® It is the only peppermint oil prepared into micro microspheres, which helps to deliver the product to the lower intestine quickly and reliably.
Both products use patented SST ® (site specific targeting) technology uses breakthrough science to provide delivery at disordered sites outside the stomach. In addition to efficacy, this SST ® The technique also minimizes the possibility of heartburn and anal burning. In addition, the two are compared with ibgard ® Microspheres were released in the small intestine, while fdgard ® It is released in the duodenum.
3. Nutricia nutrilis stage 3 nutritional jelly
Source: Nutricia
This jelly is suitable for patients with swallowing problems and needs to be used under medical supervision. If the muscles such as lips, tongue and cheeks do not work together well, swallowing problems may occur. When the food is smooth and uniform, it is very suitable for swallowing. Adding anti amylase to the product can avoid the influence of saliva digestion.

A6028 summary

“New era, sharing the future” is the theme slogan of this Expo. From these products listed above, foodaily clearly feels that industrial innovation is advancing with the times and accelerating its empowerment with the help of new technologies in the Internet era; At the same time, it also aims at the longer-term human health and well-being, and designs a more personalized, differentiated, accurate and efficient food and diet system.
Along the way, the proportion of domestic food enterprises has become higher and higher. It can be predicted that the local brands who are cutting through the thorns in the new consumption wave will show their dazzling style at the Expo in the future!
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