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Just now, Starbucks China announced “14 salary”! Nearly 40000 full-time store employees get a raise

Recently, rumors of a large-scale salary increase in Starbucks China fell to the ground.

Just now, Starbucks China announced that all full-time retail employees in Starbucks China will enjoy “14 salary” for the first time since October 2021; That is, on the basis of the original 13 salary, an additional one month salary will be added as a bonus and will be distributed to qualified employees at the end of each fiscal year.

This is basically consistent with what xiaoshidai had learned before. Recently, rumors that Starbucks China plans to carry out a new round of large-scale salary adjustment are circulating in a small range in the coffee industry. In addition to the regular annual salary increase, the plan also includes paying 14 salary per year to store employees for the first time.

It is noteworthy that,

At present, Starbucks China has more than 60000 employees. The snack generation noticed today that this large-scale salary adjustment is mainly for front-line operators, and nearly 40000 full-time employees from star barista to district manager will enjoy this new benefit. In addition to the 14 salary of “real gold and silver”, the company also announced the upgrade of “package” invisible benefits.

Now let’s take a look at the specific operation of Starbucks China’s salary adjustment? What are the driving forces behind such a strong salary adjustment?

Salary and welfare “big upgrade”

According to Starbucks, the biggest highlight of the salary adjustment is the 14 salary system, which is “rare in the whole Chinese catering and retail industry”, demonstrating its determination to vigorously develop in China in the future.

In addition to the “14 salary”, Starbucks China also continued to increase investment in other benefits and significantly upgraded the existing partner benefits, including competitive annual performance salary adjustment; More optimized morning and evening allowance; Upgrade the amount of “housing assistance allowance” in some cities; “Partners know the world” program that encourages partners to experience in different cities, etc.

“Starbucks has always maintained a high degree of innovation in the field of compensation and welfare, and has launched many projects leading the trend of the industry.” the company said today that these projects include the “coffee bean stock” rarely seen in the industry, the “parent care plan” to provide serious illness insurance for employees’ parents, and the personalized “Star welfare” including HPV vaccine, pet care and so on.

A Senior Catering human resources manager recently pointed out to the snack generation that at present, there is little difference in the salary level of baristas among enterprises in the industry. “When baristas choose chain coffee brands such as Starbucks, the most important thing is complete welfare”.

In fact, Starbucks China’s investment in employees is not limited to continuously improving the salary and welfare system. Under the concept of localized talent training, the promotion space and possibility of the company’s employees are also full of imagination.

Xiaoshidai learned today that Starbucks China has an average of one promotion opportunity for every seven employees every year. The company has revealed that it promotes a new store manager every 15 hours, a new district manager every week and a new regional director every quarter.

In order to support promotion, Starbucks China has opened a huge library of learning resources to them, including app and online training platform for internal employees, and self recharge the four theme courses of “retail, leadership, coffee and function”.

In addition, Starbucks China has also planned a diversified career development path for employees, covering operations, coffee and more fields. Under the plan, the professional skills of employees are expected to be “Fuller”, not only making coffee, but also mixing wine, baking, etc.

“Over the past 22 years since entering China, Starbucks has always been committed to becoming a different company. We have always regarded partners (Note: Starbucks’ usual address for employees) as the heartbeat of Starbucks and the cornerstone of all undertakings.” Cai Delin, CEO of Starbucks China, said today, “We are eager to share our achievements with all our partners as much as possible; we can not only help our partners succeed in their careers, but also enable them to live a better life together.”

Cai Deli, the new CEO of Starbucks China

Support expansion and acceleration

At present, the fierce competition among coffee players is giving birth to greater labor demand. For Starbucks, which wants to expand its stores at a high speed for a long time, talent reserve is the top priority.

Snack food, which was released from the British Mint place last November, showed that although China is facing COVID-19, the number of stores in the domestic and overseas coffee market is increasing, showing strong resilience. In the future, China’s market is expected to reach 190 thousand stores in 2025.

Previously, many coffee chains, including Starbucks, announced aggressive store opening goals. Among them, Starbucks China has 5360 stores in fiscal year 2021 and plans to have 6000 stores in fiscal year 2022. In other words, the company plans to open a new store in less than 14 hours in the new fiscal year.

Starbucks to green workshop

It’s faster than the high-speed store.

In 2017, Kevin Johnson, President and CEO of Starbucks, revealed that he would continue to open a new store in China every 15 hours on average in the future. He also said in 2019 that he expected to open a store at a high speed for at least 10 years. “I didn’t calculate this (time length), but the speed can be maintained beyond my lifetime”.

In order to support its rapid expansion, Starbucks China is also vigorously recruiting talents. At present, the company has more than 60000 employees, which is 55000 in 2019. “As Starbucks’s fastest-growing overseas market in the world, we create 10000 new jobs in China every year,” the company once said.

For a long time, the halo of “the world’s largest coffee chain” on Starbucks has won the favor of many job seekers. However, it is undeniable that in the face of “houlang” brand horse racing enclosure, Starbucks, which wants to expand further, needs to provide more competitive compensation and benefits to retain talents while recruiting. After all, the baristas who came out from there are “fragrant pastries” in the eyes of many people.

The above senior person also told the snack generation: “at present, the competition of major coffee brands for baristas is still very fierce. Compared with 2019, the employment demand of baristas will increase by about 30% in 2020.”

From the perspective of the scope and intensity of the salary adjustment, Starbucks China has obviously laid a heavy foundation for the “people grabbing war”. Cai Deli also said today: “only when partners feel happy can we present customers with a better coffee experience and have the opportunity to continue to succeed.”

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