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Bein meilvai won the Irish sustainable development certification and bet on grass fed milk powder

At the just concluded fourth China International Fair, bainmei exhibited its green love series of grass fed milk powder imported from Ireland. It is reported that bainmei green love series adopts Irish grass feeding milk source, and has obtained the certification of Ireland’s “green source” oringin green sustainable development project.

A few days ago, Irish ambassador to China andeven also came to beinmei’s booth to “punch in” during the exhibition.

Beinmei introduced that grass fed milk sources account for less than 10% in the world. According to relevant standards, dairy cows from grass fed milk sources are raised outdoors for 300 days, and the pasture is reviewed every 18 months, from carbon footprint to waste management, so as to ensure the sustainable development of the pasture.

Popular concept of forage

Statistics show that “green origin” is the first sustainable development plan on food formulated and promulgated by the state. It is also the only food development project in the world that takes into account safety, quality and environmental protection in food production.

It is understood that the Irish food agency has previously conducted a survey in China. The survey results show that 80% of Chinese consumers are interested in “grass feeding”, and 89% are willing to spend more on “grass feeding” products, which is higher than the data of the global grass feeding survey.

“Beinmei, as the only Chinese brand to join the ‘green origin’ program, is the best proof of the rise of domestic products,” the company said.

According to the data, lvai, as the imported high-end infant formula series of bainmei, was officially listed in 2018, produced by kaiairui of Ireland, implemented the EU and Irish standards, and passed the registration of Chinese milk powder formula.

In October this year, the Irish food agency launched the Irish National Dairy grass feeding standard in Beijing, which is the first grass feeding standard implemented at the national level in the world. This may mean that grass fed milk powder is expected to become a new category of milk powder that receives more market attention besides organic and sheep milk powder.

Overweight high-end market

In fact, high-end has always been the strategy that bainmei hopes to promote.

Last July, bainmei


In the information on investor relations activities disclosed in July this year, when talking about the product layout strategy, bainmei also mentioned that the company currently has 20 series, 60 infant formula milk powder and 4 special medical formula milk powder, but there are no sheep milk powder and organic milk powder categories. Therefore, it hopes to fill the gap in relevant categories through fixed increase projects, At the same time, optimize the layout of the company in the field of ultra-high-end products and realize the optimization and upgrading of the company’s product structure.

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