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Budweiser is “blackened”! We dug deep into the thinking behind their festival marketing

Budweiser has always been good at “marketing”, and the wonderful Halloween can’t be missed.

“Blackening”, script killing and immersive parties… How did Budweiser play Halloween marketing this year?


Young people must dare to “face challenges and attacks” in their life. What new ideas does this bring to Budweiser Halloween marketing?


Halloween has become one of the few global celebrations in recent years, and it is also a time node for international brands to take advantage of marketing. How to jump out of the common classic elements such as pumpkins, bats and witches and cut in a more popular way has become the concern of more brands.


The “battlefield” dazzled by red lights is surrounded by evil robots and prisoners of war. In such a night, do you have the courage to incarnate as a soldier, break free from imprisonment and be yourself? Welcome to Budweiser’s immersive experience party.


This Halloween, Budweiser took “dare to be” as the theme of the party, conveying that young people should dare to express their true self attitude when facing challenges. Xiaoshidai learned that more than 100000 young people participated in Budweiser’s “blackening”, and the crowd and heat wave were still surging in the early morning. It can be said that this marketing not only makes a good annotation for the Budweiser spirit of “true self first”, but also resonates with the values of young people.




On October 30, Budweiser joined hands with Shanghai Fashion landmark TX Huaihai | young power center and jointly signed the music and activity brand shft to create a “free out Halloween party”. You will find that this is not only a party, but also an immersive experience.


Many images of “evil robots” gathered at the scene, which represent impact and challenge. When you come to the “battlefield” through the smoke of gunpowder, and then with the help of the on-site electric sound and drums, you will find a bolder and true face in your heart and rise up to resist all “evil”.

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In order to cooperate with this year’s Halloween party, Budweiser integrated the script killing elements loved by young people into this party, and also launched a Halloween gift box as the limited equipment of “blackening”.


In addition to providing party experience, Budweiser also wants to convey its attitude and marketing proposition. As the blockbuster of Budweiser Halloween “blackening” Trailer expresses: when facing challenges, young people should face their true self in a braver way, resist difficulties and fight back, so as to finally gain freedom.


Marketing should have emotional connection with consumers, form stronger memory connection, and let the brand enter their hearts, so as to strengthen brand assets and achieve the purpose of “long-term communication” with consumers.



The Budweiser Halloween marketing focuses on the daily life of young people, starting from insight into the spiritual and value needs of young people, and encourages young people to respond bravely when “challenges and attacks” come. In this way, participating in the concrete expression of spiritual hot spots can not only trigger emotional connection, but also well reflect the social spirit of Budweiser.


It is said that the significance of commercial brand is to find social significance. As a responsible enterprise and brand, it should bear corresponding social responsibilities and convey better values to people. Budweiser Halloween marketing is such a positive marketing, which can highlight the brand’s sense of social responsibility and positive values.

In fact, Budweiser has been on the way to better practice its social responsibility, not just this Halloween event.


Although Budweiser is a beer company, in the face of the serious trend of youth in the problem of drunk driving in recent years, Budweiser did not choose to blindly pursue sales. Instead, Budweiser has always emphasized the concept of “drinking wisely and refusing drunk driving” to consumers, and has imperceptibly advocated zero drunk driving for many years by working with relevant departments, dealer partners, consumers, suppliers and employees, This reflects the social responsibility of Budweiser’s positive energy.


In the food industry, it is not difficult to find that in recent years, more and more brands have realized the importance of shouldering social responsibility, which is also reflected in marketing strategies. For some classic brands, in addition to being recognized by more young people, consumers should also have a sense of identity through the establishment of social responsibility, so as to empower the long-term vitality of the brand and improve the reputation of the brand.


In an interview with the media, Matt Che, CMO of Budweiser Asia Pacific, once said that now young Chinese consumers have a stronger, more authentic and more spontaneous sense of social responsibility. In order to resonate with such a group of young consumers, the self requirement of the project team is: never let young consumers fall in love with us under the pretext of name, but recognize this responsibility from the bottom of their heart.


As a century old enterprise, if it has been leading the industry and living with consumers forever, it should root the sense of social responsibility in the company’s DNA. As Matt Che said, we hope that in the hearts of young consumers, Budweiser group is not only a “beer selling company”, but also a socially responsible beer company.


The new play around Halloween and beer, combined with spiritual hot events, makes the brand form a stronger memory connection in the hearts of consumers, leaving a good impression that the brand shoulders social responsibility. This is also the moment when Budweiser’s brand value is affirmed.

More importantly, it may bring more direct transformation effect, so as to further benefit the company. With its friendly brand image and values, Budweiser will continue to maintain its market advantage and show more possibilities in the future.

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