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2 billion packs are sold every year. What’s the secret of this top student of meat snacks?

is a business opportunity for Chinese people to eat meat at any time. This brand captured it 22 years ago.

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From table staples to pocket snacks, from low-cost leftovers to high-quality dried meat to addictive leisure marinated flavor, Chinese consumers who love meat have eaten the meat snack market on an amazing scale of 452.8 billion yuan in more than 20 years.
This year, 8 companies have raised 10 funds, and the 100 billion brine market with a compound annual growth rate of 20% has ranked among the chicken breast meat market that takes the place of light food and embarks on the fast lane of development… These signs tell us that this golden track has not stopped the pace of rapid development, and the meat industry is making rapid efforts to make consumers focus on “eating meat well” with a more colorful and diversified attitude In this matter.
With the upgrading of social consumption and the enhancement of health awareness, delicious is no longer the only demand. Traditional heavy taste meat snacks have entered the stock competitive market. Under the basic demand of delicious, health and quality upgrading will be one of the important directions of meat product evolution.
The brand we pay attention to today, infinite food from Guangdong, is an invisible big man who has been focusing on the vertical track of high-quality meat snacks. Starting from salt baked chicken, after 22 years, the annual sales have exceeded 2 billion bags, the annual growth rate of national total sales has maintained more than 20%, and the coverage rate of domestic market accounts for more than 60%.
Today, when meat eating has been put back on the topic, we want to take infinite food as an example. How does the old gun in the industry open a new perspective on meat eating with the idea of snacks? What inspiration can it bring to current new consumer brands? Is meat snacks a good business?

You may have seen it,

But you don’t necessarily know the meat snack boss

When it comes to infinite food, you may not see a picture in your mind at once, but when you pay attention to a simple and clean Beige packaging bag on the snack shelf of the supermarket, with very appetizing chicken wings and legs printed on it, you may be impressed by it. It is an invisible big man who has been focusing on the field of meat snacks.
Focusing on “making chicken” and “making duck” for 22 years, it turned out to be such an attractive infinite food
Infinite food was founded in 1999 and started with baked chicken in salt. Up to now, the baked chicken in salt series is still a classic brand product of infinite food. It is strictly made from old chicken and coarse-grained sea salt for more than one year, and integrates modern technology into Lingnan traditional salt baking process. The product is made with an exclusive formula. The appearance of the product is clear and butter, the skin is crisp, the meat is fragrant, and you can taste the baked chicken juice penetrating into the bone marrow by biting the bone It is also for this reason that “love your bones” has been infinitely refined as a slogan, which has developed into a spokesman for the sub category of salt baked chicken.
Starting from salt baked chicken, over the past 22 years, infinity food has been committed to developing all kinds of coveted high-quality meat snacks. Like a chef, it has developed all kinds of processes and technologies from “salt baked” to “baked” to “sauce brine”. The cooking parts have also expanded from chicken wings to chicken feet, chicken legs, chicken wing roots, chicken rice to eggs, and to duck legs, duck wings and duck neck.
At present, the main product lines covered by infinite food include salt baking, baking, sauce brine and farm, including more than 50 SKU products. It is a well deserved leading enterprise of high-quality meat snacks.
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Focusing on high-quality meat snacks, infinity food first penetrated the scene of leisure snacks. Slightly different from other snacks, young consumers require taste and quality when purchasing meat snacks.
In order to catch the taste buds of young people, infinite food innovates to continuously optimize and upgrade the process and taste of traditional meat products, such as launching the spicy flavor series in the salt baking process, emphasizing the honey flavor in the baking flavor series… To better meet the taste needs of consumers.
Let consumers feel at ease, starting from “0 agricultural residues”
In fact, it is not easy to position meat snacks as “quality” and “health”, because consumers naturally have a distrust of processed meat products. Infinite food also deeply recognizes that real health should start from the source. In order to better control the quality of raw materials, infinite food began to build its own farm.
Take infinity baked egg series as an example. In 2021, infinity launched quail egg series products developed for four years. The raw materials are from 0 drug residue assured eggs from its own farm. The food safety can be traced. It enters the cold storage on the day it falls into the nest. From fresh eggs to finished products within 72 hours, each egg adopts the first “vacuum in the inner bag and nitrogen filling in the outer bag” Lock fresh packaging, and use high-tech barrier aluminum film to maximize the freshness of an egg.
The invisible champion with annual sales of 2 billion bags turned out to be such a big seller
Based on the outstanding product strength, infinite food has been working tiktok for 22 years, and has been making efforts to embrace traditional channels. At the same time, it has actively embraced new retail and new channels. Now it has formed a full and online sales network, covering more than 3000 KA stores, more than 10 small supermarkets, convenience stores, and Tmall, Jingdong, jomson and other electronic business platforms.
Nowadays, infinity food has successfully moved to the country in the vertical category of meat snacks and has begun to show the “King” brand style. For ten consecutive years, the sales volume of chicken category has been No. 1 in the whole network, and 2 billion packages of products have been sold every year. The annual growth rate of the national total sales has remained above 20%, and the domestic market coverage rate is as high as 60%. Its tmall flagship store has 1.05 million fans, and the best-selling boxed duck neck has a monthly sales of 80000 +, Among them, chicken wings, chicken legs and egg products were once the top selling products in the whole network (tmall and Taobao) No.1.

From table to pocket,

How did infinite food evolve step by step?

Discover new business opportunities of “technical reconstruction” of local meat and food culture
China has a vast territory and rich resources, and the Chinese meat culture is extensive and profound. Salt baked chicken is a famous traditional Chinese cuisine in Guangdong, which is very popular with local people. However, the traditional salt baked chicken market is usually sold in bulk on the street, which is inconvenient to carry. Through a series of technical breakthroughs, infinity food pioneered vacuum packaged salt baked chicken products, overcame the problems of preservation, storage and carrying of salt baked chicken products, realized product pre packaging and industrial production, and became the first enterprise to shape Guangdong’s traditional salt baked chicken products into a brand and successfully promote them to the market.
As early as 2001, infinite food was the first to realize the automatic computer programming high-temperature sterilization process of salt baked chicken in the industry. In 2009, infinite salt baked chicken was rated as “food cultural heritage of Guangdong Province”.
Source: infinite food
Focus on the positioning of meat snacks and improve the discourse power of categories
One problem is that when it comes to meat snack brands, most consumers may not have the first mental cognition. Having a category without a brand is the pain point faced by most small and medium-sized meat snack enterprises in the field of meat products. In such a low cognition market, helping users establish correct category cognition and expectation is the first priority.
The reason why infinite food has become the leader of meat snacks is inseparable from the strategy of focusing on the research and development of meat snacks. With young people aged 15-25 as the target consumer group, infinite food initially showed the “delicious” and “quality” of the products through the delicious product characteristics of salt baked chicken and even bones. With the accurate positioning of “love your bones”, it became an expert in salt baked chicken category at one fell swoop.
Taking salt baking as the starting point, infinity food continues to cultivate high-quality meat snacks. In order to achieve product innovation and process breakthrough, infinity food has also established a meat Research Institute, established a postdoctoral scientific research workstation, invested a lot of technology research and development, continuously improved its product innovation ability and consolidated its core competitiveness. At the same time of its own development and growth, infinite food has also played a leading role in the category, worked hard to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, and continuously promoted the establishment and improvement of management norms and technical standards of meat products industry.
Strengthen the support of industrial chain and build its own moat
As a representative of strong product type, infinity food knows the importance of controlling the industrial chain. Up to now, infinity food has developed into a food company integrating breeding, R & D, production and marketing, with a modern poultry food production base. Hold the production line in your own hands and strengthen the control of the upstream end of the product.
With the strong support of the industrial chain, infinite food has more control over food safety and quality management. Adhering to quality is the core element for infinite to continuously bring better products and experience to consumers. Salt baked chicken and quail eggs… Each product is never ambiguous in quality management certification and safety certification. According to public information, infinite food ingredients come from seven high-quality raw material producing areas in the world. The farm has a total investment of 210 million yuan and has two CNAs quality testing centers
Jiuxiang is also afraid of the deep alley. He grabs the young man on the tuyere
As the leading enterprise of meat snacks, Infinity has been speaking low-key with its quality products. However, with the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, the endless emergence of new brands and the infinite fragmentation of traffic, how to adapt to new business channels, echo the demands of young people standing at the air outlet and leave a brand mark in their minds, This is an urgent proposition for infinite food in their twenties.
In July this year, infinity food released its 2021-2022 brand marketing strategic plan: “embrace change, infinity in the future”, marching into East China and targeting generation Z young people. From infinite’s point of view, high-quality meat snacks with rich nutrition and real materials are the future trend of meat eating for young people who are “gluttonous and lazy”. Based on this judgment, infinity food released a new positioning of “focusing on high-quality meat snacks for 22 years”, seized the time window of rapid development of meat snacks and increased links with young consumers.

Young people who can eat and can’t cook,

Make new meat snacks a good business!

From an evolutionary point of view, “eating meat” is an eternal business
The evolutionary process of our ancestors from scavenging to herbivorous to carnivorous shows that intelligent organisms need proteins to ensure brain growth and evolution, and carnivorous can promote brain development.
For thousands of years, meat has become an indispensable part of human daily diet, and human intestines have evolved into a structure more suitable for eating meat – more stomach acid, larger small intestine volume and smaller colon volume, which is more suitable for digesting and absorbing protein and lipids.
Up to now, eating meat is not the natural response forced by survival, but the active choice of human life. From this perspective, “eating meat” represents “protein” and “energy”, which means an eternal business.
Making eating meat more convenient is an inevitable step forward for meat products
Although eating meat is happy, unfortunately, under the inevitable trend of “laziness” and “busy”, how to make it more convenient for consumers to eat delicious meat is a problem that all meat enterprises need to consider. Referring to the evolutionary path of overseas mature markets, more convenient packaging of meat products is an inevitable evolutionary trend.
China is the largest meat producer and consumer in the world, but most of the meat consumption is fresh and primary processed meat products, while there are few deeply processed meat products. According to the data, fresh meat is absolutely dominant, accounting for 83%; And all kinds of meat products accounted for only 17%; The industry structure to be upgraded just reflects the development opportunities and huge space for convenient meat products and ready to eat cooked meat products in the future.
What development ideas can China’s rich meat eating culture bring to meat snacks?
How much Chinese people like meat: one data is that China has accounted for one third of the world’s total meat sales. From 1985 to 2019, China’s per capita meat consumption rose from 22 kg to 36 kg. In the past year, China’s pork consumption was nearly 40.3 million tons, more than twice that of all EU countries combined.
On the other hand, China has the richest cooking ingredients in the world, 5000 years of food culture precipitation and the most tricky tongue. Meat has been studied in various ways in China, such as copper pot instant boiled meat in old Beijing, pot steamed meat in Northeast China, various stewed flavors in Wuhan, salt baked chicken in Guangdong
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How to make these rich meat products enter consumers’ pockets from the dining table, from the broken circle to the whole country, I think infinite food actually gives us a very good demonstration.
Driven by the health fever, in the future, high-quality meat snacks with richer nutrition and more authentic materials are bound to be recognized by more consumers. We look forward to the meat snack brand represented by infinite food to lead the development of the industry and let more consumers “eat meat well”.
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