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Five “new catering” tracks came into being, with more than 70 financing events in 2021

there is no evergreen tree in any track. Only by continuously creating value for consumers can the foundation be evergreen and not be abandoned.
Nowadays, “exploring restaurants” has become a popular word, and eating and drinking are the most explored words. In order to meet the needs of young groups and more new middle-class consumers to “focus on social networking and follow the trend”, the consumption scene of catering is constantly broadened, and “new catering” has gradually entered the vision of investors.
Catering, as a high-frequency consumption just needed, is rising from the four outlets of wine, tea, coffee and pasta to various snacks such as string, stewed and baked desserts. One hot track after another. Recently, the enterprise survey data Research Institute launched the investment and financing data report of the five “new catering” tracks in 2021 , taking wine, tea, pasta, coffee and baking as five cuts, this paper analyzes how the new catering industry is leveraging the 10 billion market, as well as the market conditions and potential space behind them.
Low alcohol capital “above”:
In 2021, 8 low alcohol liquor brands have obtained financing
According to cbndata’s insight report on 2020 young people’s wine consumption, in the wine consumption market in 2020, the post-90s and post-95s are the only people whose consumption proportion has increased, and low alcohol wine has become “the first drink for young people” According to the survey data of enterprises, eight low alcohol liquor brands have obtained financing in the first October of this year, among which berry sweetheart, zouqingniang and XunGen have completed two rounds of financing this year, and Lanzhou, greater than or equal to 9, belong, Xiaozui and 10:15 have obtained one round of financing this year.
In addition, the “slightly drunk” business of the tavern is becoming more and more prosperous. Helen’s company with wine and stories was listed by young people in September this year; RISSE Ruisi tavern completed tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing from Sequoia seed fund in September. From the perspective of regional distribution, enterprise survey data show that “slightly drunk” The economy is mainly concentrated in big cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hangzhou; from the perspective of financing process, most brands are in the early financing stage.
The rise of national tide health preservation wind:
In 2021, there were more than 14 new tea financing events
How to find the next popular “new species” as soon as possible has always been the theme of the continuous advancement of new tea. As a part of Chinese culture, tea has been singing all the way in recent years by taking advantage of the national trend and relying on the beautiful visual experience and fresh taste.
According to the enterprise investigation data, in the first October, the more well-known milk tea brands such as honey Snow Ice City, Naixue’s tea, Xi tea and aunt Hushang obtained financing. Among them, Naixue’s tea obtained a strategic investment of HK $5.858 billion and was listed in Hong Kong on June 30; Xi tea completed a round D financing of US $500 million; honey snow ice city obtained a strategic investment of 2 billion yuan, including Gaoling capital and meituan Longzhu; Hushang Aunt obtained a round of a + financing of nearly 100 million yuan, and the capital market is still full of confidence in well-known brands.
Enterprise survey data analysts believe that as the tea market enters a relatively mature stage, cutting-edge brands can find market cracks only by highlighting the encirclement in the subdivided circuit. Guofeng traditional health medicine tea beverage “Hetian shuipu” has received two rounds of strategic financing; the “future tea wave” of health boutique tea and the “overlord chaji” of health new Chinese tea brand And the “Chunfeng” inspired by the homology of medicine and food have been financed. The common point of these new brands is the main health preservation.
In addition, Hetao Taotao is a peach flavor tea brand, starting from the more subdivided category of “peach flavor tea”; Xiaoman tea field is the pioneer of domestic chelizi theme tea, starting from the more subdivided “chelizi fruit tea” Category cut; capsule tea focuses on compound taste and garden tea soup, starting from more subdivided young female users; milk tea continues to innovate in the multi-layer dimensions of new products, categories and transformation, and milk tea still has the enthusiasm to continue to roll in.
Regional brands are highly sought after:
In 2021, there were more than 12 financing events of pasta and rice noodles
Previously, noodle restaurants were often designated as fast food restaurants because of their single taste. However, in recent years, the noodle industry has turned to medium and high-end development, and the ancient noodle business has won the favor of new consumer investors. Enterprise survey data show that this year, many brands such as Wuye noodles, Hefu fishing noodles, Xiaomian, porcelain noodles, Jianghu and so on have obtained financing.
Among them, Hefu Laomian has completed nearly 800 million yuan of e-round financing to locate Chinese pasta; the “meet Xiaomian”, which focuses on Sichuan and Chongqing flavor and has great regional characteristics, has completed more than 100 million yuan of strategic financing; in addition, the “Wuye noodles” and the “jinmiantang”, which focuses on beef noodles, have also obtained financing this year.
Lanzhou beef noodle brands – Chen Xianggui, Ma Jiyong and Zhang Lala have also completed a new round of financing, which has changed people’s stereotype of traditional Lanzhou ramen. Store decoration, dining, physical examination and marketing methods have been comprehensively upgraded, adding simple and fashionable style of national fashion elements, fitting the preferences of young groups, and paying attention to innovation and change. In addition, the rice noodle brand “Yangji Shanye” and “Ba man” is also favored by capital. Yangji Shanye is a fast food brand that restores the taste of Jiangxi local rice noodles. It relies on live e-commerce to bring authentic hometown flavor into the market, while Ba man is mainly engaged in Hunan Changde beef rice noodles.
Enterprise survey data analysts found that among the investors pouring into the pasta track, there are many powerful investors such as Tencent, country garden, Sequoia Capital and IDG. Chinese pasta belongs to a very few categories that can be standardized in Chinese food, which has great scale advantages. However, at present, no pasta catering giant has been born in the market. The capital is so optimistic, perhaps with a gambling psychology.
Domestic boutique coffee is coming fiercely:
Shanghai and Beijing are fertile ground for brand incubation
In 2021, the capital market accelerated the pace of investment in the coffee market, and the track was hot. Enterprise survey data show that the total amount of financing disclosure related to the domestic coffee industry in the first October was close to 6 billion yuan, and some popular brands even got two or three rounds of financing in the first half of the year, such as sengine Yingji coffee, manner, m stand, etc. In addition, new brands such as Santon and a half, yongpu, algebraist and nowwa Nova coffee all rise rapidly with the further boost of capital. Some old brands are sprinting into the chain stores, advancing into the development of shopping centers, breaking through the circle of white-collar workers and becoming popular.
This year, domestic boutique coffee brands are coming. In July, seesaw, a boutique coffee brand, announced the completion of a + round of financing of more than 100 million yuan, and the new tea brand hi tea took shares as a strategic investor; M stand, a cutting-edge coffee chain brand, officially announced the completion of round B financing of more than 500 million yuan; In addition, convenient coffee brands such as three and a half tons, Shicui secre, yongpu and yutianchuan all received 100 million yuan of scale financing.
In terms of urban distribution, Shanghai and Beijing, where elites gather, are still fertile ground for high-quality coffee. The headquarters of new generation boutique coffee brands such as illy coffee, manner, yongpu, sengine Yingji and M stand are all in Shanghai. In addition, boutique coffee brands in Hangzhou, Suzhou and Changsha are also gradually growing. From this point of view, the untapped markets in the third and fourth tier cities are not mature enough. On the capital boiling coffee track, huge blue ocean opportunities still need to be explored, but how to run the sinking market has increasingly become a difficult problem for many coffee brands.
New Chinese Guochao baking brand swaggers:
In 2021, there were more than 15 baking track financing events
Today, not only milk tea, but also new Chinese baking brands with different tastes can make consumers queue up. Enterprise survey data show that there were 15 financing events at the baking track in the first October, and many well-known VC / PE such as IDG capital, Sequoia China, Jiyuan capital and meituan Longzhu poured into the track.
Capital bows and brands hold their heads high. Among them, “Mo Mo dim sum bureau” has opened 20 stores in just one year, and has completed round B financing. Another cutting-edge “Tiger Head Bureau” obtained institutional investment from Sequoia Capital China and Challenger capital when there were only four stores. The new Chinese baking brand has become the “new favorite” of capital.
The new baking brand takes advantage of the national trend and enters the vision of Chinese people. Take the rapidly rising “Mo Mo dim sum bureau” as an example, take the lion’s head as the logo, decorate retro and trendy red and blue neon lights, and highlight the national fashion style. Hutou bureau adopts the silver gray metal punk style, takes the orange, silver and gray of Guochao classic colors as the main colors of the store, and writes “fresh cakes, baked on the same day” into the logo, saying “integrate into the lifestyle and taste of contemporary young people”. To some extent, baking brands seem to have young people who get “national tide” and “young people who get the world”.
“New catering” brand is committed to changing from a single catering mode to a “three legged” walking mode of catering + space + retail with the strength of “doing the industry again”.
On the liquor track, the fruit liquor brands such as Helens and Meijian were frequently discussed, and everyone began to pay attention to the low alcohol liquor that makes young people slightly drunk; On the tea drinking track, Xi tea, Naixue and honey snow ice cities have been listed or opened thousands of stores and launched new products, and the new tea drinking track in the eyes of capital is still sweet; In the coffee outlet, Ruixing “flashed” first. Since then, seesaw, manner and M stand have risen one after another, and “Starbucks in China” must have; Ramen rice noodles and other pasta are local characteristics. The pasta track of Hefu Laomian, meet Xiaomian, Wuye noodles and other brands are popular by capital. The industry collective is looking for McDonald’s or KFC in the next pasta field; On the baking track, cutting-edge brands such as Momo dim sum Bureau and Hutou Bureau rise rapidly in the form of online Red stores, win the favor of consumers and capital, and then gradually inject cultural connotation to show their skills; In addition, the snack modes such as fried string and stewed flavor are also very good in the eyes of capital. Kuafu, Xijie, shengxiangting, Beijing style fresh halogen, chrysanthemum and other brands have been financed one after another
“New catering” is gradually becoming the mainstream, and the prosperity of national style and tide is just in line with the spiritual pursuit of young people. But everything is too much, and the words “suitable” and “rationality” are the most important criteria. Although Guochao is the current market trend, it does not mean that all people standing at the tuyere can take off. The “pseudo national tide” floating on the surface can not be based on water and fire. Blindly following the flow may not bring returns.
There are no evergreen trees in any track. New consumption is one after another. None of us knows who is the last. There will always be a group of younger people, and the consumer market will change with the times. Only by continuously exploring new things, injecting fresh culture and spirit, making changes in business and continuously creating value for consumers can we keep our foundation green and not be abandoned.
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