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Jointly launched by 20 + investment institutions! China food and beverage good project competition is in hot registration


In order to focus on the catering field, explore good innovative projects, find innovative enterprises and founders with the most growth value in the catering and food field, and enable the rapid growth of good catering innovative projects, red meal network and 30000 capital, together with Zhenge fund, Jiahua capital, Tiantu capital, online capital, Baifu holdings, grassroots knowledge capital, health investment, Hongzhang capital and Challenger capital, have more than 20 enterprises First tier investment institutions jointly launched the “2021 China catering good project competition”.

Since its launch on September 24, “2021 China catering good project competition” It has attracted wide attention from both inside and outside the catering industry and has received enthusiastic response. According to statistics, more than 100 enterprises have signed up for the competition, including Beagle pizza, Qijiu barbecue, Jiumei chicken feet, deer Youxian, beard chef, Mr. Liangpi, born fun, lemon Republic, Weizhi dessert Bureau, dish prefix, Weichu and Cuihong food, among which there are many leaders in subdivided fields.

Catering enterprises actively embrace the “capital edge” for the better

In the past, the “capital edge” of the catering industry was not very good. Many catering brands were resistant to capital. After the dormancy of the epidemic in 2020, more and more catering enterprises realized that they needed to resist risks and enhance their “blood making” by introducing capital and listing financing Ability. Especially after witnessing several successful financing cases in the industry, catering enterprises, which have always been conservative about capital, also began to think about and actively embrace capital to build a stronger foundation for themselves.

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In the tide of capital in the catering industry, in addition to enterprises, the investment circle has become popular. This “Involution” is mainly reflected in VC competing projects, from national brands to regional brands, from offline catering to takeout brands, large and small catering enterprises have been invested by investment institutions.

However, with the passage of time, old and new brands began to gather together. After the increase of market projects, capital investment in projects is not “flood irrigation”, but more rational, pay more attention to relatively mature brands that have accumulated in business model innovation, and pay more attention to the long-term value of brands.

Catering, VC / PE lavish

“Capital likes hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot”, “capital likes noodles” and “capital likes brine”… The market is particularly lively. The catering track is in full bloom. Many catering categories have been ignited one after another with the help of capital. The frequency deviation with more prominent performance has also become a guest of capital one after another. The tide of catering investment is roaring.

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According to the incomplete statistics of tianyancha Data Research Institute, there were 125 catering investment and financing events in the first half of this year, involving 18 catering categories. Among them, tea, coffee and pasta are the top 3 financing events.

In addition to the number of investment and financing events, the amount of investment and financing has also increased significantly compared with that before. In 2021, in a short period of eight months, more than 40 billion capital was invested in the catering industry, and the amount of domestic financing has exceeded the sum of the whole year in 2020. Among them, there are more than 30 tens of millions of financing, accounting for more than half of the total, including more than 10 hundred million heavyweight financing event.

  • In July, Xi tea completed a new round of financing of US $500 million, with an unprecedented valuation of 60 billion yuan.
  • Wen Heyou completed round B financing of 500 million yuan, and the valuation after this round of financing exceeded 10 billion yuan.
  • Hefu Laomian recently announced the completion of nearly 800 million yuan of e-round financing, setting the highest financing record in the domestic chain noodle restaurant industry this year.
  • The new Ramen brands Ma Jiyong, Zhang Lala and Chen Xianggui have been established for less than three years, but they have successively obtained financing within a few months, with a valuation of 100 million yuan
It can be seen that the fierceness and speed of capital make all diners “smack their tongue”.

The best time for entrepreneurship and investment is now
At the just concluded “the third China catering Marketing Power Summit”, the summit specially set up a round table forum, and invited a number of big players in investment fields such as 30000 capital, netpoly capital and Hony capital to discuss the issue of “entrepreneurship and investment opportunities for catering segment tracks”, many of which are of reference value:
Hu Qihao, managing director of CICC Qianhai fund, said: “in recent years, from the perspective of investment banks, players in the catering 4 trillion market are growing, especially listed enterprises, with a growth rate of 10 times. I believe that trillion listed companies will emerge in the future. Because of the size of China’s catering market, it is not difficult to produce a McDonald’s, and even two are possible.”
Tang Minglei, partner of shengjingjiacheng master fund, said: “any time is a good time for entrepreneurs. But at present, the catering industry does have the elements of favorable weather, place and people.”
In addition to being optimistic about the prospect of catering investment and entrepreneurship, big coffee also gives their own suggestions on the choice of investment projects.
Huang He, founder of 30000 capital, said: “the ranks of large stock, fast growth, rigid demand and high categories are more likely to be concerned by capital.”
Liu Lijian, a partner of netpoly capital, said: “companies in any industry are inseparable from their core competitiveness. Unlike the technology industry, the consumer industry has the threshold of technology, and consumption is distributed in all aspects. The supply chain, store management, customer operation, store expansion location and so on determine how far the enterprise can go.”
Catering investment has entered a golden decade! The change of industrial structure, consumption upgrading and epidemic catalysis are intertwined, and countless excellent entrepreneurs and investors gather together to enjoy their prosperity, which is a very rare opportunity for catering enterprises and capital.
The future has come, the wind has come! China catering good project competition looks forward to your participation!
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The first catering 72 hour entrepreneurship Marathon
As an important part of the catering project competition, the first catering 72 hour entrepreneurship marathon will be held in December, during which senior industry experts in catering, investment and strategic consulting will be specially invited, including Feng Weidong, founding partner of Tiantu investment, Sui Zhengjun, founder of wooden house barbecue, Zhang Wenfeng, CEO of Huaxia cornerstone industry service group, Hu Chuanjian, initiator / Chairman of Asia noodle company Zhu XiaoCong, CEO of Weihai consulting, Huang He, founding partner of 30000 capital, Liu Lijian, partner of netju capital, and Wang Liang, partner of commerce law firm, made in-depth sharing with catering entrepreneurs.

Introduction to tutor
Author of the best-selling economic management book “upgrade positioning”
Master of Huazhang publishing house, the first Chinese author of classic books
Founding partner of Tiantu investment
Forbes China’s best venture capitalist Top100
Feng Weidong applied the positioning theory to investment judgment and value-added services, continuously verified and upgraded the positioning theory with tens of billions of real gold and silver, established the positioning of “focusing on consumer goods investment” for Tiantu investment, and invested in well-known consumer brands such as Zhou Heiya, Baiguoyuan, xiaohongshu, Naixue’s tea, Dezhou grilled chicken, master Bao, Feihe milk powder, operation help, melon seed second-hand car and so on.
As a well-known brand positioning theory and brand investment expert in China, Feng Weidong has been invited to serve as a brand entrepreneurship mentor on platforms such as Changjiang business school, Tsinghua economic management research center, Peking University Guanghua, Qingteng University, entrepreneurship China Europe entrepreneurship camp, chaos University, dark horse laboratory and Qingke investment college in recent years.
In 2003, “wooden house barbecue” was founded in Shenzhen. In the first decade, it took root in the local market and focused on exploring the chain development model. Now it has become the “first brand of Chinese barbecue” and opened more than 200 direct stores in more than 10 first-line and quasi first-line cities in China. Its goal is to build a “10 billion aircraft carrier” enterprise with hundreds of cities and thousands of stores.
Graduated from Tsinghua University. The founder of Huaxia cornerstone business partnership model, the chief designer of industrial ecological model innovation, and the builder of industrial Internet and digital trade platform. He is good at regional economic planning and implementation, enterprise strategy and business model planning, capital operation, organizational derivation and evolution and industrial ecological construction, human resources and key function construction, marketing management, corporate culture construction, etc., and has long paid attention to the fields of medical treatment and great health, fashion, food, construction, etc.
Mr. Liu Lijian has been engaged in securities industry audit for eight years, securities supervision for eight years, equity investment for four years in CDH investment and Fosun Group, and independently established equity investment fund for five years, focusing on consumption and medical industry. His representative investment and post investment management projects include sanbo brain science, Dr. dental Stomatology, Hualan Co., Ltd., bubble mart, Alf essential oil Chenguang stationery, Kanghong pharmaceutical, Ciming medical examination and other well-known companies.
He has rich practical experience in financial management, investment and post investment management, consumption and medical industry and enterprise listing. As the drafter of listing guidelines for domestic catering enterprises, he also has continuous and in-depth research on the catering industry.
Zhu XiaoCong graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University and EMBA of China Europe Business School. He is a continuous entrepreneur and currently serves as the CEO of Weihai. Founded in 2016, Weihai mainly provides digital intelligence solutions integrating human, financial and business for the chain service industry to solve the problems faced by enterprises in the process of organizational management and financial management system construction. The service customers include representative enterprises of times angel, Fandeng reading, reading culture, half Mu flower field, hundred orchards and other industries, as well as well-known catering enterprises such as tea, chef Fei and qixintian in Putian and Naixue.
Graduated from City University of Hong Kong, he is an early employee of Huawei terminal and a continuous food and catering entrepreneur. He has successively founded catering chains and food e-commerce brands such as manor, Ziyu ear coffee, chef, borderless coffee and so on.
In 2018, 30000 capital was established. 30000 capital is the first boutique investment bank focusing on the food and catering industry in China. It adheres to 10000 hours of research, fast, accurate and ruthless financing and 10000 hours of investment, helps food and catering entrepreneurs finance money, wisdom and resources, and is the co-founder of food and catering entrepreneurs.
Over the past three years since its establishment, 30000 capital has accompanied more than 30 food and catering enterprises, such as Wang satin, official stack, beard chef, Lemon Jelly, cloud cultivation, vegetable prefix, born interesting, lemon Republic, July leisure tea, Mr. Liangpi, luyouxian, etc. 30000 capital has deeply participated in the strategic sorting, organizational empowerment, investment and financing of food and catering companies to help excellent food and catering entrepreneurs become great entrepreneurs.
In 2015, the Asian noodle company was founded to combine the advantageous resources of cultural and creative industries, gain a deep insight into the era change of consumption upgrading, and strive to connect the creativity and business of young people and turn creativity into commercial value. Over the past five years, the team has led the team to build a large number of new leading brands of eating, drinking and fun, such as Taier pickled vegetable fish, non instant noodle restaurant, fat brother two meat crab pot, LLJ attack and occupation, which have become the driving force behind a large number of new consumer brands, created business with creativity, and completed classic cases of transformation and upgrading of catering enterprises with perfect market performance.
Legal experts in private equity investment and financing, acquisition and merger. The clients they serve include well-known investment institutions such as Morgan Stanley Investment Fund, Warburg Pincus capital, GIC, Cambridge capital, Shunwei capital and Yuanhe venture capital, industrial giants and multinational groups such as Israeli chemical industry, Swiss Longsha group, Dongfeng Motor, Ford Motor and giant network, as well as many biomedicine Star start-up companies in the field of intelligent manufacturing and new consumption. In the field of catering and food, Lawyer Wang has assisted guanzhan, Lemon Jelly, yungeng Wuzuo, lemon Republic, baolongxian and other enterprises to complete multiple rounds of financing.
Bachelor of Arts and double Bachelor of economics from Peking University, winner of scholar scholarship from the University of Macao, master of business administration. Mr. Fan Ning has more than ten years of experience in TV media and has been engaged in TV program planning, new media operation and so on. In recent years, it has focused on big data research of catering brands and brand marketing services.
Registration fee for entrepreneurship Marathon: 19800 yuan / person
The cost includes:
1. Expenses for in-depth training and guidance;
2. Hotel accommodation and meals for 3 days and 4 nights;
3. One to one guidance of entrepreneurship project BP;

4. 1 VIP ticket for China catering brand Festival.

Code scanning and staff consultation
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