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I saw the real appearance of new consumption in the good sale

a large number of new brands have become the backbone of temporary food stores.
Like many of her peers, Ke Ke, a post-95 girl from Shanghai, is a girl who talks about losing weight every day. Therefore, she always pays special attention to all kinds of good low-fat products.
Recently, Keke found a new treasure at a good sale near his home.
Yongpu coffee concentrate, originally priced at 59 yuan a box of seven, was easily won at the good sale at 19.9 yuan, equivalent to 17 yuan a bottle of wonderlab meal milkshake. The price is only 5.8 yuan. The daily price of the cutting-edge chocolate brand, which focuses on 0 sugar, is also more than half a discount. Most of their quality assurance period is more than half a year, and there are plenty of days to digest.
The temporary food stores represented by good specials have become popular from the city to the county, becoming a booming offline retail business.
Under the new consumption boom, various new brands such as food and beverage emerge one after another. They hit the purchase concept of young people and gradually become the “online Red” new products pursued by capital with the positioning of fashion, health and freshness.
From the surface logic, there is a hidden barrier between temporary food and new consumption. The former represents the ruggedness of releasing inventory through traditional channels, while the latter is refined and refined because of the attached aesthetic and conceptual labels.
Under the real line, the diaphragm is broken.
Keke is not the only consumer who found new products in the temporary food store. Last week, the retail King visited four good specials in Shanghai and Beijing. Finally, he found that a large number of new brands are the backbone in the temporary food store, from coffee and chocolate to snail powder and small hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, as well as the whole row of brine and bubble water displayed on half of the wall.
Most of them are brand-new, and their prices are almost broken. The exquisite design of Guochao style and extremely simple style is eclipsed by the huge yellow discount sign. Unconsciously, the real side of new consumption is presented in the temporary supermarket.
The question left for us to discuss is why a large number of new brands appear in good sale? What kind of good sale exists for these brands? Is this an active choice or a passive exile?
Good sale observation  
It is still necessary to explain why the observation object chose a good sale.
The temporary food offline stores ushered in the blowout period last year. Including the good sale, a number of chain stores such as hi tegou and Xiaoxiang life expanded rapidly. However, due to different rhythm and positioning, the good sale has become the first tier player in the industry with the scale of more than 170 stores.
The company started in Shanghai and then set up in Beijing, mainly for young white-collar groups in first tier cities, which is consistent with the target users of new consumer products.
Combined with the sharing of users on some social media and the four offline stores visited by retail Jun, this is a part of the observation of new consumer brands on good sale, mostly in the field of food and beverage.
one   Coffee
Yongpu and yutianchuan are the two most popular brands.
On the little red book, some users who like coffee found that yutianchuan has become a permanent brand for good specials, and products such as ear hanging coffee and fresh extract coffee liquid are sold at a price of nearly 50% off. In the fat reducing meal shared by bloggers, they directly recommend shopping channels to find good Specials, “very cheap”.
There are more punch in yongpu. Retail Jun has a good sale in Hongkou District, Shanghai. He also found yongpu freeze-dried instant Oolong coffee, with an original price of 99 yuan and a discount price of 34.3 yuan. Ruixing’s ear hanging coffee is packed in 6 bags next door, with a price of only about 40% off.
Interestingly, compared with Shanghai, Beijing depends on luck when it comes to this product.
What can be found at present is that yongpu has been on the shelves in shops near office buildings such as Chaowai SOHO.
A few days ago, some users were excited to share on social media. They can buy it at Beijing Shuangjing Fuli Plaza store, but there was no trace in the afternoon of retail juntan store. The clerk explained that the products have already been sold out, and replenishment depends on luck.
two   Sparkling Water
To be honest, bubble water has become the standard configuration in the beverage area of temporary food stores. In addition to good special sales, other brand chains can also see a large number of bubble water of different brands.
Among them, Yuanqi forest is the most famous and the product promoted by the temporary shopkeeper. At the end of October, retail Jun visited the good special Sanlitun SOHO store. Yuanqi forest is a summer black grape bubble water, and the production date is October 9.
Qingquan of Yuanqi forest is also a common brand on the good sale shelves. In addition, retail Jun also saw more than ten kinds of gas soaked water in many stores, including the Asian Games Village and Fuli square, including Yaoqi, European gas, lux, Panpan, ideal weather and Yu Wenqing. The price range is mostly 1-2 yuan, which is cheap enough compared with the original price of more than 5 yuan.
Of course, if you don’t see it at the good sale, it’s hard to imagine that so many manufacturers are making bubble water with 0 sugar and 0 fat
three   drink
When it comes to bubble water, we have to mention tea drinks and functional drinks with the same fierce competition. Common ones are milk tea under Yuanqi forest, sleepy tea and boiled milk tea produced by Qingquan mountain, and various new brands that have also sprung up in recent two years but have not been widely touched by the public.
Retail Jun found a self heating brown sugar ginger jujube tea called rule, which was canned in 248ml, with an original price of 12 yuan and a special sale price of 5.1 yuan. According to public information, Susie, its founder, once served as the marketing director of Wahaha. The products mainly focus on female users and develop health drinks from the needs of skin beauty and supplies.
In Sanlitun’s store, there is also “Aishi Xiaoai pulp”, which was launched in 2020 and positioned as an eye protection functional beverage. The price of a single bottle is 8.5 yuan and the discount price is 2.9 yuan. The production date is April this year.
For today’s young people, brewing milk tea in Lujiao lane may be a thing of the past. A large number of White Peach Oolong brewing milk tea named Dido are displayed on the shelves. Because the production date is relatively new (October 9, 2021), the discount for good sale is not large. The original price is 9.9 yuan and the current price is 8.5 yuan.
four   Chocolates
An important trend in the new consumption of food and beverage is health and fat reduction. In the chocolate track, it runs out of the star product daily dark Qiao. From Luo Yonghao, Weiya and other live broadcasting rooms with goods on their heads, they quickly became famous, and then entered the vision of consumers through a series of marketing activities with celebrities.
In several good specials near the office building, the retail King found the figure of daily Heiqiao and sold it at a 30% discount. However, from the production date, daily Heiqiao really belongs to “temporary food”. For example, the daily Heiqiao sold in Shuangjing Fuli Plaza store was produced on September 1, 2020, and the shelf life is only March 2022.
five   Fast food
It may also become a paradise for snail fans.
In fact, in many temporary Taobao stores, the new date plum seven snail powder is a big source of goods. At the good sale, the retail gentleman didn’t see Li Ziqi, but there were many new brands. For example, BAGOU fresh food and Shenluo incense are produced in Liuzhou, the hometown of snail powder. Colorful packaging bags occupy half the wall of the fast food area.
From the hot rice category, there are small sample bibimbap endorsed by Lu Han, and the new retail Baman beef powder, which is popular from offline stores. If you are lucky, you can still see the figure of ramen.
Unexpectedly, Yurun Group and dalongyan are the two most common brands in self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot. The latter itself is well-known for hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, and Yurun also has self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot products, which is unexpected.
Who achieved who?  
The business model of temporary food store has become an open secret. Under the appearance of “temporary”, it relies on strong supply chain management ability and inventory turnover ability to continuously iterate the selection of products, so as to achieve the balance between low price collection and low price sale.
A temporary chain brand investment promotion report obtained by retail Jun shows that compared with traditional channels, the comprehensive gross profit is less than 20%, and the temporary special offer can reach 50%.
Take Mo Xiaoxian’s self heated rice as an example. The purchase price of traditional channels is 11.2 yuan and the retail price is 14.9 yuan. In the temporary store, it can be sold to 4.5 yuan at the purchase price of 2.5 yuan.
This industry, which is not new, was revitalized last year and became one of the current popular offline retail formats. The main reason is that affected by the epidemic, many manufacturers’ products are unsalable, inventory backlog, and the import and export trade cycle is prolonged. Compared with the loss in vain, it is the best way to undertake it at a low price by temporary stores.
As a new type of offline retail store, the temporary store is different from the traditional supermarket in that the supply of goods and products are unstable. This is also the core to test the operation ability of the store – whether it can get a good source of goods with fast turnover for a long time.
A temporary food supplier explained to retail Jun that at present, even if the volume of special sale is good, it is difficult to ensure this.
He has long supplied goods to many temporary stores, including good sale, and has his own warehouse. According to him, most of the sources of goods come from dealers, because major supermarkets, e-commerce and community group buying have different requirements for dates and will return goods to varying degrees.
According to the investment promotion manager of a temporary chain brand store, their investment promotion department lists more than 4000 kinds of goods. The screening dimensions mainly include brand awareness, public necessities, quality, young people’s preferences, online reputation, etc. In the process of landing, we will continue to guide the selection of products according to the store operation.
Part of the hot money with drainage capacity, about 30% of the imported goods, and half of the unknown products from small manufacturers are the basic composition of the supply of a temporary store. From this dimension, the core competitiveness of each company lies in whether it can win the popular “drainage money”.
In the third and fourth tier cities, these products may be Coca Cola, more likely Mengniu and Yili pure milk. Search on the relevant temporary warehouse applet. It is located in the warehouses in Hebei, Qingdao, Shanxi and other provinces. The most popular products are Jindian, anmuxi and other popular products.
However, the competition pattern of the first and second tier cities is different from that of the third and fourth tier cities. When judging the dimension of popular products from “necessities” to “young people” and “online word-of-mouth”, well-known new consumer brands may be the heart of each family.
In xiaohongshu, the community with the highest concentration of young white-collar workers in the city, the search keywords “good sale + daily black Qiao”, “good sale + vitality forest” or “good sale + Li Ziqi” all have tens of thousands of notes to share. Even yongpu and yutianchuan coffee have many users to punch in and recommend.
From this point of view, Shangxin new consumer brand, good sale is not out of line.
Disenchantment new consumption  
According to the 2021 insight report on the development of new consumer brands in China issued by Yibang Power Research Institute, as of December 2020, there were about 200 financing events for new consumer brands, of which food and beverage was the field with the most emerging new brands.
The 2020 new consumption insight report released by the first financial business data center also mentioned that among the top ten consumption areas, online red food and anti sugar substitute food increased significantly. From 2016 to 2018, the growth rate of online red food was as high as 1220%.
There is a supply base for new consumer products on sale.
The supplier mentioned above gives an example to the retail Champion: a local brand named hot tiktok in Hunan, relying on the electronic platform such as jitter, and after making the single product in the near future, it can complete the million single in one or two months. Therefore, it is almost impossible for him to get the goods through temporary channels. “Fantianwa is still adding production lines. Where will there be goods for us?”
Another example is that in the temporary food store, there are usually more than half of the unknown brands, or even regular goods. One source is that due to the poor management of the manufacturer, it is unable to pay the accounts. Finally, it can only use the products to mortgage and write off the accounts to the packaging, production and other partners. Most of the partners choose to deal with the cash at a low price. Finally, this part of the products flow into the temporary store.
When a good sale “grabs” a new brand, in other words, it is also an opportunity for a new brand to “fall” to a good sale.
Taking bubble water as an example, with the decline of the domestic carbonated beverage market year by year, bubble water, which focuses on sugar free and health concepts, has poured into the market. Statistics show that the sales scale of bubble water in China increased from 2.46 billion yuan to 5.81 billion yuan from 2015 to 2020.
The success of Yuanqi forest continues to attract the influx of major manufacturers. On the one hand, there are large traditional beverage manufacturers, such as Pepsi and nongnongshanquan. On the other hand, new tea drinks and some entrepreneurial brands also began to stir up the situation, such as happy tea and Qingquan, and even traditional food manufacturers such as Panpan food.
The market share is skinny. At present, Yuanqi forest holds the first throne with 60% of the market share, followed by Xi tea. A large number of trial brands have divided the share of less than 20%. It is not difficult to understand why the beverage area with good special sale is the world of all kinds of bubble water.
The same is true for self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, functional drinks, coffee and other categories – it is said that under the new consumption wave promoted by capital, young people are running out of money, and good specials are probably not enough.
One view is that maybe good sale is the channel for new brands to distribute goods.
However, in the good sale of products at the price of 35% discount, such measures are more harmful to the brand. When choosing this road, does the new consumer brand still have a way back?
Good sale is actually the epitome of an industry.
Retail Jun believes that under the tide of consumption upgrading, the purchasing power of the younger generation is the incentive, the boost of capital is the means, and the endless stream of new consumer products is the result. This is a causal industry chain.
But for those who devote themselves to it, they should fear the invisible hands of the market. Rationality and restraint should not be scarce qualities.
Author: Wang Mingya; Source: new retail business review (ID: xinlingshou1001), reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
join the community: Cherry (micro signal: 15240428449). Fbic2022 foodaily daily food cooperates with the world’s top commercial and industrial partners to build foodaily   Fbic222 global food and beverage Innovation Conference & the first Food Expo “new food era – brand ecology” will be held in Shanghai from May 31 to June 2, 2022. We invite you to witness it together. (click the picture to view the detailed introduction).

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