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Ooops! This oat milk will become the light of the next domestic product and set off a new storm of plant-based drinks!

The birth of the
mai’a me brand also indicates that the competition for the head of the local oat milk brand will become more and more intense.

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The global epidemic situation is repeated, and more and more villagers on earth are concerned about the “community of common destiny” With a deeper understanding of the concept, the public’s consumption thinking has quietly changed. As one of the categories with high national attention, food and beverage, its health, nutrition and sustainability are increasingly becoming the core content valued by consumers, and the changing factors such as the general environment and consumption concept are also plant-based drinks holding the two trumps of clean label and health attribute Bring new opportunities.
As another 100 billion level track under the trend of plant-based, the global market war of vegetable milk has begun. According to Euromonitor data, the global vegetable milk market has reached US $16.9 billion in 2020, with China accounting for 34%, becoming the world’s largest market, and the markets of the United States, western Europe and Japan will also break out.
Among many plant protein drinks, oat milk has a strong position and has become an important category in the European and American markets. Taking the UK as an example, according to IRI infoscan data, the retail sales of oat milk in the UK reached US $181 million in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 98%, laying the position of oat milk as the largest alternative beverage for dairy products.
Source: Nielsen
However, compared with the rapid development momentum of overseas oat milk market, the domestic oat milk industry is still in its infancy. According to the report of tmic2020 innovation trend of plant protein beverage, the current oat based protein milk market is highly concentrated, but the head brand is also facing strong competition. The market share of top3 oat milk brand has been slightly reduced, and a broader market space is being released.
From oatly, the world’s largest oat milk producer, entering the Chinese market to redefine oat milk, to the continuous emergence of local brands to participate in the competition of Oat Milk track, the oat milk market has taken on a new look in just a few years, but there has always been a gap in the head of local brands. In the double 11 this year, foodaily also found a new face in this track – “Mai Ah me” Under the brand bestinme of new Guochao drinks, the sales volume of new products exceeded 1.5 million bottles in the whole network only 11 days (November 1-11), becoming a super popular rookie in the oat milk market.
Today, let’s take a look at the difference between mai’a me and other oat milk products, and whether it can have an impact on the current market pattern. Among the many types of plant protein drinks, why do brands still focus on oat milk products, and what kind of playing methods will be adopted accordingly? From the perspective of domestic market and global market, what innovation and development opportunities are there for oat milk?
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Mai’a me Oatmeal Milk
with original heart and wild hope
In the new food era, consumers’ demand for healthy diet and nutrition is escalating, their requirements for dairy products supplemented with daily nutrition are becoming more and more refined, and they gradually show a strong sense of social responsibility for the environmental protection and sustainability hidden behind dairy production.
As we all know, lactose intolerance is widespread in China, with an incidence of more than 80% in preschool children and adults, which makes it difficult for a large number of consumers to obtain nutrition from animal-based dairy products such as milk, so they will turn to drinking plant milk.
In addition, the safety of animal derived dairy products has also become a concern of many consumers. In the process of animal feeding, livestock farms inevitably use a lot of antibiotics and hormones, and whether the drugs are appropriate and accurate will indirectly have a far-reaching impact on consumers’ health. Although there are laws and regulations on the use of veterinary drugs, consumers still can not ignore animal based dairy products Behind the security risks.
The second is the sustainability of dairy production. The concept of low-carbon and environmental protection has begun to take root in the hearts of consumers. Compared with the carbon emissions inevitably caused by milk production, vegetable milk, especially more environment-friendly oat milk, obviously has unique advantages. The BBC compared the carbon footprint of milk and oat milk in 2015. The data show that the greenhouse gas emissions from the production of oat milk are only One fifth of milk production can also greatly reduce the consumption of water and land resources and save a lot of resources.
Therefore, the new oat milk brand “Maia me” As the times require, the brand hopes to convey to consumers a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle and the concept of sustainable development. It is a serious cause that needs to be implemented. Before being accepted, it first allows itself to do so. When milk and soybean milk dominate the party, Maia me is committed to combining the power of science and technology with nature so that more people can enjoy the natural high-quality protein without additives , it is easy to achieve nutrition balance, at the same time, it undertakes its own corporate responsibility and makes continuous efforts for sustainable development. It is the original intention and mission of establishing the brand that gives Maia me, an emerging brand, some unique light.
Source: mai’a me
In fact, plant-based drinks are not new in China. Soybean milk, walnut dew and almond dew have developed for several years, but the sales of these categories are not satisfactory in recent years. According to Euromonitor Euromonitor data, in the Chinese market, from 2018 to 2020, the total retail sales of milk substitutes ready to drink (i.e. vegetable protein ready to drink) were RMB 42.8 billion, 42.2 billion and 39.8 billion respectively, showing a continuous downward trend, while the traditional vegetable protein drinks showed weak growth or flat, leaving only soybean milk and coconut milk, The whole vegetable milk market has reached a bottleneck period.
Being indestructible, compared with being positioned as a milk substitute, today’s vegetable milk drinks should pay more attention to exploring new opportunities from other dimensions in the Chinese market. For example, starting from the nutritional value demands of plant-based raw materials, the product connotation is deepened through the packaging of new processes, and the existing products are high-end and young.
The newly listed mai’a me oat milk creates such a series of high-end plant-based drinks catering to young fashion. The brand hopes to expand its territory in the blue ocean market of China’s “new” oat milk and complete its innovative strategic layout in the field of new consumption. Moreover, from the layout of its parent company, bestinme, in the future, it also shows its wild hope in the territory of innovative drinks in China.
Break through oat milk,
Can mea me’s ambition be realized?
Maia me selects high-quality raw materials, matches with reasonable and scientific formula, and is personally led by the founder. After hundreds of trial drinks, adjust the taste, and thousands of user survey data feedback, it forms the current taste. “What we emphasize is the good product itself. Only the excellent product can really win the favor of consumers,” said the brand founder
The next year will be the high-speed growth period of mai’a me. In 2022, the brand will break the previous problem of “it is difficult to convert online traffic to offline” by means of “online grass planting, online drainage, offline undertaking and membership system support”, so as to make online, offline, IP and brand profit at the same time. The brand founder believes that the new brand series products of MEA me will also become an important player in the company’s journey to ride the wind and waves, and will engrave a strong brand mark on China’s innovative beverage track.
1. Delicious, healthy and versatile: accurate market insight, in touch with consumers
Whether it is lactose intolerant people, elastic vegetarians, people who pay attention to fat reduction and sugar control, or consumers who are willing to try new things and have developed vegetable milk drinking habits, the consumption and potential consumption groups in this market are becoming larger and larger; In addition, the health attributes of vegetable milk, such as low calorie, low cholesterol and low fat, are in line with the expectations of more and more people for healthy food in China. The market demand for vegetable milk has been increasing. According to the data of TMIC tmall new product innovation center, the vegetable protein beverage market has developed rapidly in 2020, and the sales growth rate is far higher than that of other beverage categories.
Source: TMIC
In addition to the classic bean based protein drink, oatmeal dairy products with fashionable taste and rich nutrition ushered in the outbreak of new products and broke into the vision of consumers with a variety of new attitudes. Mea me Oatmeal Milk is one of the dazzling new products. Oat milk does not contain lactose, has a high content of dietary fiber, and retains some unsaturated fatty acids of oats. At the same time, due to its similar appearance and taste with milk products, it can not only be drunk directly, but also be mixed with coffee, tea and other drinks. This delicious, healthy and versatile product setting instantly captured the hearts of many young consumers.
2. Combination of strong and strong: innovate processing and flavor to create high-quality products
Product innovation is inseparable from the upgrading support of core new processes. Mai’a me brand is strongly associated with the first company in China that adopts the “whole grain certification” whole enzymatic hydrolysis process, and selects Australia sunshine oat whole enzymatic hydrolysis oat powder to retain the nutrition of the whole oat. On the filling line, the brand also adopts UHT aseptic filling, fully retains the natural flavor, taste and health attributes of oats, and is committed to presenting the best products to the market through every link of fine production and processing.
Source: mai’a me
In addition to improving product quality with the help of new science and technology, in the flavor design of products, Maia me brand is also unique. It differentially introduces seasonal products or hot flavors, such as black Qiao and raw coconut flavor, bringing unique taste bud experience. At the same time, the brand also focused on the versatility of oat milk, aimed at the use scenarios of breakfast and coffee production, and launched capacity packaging of different sizes.
Source: mai’a me
3. Playing with the homophonic stem of letters: characteristic packaging design and communication slogan, highlighting the breath of youth
The visual impact of product packaging on consumers’ initial impression is an important factor to further attract buyers. Compared with the dazzling packaging design, today’s young people seem to prefer “doing the opposite” and advocate simplicity. How to accurately and skillfully convey the brand concept and product information with few words on the packaging has become a problem to be considered in brand design.
From the popularity of yyds, NBCS and other popular words on the Internet in recent years, we can see that the metaphors and homonyms linked with numbers and letters have become the favorite personality expression of the new generation. Maia me oat milk, which focuses on young groups, also skillfully integrates their favorite elements into its product packaging and communication slogan “Ooops”.
“Oops” in the oral English, expressed surprise, and added a prefix “O” to its front. It can be regarded as “0” or can be interpreted as 000 natural formula of oat milk (0 sugar, 0 added flavor, 0 trans fatty acid), which caters for the letter form that is dominated by the vision first, and also contains the elements of homophonic stalk, which young people love.
Source: mai’a me
4. Sales channel: fast coverage of 10000 stores and all channels online and offline
At present, in the vegetable milk sector, consumer cognition and market competition pattern have not been fully formed. In addition to oatly milk brands such as to B, which have taken the lead to occupy the minds of consumers, the laying of offline channels is still an extremely important link for new brands to pry a larger vegetable milk market.
According to iResearch’s 2021 Research Report on China’s real-time retail industry, from the perspective of the composition of total social retail sales, although China’s online consumption has continued to expand in recent years, the offline retail market still accounts for most of the market share. Even in 2020, when online retail sales surged due to the epidemic, the proportion of offline retail sales still reached 70%. In particular, new consumer brands, no matter how they attack cities and land online, offline terminals are also extremely important and can not be ignored. Convenience stores are the core of daily dynamic sales, and even an important sales way that can shake “half of the country” of a brand.
Photo source: jinqibo finance
It is understood that Maia me has rapidly covered dozens of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen with a total number of stores of more than 10000, opened up all channels, and set convenience stores such as family and 7-11 as the main sales channels.
5. Crossing the ancient and modern cross-border CP: linking Beijing flavor imperial food garden to make brand marketing interesting
In addition to maintaining the excellent quality of healthy and natural drinks, the purpose of drinking out of the circle and powder absorption is to capture the “careful thinking” of young people, throw it into their favor, and create grounded and fun marketing interaction. Under the new national trend generated by the collision of Chinese traditional culture and modern popular culture, the young generation has become a solid force of this trend. They show great love for creative products integrating classical and modern elements, which directly promotes the vigorous development of cultural and creative industries.
Mai’a me brand is keenly aware of the traffic code of “cross-border linkage through ancient and modern times”. It combines the Oatmeal Milk with modern wheat flavor with the traditional snacks of “imperial food garden” in the downtown of old Beijing to form a “cross-border CP”, and constructs a taste bud collision of “Beijing flavor imperial food and new plant forces”.
Snacks with drinks, traditional with modern, mai’a me and yushiyuan this limited joint activity to break the dimensional wall suddenly produced a “1 + 1 > 2” eye absorbing effect.
Source: bestinme
It can be seen that Maia me, as a new brand of vegetable milk, can make a beautiful appearance on this double 11. It is all prepared after the brand’s early stage from research and development to omni-channel distribution and marketing publicity, and also injects new vitality into the whole market. So, why did Mai me choose oatmeal dairy products? Why are we optimistic about its development?
So many vegetable dairy products,
Why are we optimistic about oat milk?
According to the plant protein beverage industry series report of Dongxing securities, after the rapid development before 2013, China’s plant protein industry showed a slow growth or even downward trend due to single consumption scenario and channel and weak product upgrading, and the overall scale decreased to 51.1 billion in 2017; However, since 2018, with the entry of giants and the launch of medium and high-end new products in various segments, the market scale has gradually recovered, and various segments have also ushered in upgrading.
At present, the vegetable milk market has the characteristics of high concentration in subdivided fields but scattered overall pattern. Domestic leading brands in various sub categories of vegetable milk, such as Yangyuan six walnuts, Lulu almond dew, coconut coconut milk, Weiwei soybean milk, Vitasoy milk, etc., each have a share of more than 70% in the vertical field; However, in the overall plant protein beverage industry, the pattern is still relatively scattered. Even the market share of Yangyuan beverage with the highest share is only 25%, leaving sufficient development space for emerging brands.
Source: pinterest
In such a market environment with unlimited opportunities, oat milk has successfully broken through the circle by virtue of the dual advantages of natural nutrition and fashionable taste, rooted in the Chinese market as a high-speed dark horse, and created a broad popular oat milk track. According to the data released by Nielsen, oat milk is a fast-growing category in domestic food and beverage, with an increase of 212%.
Among them, the e-commerce platform has made a significant contribution to oat milk. During 618 in 2020, the number of repurchase users of oat milk on JD platform increased by as much as 3875% year-on-year, and the year-on-year increases at JD’s big promotion nodes such as food festival, 618 and water drinking festival in the same year were 186.4%, 289.1% and 739.3% respectively. In the search heat of Amoy plant protein beverage category, Oat Milk ranked second only to soybean milk, and the consumption frequency and group penetration increased significantly.
Source: Allrecipes
In foodaily’s view, the rapid rise of oat milk in the Chinese market is not only due to its high-quality category characteristics, but also closely related to the unique consumption environment in the Chinese market and the burst of subdivided consumption demand.
First of all, oats have a long history of planting and processing in China. Before oat milk, oatmeal, oatmeal, oatmeal biscuits and other categories have been recognized by the market and consumers. Oat milk is rich in oat polysaccharides and dietary fiber. It has the advantages of no cholesterol, low fat, low calories and enhancing satiety. It also highly meets the current health consumption demand.
In addition, the trend of oat milk has swept from overseas. Oatly and other brands have carried out relatively mature category education for domestic consumers in recent years. In addition, their penetration, channel expansion and sinking in the catering and retail market have basically laid the foundation for people’s consumption cognition and promoted the oat milk track to enter the high growth range.
Source: Zhihu
In addition, compared with soybean milk, coconut milk and other categories whose image is solidified in the hearts of consumers, oat milk is easier to be built into a carrier in line with young people’s personality expression and healthy and fashionable lifestyle, and has become a new choice for consumers’ diversified diet. The popularity of the consumer side has also given major brands and capital more power and confidence to enter the oat milk market. First, oatly, a pioneer, followed by chobani, an American yogurt giant, minor figures, a coffee beverage brand, and me, a cutting-edge domestic brand.
The epidemic is forcing people to enhance their health awareness and form consumption power. Once the awareness and consumption power are formed, it will inevitably lead to the reshuffle and upgrading of the track. A new blue ocean has emerged. In the next few years, we believe that the oat milk market will continue to expand and have a good prospect.
What brand will achieve the “script” of breaking the strong leadership of overseas brands and local brands focusing on oat milk products to seize the minds of consumers and break out of the siege to occupy the market? Perhaps, the birth of the mai’a me brand also indicates that the competition for the head of the local oat milk brand will become more and more intense
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