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The era of tuna consumption has come? Intensive cultivation of table food and children’s food, fishing and Taiping will attack again

find a development path suitable for its own characteristics, and yutaiping actively explores the subdivision track of table food and children’s food consumption upgrading.
In recent years, tuna, as a globally recognized high-end food material, began to enter China’s consumer market more and more, especially its high nutritional value attribute and the in-depth development potential of high value-added products, which have been recognized by industry policy makers and industry practitioners. The vigorous development and domestic market promotion of tuna products has become a national policy advocated by China’s Ministry of agriculture and rural areas Home is a key part of the great development of marine economy strategy.
From the perspective of consumer market, tuna consumption in China has increased by more than 30% every year in the past 10 years. Affected by the consumption upgrading of first and second tier cities, the era of large tuna consumption in China has come. At present, in the Chinese market, tuna instant cans, fish pine food, sashimi and sushi in store catering constitute the main consumption plate. On the back of consumption upgrading In this situation, table food and children’s food are about to usher in a big outbreak. National policies and market demand have become the objective incentives for the development of tuna domestic consumer market. The development prospect of tuna in the field of high-end food can be expected in the future.
The potential of tuna domestic consumption market is huge
Family scene development becomes the key
Tuna is an oceanic highly migratory fish. Its migration range is limited to the outer ocean with high salinity and less contact with seriously polluted offshore and coastal waters. Its meat is not polluted by offshore waters. It has the characteristics of pollution-free, high protein, purine free and multi-dimensional nutrition. It is recognized as a green, safe and nutritious food. In addition, tuna meat is low in fat, low in calories and rich in DHA Protein and other nutrients. Eating tuna food can effectively supplement the nutritional elements required for children’s brain development and visual development. As an unsaturated fatty acid that cannot be produced by human beings, DHA is one of the nutrients necessary for normal brain activity. The DHA content of tuna is as high as 2.94g/100g and the protein content is as high as 23.7g/100g “Deep sea brain gold”.
The global tuna fishing industry is developed by the protective development mode of quota system, which also determines that the supply of tuna raw materials is always maintained in a sustainable and orderly development. With the continuous development of China’s economy, the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous growth of consumption demand for safer, healthier and more nutritious food, tuna resources around the world will be inevitable In the long run, as an enterprise that grasps the integration advantages of tuna fishing source resources, yutaiping group has great advantages in developing the market and improving the industrial chain.
Yutaiping group extends the whole tuna industry chain, carries out the research and development, processing, production and domestic sales of the initially processed tuna raw materials for catering food, table food and children’s nutritional food, integrates raw material resources from the fishing end through close cooperation with China Ocean Fisheries Association, and then carries out intensive processing of tuna, so as to promote the development of China’s tuna domestic market, It has greatly increased the added value of the tuna industry chain, which has been highly concerned by many departments of the national government.
At present, tuna consuming countries are mainly concentrated in more than 20 developed countries, among which Japan is the country with the largest tuna consumption in the world (accounting for 1.66% of the world’s population and consuming more than 20% of the world’s tuna) , the United States is the world’s largest canned tuna market, while South Korea is the third largest tuna consumer. At present, tuna consumption in China has not yet formed a scale. In 2019, China’s tuna fishing volume was 423800 tons, but the consumption was just over 10000 tons. This also means that more than 400000 tons of tuna are exported to developed countries in the form of raw fish, fish fillets, fish fillets and canned products Country. [1]
In the tuna domestic market, yutaiping group, which has mastered the advantages of integrating tuna fishing source resources, also has inherent advantages in expanding the industrial chain. Yutaiping group has been deeply engaged in the tuna industry for many years, and the tuna fishing teams signed and cooperated have been in the exclusive economic zones of island countries such as the South Pacific, the high seas of the central and Western Pacific, Micronesia, the high seas of the eastern Pacific and India for a long time It operates in the waters of Oman, which are also the main production areas of tuna. The tuna fish purchased by yutaiping group for deep-processing tuna food come from the vast original ecological waters of the South Pacific, such as Micronesia, Fiji, Tuvalu, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Kiribati. The main products are high-quality golden spears such as large eye, yellow fin, long fin, bonito and swordfish Fish.
In recent years, as domestic consumers have more and more in-depth understanding of the delicacy, nutrition and food culture of tuna, the market demand is also rising rapidly. Among them, the high consumption market represented by Japanese food sashimi has cultivated mature consumer groups. Combined with the data of meituan and other platforms, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Suzhou, Qingdao and Hangzhou are represented The consumption demand for high-end Tuna Sashimi in the eight cities in the table is very strong. [2] from the perspective of geographical distribution, in addition to the first tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, more and more second and third tier cities continue to increase their consumption demand for high-end Tuna Sashimi, which has formed a huge consumption blue ocean market.
In market research, yutaiping group found that compared with the hot market demand, the situation of single type of domestic tuna consumer products has not been improved. At present, the main consumption forms of high-end yellow fin, big eye and bluefin tuna related products are still sashimi of raw fish in Japanese food stores. Most of the middle-grade Longfin and bonito have been developed into Japanese sushi, tuna seasoned products, canned tuna, tuna floss and pet food, which is not in line with the diversification, personalization and Nutritional consumption demand. In particular, sashimi sashimi catering consumption belongs to the Japanese diet, which cannot form a large-scale repurchase market in China. Developing Chinese tuna catering food suitable for Chinese people’s eating habits, family table food and children’s food in line with tuna’s high nutritional value can better cultivate a large-scale consumption market of tuna.
The tuna series dumplings, tuna breakfast intestines, children’s fish intestines and other products innovated and developed by yutaiping group have changed this situation. Tuna dumplings made their debut at the 24th China International Fisheries Expo, which immediately attracted the attention of all parties. In addition, in addition to operating fresh tuna products, yutaiping group has successively launched children’s meat sausage, fish pine, fish pine egg roll, breakfast sausage, children’s dumplings, wonton and other products in recent years, gradually improved the table food and children’s food product matrix around the family consumption scene, and promoted yutaiping table food brand and yulovely children’s food brand, Through series marketing promotion, we have continuously improved the brand value and taken the lead in the new market competition.
In 2020, yutaiping’s theme restaurant “yuqianli tuna City kitchen”, which is positioned as a high-end tuna fusion dish, was grandly opened, making up for the market gap of tuna catering consumption without Chinese cooking in China. Yuqianli has introduced a national super chef and a five-star hotel restaurant team, created a Chinese cooking method specially for yuqianli, developed more than 400 creative dishes of tuna and deep-sea fish, created a new eating system of tuna from beginning to end, opened up a new field for Chinese people to eat tuna, and broke the traditional concept that tuna is only daily food.
Develop table food and children’s food
Two major consumption upgrading markets
Yutaiping believes in chronism
The table food market and children’s food market with family consumption scenario as the development core have always had a huge consumer group and a growing market volume. At present, China’s table food is mainly frozen dumplings, pasta, wonton, steamed dumplings, breakfast sausage, pizza, milk, bread and other fast food, which has formed a trillion market scale. China is a big consumer of meat products. Pork and chicken are common delicacies on people’s table. In table food and children’s food, many common pizza, pasta sauce, dumplings, wonton, fried dumplings, breakfast intestines, lunch meat, fish intestines, meat floss and other just needed foods are made of pork and chicken as raw materials and fillings. Especially in the huge market of dumplings, breakfast sausage, meat sausage and fish floss, compared with foreign table food brands and children’s food brands, domestic food enterprises have too many additives, unknown raw materials and uneven quality, which is inconsistent with the current demands of high-income families and exquisite mothers for the quality and health of family consumption food, A series of table foods and children’s foods with pork and chicken as the core raw materials can not meet the demands of exquisite mothers in terms of nutrition.
At present, China’s food consumption is in the key stage of health and nutrition upgrading. Tuna food has great upgrading opportunities and development space in the household consumption market because of its high nutritional value. Therefore, the introduction of tuna table food will greatly improve the penetration of tuna food in the domestic market, especially in the first and second tier cities with mature Tuna Sashimi consumption, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Qingdao. The development of tuna family table food will grow into a blue ocean market with great potential with the upgrading of family consumption market, In the future, tuna table food will reach a market scale of 10 billion.
In addition, the children’s food market is also a subdivision track for the rapid development of China’s food industry. Data show that China’s children’s food track will reach 100 billion in five years [3], and the high-end children’s food segment dominated by health and nutrition is expected to reach 10 billion. Tuna has become a representative product of high-end children’s food because of its DHA characteristics and high nutritional value. As China’s population aged 0-14 exceeds 250 million, accounting for nearly 18% of the total population, including more than 200 million children over 3 years old. In recent years, children and teenagers’ snack consumption accounts for nearly 21% of the total food consumption. Tmall survey shows that exquisite mothers spend nearly 800 yuan on snacks for their children every month. [4] coupled with the need for nutritional supplement, the children’s snack market is booming.
At the national level, the rational dietary action of the national nutrition plan and the “healthy China action” advocates the “reduction of salt, oil and sugar” among the whole people, popularizes nutrition and health knowledge and skills, achieves balanced nutrition, enhances physique and improves the health level of Chinese residents. The safety, health and nutrition attributes of tuna and the development direction of the industry are in line with the document spirit of the outline of the “healthy China 2030” plan. Healthy and nutritious products have become the mainstream, and “natural”, “no addition”, “low sugar” and “low calorie” have become the first choice for parents. Only by aiming at the blank area of the table food and children’s food market and checking every link of the production chain at all levels, can we launch new products that meet consumer demand.
Yutaiping group is to adhere to the long-term principle, be a “vigorous forest in the meat industry”, focus on making good products under the tide of large consumption upgrading of table food and children’s food, and truly benefit the Chinese people with the nutritional value of tuna. Therefore, yutaiping table food and yulovely children’s food have made great efforts in raw materials and technology. Through in-depth research on product taste, functionality and form, they have continuously developed various product flavors to meet Chinese people’s eating habits, and then continuously cultivated the target consumer group of tuna food.
For the tuna children’s dumplings and wonton appearing in the whole food exhibition, yutaiping R & D team fully followed the principle of “perfect dumplings = high-quality Hetao flour + superior Tuna meat”. Its raw materials are strictly selected from the high-grade Tuna meat from the deep sea, and the content of tuna meat in its products is ≥ 20%. In terms of stuffing, yutaiping children’s dumplings and wonton use olive oil without monosodium glutamate. Dumpling raw materials are supplemented by tomatoes and seaweed, and wonton raw materials are supplemented by corn grains and horseshoes. This scientific combination not only keeps delicious, but also ensures nutrition and health, and helps the baby absorb nutrition. In terms of packaging, yutaiping chose 8 packaging designs in line with children’s food intake, and launched any combination of multiple flavors to make the baby eat happily and bid farewell to waste. Yutaiping table food pursues natural, pollution-free and high quality raw materials, and the production process pursues no addition, low sugar, low sodium and low fat. In addition to the high content of lean protein and deep-sea mineral elements, its products bring rich high-quality DHA.
on the eve of breaking the consumer upgrading industry
Yutaiping injects new vitality into the domestic tuna market
With the consumption upgrading comprehensively driving the reform of the food industry, the domestic tuna market has also ushered in new opportunities for development. In the context of consumption upgrading, consumers prefer healthy and nutritious household consumer products. In terms of scale and volume, China’s tuna industry is about to enter a hundred billion era. Diversified and personalized consumer demand also makes the tuna subdivision industry blossom. The opening of a series of new tracks has ushered in a golden development period for many head brands.
Yutaiping group’s steady expansion in industrial chain extension and domestic market layout has also injected new vitality into the healthy and sustainable development of China’s domestic tuna market. Since the establishment of the enterprise, yutaiping group has put forward the vision of being the best and most influential tuna nutritional food enterprise in the world, and takes “integrating the whole tuna industry chain in China, striving to develop the domestic market of China’s ocean self catching wild tuna, so that the unparalleled health value of tuna can benefit the people” as the enterprise mission.
According to the development characteristics and consumer demand of tuna domestic market, yutaiping has completed the strategic layout of family table food, children’s food and tuna themed restaurant, and launched two brand systems in the development of tuna food. Among them, yutaiping category focuses on the family table food market, focusing on dumpling series, wonton series, breakfast sausage series, tuna lunch meat and other frozen food cold meal series; Yulovely focuses on children’s food track, covering four series: Children’s snacks, children’s meals, infant supplementary foods and children’s growth and health care. The specific products include fish intestines, preserved meat, egg rolls, fish floss, fish meal, fish mud, puzzle series, encouragement series, etc. The industrial chain development model with tuna deep-processing product R & D and brand marketing as the core and sustainable market expansion and high value-added industry development as the guidance has become more and more clear.
While realizing accurate brand positioning, yutaiping group also has very clear product strategy, market strategy and channel strategy. At present, yutaiping’s product strategy is divided into two parts: one is to realize the research and development of tuna nutritional food with dinner table, and the other is to realize the research and development of children’s tuna nutritional snacks and supplementary food products. Its market strategy is to achieve 10% market share of each segment category; The channel strategy involves six aspects: 1. Realize the full coverage of more than 500 high-end Ka companies in China; 2. Realize the coverage of more than 1000 mainstream Ka; 3. Realize the full coverage of medium and high-end mother infant chain Ka, and sink the mother infant three-level market; 4. Realize the coverage of regional dealers and high-end community stores in first and second tier cities; 5, to achieve tiktok, electricity providers, cat super, Jingdong mainstream business coverage; 6. Realize the coverage of content e-commerce, high-quality community groups and social groups. It can be seen that this is a long-term development plan with perfect system and gradual progress, which is also enough to see the accurate research and judgment of yutaiping group on the development of domestic tuna market.
In terms of market development and brand promotion, yutaiping group not only ensured brand exposure, but also achieved resource integration and channel development by making full use of exhibition traffic and channel resources. For example, during the Shanghai sial Chinese food exhibition, yutaiping’s yulovely tuna healthy and nutritious children’s food brand launched a new Tuna meat sausage. Yulovely meat sausage was successively invited to the front-line high-end Ka such as HEMA, Hangzhou building and child king, driving the entry of other high-end tuna products of yutaiping. It is worth mentioning that 2021 is not only the first year of yulovely brand, but also the harvest year of yutaiping tuna industry group. It occupies the top of the tuna industry chain and introduces table foods such as tuna dumplings, children’s dumplings and Breakfast intestines, as well as children’s food products such as children’s intestines, meat intestines, fish floss and Phoenix rolls, For high-end income families and exquisite mothers, the target customers focus on family consumption scenes and children. The real explosives have their own flow and long-term re purchase value. Tuna has its own aura, and the target customers are naturally matched with high-end channels.
In September this year, yulovely obtained an angel round investment of about 30 million yuan from angel investors. The purpose of this round of funds will be divided into two aspects: on the one hand, it will be used to strengthen the R & D and production of tuna children’s food products; On the other hand, it is used to strengthen the polishing of business model. The person in charge of yulovely brand said that at this stage, it will continue to focus on the regional market of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, fully establish model channels, promote the market layout with model mode, determine the channel rhythm with accurate distribution, further realize the extension of yulovely’s industrial chain and expand the brand influence.
Become the domestic market leader of tuna
Yutaiping is forward-looking and moving forward steadily
For a long time, China’s tuna industry has been at the bottom of the whole industrial chain. 80% of raw fish are exported abroad after primary processing, and the market profit is very low. Yutaiping group extends the whole tuna industry chain. The primary processed tuna raw materials are used for tuna nutritional food and children’s nutritional snacks research and development, deep processing, large-scale production and domestic sales. It is a leading tuna industry chain operation enterprise in China.
Yutaiping (Dalian) Supply Chain Management Group Co., Ltd., as a tuna whole industry chain enterprise, is highly valued by relevant national competent departments and industry institutions. It is a member enterprise of China Ocean Fisheries Association and a member of tuna market development committee of China Ocean Fisheries Association. It has been listed and awarded by China Ocean Fisheries Association Dalian agriculture and rural Bureau has listed and awarded the enterprise of Dalian ocean fishery product development demonstration base. In recent years, yutaiping group has shown the potential of industry leaders in the process of deeply expanding the domestic tuna market, accurately distributing industrial development, developing high value-added deep-processing food and building and cultivating independent tuna food brands.
In the process of strengthening category value and improving brand competitiveness, yutaiping has made a series of forward-looking layout in the development of tuna domestic market around the strategic goal of becoming a leader in tuna domestic market.
In addition to the above-mentioned measures on product R & D and market promotion, yutaiping also pays attention to promoting the standardization, standardization and sustainable development of tuna domestic market as an industry leader. For example, in terms of standardization construction, yutaiping group will jointly discuss and formulate food standards for tuna food and actively respond to the national nutrition plan (2017-2030) under the guidance and support of the food safety and Standards Department of the National Health Commission, China Health Association and other relevant national management departments, industry associations and professional institutions According to the policy call of the opinions of the State Council on the implementation of healthy China action (GF No. 2019-13), integrate resources, make every effort to formulate various standards such as product R & D, safety and production, and promote yutaiping group to truly become a benchmark enterprise in the tuna nutritional food industry.
The consumption upgrading of the food industry is an opportunity and challenge for the enterprises engaged in each segment of the track. Finding the demands and pain points of the core consumer groups of the track, and then making features in the details of brand positioning and marketing play, is the right way to embrace consumption upgrading.
The food industry has fully entered the category upgrading and differentiation stage. The industry increment mainly comes from the consumption upgrading of the first and second tier cities and the market sinking of the fourth and fifth tier cities. From the strategic layout of yutaiping group in developing the domestic tuna market, it is not difficult to see that it wants to be the leader in the subdivision track of consumption upgrading of table food and children’s food, especially the customers of high-income families In terms of market operation, we should not only have a precise vision of selecting channels and paths, but also need a professional attitude and patience in landing operation. The development of tuna domestic market depends more on the market guidance of industry leaders and the cultivation of target customers. Under such a situation and trend, if an enterprise wants to grow into an industry giant or Unicorn enterprise, it must firmly grasp the trend of category innovation It is obvious that Yu Taiping is actively exploring this new business opportunity and has become a leader in the industry.
Reference source:
[1] The data comes from the special report “shouldering the responsibility of national health and bringing tuna into thousands of households” in China economic times on October 27, 2021
[2] Data from meituan
[3] The data comes from the insight report of children’s snacks 100 billion new track released by Inspur new consumption
[4] Data from tmall
[5] The data comes from the white paper on children’s snack market research
Source: Yu Taiping.
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