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Today, Xu Fuji’s new handsome was announced!

A Nestle internal bulletin seen by the snack generation today shows that Su Qiang, the current CEO of Xu Fuji, will leave next month and the post will be handed over to Liu Xinggang, the current deputy general manager of Taile sales.

“This appointment further demonstrates our strong commitment to developing local talents,” the circular said.

According to the circular, Su Qiang’s last working day is December 17, 2021. Liu Xinggang’s appointment must be formally approved by Xu Fuji’s board of directors.

Xu Fuji’s current CEO Su Qiang

According to the data, Su Qiang joined Nestle to be the CEO of xufuji since March 1, 2019, and officially served as the CEO of xufuji on July 1, 2019. According to the above notification, Su Qiang led the business transformation during his tenure, reversed the very challenging packaging product business, and achieved the growth of xufuji in 2020 and 2021. At the same time, he has stabilized the bulk product business and got rid of COVID-19’s influence through business recovery and winning a record high market share and continuous market share.

According to the evaluation, Su Qiang “led the transformation of product portfolio, market access, e-commerce and other fields, strengthened the independent brand awareness of xufuji brand, and improved the brand awareness, especially among the younger generation of consumers”. In addition, he continued to improve his excellent operation and business foundation, practiced the company culture, unremittingly focused on employee counseling, employee engagement and talent training, and publicized and improved Xu Fuji’s reputation.

In his previous communication with the snack generation, Su Qiang said that he believed that Xu Fuji had the potential to become the largest business unit in Nestle’s candy strategic business division, and expressed the hope that Xu Fuji’s growth would be “higher than the average growth level of the category” in the next three to five years.

Liu Xinggang, deputy general manager of Taile sales

Let’s take a look at Liu Xinggang, who will take over as Xu Fuji’s “new handsome”.

It is understood that Liu Xinggang joined Taitaile as the manager of Chongqing Branch in 2003. Before joining Taitaile, he worked for Zhengda Group in Thailand. In the past 18 years, Liu Xinggang has successively served as general manager, deputy director of product development and general manager of Western marketing company of Taile northwest marketing company, and was promoted to his current position in June 2016.

The circular pointed out that in the past five and a half years, Liu Xinggang has continuously innovated marketing activities by formulating marketing strategies that fit the market and channels; Work with the management team to continuously optimize the enterprise management mode, improve the autonomous profitability and operation ability of the region, and ensure the continuous improvement of sales profit year by year; Promote the innovation of marketing digital management and tools, and improve the overall implementation efficiency of the team; He encouraged the team to maintain a positive state of “winning” and trained a large number of sales talents.

“In the fourth quarter of 2020, Mr. Liu led the team to successfully integrate Haoji channel market into Taitaile, laying a solid foundation for promoting Haoji’s products throughout the country,” the circular said.

Xiaoshidai noted that Liu Xinggang shared his practical experience in building a new generation of group meal talent management system with the theme of “sharing human resource management and control methods from an international perspective” at the 2019 China International Group meal industry conference. He said that the group meal of the new generation is a competition for talents. Only by building an effective talent construction, reserve and management system can we keep the hematopoietic capacity of enterprises fresh. He also pointed out that in talent management, Taile always adheres to the principle of “benefiting employees”, attaches importance to employees’ career development, and advocates employees and enterprises to “create wealth together”.

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