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Children’s snacks fall into the homogenization war. Can freeze-dried fruits and vegetables become a big single product?

will freeze-dried fruits and vegetables become the next outlet?
In the snack market, puffed food has always been an important category of snack food, but under the trend of great health, more and more consumers begin to reduce the consumption of “high-fat and greasy” and “more added and deep processed” snacks, and the consumption focus is gradually shifted to natural ingredients and non added healthy food.
With the upgrading and development of freeze-dried food technology, the popular category of fruit and vegetable snacks has shown strong growth vitality. According to Nielsen data, the market scale of portable snacks reached US $1 billion in 2017, of which fruit and vegetable snacks accounted for 61%.
Industry insiders believe that freeze-drying technology has been quite mature in developed countries and has become the mainstream product of daily consumption. However, at present, China’s freeze-drying market is still in the embryonic stage. However, with the continuous improvement of Chinese consumption ability and consumption awareness, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are becoming a new opportunity for the rise of brands.
Not only that, the capital market also began to pay attention to the corresponding track. For example, some time ago, the new children’s snack brand vegetable Gele announced that it had obtained tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing, which is the best proof.
Indeed, from the perspective of the industry, children’s snacks is a faster growing market compared with other segments, and is also at the forefront of the storm and has great potential.
According to the data of Guojin securities, the market scale of children’s snacks was about 60 billion in 2020. From 2015 to 2020, the overall market growth rate reached 14%, much higher than children’s toys, infant formula and other categories. From the perspective of the number of users, the number of school-age preschool education and primary school students (aged 3-12) in China is as much as 200 million, and the per capita annual consumption is more than four times that of infant supplementary food.
However, what is the market of dried fruits and vegetables, and what are the disadvantages and advantages of choosing this category as the entry point, which will be the main significance of this article.
Less than 10 billion market for dried fruits and vegetables:
Fast growth and great potential
In China, the fruit and vegetable snack market is still very small, accounting for 2 ~ 5% of food consumption with European and American countries   However, with the influence of the concept of healthy diet, fruit and vegetable chips and freeze-dried snacks can form a substitute relationship for puffed food and fried food. The incremental market is obvious, and it is an emerging market that can not be ignored.
Of course, this big cheese is not coveted. There have been many powerful players here for a long time. Let’s take a look at the main players:
(1) Miss you so much
In the food industry, the name “miss you” has always been synonymous with “jujube”. Since its establishment in 1992, it has been steadily promoting the development of China’s jujube industry.
In fact, as early as 2016, after you acquired the Internet snack brand baicaowei, you invested 30 million yuan with your own funds to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary Xinjiang singing Fruit Food Co., Ltd. for the deep processing project of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable products.
In 2018, I really want you to launch FD freeze-drying technology (vacuum freeze-drying technology) again, launch a variety of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snack products focusing on healthy food and nutrition, concentrate human advantages and market resources, comprehensively promote the implementation of FD freeze-drying black technology, integrate Chinese traditional food and nutrition health concept with freeze-drying black technology, select the most fresh food materials in the current season, and develop nearly 100 kinds of freeze-dried fruit, vegetable and cereal beans, known as “A new generation of healthy freeze-dried food”, and each one contains red jujube elements.
According to tmall, the dried fruit series of Baicao flavor has always been the flagship products of the flagship store, with a monthly sales of 100000 +.
(2) Bear child: babang tmall dried fruits and vegetables
In this blue ocean of competition, in addition to the relevant fruit and vegetable dried sub categories extended by the more common Internet leisure snack brands, there are few brands with names, and bear child is one of them.
Xiong Zizi is subordinate to Guangxi Nanning pinya Trading Co., Ltd. and was founded in 2013. At present, it is one of the top selling brands in tmall fruit and vegetable crispy. The industry estimates that the sales of this brand has exceeded 100 million yuan in 2018.
Xiongzi has positioned itself as a brand of fruit and vegetable snacks. Its product line includes fruit and vegetable chips such as apple crisp, okra crisp and mushroom crisp, freeze-dried chips such as corn kernels and durian, dried fruits such as mango and strawberry, fruit and vegetable juice powder and canned food. In addition, it has also developed products such as nuts and coarse grains, which have established a health label. At present, 90% of the vegetable chip market Our products are rhizome vegetables, and there is still a lot of room for development in the whole market.
Dried fruit, which includes 120 kinds of SKU, including vegetable & fruit crisp, crispy mango, jackfruit dried, and so on, has led to the trend of fruit and vegetable snack industry with dozens of SKU updates. The formula and process will be adjusted in time according to the market feedback.
(3) Every fresh said: open up a new scene of substitute meal with freeze-dried fruits and vegetables
“Every fresh talk” was launched on tmall in March 2021. It is said that millions of sales were realized in the month of launch. The brand advocates providing healthy and nutritious food with freeze-drying as the core, and has recently completed tens of millions of RMB pre a round of financing.
“Every fresh theory” applies cutting-edge science and technology to the food field, and freeze-drying technology, as a mature food process abroad, has a huge market opportunity in China. According to market litmus data, it is estimated that the global freeze-dried food market will reach US $66.5 billion in 2021, with a CAGR of 7.23%.
The popular smoothie series launched by “every fresh theory” at the beginning of this year takes freeze-drying as the core process, and has launched three product lines: Rainbow smoothie series (high fiber light meal), shaking small fiber bottle series (high fiber fruit and vegetable shakes), shaking small bottle series (Health cereals and drinks). According to Feng qiuwan, simu snow became the top 1 of tmall’s simu snow category one month after it went online; The second popular fresh fruit extract series is the only freeze-dried fruit extract on the market that achieves “0 sugar without addition”. At present, the monthly sales of products have exceeded 100000 pieces.
(4) Vegetable Gele
The cutting-edge children’s snack brand “vegetable Gele”, which recently announced the completion of tens of millions of Yuan Angel round financing, was established in 2021. In view of the high picky eating rate and insufficient vegetable intake of Chinese children, “vegetable Gele” hopes to develop a whole series of product lines with vegetables as the core, which are delicious, fun and nutritious, make vegetables as delicious as potato chips and become a “snack that can be served on the table”.
Now we have launched three product series: dried fruits and vegetables, cheese balls and cereal oatmeal crispy. Among them, dried fruits and vegetables mainly promote characteristic products. It is also a cutting-edge brand that wants to stand out by a large pint of dried fruits and vegetables in the homogeneous competition of many children’s consumer brands. Different from the dried fruits and vegetables in the current market, the products of children’s snack brand vegetable Gele will focus on low sodium and no addition.
It is understood that relevant investors are optimistic about the product positioning of vegetable Gele to create a differentiated market, and sensitively capture the real pain points of parents and children’s demand for snacks.
Will dried fruits and vegetables of children’s snack brand become the next outlet
China’s fruit and vegetable fiber products are not available at the C-end. In the past, they were mainly used for export. There are no target companies in China, such as sports nutrition and immune repair. They are not so mature. The concept of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable fiber has only been around 10 years in China.
Freeze dried fruits and vegetables, a clean body diet that can quickly obtain nutrition, has been popular in the United States for nearly a decade. The new clean body diet that improves physical health through 21 day freeze-dried fruits and vegetables fiber camp shake shake has been widely spread by many experts in the field of fitness and fashion in INS.
A few years ago, I really wanted you to take the lead in launching freeze-dried fruit and vegetable snacks and tremella soup in the whole industry. The freeze-drying technology originated from Aerospace Science and technology has opened a broken circle.

In 2018, the world’s first freeze-dried ice cream came out;

In 2019, Mr Lee’s, a British brand, launched freeze-dried instant rice noodles popular in Europe;

In July 2020, the flavor back fresh fruit extract tea, which focuses on freeze-drying technology, was listed in the “top 10 of cutting-edge innovation” of Isee Innovation Award;

In September 2020, Baixiang “fresh noodles” freeze-dried noodles were listed;

In November 2020, gangrong food launched freeze-dried instant porridge with initial energy
At the end of last century, the proportion of freeze-drying preservation technology in fresh fruits and vegetables in the United States was as high as more than 30%. Now, many domestic fruit and vegetable brands take freeze-drying as the biggest technical highlight of products, and the concept of freeze-drying and fresh locking has gradually taken root in the hearts of Chinese people.
With the maturity of freeze-drying technology and the gradual completion of user education, the acceptance of fruit and vegetable drying will be higher. However, to make dried fruits and vegetables the starting point of children’s snack brand and create a children’s exclusive vegetable snack category, we still face the following challenges:
1) Jump out of the existing categories of dried fruits and vegetables and create sub categories more suitable for children with “necessary choices”
The market is no stranger to dried fruits and vegetables. There are no barriers to the manufacture of this kind of products. Many manufacturers have VF and other dehydration processes. Large and small packages of dried fruits and vegetables are very common in the market.
Therefore, in order to create a sub category more suitable for children in this category, we should not only rely on the OEM, but also make further substantive innovation for children’s pain points to create a “necessary choice” that really makes users excited.
2) Build a benchmark brand
In the category of dried fruits and vegetables, head brands such as three squirrels and Baicao also provide dried fruits and vegetables, and Southeast Asian characteristic brands such as sabawa also have the same products. To become a benchmark brand for children’s fruits and vegetables, we must convince users why children need exclusive brands instead of buying mature well-known brands.
3) Cultivate core customer base
Children’s snacks are a big market, and many brands want to try. However, many children’s food brands have not found the real driving force. They just do better, more interesting and eat better. The product shape and packaging design are childlike. In fact, it is difficult to drive consumers to buy for a long time.
Benchmarking brands must find a group of consumers who trust and are loyal to this segment. In addition to accurate communication channels and sales channels, they also need to build a reliable customer relationship with consumers.
In short, the freeze-dried fruit and vegetable market is indeed a good entry point, but ordinary fruit and vegetable dry in the hands of many competitors can not achieve the purpose of brand building. One of the key points of the big single product strategy is the shaping of product differentiation, which is also a problem left to “vegetable Gele brands”.
Author: Liu Huansha; Source: Children’s Institute Club (ID: eransuoclub), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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