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The fruits of the attack let us see a category that needs to be transformed!

new business opportunities are likely to come from the mature minds of consumers. In addition to popular drinks, what vitality will fruit burst out in the role of snacks?

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Once again, the love of fruit and tea has become the leading role in the new tea feast. This summer, the fruit of the dazzling fruit, the orange and olives and the fruit of the small fruit burst into flames, and the fruit shape and the tea taste became the fully deserve the hearts of the young people. According to the US group, 75% of the 95 favorite tea products were fruit tea.
Whole golden pineapple, photo source: Xi cha
In addition to taste and indulgence, a key factor in the popularity of fruit tea is the mature mind of consumers – health. However, the scientific research report on dietary guidelines for Chinese residents (2021) points out that residents’ intake of whole grains, dark vegetables, fruits, milk, fish, shrimp and beans is insufficient.
There is a “good impression” in the minds of consumers, but the intake is insufficient. We can’t help but wonder what other categories can bring fruit intake? Can it meet the current needs of consumers? Will there be new opportunities? In addition to drinks, we can’t help thinking of another category with fruits and vegetables as the main raw materials – dried preserves.
Under the theme of healthy and nutritious food and beverage consumption, dried fruit preserves have reason to gain consumers’ favor with the health and green attributes of raw materials. However, when it comes to dried fruit preserves, my mind can’t help but be full of family and friends and a leisurely atmosphere, mostly with the smell of new year. In the scene of family fun, how do I eat two sour plum and chew a few raisins.
Photo source: Yo Mei
Nowadays, the consumption scene of traditional dried fruit preserves is in a relatively stable state, and even the purchase scene is always limited to the large transparent plastic bag of the new year cart or the ordinary optional area of the supermarket.
Today, foodaily will focus on dried fruit preserves and discuss how to upgrade dried fruit preserves with a long history of consumption in the new consumption wave of comprehensive innovation such as main consumer groups, scenes, channels and brand & marketing. In the new era, will this traditional category tell new stories?
It has a long history of consumption,
What’s the status of dried preserves?
First of all, what is candied fruit? Is there any difference?
According to the definition of the general rules for the review of production license of fruit products, dried fruit is a dry product made by dehydration and drying of fruit products, such as raisins, dried apples, etc. while the general rules for preserved fruit points out that preserved fruit takes fruits and vegetables as the main raw materials, adds (or does not add) food additives and other auxiliary materials, and is pickled (or not pickled) with sugar, honey or salt And other products, such as preserved fruits, cold fruits, fruit cakes, sugar stains and frosted dried fruits, etc.
The raw materials of dried fruit and candied fruit are similar, but different processing technologies bring different product forms. In short, the raw materials are only fruit, which only goes through the drying step without any sugar or salt, which is called dried fruit, while the fruit and vegetable products pickled with sugar, honey or salt and added with some additives and accessories are called candied fruit.
Source: Meiyi Pavilion
Dried fruit candied fruit can be traced back to thousands of years ago. It was the earliest folk to make dried fruit by natural drying or simple artificial dehydration. Up to now, as a leisure snack, dried fruit candied fruit is always inseparable from specific consumption scenes such as new year goods, gatherings, specialties and gifts. In addition, even if e-commerce solves the regional limitations of purchase scenes, it has a high degree of homogeneity and insufficient brand power Problems such as scattered industrial pattern still hinder the breakthrough development of dried fruit and preserves industry.
The degree of homogenization is high, but it is growing
However, it is gratifying that as the demand for substitute meals promotes the growth of per capita consumption of leisure snacks, the health trend leads to structural adjustment in the snack category. Public data show that preserved fruits and preserves maintain a compound growth of more than 3% every year.
Magic mirror market intelligence shows that according to tmall’s data observation, the sales of dried fruit preserves will reach 6.4 billion in 2020, with a year-on-year growth rate of 9.8%. Compared with nuts, pastries and meat snacks, dried fruit preserves are relatively inferior, but they still belong to the leader of snacks.
In addition, in terms of the overall trend, with the steady increase of China’s per capita disposable income, consumers pay unprecedented attention to food quality and health. Dried fruit has inherent advantages over major competitive snacks. At the same time, consumers are increasingly looking forward to no addition, less sugar, low calorie, nourishing and other health attributes of products. How to make use of consumer demands Upgrading to complete the counter attack of dried preserves will become an innovative direction in the snack war.
The contradiction between supply and demand,
The variety of dried fruit preserves has changed
The dried fruit and candied fruit market shows a typical industry upgrading trend, and consumers pay more attention to product quality and have higher price elasticity. According to cbndata statistical data, the order volume of healthy and non added candied snacks has increased steadily in recent three years, and the growth rate is far higher than the whole candied fruit, among which the purchase volume of fruit and vegetable chips is more than the sum of other candied fruit categories.
Dried fruit preserves gradually change its image of high sugar, high salt and stimulating taste, and the product form gradually presents a snack tendency. Compared with puffed food, baked pastry and other snack foods, dried fruit preserves have the advantages of health attributes derived from fruits and vegetables, and become the main consumer group as the best choice for snack entertainment under the background of healthy life and consumption upgrading.
Baicao assorted vegetable crisp picture source: Baicao
In addition, dried fruit preserves are also experiencing the replacement of fruit types similar to new tea drinks. In the past, the most common dried fruit preserves were jujube and plum. The broad category base audience and the sour taste impregnated with sugar and salt made it a standard for entertaining guests on the tea table in the living room of every family.
However, the 2021 tmall jujube candied fruit consumption trend report shows that the traditional categories such as jujube, dried mango and raisin with weak growth are gradually replaced by new categories such as orange peel, hawthorn and dried apricot. In addition, the high-frequency repurchase of nourishing preserves such as donkey hide gelatin jujube cake, orange peel and rose eggplant, longan dry and steamed jujube increased significantly.
Source: Chen Liji
The growth rate of traditional sugar and salt impregnated products is reduced, while the categories with less oil and sugar and health functions are gradually accepted by the public. Hawthorn, tangerine peel and dried apricot have become the driving force for the growth of dried preserves with their unique product efficacy and “health” label.
This also just shows that there are thousands of kinds of fruits. Breaking the idea of “one side for thousands of people”, the uniqueness of each fruit will have the opportunity to become a special existence of health labels in the hearts of consumers.
Micro innovation of form and taste, bringing a small climax of category
In recent years, the most popular product form in the field of dried fruit preserves, milk jujube must have a place, and it is even known as the successor of the innovation of “jujube with walnut” jujube products since 2015. In 2020, the fried milk jujube in Xueji, Shandong suddenly exploded in a plain grass planting video, and the exposure exceeded millions in just a few days.
Source: Xue Ji fried goods
Looking closely at the product composition of milk jujube, it is actually similar to snowflake crisp. Most milk dates are wrapped with a layer of milk powder outside the red dates, and the internal filler is mainly almonds. These three familiar raw materials form unique chemical reactions at the taste and cognitive levels, and then capture consumers. According to the data of Xueji fried tmall flagship store, after the explosion of categories, the monthly sales volume reached 250000. Today, the monthly sales volume of milk jujube is also stable at about 5000, close to 10 times that of jujube with walnut and 50 times that of ordinary red jujube products.
With the experience of milk jujube, Xueji fried goods further tried the methods of taste + composition, form + composition and composition + composition, and successively launched new products such as chocolate / milk Hawthorn ball, cereal sandwich jujube and bear Hawthorn stick, which all received positive reactions. Jin Cheng, head of tmall jujube candied fruit drying and freeze-drying industry, once said: “in the future, red jujube can be transformed into hawthorn, persimmon, etc., and then superimposed with other single products. There is unlimited imagination space for micro innovation of yogurt, cheese, sea salt, Matcha, salted egg yolk… Categories [2].”
One hundred billion lyophilization is the key technology of dried preserves at present
The earliest folk dried fruits by natural drying or simple artificial dehydration, while in modern times, microwave dryer, air energy heat pump dryer, vacuum freeze dryer and so on gradually appeared. Vacuum freeze-drying technology was first used in aerospace food. Because it has good portability and storage, and avoids the problems of component change or nutrient loss caused by high-temperature drying technology, it has been widely used in many industries such as food, medicine, cosmetics, health care and so on [3].
The freeze-dried fruit generally refers to the simple treatment of fresh fruit, direct quick freezing (- 35 ℃), and then entering the vacuum freeze-drying bin for drying. This drying method can retain the taste and color of the fruit itself, natural vitamins, dietary fiber, trace elements and other nutrients to the greatest extent. It is also the product type mainly developed by brands in the field of dried preserves.
Source: Healthline
It is worth noting that the freeze-drying technology is also upgrading, in which the latest freeze-drying technology is combined with molecular penetration technology to improve the problem of tooth adhesion of freeze-dried food. It can be predicted that with the continuous expansion of the application scenario of freeze-drying technology and the release of the consumption potential brought by market education, there will be more frequent technological changes in the future, bringing technology driven taste, form and even category innovation to the dried fruit industry [4].
In September this year, I really want you to make efforts to freeze-drying track and launch a small frozen grain brand. Freeze-dried fruit is one of its key product series.
Photo source: small frozen grain
How can you tell the story of fruit?
Keep   Real, rind wants to tell a sexy story about nature, health and reducing waste
It is understood that the United States wastes nearly 40 million tons of food every year, about one-third of all food production. Through its own products, rind hopes to let consumers eat complete fruits, maximize nutritional value, reduce waste, and provide consumers with healthier food.
At present, rind mainly has two product series, namely chewable series with peel and fruit extract series.
Source: rind
Kooky, who has a unique way, starts with a small number of exotic fruits
Kooky is an innovative dried fruit brand in the UK. It was founded by two Asian mothers to share exotic fruit delicacies in a way that people have never experienced before.
Source: kooky
Kooky’s products range from jackfruit, mango, mangosteen, pitaya and bananas. The heat per pack of frozen fruits is less than 45 calories, so that consumers can enjoy “tasty snacks” without guilt.
Kooky does not avoid the strange nature of these Oriental fruits in the UK market. Instead, he uses different tiger images to represent the product personality of different fruits, so as to show the diversity of brands and the values of being curious about the world.
Nature’s garden, a functional player of dried fruit snacks
Nature’s garden is an innovative healthy snack brand, creating the concept of “smart snacks”, which aims to provide consumers with the right nutrients in the right way, at the right time and in the right place, so as to maintain health and vitality.
In its series of dried fruit snacks, nature’s garden has launched a new product to enhance immunity – fruit balls immune booster, which integrates dried fruit with nuts into balls, and creates functional and healthy snacks through the addition of probiotics.
Source: nature’s garden
Ocean spray, tamping the supply chain and the brand model of vertical fruit
Ocean spray, founded in 1930, is a supplier focusing on cranberry juice and dried Cranberry fruit. Youxianpei cranberries come from more than 700 Cranberry Growers in the United States, Canada and Chile, with more than 1000 different delicious and healthy products sold in more than 50 countries around the world.
Youxianpei is actively engaged in category science popularization to expand the influence of cranberry. Taking the Chinese market as an example, youxianpei worked with Museum magazine to show Chinese consumers the harvest of cranberries by live broadcast at the cranberry farm in Boston, North America, and popularized the nutritional value and eating methods of cranberries to consumers at the same time. In addition, youxianpei took advantage of traditional American harvest activities to create an international Cranberry harvest festival to trigger communication effects, etc.
Every fresh said, using freeze-dried fruits and vegetables to open up a new scene of substitute meals
The concept of smoothie comes from the United States. It refers to a beverage made of crushed fruits and vegetables. Smoothie is usually composed of substrate (fruit juice, dairy products) and additives.  
Source: every fresh say
Founded in December 2020, China’s cutting-edge every fresh say is a healthy light food brand. Its main product lines include rainbow smoothie, shake smoothie and rainbow fresh fruit extract. Every fresh said that it extended the health concept of SIMU snow to the field of substitute meals, and mainly promoted rainbow simu snow. The core selling point is the product solution of healthy weight loss + high appearance value, which brings consumers a healthier and nutritious way of eating with a sense of satiety and ritual. 200000 boxes were sold in the first month of its launch.
The story of dried preserves is obviously far from over at this stage.
We have seen some innovations in this market, such as the replacement of fruit and vegetable varieties, the enrichment of product forms, the growth of conceptual value with market education and brand publicity, the breakthrough of technical barriers, etc., but the potential of dried preserves may not be limited to this.
If we look at the industry development of dried fruit preserves from the perspective of categories, as a new star of snack categories, dried fruit preserves still have a great gap in product application scenarios and consumer communication compared with traditional snack categories such as chocolate and candy. At the same time, it is bound to encounter some challenges in the upstream of the industry and the establishment of supply chain in the future.
We will wait and see whether the new chapter of dried fruit preserves can get out of the shadow of these mature categories, and whether it will be a wider application scenario, digital and experience marketing or customized products and services.
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