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The monthly sales of a single product is 40000 +, and the next popular product of the new tea is in the “retail store”?

retail may be the growth point of drinks in the future.

Chayan Yuese temporarily closed 80 stores due to the epidemic, and many beverage peers said that “they feel the pressure”.
There is also good news: the new tea drinks affected by the epidemic are opening up a second way in the retail field.
Tea Yan Yuese, who just settled in tmall last year, has entered the top 10 sales list of tea brands, with a monthly sales of 40000 +.
From the retail store of the garden party to the online order explosion and the slowdown of the industry in 2021, tea Yan Yuese and Xi tea are exploring the “new retail of drinks”.
Is this the future growth point of drinks?  
“Don’t go far to drink tea”, the monthly sales of self shaking milk tea is 40000 +
“Don’t go far to drink tea Yan” is the advertising language of tea Yan Yuese’s heavy new product “shake foam to make milk tea” this year.
This product, which has a taste reduction of 80 points and is shaken by consumers at home, sold out as soon as it was launched in June this year.
During the double 11 this year, Youlan latte flavored self shaking milk tea was added, and the monthly sales exceeded 40000.
Just this Wednesday, chayan Yuese launched the “new Fran specialty plan”, focusing on a new generation of local snacks in Hunan, focusing on the vision of old newspapers in the product packaging, so as to restore the people and things in the memory of Hunan people.
Offline, the tea Yan Yuese retail experience store “garden party” has become a must stop for many Changsha tourists to buy “Changsha hand gift”, and nearly 10 stores have been opened.
It can be said that tea Yan Yuese has polished its relatively mature “new beverage retail” model from offline to online in the retail field.
The first mock exam has brought about visible growth to many brands:
In the coffee circle, this year, seesaw, manner, Peet ´ s, Yingji, Mingqian and other brands concentrated on the online, creating popular retail products respectively, with rapid performance growth.
The online brand Sandun and a half opened the “force flight” flagship store in Shanghai after the Changsha store, and yongpu also plans to open the first offline flagship store at the end of December.
Just as you can buy the same ready to drink clothes in Xi tea stores on July 11, the boundary between online and offline, current and retail brands is becoming blurred.
“Double 11” broke out, and the new retail of drinks has taken shape
Under the influence of the epidemic, in 2020, the fastest “running” in the beverage industry is small programs. It seems that overnight, most stores have popularized mobile phone orders to realize contactless sales.
This year, the repeated epidemic has pushed the “fast forward” button for the new retail transformation of many brands.
Stores promote explosive products, online find increment, Hall Food + takeout + retail, and the “new beverage retail” model has really taken shape this year.
1. “Double 11” online tea sales: 10 minute sales exceeded that of the whole day last year
At 0:00 on November 1, during the first wave of “double 11”, according to the data disclosed by Naixue’s tea: after 10 minutes of sales, the total sales exceeded the whole day of last year and won the top 2 in the sales list of flower and grass tea.
Xi tea’s ready to drink products, which have been making efforts, have their names on the hot sales list of bubble water and tea drinks.
According to the data released by tmall, the online sales of coffee brand seesaw increased by 300% year-on-year. Peet ´ s Coffee settled online last year has entered the top 10 of the coffee industry this year.
No matter tea or coffee, those with certain brand strength have begun to make efforts in the field of online retail.
two   Hi tea “pop lemon tea”, on the shelves in the whole family and 7-11
On October 15, Xi tea launched two new bottled products, namely, Qingbao lemon Lvyan and Nongbao lemon Yuehong, which were put on the shelves simultaneously in offline family, 7-11 and other convenience store channels.
It is understood that in addition to its own store channels, Xicha bottled beverage business has covered the mainstream channel types of FMCG brands, including mainstream e-commerce channels such as tmall and, offline mainstream convenience stores and supermarkets represented by 7-11 and the whole family, and new retail channels represented by HEMA and dingdong.
three   Tea Yan Yuese, honey Snow Ice City, and the new retail experience store is moving towards large-scale
At the end of September, the newly opened collection store of honey Snow Ice City brushed the screen in the industry.
This flagship store with an area of 268 square meters integrates six categories of “milk tea, fruit tea, coffee, ice cream, cake, fried string and retail”, including tea bags, coffee, accompanying cups, thermos cups, twelve constellations blind boxes, dolls, etc. of different flavors of “Honey snow shop”. It is roughly estimated that there are hundreds of SKUs.
This is the first experience store of honey Snow’s new retail.
In Changsha, the new retail experience store “garden party” of chayan Yuese has opened nearly 10 stores. It is understood that the first garden party store of chayan Yuese opened soon, and the performance of retail products has accounted for nearly 50%.
The customer unit price is also not low. According to the customer payment collected by financial graffiti: the average unit price of 9 consecutive customers in hutaoli store at the gate of chayan Yuese department is 133.8 yuan, and the average unit price of 15 consecutive customers in Shanlin store is 162.2 yuan.
The new retail experience store of drinks is no longer the marketing method of “flash store / Theme Store”, but a new store type that can be copied and scaled in a real sense.
four   The category layout is complete, and explosive products begin to appear
Xi tea has launched 6 types of bubble water, 3 types of fruit juice tea, 1 type of light milk tea and 2 types of pop lemon tea, forming a layout of 4 categories.
Naixue’s online best-selling tea book gift box is designed with books as its shape. Opening the gift box is like flipping through books and passing it to consumers   Tea tasting experience of “book in hand, tea in cup”.
In the tea Yan Yuese garden fair store, tea includes bag tea, square pot tea, Xiaolian pot and self shaking milk tea, snacks include nougat, assorted tea sugar, Bigen fruit and fried rice cake, surrounded by cups, tape and notebooks, covering all aspects of consumers’ life.
five   Offline explosion has also driven online growth
There is no doubt that the hot money of coffee circle this year is raw coconut latte. The continuous hot sales of this product in offline coffee shops have also promoted the growth of online coffee.
According to the data provided by yongpu coffee, yongpu launched a new coconut flavor coffee solution in September, which sold 150000 boxes and more than 1 million cups in a month and a half.
Online and offline integration
It is the only way for the consumer industry
On October 30, Lei Jun announced on his microblog that the 10000th store of Xiaomi home was officially opened in Shenzhen happy coast.
Many senior rice noodles still remember that Xiaomi opened the first Xiaomi home of “integrating sales and service” in the contemporary mall in Beijing in September 2015. In the next five years, Xiaomi home opened more than 2000 stores in five years.
The pace is slightly slower than that of Internet enterprises, and the catering industry has collectively turned to the new retail era around 2018. Xibei selection mall has realized 20 million members and more than 100 million online malls in 2019.
The self heating hot-pot/" 22375 rel="nofollow" target="_self">hot pot, bottom material and other products of Haidilao had a monthly flow of more than 10 million in tmall in 2018.
Source: Tianjin Food exploration
In the second half of the drinks, online and offline will also be integrated and permeated with each other to jointly build a new sales scene.
How to keep up with the new retail of drinks?
one   Brand power is the key
In the era of overcapacity, there is no shortage of bottled drinks in the market, and there is no shortage of a box of tea bags on consumers’ desks. The key to beverage retail is still the extension of offline condensed brand power.
At the same time, retail products can break through the scene of restricting drinks, enter more consumers’ lives, extend brand potential and further strengthen brand strength.
Hi tea retail products at strawberry Music Festival
Therefore, brand power is the key to retail.
two   Product development is the test
The R & D of retail products and the R & D of ready-made drinks are not one dimension.
Retail should not be regarded as a peripheral test product, but as a product line.
It is understood that the research and development of each new category of Xi tea bottled beverage takes almost a year and has undergone more than 100 formula tests and iterations.
Taking lemon tea as an example, in order to restore the store flavor in bottled products, the R & D team of Xi tea bottled tested all kinds of lemon raw materials and customized a new generation of natural lemon essential oil raw materials using low-temperature extraction technology, which made it possible to present a distinctive lemon flavor in bottled products.
three   Supply chain is the top priority
The retail trend is obvious. The future competition of the beverage industry is largely the competition of the comprehensive advantages of the supply chain.
If we only use the brand potential energy to find a OEM to make some drinks, tea bags and other products in the form of OEM, we can only get temporary attention, and it is difficult to capture people’s hearts for a long time.
The brands of Yuanqi forest and xiaocan tea have basically built their own factories and tea factories. The control of the upstream supply chain is the top priority for the success of new retail.
For drinks, there is also the bonus of “infrastructure”: China has the most mature e-commerce platform and logistics system in the world, the most imaginative new retail model and the most colorful social traffic platform.
Tools are ready-made, depending on how the brand “plays”.
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