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MUJI, China’s first fresh compound store, landed in Shanghai. Yutianchuan pushed curry rice across the border, and Coca Cola served new milk tea hot drink… | it was hot for a week


foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. In addition to the winter hot drink market, Coca Cola began to sell the first xuefeili milk tea
2. Weiquan launched high protein fiber coffee, and added dietary fiber and a variety of vitamins
3. Le Chun’s new one shot 3.0 shuncui iced coffee opens a new world of coffee inspiration with Van Gogh
4. Aiming at the sleeping scene at night, six walnuts push xinmengnong sugar free walnut milk
5. Yuanqi forest’s fiber tea is a new mulberry leaf tea, and the selection of mulberry leaves brings a refreshing day
6. Minayo launched children’s iron rich lollipop. The iron content of one lollipop is ≈ 1267 Lycium barbarum
7. Fit8 push healthy high protein and low calorie waffles, wanton Hi, eat light “belly” burden
8. Single grain x promotes the joint name of instant noodles flavor potato chips, and adds three times the thickness of potato chips to create the happiness of “unprecedented thickness”
9. Liangpin shop promotes self heating bibimbap series, which can be eaten by one person for 8 minutes
10. Change your posture to drink coffee. Yu Tianchuan launched Tianchuan coffee curry rice across the border
11. Super zero new self thermal control card rice, six kinds of super grains to create a new Chinese light food more suitable for Chinese stomach
12. Peppermint health completed the D2 round of financing of RMB 100 million to promote the deep integration of nutrition technology and health products
13. Vegetable meat brand valley meat has successively completed two rounds of ten million yuan financing, angel round and a round, with a cumulative amount of nearly 100 million yuan
14. Pickled cabbage fish fast food brand fish you get the first round of strategic investment in tomato capital and WanDian profit together, aiming at the sinking market and accelerating store expansion
15. hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">Hot pot brand Banu is about to complete round a financing, which will accelerate the store expansion plan
16. US $100 million e-round financing was obtained for the digital group meal platform, which has become the enterprise with the most financing rounds and the largest financing scale in the group meal field
17. Starbucks China’s first intangible cultural heritage experience store landed in Beijing and launched the first batik art themed coffee bar
18. MUJI Muji Muji, the first fresh compound store in China, is located in Shanghai and is jointly built with Jingdong Qixian supermarket
19. Meituan signs a strategic cooperation agreement with Mengniu to build an exclusive pasture for meituan to buy vegetables
20. Starbucks launched the first in-depth interview show of “coffee night chat” to “talk in the air” with consumers

Recently, Coca Cola launched its first milk tea product, xuefeili. The new product selects black tea from Assam origin, integrates the milk source imported from New Zealand, creates a golden tea milk ratio, 0 trans fatty acids, and is equipped with a special warm cabinet to bring consumers a warm experience in winter. In addition, the product packaging adopts a quadratic style, with bright yellow and pink as the main colors, and the cartoon character shape highlights the year Light vitality. The new product was first launched in East China. The retail price of 400ml specification is 5 yuan. At present, it has not been sold online.
picture source: microblog


On November 4, the official flagship store of Weiquan tmall launched a new “power is coming” Hurricane American high protein fiber coffee. The new product focuses on 0 fat and high protein, uses Colombian pure FD freeze-dried coffee powder, and the content of high-quality separated whey protein is up to 60%. It is also specially added with rich dietary fiber and vitamins; 20g per serving can provide 11.5G protein and 4.7G dietary fiber, containing about 65kcal energy, providing a variety of nutrients for the body. It can be brewed cold and hot to help fitness The crowd is back in good shape. The new products are priced at 200g / box / 99 yuan in tmall flagship store.
Image source: Weiquan official flagship store


On November 11, Lechun announced the launch of oneshot 3.0, which extends the purity of Van Gogh’s paintings to coffee. The newly selected Brazilian sirado coffee beans, which are deeply roasted, adopt German low-pressure instantaneous extraction technology to retain their strong aroma to the greatest extent. The fine coffee powder is encapsulated in the specially designed oneshot bullet, and every two coffees will be separately sealed into the bag to keep the coffee fresh Coffee is fresh and soft and clean. At the same time, compared with version 2.0, the new product can dissolve instantly whether the liquid is cold or hot. In addition, the new set also comes with whisky bottle, washed kraft paper wallet and Van Gogh’s co branded customized silk scarf, which costs 149 yuan.
Photo source: Le Chun’s partners


Recently, six walnuts under Yangyuan launched a new “Mengnong” sugar free walnut milk. The new product uses high-quality walnut kernel as raw material for five times refining and grinding without damaging the nutritional structure; each can of 145ml contains 100mg tea theanine, γ- Aminobutyric acid (GABA) has a sleeping component of up to 500mg, and 0 sugar, 0 essence, 0 cholesterol, half an hour before going to bed. It is easy to sleep without burden. It is very suitable for office workers, student groups, business people and sleep difficulties. At present, the products have been put on the flagship store of Tmall, and the 145ml*10 bottle is /168 yuan.
Photo source: Six walnut flagship stores


On November 11, Xiancha, a sugar free beverage brand of Yuanqi forest, launched a new mulberry leaf tea. Mulberry leaves were selected for new products and matched with crystal white balsam pear. Each bottle contains 7.5G mulberry leaf extract, 0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calorie, and caffeine free, which can alleviate winter dryness, relieve greasiness and reduce physical pressure. Now it is matched with the same series of corn whisker tea and Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum tea. The selling price of 500ml * 15 bottles is 99.9 yuan.
Source: Yuanqi forest


Foodaily found that minayo recently launched an iron rich lollipop to focus on iron deficiency in children. The new product adopts a triple combination iron supplement formula: the new organic iron ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid iron sodium has little stimulation and no rust smell; iron pyrophosphate is mild to the intestines and has no burden for long-term use; VC promotes iron absorption and enhances utilization. A lollipop is rich in 10mg iron, which is about equal to the iron of 1267 medlar Content, which can easily meet the daily needs of the body. In addition, in order to ensure the taste, the new product is specially added with real strawberry and blueberry juice, which is sour, sweet and easier to import, and the independent packaging design is also convenient to use at any time. The new tmall flagship store sells for 10G * 12 pieces / bag / 197 yuan.
Source: minayo flagship store


On November 10, fit8 launched a new healthy high protein and low calorie waffle biscuit with two flavors of dark chocolate and sea salt cheese. Each wafer biscuit is rich in 12% protein. WPI separated whey protein and New Zealand natural concentrated milk protein are added respectively. Small molecules are easier to absorb and lactose is removed, which is friendly to lactose intolerant people; Adding quinoa and wheat, the content of high-quality carbon and water was 4.2g; It is rich in high dietary fiber and specially added with white kidney bean extract, which can prolong and reduce the human body’s absorption and digestion of starch food calories; No white granulated sugar, pigment, hydrogenated vegetable oil and vegetable shortening, generation 0 cocoa butter, low GI, only 43kcal heat. The price of the new product in tmall flagship store is 10g * 18 pieces / box / 70 yuan.
Source: fit8 flagship store

8、单身粮 X 合味道推联名泡面味薯片,还上新三倍厚薯片打造“空前绝厚”的快乐

Recently, single grain x flavor launched a joint brand of instant noodles flavor potato chips, which have two flavors: dongyingong and Spicy Seafood. The former is hot and sour and has a unique taste, while the latter is delicious and spicy. The wave shape makes potato chips full of color, flavor and taste. It is a cure snack for drama and leisure.
In addition, on November 11, the single grain microblog also officially announced a new triple thick potato chip to create a unique thick cut taste. There are three selected flavors of black pepper, sea salt and seaweed, hoping to open a new experience of potato chips with “thick” taste.
Photo source: single grain microblog


Recently, liangpin shop launched two self heating bibimbap series at one time aiming at the scene of one person eating. The rice is high-quality rice from Northeast China. In addition to Korean vegetables, corn kernels, carrots, green beans, green stem vegetables and other side dishes, the pepper beef bibimbap uses dry pepper, and the bibimbap sauce bag contains 8% beef meat addition; Spicy chicken bibimbap with Sichuan pepper to create authentic Sichuan flavor. The product only needs to be brewed with boiling water for 8 minutes, and can be easily enjoyed with simple stirring, perfectly restoring a luxurious bibimbap. The new tmall flagship store sells for 143g / box / 19.8 yuan.
Photo source: liangpin store flagship store


On November 4, yutianchuan coffee launched an innovative new product tianchuanjia curry rice, integrating coffee and curry to create a new mix and match. There are 2 new products in total, with creative American flavor. The curry is made by mixing Brazil bean ground coffee with more than 10 spices. The ingredients include large pieces of chicken leg meat, carrots, potato pieces, horseshoe, etc., with strong flavor to awaken the taste buds; Authentic Hokkaido flavor: cream cheese, cheese powder and cheese are used with diced lotus root, large pieces of chicken leg meat, green beans and potato chips to maintain the mellow and soft curry, and coffee is used to restore the authentic Hokkaido curry flavor. The product uses 120 ° C high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization technology, and the double-layer aluminum foil packaging locks the fresh fragrance. It can be used only by heating with high fire in the microwave oven for one and a half minutes, or heating in water for 5-6 minutes. The new tmall flagship store sells for 280g * 2 boxes / 59 yuan.
Photo source: yutianchuan coffee

Super grain makes a new Chinese light food
more suitable for Chinese stomach

In November 7th, super zero announced its new self controlled heat control salad series on its WeChat official account. The series has 6 flavors, including Korean style spicy Chinese cabbage, apricot abalone, black pepper beef, spicy mushroom chicken, etc., hoping to provide China’s stomach with a new Chinese style light diet for those who do not like salad. Control card rice strictly selects 6 kinds of super grains as the staple food, without a grain of high carbon water rice; Compared with traditional Chinese food, reduce oil and fat; Mulberry leaf extract and seaweed extract were added. At present, the new product has been launched into the flagship store of super zero tmall, with a price of 6 boxes / 179 yuan.
Image source: misszero super zero

On November 11, Shanghai Mint Health Technology Co., Ltd. completed a round of D2 financing of RMB 100 million, which was exclusively invested by Shenzhen Venture Capital (SCGC). The current round of funds is expected to focus on product R & D and brand upgrading, and promote the deep integration of nutrition technology and health products. It is reported that this round of financing is the second financing completed by Mint health in half a year. In May this year, the enterprise obtained round D financing led by Mingyao capital and followed by Fosun Group, with a post investment valuation of more than 2 billion yuan.
Founded in Shanghai in 2008, mint health is an online “nutrition and health expert”. It has products and services such as “Mint health” app, mint health teacher applet and one-to-one nutrition consultant. In addition, mint health has also launched a series of food products, including functional food, healthy snacks, healthy fast food, children’s nutrition, silver hair food and other sub categories, with a total of more than 200 SKUs, serving nearly 130 million users and monthly sales of more than 100 million yuan.
Source: Mint health


Foodaily learned that the vegetable meat brand valley meat has successively completed Angel round and a round of financing recently, with a cumulative amount of nearly 100 million yuan. The angel round is invested by Innolux angel fund with an exclusive investment of nearly ten million yuan; Round a financing is led by a well-known investment institution, followed by Haisong capital and yingnuo angel fund, the old shareholder of angel round, with an amount of tens of millions of yuan.
Valley meat was established in 2019 and is positioned to develop massive vegetable meat. Its high-end vegetable meat brand zhiwuji officially launched “large vegetable beef” in November this year, which can adapt to a variety of processing methods such as hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, barbecue, frying and stewing. At present, the products of cereal meat include beef, chicken, pork and other categories, and the customers are mainly oriented to the b-end.
Photo source: plant promise


Recently, the domestic sauerkraut fish fast food brand fish you officially announced the completion of the first round of strategic investment by tomato capital and WanDian profit, and the investment amount was not disclosed. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used in the fields of brand sustainable development, in-depth channel layout and product innovation and R & D.
Fish you were founded in 2017. In terms of business model, it adopts the business model of “small door store, Dalian lock and full supply chain”, that is, the store area and investment are small, and 85% of the food materials are uniformly distributed from the headquarters supply chain. In terms of store layout, fish and you aim at the sinking market and accelerate store expansion. It is understood that at present, fish and you together account for 49% of stores in the market below the third tier. In China’s top 100 counties and township markets, there are more than 300 stores, accounting for about 25%.
Source: fish with you


Recently, foodaily learned that Banu Maodu hotpot, a hotpot chain brand, is about to complete round a financing, and has begun to contact with round B financing parties. It is reported that the investor of the round a financing is a well-known investment institution, and the financing amount is not disclosed. The specific financing news may be announced at the end of the month. At present, Banu is still making intensive preparations.
Banu is a direct chain brand of Sichuan hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot. It started in Anyang, Henan Province in 2001 and has a brand history of 20 years. At present, Banu is accelerating the layout of first tier cities and recently entered Shenzhen and Wuhan. So far, Banu has covered 27 cities in China, with a total of 85 stores.
Photo source: Banu Maodu hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot


Recently, the digital group meal platform American meal completed a round e financing of US $100 million. The investor is Dazheng capital, and index capital acts as the exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be mainly used for product R & D and innovation investment, increasing customer acquisition worldwide, building a diversified supply and supply chain system, and improving the construction of organization and talent echelon. It is reported that after this round of financing is completed, American food will become the enterprise with the most financing rounds and the largest financing scale in the group meal field.
Founded in 2011, American food focuses on providing enterprise customers with employee meals, activity meals, team building and business banquets. It is committed to helping enterprises reduce operating costs and improve employee dining experience through digital means. It is understood that American food has covered domestic large and medium-sized enterprises, government units, hospitals, universities and other scenes. At present, it provides professional comprehensive dining solutions for thousands of organizations, with tens of millions of monthly transaction orders.
Picture source: delicious food


On November 10, Starbucks China’s first intangible cultural experience store officially opened in Beijing. This store integrates intangible cultural heritage art and jointly launched Starbucks’s first coffee bar with the theme of batik art with batik handicraft inheritors. At the same time, it also displayed intangible cultural heritage art.
It is reported that this store type originates from Starbucks’ Rural mother acceleration program, which is a public welfare project jointly launched by Starbucks and China Women’s development foundation. Since its official launch in May 2020, the project has successfully incubated 10 intangible cultural heritage cooperatives, provided different courses such as management, sales and creativity for the leaders and backbone of the cooperatives, and provided intangible cultural heritage handicraft skills training for more than 1500 “cooperative mothers”. This is also a store with different functions opened by Starbucks China to meet the Chinese market and consumer demand.
Image source: Internet


On November 11, Muji Muji Muji’s first fresh compound store in China was officially opened in Shanghai, which is another new business format Muji tried in China – fresh supermarket after restaurants, hotels, bookstores and convenience stores, and opened a new journey of strategic cooperation with JD group to jointly provide high-quality food proposals with its seven fresh supermarkets.
It is reported that the compound store is located on the ground floor of Shanghai Ruihong Tiandi Sun Palace, covering an area of 4130 square meters, including two areas: stores and supermarkets. Among them, the store is designed and operated by Muji, the supermarket provides design for Muji, and the seven fresh supermarkets under Jingdong group operate. The supermarket is positioned as a “meal solution super market” integrating online and offline, all channels and all scenes, providing high-quality, healthy and diversified diet solutions.

Image source: Internet


On November 8, meituan shopping signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Mengniu, announcing that it would conduct in-depth cooperation in the field of fresh milk supply chain and Internet retail. In addition to jointly building the exclusive pasture of “meituan buying vegetables”, the two sides will also carry out comprehensive cooperation in new product development, Internet brand marketing and fresh milk product circulation upgrading.
This cooperation with Mengniu is another move for meituan to go deep into the source of the supply chain and continue to strengthen the construction of the supply chain. At present, meituan shopping has hundreds of direct mining bases, covering many fields such as fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and aquatic products. In addition to the daily direct supply base of fresh fruits and vegetables, meituan shopping has also specially built a direct mining base of “looking for fresh food to help agriculture” and an aquaculture base of “jumping shrimp”.
Source: Shenzhen News Network

20、星巴克推出节目 《咖啡夜聊》深度访谈首秀,与消费者进行“隔空对话”

Recently, Starbucks, a coffee brand, launched an in-depth interview program “coffee night chat” on wechat video number to have a “dialogue across the air” with consumers, breaking the routine of “bringing goods” of conventional live broadcasting, narrowing the distance between consumers and Yunnan coffee with stories, and opening a new way of online communication.
The guests of the program are all behind the scenes bakers, agronomists, and even coffee farmers in Yunnan. Focusing on Yunnan coffee, the program tells behind the scenes stories such as coffee planting, the work of agronomists and the experience of Starbucks’s first female baking master. This night chat program has realized the win-win situation that coffee lovers have a deeper understanding of Yunnan coffee and the brand is closer to consumers.
Source: Starbucks
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