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Yecuishan, the first brand of “molecular juice” invested by Xi tea M & A, has an average monthly sales of more than 14000 cups

in the new era of overweight category, yecui mountain, the pioneer of “molecular juice” of hi tea investment.
Recently, yecui mountain, the founder of “molecular juice”, obtained the investment of Xicha. After the delivery, Xicha became the largest shareholder of yecui mountain.
Previously, yecui mountain obtained the exclusive round a financing of Jinshajiang venture capital in February 2021. This time, it quickly obtained a new round of financing and became the first M & a brand of Xi tea, showing the high potential of yecui mountain’s products and brands. It is understood that after the completion of this transaction, Xi tea will help yecui mountain comprehensively upgrade in product R & D, store expansion, supply chain construction and brand building Cuishan team and brand will also develop independently with the support of Xi tea.
Founded in Shenzhen in 2019, yecui mountain is the earliest brand of natural high-quality fresh fruit juice in China. At present, it has more than 30 stores. Based on breakthrough material selection and daily sorting of fresh fruits, yecui mountain uses the concept of “molecular cuisine” and “cold extraction to lock freshness” At the same time, taking the first high-value “molecular juice” as the starting point, yecui mountain also integrates the richness of fruits with the color of life, communicates through the advanced brand image, and transmits the sense of quality of life to consumers through stores that pay attention to the sense of design, immersion and relaxed atmosphere.
With high-quality products and store experience, yecui mountain has quickly accumulated high popularity. It not only continues to dominate the national fruit juice category of meituan takeout, the average monthly sales of stores exceed 14000 cups, but also the monthly sales of three stores reach 3 million yuan. After holding hands with tea, yecui mountain will continue to create extreme taste fruit juice products and relaxed consumption experience with the support of tea, and cooperate with a wider range of consumers Advocate the concept of healthy life together.
Initiate “molecular juice” and create a new beverage track
Yecuishan pioneered the subdivision product track of “molecular juice” in the industry. It uses “cold extraction to lock fresh” with daily selected fresh fruits of high quality and appropriate maturity Technology, resolutely not adding NFC juice, without adding flavors, creating a new fruit juice that maximizes fruit taste and health. Thanks to breakthroughs and innovations in raw material selection, production process and formulation development, wild Cui Shan has been widely appreciated and fully recognized by consumers.
In terms of raw materials, based on fresh and high-quality raw materials, yecui mountain searches for high-quality fruits all over the world, strictly controls the maturity, sweetness, gram weight and flavor of fruits, and puts forward higher requirements for the picking, storage and transportation of fresh fruits. From source procurement to fresh fruits to store, fruit products need to go through warehousing, storage and transportation in addition to meeting various physical and chemical testing standards of third-party authoritative testing institutions Strict acceptance is carried out at all levels when leaving the warehouse and arriving at the store to ensure that all fresh fruits are within the best taste period.
For example, in order to make avocado strawberry custard, the signature product, have full aroma and dense taste, yecui mountain requires avocado raw materials to reach 95% maturity in the store, which greatly breaks through the requirements of the whole avocado industry. At the same time, the store carries out fruit picking, cleaning and production with strict SOP, and requires all fresh fruit raw materials to be consumed on the same day to bring benefits to consumers Delicious and safe product experience. At the same time, yecui mountain is also a breakthrough in the scope of material selection. It creatively introduces high-quality and high-grade fruits that are not easy to juice in traditional concepts, such as olive, oil Mandarin, mangosteen, persimmon and hawthorn, creating a broader and special fruit juice product matrix.
In terms of technology, yecui mountain draws lessons from “molecular cuisine” Concept, adopt scientific methods to explore the process of slow grinding and wall breaking and cold extraction temperature control, break the wall of carefully selected fruits to release the original flavor of fruits. At the same time, strictly mix fresh fruits with ice at the temperature of 0-5 ° C for extraction, and spice with fresh fruits to effectively lock in the best flavor of fruits. The extracted drinks do not contain ice, but only retain The original flavor of fruit juice allows consumers to experience the purest fruit freshness and full aroma.
In terms of product research and development, yecuishan not only continuously unlocked the inspiration, creativity and combination methods of fruits, but also made traditional fruit juice raw materials such as avocado, lemon, peach and other products have a sense of value in a composite way. For hawthorn, persimmon and other newly introduced fruit types, overcome the formulation and technical difficulties, and also bring consumers a surprise taste that breaks through their imagination. At present, yecuishan Based on compound fruit juice products, it has formed a rich product matrix including Zhendian treasure, season limit, fruit VC, oil Citrus universe, Fruit Coffee series, signature fruit tea, warm hot drinks, etc., bringing diversified product choices and extreme taste to consumers.
Create a real social space  
Multi type stores have become a must for young people to punch in
In terms of space design, yecui mountain also strives to inject unique creativity and design style into each store. The ancient city store in the south of yecui mountain takes “fruit laboratory” as the theme, takes industrial style as the main tone, and adopts precise circuit board, electronic screen and acrylic material decoration loaded with fresh fruit slices, which blurs the definition of the past, present and future in space design.
The molecular concept flagship store of yecui mountain coastal city adopts customized molecular structure lighting and hanging decoration, so that everyone entering the space can experience the concept of “molecular juice” in interaction. The Tianhong black technology concept store of AVIC city in yecui mountain creates a unique space experience with molecular black technology, with a built-in metal molecular art device – fruit flavor molecular atomizer, and a 3D three-dimensional curved screen above, making the whole space full of science fiction atmosphere.
At present, according to the characteristics of different business districts and consumption scenes, yecuishan has formed three store types: flagship store, standard store and Togo takeout store, with a number of more than 30 stores, covering Shenzhen core business district, office buildings and leisure and entertainment center.
The average monthly sales volume of the store exceeds 14000 cups  
The comprehensive assistance of Huoxi tea will accelerate the development
According to the data of prospective industry research institute, the market scale of China’s fruit juice industry is nearly 130 billion yuan in 2020. Among all kinds of fruit juice enterprises, low concentration fruit juice manufacturers are still the mainstream. However, with the increasing consumer demand for high-quality products, the sales of pure fruit juice products such as non concentrated reduced (NFC) fruit juice and cold pressed fruit juice have increased significantly, and low concentration and medium concentration fruit juice drinks have also begun to transition to pure fruit juice products. However, there is still a lack of pure fruit juice products with high concentration, high cellulose and no water in the market, And a brand that has really made a breakthrough in product creativity and brand image.
At present, yecui mountain has a huge consumer group in Shenzhen, mainly consumers after 90 and 00, and has accumulated a high reputation and popularity. At present, the average monthly sales volume of yecui Mountain store exceeds 14000 cups; The monthly sales of science and Technology Park, ten mu land and shopping park reached 3 million yuan. In terms of takeout business, yecuishan also ranks first in the same category of meituan takeout business circle and the first in the country in the category of fruit juice. It also ranked first in the takeout sales of meituan takeout national tea and beverage single store for five consecutive months in 2021.
With excellent products and good brand potential, yecui mountain has gained extensive market attention. In February 2021, yecui mountain obtained a round of financing from Jinshajiang venture capital, opening the road of deepening its own supply chain construction and store expansion.
As the initiator and promoter of new tea, Xi tea has been committed to taking the rejuvenation of tea as the starting point to create products and brands that can inspire the public in the world. Based on the resonance of yecui mountain’s entrepreneurial spirit and the appreciation of the ultimate product and brand experience brought to consumers, Xicha will invest in the acquisition of yecui mountain, and will use its resources, system and industry experience accumulated so far to support yecui mountain’s ultimate pursuit of its own product creativity and quality. While respecting the independent development of yecui Mountain brand, Xi tea will also provide resource support and coordination for yecui mountain in terms of product innovation and R & D, supply chain system construction, store development and operation and brand building.
With the full support of Xi tea, yecui mountain will continue to bring high-quality products to consumers, create an interesting and interactive social store space, go out of Shenzhen, start the national development plan, and bring natural, healthy and high-quality modern fruit juice products to a wider range of consumers.
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