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Huang Liming assumed the post of chairman of Guangming dairy, Aoyou suspended the voluntary announcement of the third quarter results, McDonald’s Macintosh coffee came out of the “blind box”, Itochu invested in coffee in China, and the control of infant “sheep milk powder” was upgraded

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Huang Liming takes over as chairman of Guangming dairy

Yesterday evening, Guangming dairy announced that Huang liming was elected chairman of the company, the term of office was the same as that of the current board of directors, and he was added as chairman of the strategy committee of the board of directors and member of the nomination committee of the board of directors. On the same day, the board of directors of the company received the resignation report of Luo Hai, director and general manager of the company. Luo Hai applied for resignation as a director, general manager and member of the strategy committee of the sixth board of directors of the company due to job transfer. (company announcement)

Aoyou suspended voluntary announcement of third quarter results

Aoyou dairy announced today that the company has voluntarily announced its quarterly financial results since the third quarter of 2015. Since the offer period begins after the issuance of the joint announcement, the publication of the results as of the third quarter of 2021 will constitute the profit forecast under the acquisition code. After considering the additional resources generated by the company’s compliance with the acquisition code on profit forecast, the company decided to suspend the voluntary announcement of the third quarter performance of 2021 and the upcoming quarterly financial performance until the end of the engagement period. (company announcement)

“Yili is the most suitable industrial capital to undertake Aoyou’s controlling stake”

On November 11, Qiao Baijun, general manager of CITIC agricultural industry fund, said: “we (at that time) As the largest shareholder of Aoyou, due to a responsible attitude, the equity transfer cannot go to the secondary market, so we need to find suitable investors to undertake. There were two considerations, one is financial capital, the other is industrial capital. Considering that the withdrawal of financial capital after holding for several years may be unfavorable to the development of Aoyou, we hope to choose products with strong synergy with Aoyou and recognize Aoyou Industry capital, contact with Yili is the most appropriate. “(Beijing News)

China Shengmu and Shengmu grassland entered into an equity transfer agreement

Today, China Shengmu announced that it had entered into an equity transfer agreement with Shengmu grassland. According to this agreement, Beijing Muhe will transfer Shanghai youmu shares (equivalent to all the issued share capital of Shanghai youmu) to Shengmu grassland at a price of 524.4 million yuan. (company announcement)


Lu Zhengyao’s “fun noodles” was renamed “fun Bayu”

In November 5th, the WeChat official account of Ruixi coffee noodles was renamed “interesting Bayu”. 11833 however, some of the stores did not actually open. 36、)


Suguo Mart plans to open 600 stores in the next five years

In December, Suguo will open four Suguo marts in Jianhu, Huai’an, Hongze, Xuzhou and Jingjiang to quickly promote the plan of new brand exhibition stores. In the next five years, Suguo will focus on the construction of base areas, accelerate the layout of new outlets, open 600 new stores, and focus on hypermarkets and standard supermarkets. It is understood that Suguo mart is a brand-new brand created by China Resources Vanguard in 2019. In April this year, it opened its first store in Nanjing at yaohuamen Jindi square. (

McDonald’s MAC coffee out of the “blind box”

From November 17, 2021 to January 11, 2022, when consumers buy any large cup of wheat coffee, they can get a protein cream at random. Protein creams are handmade, each different. The company said that seven manual “cute pet protein cream” were only given away but not sold, including two hidden versions. (Xiaoxiang Morning Post)


McDonald’s China’s 1000th LEED certified green restaurant officially opened


Recently, Jiangsu’s 300th McDonald’s restaurant, Suzhou Xingang road delisu restaurant, and McDonald’s China’s 1000th LEED certified green restaurant officially opened. At the same time, it also adopts the design style of the world’s first essential ingredients 2.0. (issued by the company)

Ding Dong’s revenue doubled in the third quarter and its loss expanded to 2 billion yuan

On the evening of November 15, dingdong shopping released the third quarter performance report. According to the financial report, Ding Dong’s revenue for buying vegetables in the quarter was 6.189 billion yuan, a significant increase of 111% over the same period last year; The net loss attributable to ordinary shareholders was RMB 2.011 billion, compared with a loss of RMB 827 million in the same period last year, an increase of 143% year-on-year. In the third quarter, dingdong’s Gmv for buying vegetables was 7.02 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 107.7%. In the Yangtze River Delta region with mature operation, Gmv grew by 64.8% year-on-year. (observer network)


Enjoy congee brand Huang Xiaozhu completes pre-A + round of financing

Tianyancha app shows that Huang Xiaozhu, the instant porridge brand focusing on convenience and light nourishment, completed the pre-A + round of financing and was invested by Qingliu capital during double 11 in 2021. It is reported that Huang Xiaozhu is a convenient fresh food brand established in 2020. (Beijing business daily)

Itochu injected hundreds of millions of yen into Shanghai Weiming food, a coffee enterprise

Recently, Itochu invested in Shanghai Weiming food, a large Chinese coffee enterprise. The investment amount is hundreds of millions of yen, and the investment proportion is not disclosed. The two sides will cooperate to develop China’s fast-growing coffee market. Itochu has established a trade network in coffee producing areas in more than 20 countries including central and South America to provide a stable supply of raw materials for Weiming food. Itochu is expected to become the second largest shareholder after the founder. (Nikkei)

McDonald’s CEO meets with local community leaders in the United States

Chris kempczinski, CEO of McDonald’s, met with community leaders across Chicago and Illinois on Tuesday. The face-to-face meeting was held at a church in the Southern District of Chicago, attended by more than 100 priests and community leaders. Kempczinski apologized for his previous comments (a few months ago, he commented on two minor shootings in Chicago) and talked about McDonald’s role in the local community and the opportunity to make a positive impact. (Bloomberg)


PepsiCo announced a new goal of promoting food security for 50 million people

Yesterday, PepsiCo announced a new goal to help 50 million people obtain nutritious food by 2030, through its food for good food safety project and expand the provision of nutritional products. This new goal complements PepsiCo’s recently announced support for the “zero hunger private sector commitment”, which promises to provide $100 million for active agriculture and food security initiatives by 2030, including training farmers and helping to strengthen agricultural production, developing plans to increase crop production, and helping to ensure a more flexible food supply. (issued by the company)

Wal Mart’s net profit in the last quarter was $3.105 billion

Yesterday, Wal Mart announced the third quarter financial report of fiscal year 2022 as of October 31. In the third quarter of this fiscal year, the company’s revenue was US $140.525 billion, a year-on-year increase of 4.3%; The net profit attributable to the parent company reached US $3.105 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 39.5%. In the first three quarters, the company’s revenue was US $419.883 billion, a year-on-year increase of 3.1%; The net profit attributable to the parent company was US $10.111 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 35.2%. (issued by the company)


Quick reading of food industry information



Upgrading of management and control of infant “sheep milk powder”

Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the announcement on further standardizing the labeling of infant formula milk powder products (hereinafter referred to as the “announcement” or “new labeling regulations”). Many sheep milk powder enterprise bosses in Shaanxi can’t sit still. According to Wang Weimin, Deputy Secretary General of Shaanxi dairy safety production association, among the 45 infant formula sheep milk powder brands in Shaanxi, “half sheep” milk powder accounts for more than 60%, and the new labeling regulations have a great impact on the local sheep milk powder industry, “which is tantamount to secondary Entrepreneurship”. At present, the mainstream idea of enterprises is to turn “half sheep” into “whole sheep”, and some enterprises are also considering the transformation to liquid goat milk and goat cheese stick. (Beijing News)

The first “National Coffee standardization regional service and promotion platform” landed in Yunnan

The reporter learned from the Institute of tropical and subtropical cash crops of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences on the 17th that China’s first “National Coffee standardized regional service and promotion platform (nbfw-17-2021)” declared by the Institute was approved. With the continuous development of the coffee industry, Yunnan has become China’s largest coffee plantation, trade distribution center and export center, and its coffee bean output accounts for more than 98% of the country’s total output. (China News Agency)

Report: sugar free beverage market will double in 5 years

Recently, the Key Laboratory of big data mining and knowledge management of the Chinese Academy of Sciences released the 2021 China sugar free beverage market trend insight report (hereinafter referred to as the “report”). The report points out that with the enhancement of public health awareness, the market scale of sugar free drinks will further maintain the growth momentum. It is expected to double in the next five years and increase to 22.74 billion yuan in 2025. In the sugar free bubble water field, which accounts for an important share, Yuanqi forest has become “the most popular brand among young consumers”. (Zhongxin Jingwei)

Baidu’s net loss in the third quarter was 16.559 billion yuan

Today, baidu released the third quarter financial report of 2021. According to the financial report, baidu achieved a total revenue of 31.921 billion yuan in the quarter, a year-on-year increase of 13%; The net loss was 16.559 billion yuan, the net profit in the same period of last year was 13.7 billion yuan, and the market expected net profit was 2.468 billion yuan. The net loss in the third quarter included a non cash, mark to market long-term investment loss of RMB 18.9 billion, which was caused by the quarterly fair value adjustment. (issued by the company)

The net loss of station B in the third quarter was about 2.677 billion yuan

Today, bilibilibili announced its results for the third quarter, with a total net turnover of 5.207 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 61%, expected to be 5.172 billion yuan; The net loss was about 2.677 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 1.47%, and the expected loss was 1.83 billion yuan; After adjustment, the net loss was about RMB 1.622 billion, a year-on-year increase of 67.7%, and the expected loss was RMB 1.543 billion. (Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Li jiaqiweiya suspended cooperation with L’Oreal

In view of the price difference of Paris L’OREAL ampoule mask, Li Jiaqi Wei Ya issued a statement saying that it had negotiated with Paris L’OREAL brand side for several rounds, but has not yet reached an agreement on the incident. If the L’OREAL brand of Paris fails to give a reasonable solution after 24 hours, the compensation will be given to the studio. At present, Li jiaqiweiya has suspended cooperation with L’Oreal. (surging News)

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